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  1. @aili81 sis, I don't think you are a troublemaker. I will trustyour words when you said you have endured it for so long and now you are venting all your frustrations here. I know you are annoyed but I also want to appeal to you that like me, some people think that enough had been said and it's time to close it. This will be my last post about this. Please anyone, don't quote me anymore so I won't be oblige to speak out some more. Aili sis, I am still at least a friend or cofan, if you want someone to talk to, I am here and I will listen to you. I will listen to you rant, and I will I respect you and what you feel. I hope we can close this now and stop so we can all start enjoying being QingYu fans again. That's all.
  2. @aili81 sis, I know you were hurt. I hope you can stop hurting. I don't know what else can be said for your emotions to go down but I hope you can one day get past this. Life is short sis, let's not spend it while fighting. I know QingYu is worth fighting for but I don't think @swong2330 is an enemy you have to continue to attack. I know that she tried reaching out to you. I think she was sincere in trying to mend things with you. Let's stop Aili sis before we got to a point where we cannot mend the bridges anymore. Before we said more things that we cannot unsaid and trult hurt each other. I know you might think that I am being an annoying meddlesome person here but I have five sisters in real life and as I thought of you and swong as my sisters too, I am getting in between just like how I will try to mend my real sisters relationship if they are in trouble too. Sorry for meddling but I just hope we stop this war that is just opening wounds and making them bleed instead of healing them. Aili sis, I sincerely hope you will get past this pain.
  3. @swong2330 I think you have your reasons for being disillusioned as a CPF fan. Like I said, I don't let myself get affected by what other people said about QingYu. I have my own conviction. Maybe you are right, it's because other fans, like you (are you still a fan IDK, so if you can clarify that for me that will be great) protected us so QingYu image will remain sweet for us. But that is another matter. Like I said, I was suprised because you are about the first person who welcomed me in the fandom and I felt like I owe you for introducing QingYu to me. But reading your posts in twitter, I will admit I got angry as well but then i stopped myself because I thought you must have your reasons. I always felt like you are an intense person. Someone who loved too much and if you got disappointed, you lash out because you were hurt (correct me if I am wrong, I don't mean to psychoanalyze you I'm sorry). But in the end of the day, I can't lie to myself. When I ask myself, I still love QingYu and what they represent when I first knew about them. I guess we just have to respect each other. I respect you, I truly do. I just hope that things will calm down now because for me, I am happy to meet QingYu and meet people, sisters and brothers, like all of you in this thread. P.S. Can I just say that I miss all the candies? I miss my dose of sweets. I hope we can get back to those days. If not...then I hope we can move on with peace.
  4. @dramalover4 I agree with you. I am also an observer more than a confronter of things happening. I think that is why I feel guilty why I didn't voice out and stop what Swong had done too. I just hope new people who discovered QingYu won't be discouraged to like them and be their fans when they see those posts. Saying that, I also hope we can all move on now. And do better. I got busy writing fanfics and decided to just visit this site in ninja mode. But now I know better. I should have also written some gushing comments about QingYu here to show how I appreciate them and love them. Let this be a learning lesson for all of us. I am an international fan, I rely on others for news on QingYu but I got more careful now in believing what I am reading and hearing. I got selective in believing people posts. I should pledge like what Baba did. I should post here about QingYu at least thrice a week to show my appreciation on my sisters and brothers that are keeping this thread alive.
  5. I have twitter and I also saw those entries and stuffs Swong said there. At first I was also baffled because I saw how much she loves QingYu here. But then I get to thinking, she is also just a fan like me so maybe I should not take her words seriously because she is also not privy on QingYu's personal lives. What do we know anyway? We are just fans. Nothing else. I think Aili sis thought Swong crossed some lines. I don't know. But what I know is that QingYu are working hard and I am proud of them no matter what other people say. I am responsible for my feelings. And I control them, not other people. Other people can spread lies about QingYu, it's on me if I will believe it. Should I get angry at people spreading lies? I choose not to. Why? I decided to dedicate the time and energy to loving QingYu more instead of hating people who says bad things about them. For me it's the perfect revenge. For me, QingYu is about love and natural connection. So why hate? Better love QingYu more. The more haters spread lies, the more I will love QingYu, that's my resolve. So love...sisters and brothers. That's what Baba and Yuyu taught to me. And that's what I want to hold on to. sorry if it's too long. And it's no drama. I just want to remind everyone what QingYu is all about. It's love
  6. Jeez, too much drama. And here I am loving Dayu's jacket on the last shooting day for Chen Yang I think Aili is just hurt because she trusted Swong sis and that trust was broken. But Swong already admitting to making stuffs up so I guess the only option for Aili to do is stop trusting Swong. Personally, I agree with @gogole mongol this thread is for QingYu and people loving them and their hard works. I wish we can keep this thread and just fill it with QingYu love and joy. But if that is not possible, then I also do hope you will spare this thread from fighting.
  7. There's nothing wrong in wanting Dayu to broaden his network and experience. Don't be sorry. If Dayu is getting positive attention, I am happy for him. Hope he can take advantage of that.
  8. Thanks for this explanation. Now it all made sense to me. I thought when you say fashion show it's all about the catwalk and models, I see there's a lot going on in the backstage. Happy to be informed. You really learn something new everyday.^^
  9. If I remembered correctly, feel free to correct me if I am wrong, Dayu didn't even consider himself as a fashionista. But now, he will be in Paris Fashion Week. I am not crying *sniff sniff*
  10. https://www.google.com.ph/amp/abcnews.go.com/amp/International/wireStory/catholic-malta-legalizes-gay-marriage-church-objection-48583318 Hurray for Malta #lovewins Hang in there. Hope is still alive
  11. I can't even like your post because I don't like this isn't this a it too much, China? Why? Hu hu
  12. @swong2330 Sis, it's rainy season here in the Phils but it's still hot at noon. These posts are raising my temperature more, I am about to sizzle. But thank you sooooo much. I need sexy QingYu like air.
  13. Can't get over at Dayu's face while Qing is doing the "Wo Eye Ni" moves. He is like "Who are you and why are you acting this cute? Are you high?"
  14. @swong2330 I looked at the gif for like the whole two minutes. Time well spent. And the way their hands move as they touch each other...*sigh* QingYu kissing is LIFE