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  1. Yep just lile @crystalclear18 said. You can do it for any fb, IG, YT and other sites. For images you put them in image uplouder sites then copy-past the url. Who is gogoboi That's nasty why would anyone want to sleep with a man who already zz in his heart
  2. So true it all starts with us. If we aren't happy with ourselves first we can't be happy with other people. It looks like he's playing a sort of pinball game from the photo of the camera. For the schook work i had to choose one person who inspires me but i still talked about youzhou
  3. [Thailand Drama 2016] SOTUS The Series

    vote for Krist and Singto english instructions in the fb post
  4. I've never seen this footage of zz shy and covering jy sad what is happening between them they can get past this. Jiayo jiayo "fighting fighting" Edit: @ghettomilkshake for me too jy was the possessive one
  5. @urichingu it's understandable with society we live in which describes straight relationships as the norm but the more you will follow youzhou the more you will love them. You need to watch this interview of zz and another one of jy around the same date to see how they love each other. I've never been into shipping & I've never watched any bts before shangyin. There are people who have no interest in being in a relationship (whether aromantic/asexual or not so this may be hurtful to them). It's not because you are in one that you're happy.
  6. VOTE for zz songs (leave me alone & fun) its not a big page but it still helps meow get popular Edit: even though it doesn't make sense lol (it's a kpop page) https://m.facebook.com/questions.php?question_id=1994714597414514
  7. I still remember the interview was asked what was his type and he asked the mc if he was talking about girls, he couldn't be any more obvious than that if he strying to hid WoW and it's not even the of the year. Uno know how Shuai zz is
  8. I agree with you. these girls spend their time studying so they look up to the idols. I read young adult book in french and s.e.x i hardly ever mentioned and if they do its along the lines "we did something that human beings have been doing since the dawn of time". BL is very explicit (which i don't mind hahaha) in my opinon especially for the public it's aimed at. Im scared of reading it. I don't want it too end
  9. In korea when an actor/idol dates it's considered as a "scandal". In the west it's already not easy bieng out as a gay couple when you're famous. Western fangirls are not the same as asian fangirls who don't like it when their favourite actor is in a relationship that's why they date in secret + the fear of it affecting their career (a single actor is more bankable than an actor in a relationship) @jajachin i read till page 40 so much to catch up so skipped to present
  10. @Cedric Ong i laughed when xufeng put his hand on Simon's but lol Eng subbed vers. by kyoshi ryota on yt I wish there were more people here like on Addicted
  11. ZZ and JY next to each other on weibo -Thx @Cedric Ong and @bearology thought ZZ did the movie last year - congrats to ZZ and when did JY reach 5M on weibo -can't wait to se them reach 10M