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  1. Found this beautiful video on YouTube. The owner put together puung pictures and the sweet scenes from w. Credit to the owner happy Valentine's Day everyone❤️ Hope you had a great day and hope our jongjoo are spending time together
  2. Hj new update ❤️ jjs fighting ❤️ Thank you for all the lovely updates and for keeping this thread alive with your wonderful discussions and thoughts ❤️
  3. Golden slumber ost is awesome here is the link Female version ❤️
  4. Did anyone translate instyle jan 2018 interview of hj ?? Does the magazine contain an interview or is it just that excerpt which was posted before ?? Can any chingu pls post about it . Thank you in advance
  5. @Sakuraflower27 yes , it is really surprising to see that two ppl can have soooo much love between them that it radiates as happiness and makes everyone around them happy . I agree with you .I have no doubt that they definitely had feelings for eachother during w. it's undeniable. I still feel that they're going strong . We have enough hints and facts to prove that . I hope they stay strong Because such a beautiful connection doesn't happen everyday for everyone .
  6. @syzygy17 yes I also repeatedly watch the bts and it always makes me smile actually many ppl commented saying that the bts if more beautiful and interesting than the drama and like you said , it can be broadcast as a drama . seeing soo much support for them even after so long is really a mood booster for me . I wondered why I never read them before . Ah , but better late than never right . i agree taht right now hj is too busy with her movies .js has to stake his claim someday but right now I don't think he can do that because her movies might be effected. Ppl will ship her definitely because her co actor is not officially dating anyone and is famous but I think it's just like how js was shipped with suzy -- only because they worked together and because they might like to see them in one frame for visual purposes. I feel this is a good year for js and hj to announce their relationship and I feel taht they're still going strong lets hope for the best chingu jjs fighting
  7. Pls see the comments I was just going through the comments for the bts in YouTube and it made me sooo happy everyone was saying that they're really dating and should get married . Though most of them are from last year , few comments are just months old and they're so positive. just wanted to share with you guys . Just happy to know that not just us but ppl all over the world who aren't shippers and are longtime fans also have noticed that their interactions were not normal and were indicating that they might be dating i haven't yet read the comments for other bts videos , I'll do that now . If anyone is unable to see the comments pls tell me , I'll post them here
  8. Golden slumber teaser with hyojoo is out .shes soo pretty ❤️ I also saw appa there . This movie is giving me a good feel , I think it's going to be very good this is the link . http://naver.me/5HDIy7Lr
  9. ❤️ Jjs fighting does anyone know about hj's instyle interview. Is it out ??
  10. I know this is just a coincidence but it's nice to see that hj is using makeup from yves saint laurent( YSL)-- seen in 3rd picture-- pink colour . Maybe she uses it regularly but I never noticed it . We all know that js likes to use ysl related products so it's a nice coincidence also I missed oh yeon joo in this picture at first. It's good the sticker My delusion-- js recently did a lot of shopping in ysl stores in Paris and Seoul , maybe he bought make up for her too just for fun . oh yeon joo ❤️
  11. @hacenthanonuevohappy new year inrang is supposed to finish by feb2018 . And golden slumber will release before feb 14th because on that day another movie called black panther is going to release . Ppl are guessing that the presscon will be held next week . A teaser was released this week but hj isn't there in that so maybe they'll release a proper one next week before the presscon. And apparently hj had 2-3 days off for Christmas -- maybe 24 25 26 and had off on 31st too . Atleast they gave some time off . hope this info helped . thank you for the lovely post glad you're back
  12. Hj's new cf , she's promoting jeju . She looks gorgeous in this though ❤️I've always wanted to see her in such ads about nature @frozentundra I think this was what they were shooting for when they went to jeju around nov 28 th .
  13. @syzygy17 that is a old rumour spread by certain ship and it's wrong info . Actually one director said ( don't remember who) that if ever he thought of doing a remake of the notebook in Korean then he would cast hhj and yoo yeon seok . Ppl started spreading news about their bias from then because notebook was famous in korea then .