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  1. I would still continue watching. I also think Jung Eun Chae is in character. She is hot-headed, stubborn and of course, skeptical about HP and his ramblings about spirits. We can see she is starting to believe especially with the latest Junkyard brothers case. I think it will hit home for her that there is something bigger and scarier out there than criminals in next week's episode. Because that is when she has a target, like for HP and Mateo, to finally catch Park Do Il. Do you think Mateo wants to find his brother to ask him why he did it (killed the family) or has he come to believe that an evil being has possessed his brother and hopes to exorcise it, thus saving his brother? PS. Looks like netizens are also suspicious of the senior priest (probably because he is a famous actor and no one will believe that he has a cameo role)
  2. There were facepalm moments in Ep 6. I hope that Da Il and Yeo Wool will start talking to each other and not do the 'I'll protect you by telling you nothing' shtick. I know they seem to be ramping up the romantic possibility between Da Il and Yeo Wool (with the extended glances by each character) but the pressing problem is still the woman in red (who apparently is no longer in red - so what do we call her ? Fetch?) I have a feeling that this drama is going to be like Investigation Couple for me. Good episodes interspersed with meh ones. PS. I am beginning to like the police officer. Hehehehe...
  3. I feel bad for Jung Eun Chae. I don't think she is doing so badly. I mean, at the moment, she has to be the skeptic here as she is a police officer (who tends not to believe in the supernatural but need evidence). I agree that maybe to some, her slight build may not encourage people to see her as a proper police officer, but it's only ep 4. It looks like she has emotional break in Ep 5 when she realises who HP is and who Mateo is. Oh well, netizens and the power of troll.
  4. What a doozy of an episode. I like the pace as things are slowly revealed. Who knew? I have yet to see Mateo smile so.....not likely to be a romance anywhere. And I do hope they keep it that way. An interesting concept that the brawns in this drama belongs to the detective. She really goes all out in bashing up the criminals. So next week, everyone knows of their past together and it's understandable that she would be angry. But now they all have one taget: Park Il Do. It makes me wonder if Park Il Do is still in Priest Choi or 'it' has actually moved into another host. [The other priest? - I swear he is suspiciously too interested] And it does look like the next possessed will be a woman.
  5. Just watched Ep 4 and I have to say that the editing is heaps better. The transition between scenes is smoother especially between the village and the palace.
  6. Ep 3 is not as scary but more suspenseful? I would say seeing PArk Il Do as a messy haired covered in water being did not seem to scare me much? I think that the spirits also possess those who police would find difficult to investigate as the real perpertrators. The first possessed was supposedly paralysed. The second possessed individual (I presume) is the junkyard worker with a diminished intellectual ability. I won't be surprised if another possessed will be a woman soon, since the spirits do not discriminate. Our team is slowly coming together.And it looks like Ep 4 will have the shaman and priest fighting evil together.
  7. I am assuming the setting is Joseon? I understand that this drama is not based on any real life princes or kings (phew!) I remember watching Secret Door and knowing the agony of the end kind of put me off drama based on real life characters.
  8. I read this scene as that WJ would not pressure her for more intimacy until she is ready. Gahhh... How sweet!
  9. You know, I can imagine WJ and SR forever like this. Especially SR teasing WJ. CUE:
  10. Can we have a nomination for Boyfriend of the Year? OMG.
  11. OK. I am off to bed! But leaving you all with this.... Run , Ajusshi, Run! And I have to pity SHS during this scene. She is speaking like a thousand words a second as she reads the letter and tries to explain to WJ why she is staying. Gah. It must have been a nightmare for her in memorising the lines. LOL. EDIT: Couldn't resist. I would have gaped like a goldfish if I saw WJ dressed so finely.
  12. I am looking through IG as well. Where are the photos! LOL. Usually there is cake and a speech by the cast and PD and writer.
  13. So...why is it I get the inkling that he remembers who he is but will continue as WD? The safest place for him now is outside the palace.
  14. So what didn't this drama have? 1. Someone opposing them as a couple. 2. Evil second leads (either male or female) 3. Dreaded seperation time-jump 4.Ending scene where they just stare at each other ala Goblin style. We had a lead who actually listened and supported the female lead. Heck, he even encouraged her to go fulfill her dream even though it made him sad. And he apologised for not telling her why he didn't want to tell her about that smarmy music manager guy. Everyone had a story - even the truck driver. EDIT: Actually, I don;t mind them not having a big wedding (like Sec Kim). I think it suited them to have this bohemian style wedding because you are looking at two souls who should have met at 17 but met at 30. PLUS it would just take too much to film a wedding and definitely there would have been leaks. Seeing the wedding photo was a pleasant surprise for me. Like SR said, WJ was also frozen in time as a 17 year old like her after the accident.
  15. It has been a wonderful ride with all of you. I will be back when the subs are out and to gif my heart out. This episode definitely leaves a smile on my face.
  16. And they end with a voice over by WJ. I swear he can read a book and I will listen to him even if I don't understand what he said. And yes, they are married! With a photo and rings and the last fadeout of them waving from the skylight. Three quick kisses which look so natural. I AM AT PEACE. ALL THE WORRIES FOR NOTHING! NO MYO-WA from me but SARANG-HAE!
  17. Matching pajamas and staying the same room with the skylight. I like!
  18. Its 2020! Chan won another medal. The pro team scout is looking at him again. Oooh.. Chan is so mature now. Chan goes home for a visit. And the boys. The home is filled with joy again. Ooooh... my heart. Chick Jr is at Jeju with haraboji? Now they are thinking of Jennifer. And Jennifer appears with her hair down and a fantastic dress! They took another family shot - No Samsung but Canon. SR is going to play music at an Old Folk's home. RK appears. Really they are wrapping up.
  19. So essentially they are living together and a time jump I don't mind. It's 2 years later and she visits her uncle's grave.
  20. I swear I am getting goosebumps from all the sweetness. If I ever needed a drama that can make me both cry and laugh, it's this one. Jennifer is leaving and she gets messages from the boys. Chan gives her a present. This is growth too because she is ready to move on with her life. No more hiding. SHe says goodbye to Fang. She got a nice pair of shoes from SR. And SR hugs her. Did I hear wrong? SHe is going to Japan? I think Jennifer realises how much she has touched their lives too. WJ offers a ride but she insists on taking a taxi and he hugs her. And Jennifer walks off into the sunset/ street. Boys are off. So does that mean both of them are alone in the house, with Fang? Even Chick Jr is moving out. Perfect to begin a home together!
  21. I swear I am laughing like a loon at this scene. Need to watch with subs. SR is sooooooo embarassed. Well, at least WJ knows she is ready for marriage. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA....
  22. Hyun found a receipt for Love Jewellry and excitedly shows HS and SR. LOL SR has a shocked look on her face. Now she is overthinking this. LOL. You know how she is when she overthinks. LOL WJ is all dressed up. WOOOOOO.... great outfit today! LOL. He brings something out of his jacket and now she is excitedly shouting something in the restaurant. OMG. I cannot describe this scene. She sticks her hand out for a ring. WJ is in shock! OK. this is a pretty funny non-proposal scene. WJ thought of it as a fancy date.