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  1. Hurray for Malta #lovewins Hang in there. Hope is still alive
  2. I can't even like your post because I don't like this isn't this a it too much, China? Why? Hu hu
  3. @swong2330 Sis, it's rainy season here in the Phils but it's still hot at noon. These posts are raising my temperature more, I am about to sizzle. But thank you sooooo much. I need sexy QingYu like air.
  4. Can't get over at Dayu's face while Qing is doing the "Wo Eye Ni" moves. He is like "Who are you and why are you acting this cute? Are you high?"
  5. @swong2330 I looked at the gif for like the whole two minutes. Time well spent. And the way their hands move as they touch each other...*sigh* QingYu kissing is LIFE
  6. Because of the gif @swong2330 shared. I watched the Tianjian fmt again. Sweetness overload
  7. I still don't know if Dayu wanted to kiss or bite Qing. Maybe both... Does that mean that Qing brings out the vampire inside of Dayu? Hmmm
  8. My mind has conjured a different story. Maybe because I didn't watch CA first. I watch the photoshoot and the fanmeetings videos first. I was like, am I watching a fanmeeting or two people in a courtship? It's like a courtship dance for me. I swear. Then came Baba's bday. You are right Sis. Suddenly you can feel a different vibe. Like calmer but surer vibe. Like they finally had an understanding and they are sure where they stand in each other's life. Then came Dayu's bday, they are like so relaxed, smiling and laughing and giving gifts like they are old married couple. IDK. But that is how QingYu progressed in my eyes. That's my take on this anyway.
  9. Hallo Sis! I think we are all excited for the new things QingYu will show to us.
  10. Nothing's wrong with a crazy person. Especially if you are talking to me (who is a crazy person too) Thank you Sis. Now I can write that fanfic.
  11. Can I ask how long do you think Dayu stayed in Shanghai? Like a timeframe. From this day to this day. I would really appreciate this because I am writing a fanfic and I have to at least have a general idea how long Dayu stayed in Shanghai. Please with chocolate on top
  12. Yes, I've read about this. And it also said something about giving same sex couple the pair judging when it comes to adopting kids if I am not mistaken. Feel free to correct me if I am wrong. But still it's such a glorious day to read some good news like that.
  13. No Faking or Camera tricks for these two. QingYu kisses!!! Reason to love then number two. First the stares, then the kisses, then the way they smile at each other. Fourth, the way they touch each other. I could list hundreds of hundreds of reason. But it all leads to one thing for me. Anything they do, they give my heart a warm feeling. They give my heart joy, hope and a reason to dream.
  14. And this one too! A VERY valid reason indeed to stay in one hotel room. They are young know. (LOL...I am malfunctioning because of QingYu) Thank you Bro, for that. Ha ha ha