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  1. Honestly, this is not one of the best dramas out there (of course depending on what best is) We had early issues about the editing, but one has to admit that the cast lifted the story. (the cinematography and the mood music is an additional bonus!). Somehow, I love this drama! So I was rewatching and I can see that DO is immersed as his character (who is showing early signs of jealousy). Did you catch that twitch at his cheek when he asked Hong Shim if she was waiting for a man? And a promise unfulfilled. It would have been lovely for him to present the cherry blossom shoes at the end and then he invites her to the palace....
  2. Thank you for the translations! @nrllee Hmmm...pondering a project where I can add what you have translated to the parts in the special? I have no idea how to hardsub a video. And I can read hangul (although at a turtle's pace and they talk so quickly!) I will create an example to show here later when I have access to the video. At least you helped us understand fundamentally what was said. I think the most translated parts are when they talked about the rating's promise and the dance practice. LOL.
  3. As long as they don't just stare at each other and smile! Or the much dreaded time jump!
  4. Thanks @nrllee for the translations. I don't live in much hope that there will be subs so I am prowling through IG and Twitter to find out the subbed parts. Thank you EXO-Ls! Now for NJH fans to be as productive. Hahaha. I swear I haven't seen DO smile and laugh aloud so much...ever. Admittedly I don't follow all his shows but I remember watching him in Knowing Brothers and he was so serious that they had to tease him. 'They' meaning the hosts of the show. He was quite hilarious in there in some moments (e.g when he was persuaded to speak in a farmer's tone because he (DO) would like to be a farmer (!)) Ahhh.... I think the drama has left happy memories not only for the viewers but also the crew. The PD also looked like he had a blast. Lee Jun Hyeok is such a good mood maker on set. I remember him from Moonlight as well and he is exactly the same way in the BTS.
  5. Dramanoona

    [Drama 2018] The Guest 손

    @sushilicious Thank you for the translation.If I could give you all the reaction emoticons...hahaha.... I hope to see them back too. If it is a sequel , it has to be a good script or it will mar the excellence of the original Guest.
  6. I noticed the changes in how he called her as well. LOL... And flipping between Kyung Soo oppa and Kyung Soo -shi just confuses me. LOL...
  7. I would suggest watching the special once there are subs. But it looks like all of them enjoyed the filming process and I think the most complaints were about the heat....lol...since they were wearing layers of hanbok, especially those in the palace. I have lost the stream so I am not sure what else is in the special from this point on. Stream is back. I think TVN spoiled us too much with BTS as it was airing. Got a little video of the farewell party and the DO/KSH bromance with the candles. So it's goodbye. It looks like a farewell that the actors are leaving their roles in 100 Days My Husband... Feel quite emotional, actually. PS. I think one question will be asked is where is Kim Jae Young aka Moo Young ....even Kkyut Nyeo had a call-in.... Perhaps he is busy with his new drama (?) Anyway, it was great that DO did have time to do this final show during the EXO promotions time, plus his Swing Kids promotions. Hopefully somehow he can take a few days for the drama vacation.
  8. Watching the two episodes and I will never ever forget to link TLC's Creep song with Kim Bon....hahahhaha!! At some points, it looked like SJS was about to break character. LOL... And the Careless Whisper scene! I was laughing like a maniac!
  9. Dramanoona

    [Drama 2018] The Guest 손

    For those who are still not over 'The Guest' (like me) It has all the background music. Check out Race! With the drums ...
  10. They look so cute. LOL. But I am expecting more commentary ala Behind The Scenes...
  11. Watching the BTS, I realise that DO and NJH really play off against each other well. Again, NJH has sageuk experience and in a way can lead DO in his first sageuk. DO has such soulful eyes, he's especially good at the sad parts. SIGH.
  12. I have no idea about the webtoon. The only story I know is about the actual legend/myth of the woodcutter and the fairy (tragic end if not romantic). So I am relishing going into this story without knowing what will happen. But are we doing another drama husband hunt again.....
  13. Dear God....my worst nightmare! @stroppyse....I remember that drama well. Started off great and disintegrated because of issues outside the drama. And that ending! *face palms*
  14. Looking forward to this Friday. I didn't get a chance to watch the pre-drama commentary
  15. Dramanoona

    [Drama 2018] The Guest 손

    still looking through stuff about Guest. She is a good actress.
  16. This may not have been a perfect drama ( my heart still edges towards Moonlight Drawn By Clouds) but I could feel and see both leads putting in their all. If you watch Life Bar, the actors who play Officer Park and the King were on and they talked a bit about 100 Days. They both mentioned about how DO was very focused during the scenes. I always enjoy watching the BTS because we get to see how the actors are like when they are away from the screen and it looked like the whole group had fun. Going on outings to football matches, attending EXO concert etc. Hope their friendship will continue!
  17. Dramanoona

    [Drama 2018] The Guest 손

    Lol...OCN loves Kim Jae Wook. Not only as Mateo but Mo Tae Gu.
  18. So here I am rewatching and collecting funny gifs along the way. I would fall for WD's gaze too. LOL.
  19. Squeal! Aya... he does look like the manga character.... Thanks @Transition !
  20. Dramanoona

    [Drama 2018] The Guest 손

    Try keyeast IG. That's his agency.
  21. Dramanoona

    [Drama 2018] The Guest 손

    I always think that there is a balance. If there is evil, there will be good. My guess is that PID did not factor in the chain of events which would bring Mateo and GY into HP's life. He wanted HP to be isolated and vulnerable to accepting him (PID) and therefore Yoon Hwa Pyung will be the next 'devil' , no longer known as Park Il Do. My idea is that Mateo and GY are two 'angels' who would be the ones to keep HP grounded. PID thought that by killing Mateo and GY, that would be the final crack which would let PID in. With F Yang's 'suicide' - I feel this was the only coherent thought he, F Yang, had - and it was an attempt to become 'free' - free of PID's influence. If everyone believed that F Yang was PID, then HP would be left alone and vulnerable again - Mateo and GY would have gone back to their daily lives. PID (haraboji) was biding his time before threatening to possess HP. Unfortunately, HP finding PID's body just expedited the process. Edit: My bias is still Kim Dong Wook but I have to admit that KJW is a fine looking man. LOL.