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  1. i think because it's made by an LGBT association the show is way more realistic and has less fangirling moments do yo perhaps know what the show is about everything online is in chinese
  2. someone posted eng sub for this video in the comment section
  3. someone posted this photo in a fb group of bernard from the obsessed webseries and Jason kissing
  4. he is so cute and playful. always laughing. i love when he was the first to clap from reading the novel update jason xu had a livestream and he said that the show would still air but didn't say when
  5. I understand your pain. i've read till chap 70 and can't rewatching the MVs. AB is so addicting. currently reading yantai xie jie n°10 while waiting for new chapters
  6. GOOD NEWS the novel translation has been updated on saehan blog since yesterday chap 1-7 available http://saehan01.com/chapter-list/
  7. Live stream comparison of theirs voices and interestingly xufeng has a soothing voice and junjun a deeper one. Cr: crazycatRYU Xu feng JunJun
  8. @ochuchuchan yesss i can continue reading Advance Bravery