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  1. @ryotatao9495 I agree that you shouldn't have to delete. I mean it is a shipper's thread. Hahaha. As @Transition mentioned that other sources e.g. Weibo already has some talk about the omamoris. I suppose if it was a clearer picture we can be sure (and celebrate) but it is too blurry. @setokaonii Let's keep supporting them! You have put so much work in that IG account. And it was nice of the fans to DM you ^^ These are the fans I like! I would prefer to think that that is the love omamori and will continue to think so until we can get a clearer picture to prove it is not.
  2. It is quite possible it is a horse shoe charm. The photo of it is too small on Tao's wallet. Maybe it is a good idea to edit the post about the charm. I have a feeling that some fans from both sides will not be happy about this.
  3. Hmm... Interesting case with the dried up corpse. I hope that Prosecutor Sol will not make any more mistakes. I feel she has to tone down her emotions and when she reflects on what she has seen or heard, she does get the clues. Let's see how tonight goes. PS. Ottoke.... Grumpy Baek Bom aka Psycho is growing on me.
  4. LOL.. regarding SD card, I am sure it would have been expelled by young SP. And I am on for LJK in a rom-com! Back to drama - let's see how our Lawless Lawyers fight! Using the law.
  5. @Transition Ooooh... I can read that last comment from him in so many ways. Hahahaha
  6. My laugh out like a loon moment. Have I said how much I love this motley crew And the mood shifts to horror-thriller This drama is definitely a keeper! Look at LJK's expression!
  7. Nooo... @setokaonii...you can't leave us hanging like this...LOL....
  8. Oopss Haha.... In any case, looking forward to this week's episodes!
  9. I know! When she smiles at the motley crew when they did the Power Rangers stance in the office and when she laughed as she ran away from the crew at the beach. You can see this was all natural.
  10. Oooh.. interesting question about JY's mom. I would wonder why she hasn't been able to go back and see her beloved husband and child. Is someone stopping her? Is she being held captive? Or is it a case of the traditional 'amnesia' arc? Or could she really be dead? Does CMS know what really happened and has taken JY under her wing because of this?
  11. This is it! It's the keep it or drop it week. Anyone can direct me to the previews?
  12. Great writeup! I agree that for JY, she has to find out the truth on her own. It's no use for anyone to tell her the reality that is CMS... We are only at the beginning of this beautiful train-ride. I wait to see what else can happen and how BP is going to go against this all powerful woman. Especially now that he has painted a big target on himself.