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  1. My three faves! Psycho Blood Tension Music Throw in a priest and I'm sold! LOL
  2. Ello! Honestly, not sure if this is my kind of drama. Haha. Thanks for the invite and I will check at least one episode out. Hehe...
  3. Great points raised! I am invested in the back story and there better be a good reason for that kiss. It was jarring since I knew Soo Min was a priest. LOL. Anyway, wasn't Eun Ho planning to go to Venezula as a doctor to help those in need? That was why she was leaving the hospital in two months?
  4. Sooo... end Ep 4 and still goosepimples appear *good sign*! I never think it's good to keep secrets in a team so I am really interested in Soo Min and Eun Ho's backstory. Plus how the team was formed in the first place (and I think we will see this over the next episodes) And a kiss! Although in a dream-like sequence. It looks like the 'energumen' is hanging around the hospital. A good question would be why and what is it's ultimate goal. Looking forward to Episode 5!
  5. Ep 3 has sold me. I think this will be a keeper. *Not liking that busybody doctor though. But I have a soft spot for the psychiatrist. Haha.
  6. OCN.... why do you use the same mood music in Ep 3 as The Guest (when it was a flashback to 1995) I had to get this off my chest. *Goes back to watching* Edit: Once again OCN saves on costuming. WIll we see the priests in their clergy shirts and pants throughout? Haha
  7. Heol. I feel like netizens love to complain about the female actresses in dramas. Give Jung Yoo Mi a chance! I am not her die-hard fan but I believe in giving the actress time to get into the character. I suppose it is unfair to compare the Guest with Priest (two different dramas) so I will try my best to view this drama objectively.
  8. I suppose this IS a thread for Ryotao. So our focus would be on them, no? I do enjoy their individual works and who knows, they might work together again in the future. I see nothing wrong in that.
  9. Hmmm... I wonder why not many people are watching. Hopefully we can get a good discussion going! Have yet to watch Ep 3 though. So many familiar faces! @mrsj3n and @sushilicious
  10. Watched the two leads on Knowing Brothers and I felt they can work well together. I do not plan to ship them (as real life actors) and I had reservations about their age difference but YJ is a professional and I can see that she would be able to work well with anyone regardless of age.
  11. Dramanoona

    [Drama 2018] The Guest 손

    I have commented in The Priest forum. Still not feeling as involved as The Guest. I suppose I will keep hanging around here a while too.. Haha
  12. Watching first episode and the scene at the beginning already gives me goose pimples. Edit: Watched the first two episodes and I think it is worth watching. Although I am not sure if I will watch it live. Not as scary as The Guest (or maybe The Guest has desensitised me...haha) The main leads are rocking their roles (and how does Yeon Woo Jin act so young and naive as a new-ish priest?) Again, I see no signs of romance in this series but I learnt a new word! energumen! PS. A good sign for me is that at the beginning of the episode, I got goosepimples and at the end of the episode as well. Where does OCN find all these great supporting actors?
  13. Dramanoona

    [Drama 2018] The Guest 손

    So OCN hasn't given up on Mateo...aka KJW. He keeps winning these battles...LOL
  14. Late to the party! But I plan to watch Ep 1 and 2 together so I'll be back with my 'yay' or 'nay' tomorrow .... Still trying to scrub TG off my mind.. LOL..
  15. Honestly, this is not one of the best dramas out there (of course depending on what best is) We had early issues about the editing, but one has to admit that the cast lifted the story. (the cinematography and the mood music is an additional bonus!). Somehow, I love this drama! So I was rewatching and I can see that DO is immersed as his character (who is showing early signs of jealousy). Did you catch that twitch at his cheek when he asked Hong Shim if she was waiting for a man? And a promise unfulfilled. It would have been lovely for him to present the cherry blossom shoes at the end and then he invites her to the palace....