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  1. This drama looks like a riot Those pics makes me laugh. QingYu...YuQing...what to do? I love them any way I can get them. As long as they are together. But I do understand. Baba is toppy after all. He he and ROFLMAO at the "meltdown" cause I can totally picture him in my mind having that. Ha ha
  2. Ha ha ha...yes I quite agree. Dayu is no uke but he is cute and chillin' in his pics while Baba is pumping those muscles. It gave me a feeling that someone is trying to prove he is manly while the other one is just "eh, We both know who topped last night" Ha ha ha Okay this me being delusional so ignore me
  3. @swong2330 Yay! Rendevouz in Shanghai. How romantic. Yeah, how did Dayu got there without any airport pics? Did our sisters sleep on the job or...someone sneaked him in. Oh Lovers in Shanghai. I hope they will enjoy their time together. (And there goes my imagination again.)
  4. @swong2330 and @deltos I second the motion! It's a bit sad but nowadays, Internet is life. For an international fan like me, internet is REALLY important if I wanna see QingYu. I can't afford a ticket to China. Ha ha ha I think what is more important is that QingYu gets to interact with their fans and reassure us that they are working hard and doing okay. That the plan is still in motion. Btw...they are so living together. Ha ha ha. Or that is my ultimate fantasy. IDK. But I am chewing yummy candies right now. Some watch butterscotch and curtail jelly. Don't care about the toothache
  5. @swong2330 Waaaaahhhh Too much candies, gotta remember to brush later. He he These two is LOVE. I don't know how others fail to see it or just won't admit it to themselves. Oh well, more for us then. Thank you for sharing those candies. It feeds my soul, I swear. They make me happy. Thank you Sis
  6. Oh...we are opposite then. I also think Dayu is sexy but he is like a baby brother to me. I wanna cuddle him and snarl at anyone who will want him. Like a bodyguard big sister... Qing on the other hand...
  7. Well nice ssv and bitchy ssv are at war again after reading this: Nice ssv: it's just coincidence Bitchy ssv: we don't believe in coincidences Nice ssv: it's accidental Bitchy ssv: Stop killing my joy. He is teasing us again. Nice ssv: He's not teasing. You just put meaning to everything Dayu do. Bitchy ssv: Of course! It's the QingYu fan in me. Now shut up richard simmons and let me enjoy this moment. Nice ssv: Shutting up.
  8. When I watched that fanmeeting game. I knew the word will be a bit naughty. I just didn't get as far as the fans there. LOL Oh honeymoon. A fun time...honeymoon. He he
  9. @swong2330 Baba said Dayu can control him when no one can. But we also saw it a lot of times, how Baba can overpower YuYu The rest will be in our imagination He he
  10. I am writing a fanfic about this actually. But like what you said it will still not be as great as what I hope they really have in real life. Waiting sucks. But if it's for QingYu I will patiently wait. I think they are still on track with their plans. I hope their dreams and plans came true. QingYu fighting
  11. Wang Jian has a nice ring to it. Is he teasing us? IDK. I feel like Dayu always teases CPF. Making me excited. But I will let him have his fun. He is just so precious that way. I hope I can send him a teasing note or letter someday when he became an official Wang. Ha ha ha
  12. Yup, that's how my OTP kiss. Can watch it for a million times and never get tired of it. Awww sis. Have Faith...we can fight and fight but we will get tired if we don't believe in what we are fighting about. I don't worry because I believe that my brothers and sisters have Faith in Baba and YuYu. Let's keep the Faith. As long as we have Hope and Faith, strength will follow. Jaiyo!
  13. @swong2330 If you are love blind...I am with you. I think we are in good company I love his pics on Hey Idol. They make him shine more.
  14. @swong2330 QingYu can stay private forever. I will love them still. I would really love for QingYu to have their private lives, private. I will not feel slighted in the least. But if God allows and they do say one day that they are together. Then I will jump up and down, laugh and cry at the same time like a crazy person from pure happiness and clap my hands til they turn red. Then I will slap the nearest bigoted person to me. (Kidding, Baba will slap them for me! Kidding again. Haha maybe no slapping will happen, literally.) But them loving each other, even in private, will be an everyday slap for those bigots.