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  1. That big smile as he sees her and runs to her. The near-kisses (I swear who wouldn't react to YSJ in such close proximity). And I love how it is more WJ who realises his feelings first. SR is more or less still an awkward teenager so she doesn't fully understand the feeling (I mean, sexual tension explained to a 17 year old?) I think I will be gifing a lot of his smiling face.
  2. I do feel for them because the heat can be oppressive. Plus humidity when you are running! *gasps for air*
  3. Yay to sports. NOT. Sigh. I am sure they (SBS) will put out more photos or clips to keep the interest alive.
  4. Thank you for all the pretty photos and updates! I am still following any news about them and I have to saw that this thread is the most up to date. Hope to start on Cheer Dan soon.
  5. Hmm.. now I am intrigued. Did he really lose his memory? It looks like they saw each other as children (pretty Geum Bi - Heo Jung Eun!)
  6. This new teaser is amping up my interest in the drama. Will it start with the end of the story and it's essentially a flashback or will it begin when he has regained his memory?
  7. @Prettysup Thank for the sharing the interview. I kind of expected no season 2, even with that epilogue because it would take a darn good script to explain the continuation of HTJ's story in 1988. Whether he is truly dead or still in a comatose state, TJ is really happy in 1988 and he CHOSE to be there. He made a conscious decision and you can see when he rejects Chief Ahn and turns off the radio, he has accepted that life. But now, my curiousity has increased over these 'intimate scenes' that the director requested to change. Haha. Actually, the relationship between TJ and NY did fit fot that time, plus as the director said, would it be fair on NY for TJ to start a relationship since TJ always wanted to 'return' in the beginning of the drama.
  8. Ohh... the character of less attractive guy though...
  9. @dzareth Yes. He was Wang Won. Actually I wonder when he will become fully in the picture. At the moment, it's near misses (and the deflection by Chan)
  10. No wonder he looked familiar! This time his mole is on his forehead. LOL PS I know it's not meant to be a mole.
  11. It's all serendipitous - I couldn't watch YSJ's previous drama beacause of the main actress and I couldn't watch SHS's previous drama because of the actor. And now they are here together! And WJ is such a child! Haha
  12. I think this drama will replace Kim Dong Wook's character in Along with the Gods away from my mind.
  13. Poor WJ - They are determined to make him run in the humid heat. LOL. And I will follow him wherever...