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  1. So after reading all the interviews by PBY, PHS and the writer, I can clearly see why this drama became so huge despite its flaws. I have always been critical of the writing in the drama because I felt it could be so much more instead of a random filler comedy - but interviews with writer tells a lot. What kind of drama she wanted and what kind of drama it ended up being because of the cast. And I am always someone who feels cast has to match a story and not other way around - but this drama proves me wrong. Am glad the writer changed the things she did and moved towards melo romcom line because only then the drama found its footing , I feel. Till then , it was meandering everywhere. So I have to give the writer more credits than I have done so far. She got some fantastic bonus ingredient(PHS and PBY) in her hands and she did something awesome with it! And heartfelt! Kudos!! Coming to our couple - I am not even sure if I am shipper or not. Because whenever I open YouTube to rewatch scenes, I automatically mix it up with BTS as well. I always rewatch BTS as much as I rewatch the OTP scenes. Is it because I am looking to ship them!? I do not know. But seeing them play around, joke with each other and whisper just puts a big smile on my face. Hearing their interviews, its pretty clear they just immersed themselves in the role and went on with it. Especially PHS. He basically became MH. In interviews, sometimes I feel he is still talking as AMH. Whatever happened during last 10-15 weeks of filming, script reading and all of it - it was the drama's characters. No one knows their real life characters. Even they would not in such short busy time. I can see them turning into such great acting partners, friends and each other's biggest supporters! Anything more than that? I really don't think so. Time goes fast and life changes ! With such busy schedules and demanding career for both, they may never even get time to meet for long time! I get shipper's hearts in a way but hope there are no rumours that affect both their careers!
  2. Can someone tell me what happened with law of jungle cast? I keep hearing it mentioned at many places. Did security go out of hand?
  3. I know, she looks very tired. She is barely able to keep her head straight! Hope she gets the rest she needs!
  4. Oh my god! I feel so bad for all of them! Poor Ji Soo, he is getting squished!!! Keeping aside the discomfort for a moment, I hope they are happy seeing the huge welcome. I am sure they put a midnight flight so that media/fans attention will be less. But despite that, the crowd is so much! It speaks to the drama's popularity and the actors charm. And the amount of international love it has got! Hope they have a relaxed and fun vacation!
  5. I think that is it Based on the last two BTS they released, it was all about goodbye. And the final one had scenes from final episode also. I don't think we will be getting anymore :'(
  6. Now I suddenly want grandma to come to MH after wedding and give tips. Imagine his face, LOL! It would be gold! And poor boy, he has waited so long for it and grandma scaring him off with extreme injuries!!! :'D
  7. To all awesome people here, a great BIG THANK YOU! I often stalk/lurk Soompi for my favorite dramas but never before I have tracked a thread so closely and obsessively. And am usually a big time lurker - but this show has made me come out ! This thread was my only fix through the waiting period and I liked the show more and more as it closed to end. Its a imperfect, very problematic show at times and has a lot of much filler - but the charm of leads made me stay on and when it was good, it was really good. Thanks for all your pictures, gifs, videos, translations and all your comments! It has been so much fun and I loathe to let it go. THANK YOU again!! <3
  8. @ah8ling haha that must be tough. I wish I could write, but I suck at it. You can make it a usual scene and just have after effects in morning with MH covered in bruises? LOL, am pretty sure since its her first time, MH would be the one who is leading and we wont have any extreme damages? Or just have her break furniture like Breaking dawn style - on second thoughts, no please dont do that. Man of Steel, woman of Kleenex - was indeed such a interestinggg read. I never knew people put so much thought into it before! Like am doing right now, hehe *hides face*
  9. I did install LINE just now, what ID should I share?! My display name is BongMin same as here.
  10. Its perfect! <3 based on their interactions, I also didn't think they did it. And MH will always wait until BS is completely ready. But I was sure some sort of intimacy has occurred for their behaviour to be so different from next day. This makes perfect sense. Following your fanfic , in my mind they make out some more and were content with the closeness they shared. Thanks so much chingu! Keep writing! Hope we can get post marriage one also
  11. LOL!! I laughed out lout at 1 AM here. Hehe, I can just imagine it all <3 I really really hope they show their baby, I mean they HAVE to!
  12. Okay guys, I have been a long time lurker. And have followed this thread for weeks now. But finally I did something that I need to share, I even had to create a soompi account, lol. I wrote a fan fiction! Eeeeee - i have never done this before. So please apologize if there are any mistakes. I was daydreaming way too much after seeing the preview today that I had to write. And before I know it, I was halfway through. I do not know any other places to post it to, so here it goes! Hope you all enjoy! Cant wait for Friday!!