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  1. I watch this episode too but that part where he was singing an opera was cut when kbs uploaded on kbs world you can only see it in a raw version and someone did save the raw hence the video above..he is just too funny and you are right he can change his voice when it suit him and thats really awesome love him more and more
  2. Before "Do intern" there was this hahahha so you will missed the fun tomorrow?? we will keep this thread updated with loads of PHS photos and videos. yeah there is no english sub but if ever they switch to dvd i will surely buy even if there is no english sub.the bluray is just to much
  3. Heol what a day...hello guys phs spoiled us with photos for 3 days and today no news at all. Really want to buy but its too expensive i think dvd would have been less expensive
  4. Just want to confirm is it 198usd + charges?
  5. Hahaha he really does and im at work cant check updates that much...why do people have to work? Haha
  6. he was wearing something like that but unfortunately the shot was not like the photo above hahahah waaahhhh I'm actually at work and i can't stop myself checking going crazy waahhhh
  7. I was so angry to that fan who uploaded this on youtube coz i was so worried about his image hahahah but look at them enjoying themselves that i was laughing after..they are all crazy that group hahaha Anyone seen this video below already? it's funny too he is acting cute
  8. Watch law of the jungle he was wearing someting tight there but there was no close up scene hahaha And yeah that yellow thing he is wearing must be considered swim suit lols
  9. I think the cover it is suppose to be a clothe for the lounge chair but he use it to cover his legs lols
  10. I can understand some he jokingly said ur son is a grown up now and also he said i promised from now on i will listen to you even more and he said he missed them but the last part i did not get it.
  11. Arrrgghhh i want to go inside the photo and pinch him hahaha
  12. This was old photoshoot video of him in paris i think..
  13. And also if ever he has change and decided to start smoking lols i will not hold it against him coz their job is quite stressful so i will not love him any less coz of it.
  14. Am I the only one who think that the SWDBS thread has become like PBY thread? please ignore me if i'm the only one.sorry