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  1. To unlock the restriction download VPN it releases all restriction. I could not get in QQ but with that I did.
  2. This is how you will feel. LOL My first was SKK thought it was great then CH (OMG)next was Healer (WOW). Could not watch her next drama Remember. Nor can I watch any CJW's drama after that. But as I could not find any drama to watch I went back to Q7 (which she says clearly no way) and Remember (she says he is young). Now I'm here... this tells you how good of an actor she is, her chemistry with all the Leads will always makes you feel that's it!! If this is real time will tell. Unless it's someone really good for the next drama I might hold off till I cannot find anything to watch.
  3. I'm okay with that. just tell me what I need to do. As I have never done this before. I have been PMY fan since SKKS but this time I like to support in some ways.
  4. @Cheryl295 correction you mean to show there is one month preparation for PMY and PSJ's wedding. get the characters right
  5. @potatohacker Hi I have pm hoping to get the code and please direct me to the right group chat. Thank you
  6. Ah mmmm... The ribbon scene really frustrate me because of my PG19 mode. Because I noticed he is a booby guy I felt that he is very tempted to do something else, but like in the BTS he keeps on giving excuse that the ribbon would not untie.
  7. All the delulu minds working and no one mentioned this LOL... I was wondering when this will come out... have any one noticed he might have a thing with boobs. he cannot keep his eyes from the babies..... Maybe and maybe that's why she keeps adjusting during AAA. He looked during the wedding ceremony. Sorry brain still in Ep 13
  8. Well I think he had to wait for her after the event is over, he needs to cover up that dress. He must have think I must be crazy to let her dress in that low cut dress and how she keeps on shifting and pulling it in front of him. LOL my mind is going perverting again.... LMAO
  9. I give you more delulu.....Maybe they will use the prop for a real wedding on Aug 26. Can someone check if the Hotel is booked again for a ParkPark wedding
  10. This is the first time for me, to order the dvd's. I went into the cafe website that's posted but everything is in korean. I do not know how to navigate and get information. Tried google translate not working on that page. Most important thing is how much and how to how to order. Help please. Thank you.
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