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  1. If I remembered it correctly, Dayu once said that Baba thinks his profile is his best angle. Guess this pic proved that Oh but YuYu your profile looks so good too so no need to worry about that and I agree, he does look cute and adorable esp while fussing with that earphone
  2. So I did something a little crazy tonight. I decided to post my fanfic about QingYu. Here is the link... I hope to spread the QingYu love. Oh but I am nervous...moments like this makes me hate being a Virgo, I got nervous everytime I do something I'm not sure people will like or take interest into. But I love my fanfic and I feel like I will bring injustice to it if I won't post it. So I did it. Wooh. Now I have to watch QingYu videos again to take this nervousness off my mind.
  3. I don't blame you sis...he is sooooooooooooooooooooooo cute in this gif
  4. They are both looking good. Dayu looks so manly in that simple white shirt and our Baba's smile never fails to light up my mood. Thank you for the pics sister @dramalover4 here let me give you some and
  5. This is so exciting, right? It's like we are in the front row seat and watching him mature and be the man he was always meant to be. It's like watching him grow up before our very eyes but at the same time it's like he's not changing at all. His principles and beliefs are not changing, it's like they are just evolving into finer points. I don't know if I'm explaining it correctly but that's how I see him. Changing but at the same time still the same old him... All I know is he is making me so proud. It's humbling to see him grew up more and expand his wings. Him and Dayu too.
  6. He's some kind of wonderful, right? I mean he got my heart racing while watching him going down but the fact that he can say "See you" to everyone, it's like a reassurance that he feels fine while doing this stunt. But his voice though, GAHHH, that last "Thanks a lot" I think just stole my heart. It's eargasm material. Good job Baba, I'm a proud daughter right now
  7. cr LovelyThings at YT Speaking of throwback. This is one of my fave interview of them. Goodness, YuYu is soooo cute when he is flustered and had no idea what to do. Qing is like bravely waiting for Dayu to drop a bomb, he can't even duck under the table to hide. (He has his pride after all) LOL Gosh they are adorable together, I wish they will have an interview together again and soon *crossing finger* *wishing to every falling stars tonight*
  8. Awwww...that is so sweet. If Baba can read this, that he inspires someone to be a better version of yourself, he will be very happy. Gosh, @swong2330 you have no idea how much I envy you when Wang Qing read your letter that your friend kindly delivered for you. Happy for you but I'm also green with envy And big WOOHOO for YuYu's drama. I hope many people will post pics and stills here cause this thread is my main source for my QingYu addiction. You guys feed my addiction and I wanna give you all
  9. If I can be honest, I think you focus more on Baba because you think YuYu has more fans in this forum than him. And I don't blame you for that. But this is just my opinion, so... Maybe because I'm still new to the fandom but I can say in all honesty that I adore Wang Qing and Dayu EQUALLY. Maybe I look at them differently, like Baba is so handsome and sexy and dependable and sweet while Dayu is so cute, talented and adorable and sweet, but I like/love them in the same intensity. (I can feel their sincere care for each other) Btw... Baba is so manly at those photos. Volunteering to go first, such a gentleman. And I agree with you, there is something extra ordinary about Baba that we (fans) and YuYu saw that's why we adore him. And the same can be said to Dayu
  10. Cr QingYu Translation Group FB I don't know if this had been shared. Or if I'm doing this right. I'm kinda new to Soompi so I still can't do a lot of things like hide contents or use emoticon. But I love this vid of YuYu reading cause I LOVE books and I love reading. And I could just listen to Dayu read all day long. I like his reading voice^^ PS If I didn't post it right, you can delete this post . It's okay with me. I won't be offended
  11. @swong2330 I actually don't like purple, unless it's in the form of my favorite desert which is Ube. Purple doesn't flatter my skin color so I rarely wear shirts or dress in that color. Like Baba, I love Black (makes me look slim he he). Blue is a favorite too. PS. More reason to love QingYu, they inspire me to write fanfictions again. Not sure if I will have the guts to share them but writing them had been fun and a form of stress relief for me^^
  12. I love Wang Qing, I really really do. But as a fellow Virgo, I sometimes can't help but symphatize to YuYu. I sometimes feel like there are certain Virgo traits that we have in common. Like being shy but wanting to please everyone. There was even a point in my life that when someone said something rude or nasty to me, I take it that it's my fault, that I'm the one to blame and I'm lacking (which I learn that is not true. Sometimes the simple truth is people can be really rude and nasty and it has nothing to do with me). I'm awkward too, blurt out ramdom things, once I was accused of being a mood killer(but it's my friends teasing me), and overthink about trivial and nonsensical things. But you see, Virgos can be strong too. Actually, I think we are resilient. And I see that in Dayu. He worked hard, he persevere and he is willing to learn. And most of all, he knew gratitude. He has humility and can be humble. Modest too. So I think our YuYu would be fine. He'll be just fine, I believe and trust that. And beside, he has Baba at his side, and that gave me a sense of security. With Baba at YuYu's side, and Dayu at Baba's side, I think they can beat any odds^^
  13. A couple of funny days. Let me just share it here...I actually managed to shock my sister and she, in return, managed to shock/smack me...he he (A bit of background: My older sisters and I had been romantics all our lives. We read hundreds and thousands of romance pocketbooks (English and Tagalog, our native languange in the Phils) since our elementary days (twenty or so years ago) and watched hundreds of romantic movies, Kdramas etc etc. Now we are in our thirties and we still believe in "the one", "love at first sight" and "great love") And for a moment I forgot that... Anyway, it's summer here in the Phils, it's soooo hot, and I got heat rashed in almost every part of me, in short I'm like Dayu's song: HONG. So I rest up(not go to work) and being bored I decided to visit all 275 early pages of this forum, all that I missed. Then this conversation happened. Sis: What have you been up to? Me: I'm back reading all the post in this forum (shows QingYu forum). All 275 pages, and I finished it! (Feeling proud) Sis: (eyes bulging) Are you crazy?! You wasted your time browsing that forum? What the hell is wrong with you? You could have just watch the dramas we are watching so you don't feel left out when we are chatting about it. (I stopped watching Kdramas for QingYu videos and sometimes I can't relate to my sisters conversation and they can't relate to me T_T) (I'm the only one reading M/M novels, reading yaoi manga and watching BL in our family) Me: (happy bubble burst) (shouting) I'm not crazy! You want crazy?! If rumors are true, this guy (point at handsome, hot, adorable Qing) secured a whole production team to create a web drama, produced a single, arranged fan meetings just so this guy (point at cute, lovable, handsome Dayu) can realize his dream of becoming an actor and singer. Now that's CRAZY! Sis: (shocked for a moment, okay like five seconds) (then smack me in the head) That's not crazy, that's LOVE. Haven't we read enough or watch enough love stories that you forgot that nothing is too crazy when you are in love. If what you said is true, then that guy (points at Qing) loves this guy (points at Dayu) very much. Me: (my turn to be shocked) (smiled) with that logic, then you can say that I'm not crazy but just in love with QingYu that's why I browse those pages in the last four days. I'm not Crazy! Sis: (smacked me again) Don't shout at me, I'm older than you. (Caress my head) Fine, you did good. And btw, they (points at QingYu) look good together. I guess you can do a lot worse than liking this CP. Rest up little sis... (Sorry if it's too long) I'm feeling better now. The redness on my skin subsided. I just feel happy that even though my sisters has no interest in BL or QingYu, now they are willing to listen to my little rave about them. And I don't regret those four days. I smiled, I laughed and I felt "kilig" while browsing those pages. I prefer that than just moping about my heat rash. Sorry bros and sisters if your notifications are full because of me. Thank you for your hard work on this forum. I'm not regretting being a QingYu fan because now I have my siblings and then I have more bros and sisters because of QingYu. Again, sorry if it's too long^_^
  14. I just really appreciate everyone's hard work. I cherish this giddy feeling of finding pics, gifs and news bits about Baba and Yuyu that I can't easily find in other sites. Made me see how much efforts my sisters and brothers (can I call you guys like that?) put in this forum. Thank you^_^