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  1. Thank you friend. I deleted it. Sorry I did not know .
  2. Thank you chingu her offer seems interesting, I hope she accepts it.Though I would love to see her in a drama .
  3. Which movie offer?? Was he offered a movie??
  4. Thank you for the information friend wish I can see her some day. Wow this is exciting. And in the gongcha interview js said he wants to travel right now. Maybe missing her. And also recently han ji min gave js autograph to a girl in a show and she is close to hyo and hyo is close to js. Again delulu start
  5. What does this mean?? Is hyojoo travelling??
  6. It's like they are destined to be together
  7. I think it is photoshoot before he met hyojoo. Plz correct me if I'm wrong .
  8. Haha thank you friend. I remember reading that he quoted some dialogue so got delusional. Thank you for clarifying
  9. Friends I wanted to ask , during W when js had to type something on the computer while writing about W project, they showed that he actually typed something about a wolf etc. since hj is going to do a movie which I read has a story referring to her and hero as red riding hood and the wolf respectively. I was just curious if he was quoting this movie? I know I'm being delusional but I can't help it
  10. Hi friend I have been a silent reader in this forum. I'm a fan of honey couple . Can you please add me in the private group.thank you in advance i tried to PM you but some how the message is not getting sent .thats why I'm writing here. i thank all friends for updating info on the director's cut.it made me very happy:)