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  1. *all credits to owner Translation: Ahn depyeonim~ Min min ah~ Hyung Sik ah~ Finally, I've gotten to see you. Although you looked icy cold/ cold and elegant but this (meeting) is already enough to complete me ... Did not waste the effort of me returning back to see you. Consider this as the rhythm of us having dinner together ba. At the end, my lens was blocked by the working crew's hand, I was shocked. After the event, an eyewitness saw Park Hyung Sik walking towards a dinner place in Singapore and so I commented and asked whether Bo Young was there too. The eyewitness confirmed that she was there too but unfortunately she didn't manage to catch her on camera. So so happy that they were having dinner together (equals to more interactions YAYY)
  2. Annyeongggg! Checking this thread and SWDBS forum has been a daily thing to me! LET THE SHIP SAILLLL~~~ *have faith yeoreobun*
  3. Though I really love the chemistry between PBY and PHS, but I'm really afraid that what PHS is actually doing (being really nice to his female co-stars LJY and the others), is giving the wrong signal to the ladies since we all know how easy it is to fall for someone like PHS/AMH (he's so caring, so sweet, handsome!!! and also humorous, in all, HE IS THE ONE!) i kinda feel bad for PBY because she might actually got lit up from PHS's actions but PHS's intention may not be the same shipping this two really hard! Ahhhhh~