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  1. Mc Ds Mcgriddle saussage and egg
  2. Yea. Definitely a top i realized while i was getting older. Not a lot of people around you are left. Sister got married in another country. So i say i see them once a year if lucky.
  3. Wow ! i think you should join a dance group
  4. OMG I live in toronto and hawaiian (ham and pineapple )pizza is the classics here. LOVE LOVE LOVE
  5. I think people would need more information. Like what do you mean by romantic affection? How has her actions changed towards you? Ultimately if it is ok for you to loose her as a friend then avoiding her would be an option, but if you would like to keep the friendship I'd recommend stepping up and talking to her. You could also let time pass and see if it was just a one time flirty spontaneous moment on her end.