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  1. Reported both accounts just now . Hope it works . Many of our jjs have also reported just now .
  2. Thank you sooo much for the positive updates guys . I'm on cloud9 these days because of our lovely thread with so much positivity. but ........Guys I just wanted to share my fear with you . I heard that the shipping war has become more aggressive, you all must be knowing. In such a situation, is it okay to post about findings which may indicate about js hj relationship in the thread . I'm just worried that ppl involved in these wars may use the information to cause more wars or to target us or our otp more . What do you think ??
  3. The writing is a perfect match . I don't know how to react to this . Should we be happy or can a coincidence be soooooo real ?? Good job guys
  4. Thank you guys for all the wonderful and positive posts . It gave me lots of hope @kalirsjk I love your theory after reading all the posts and after seeing the similar star post I was reminded of something, so I'm taking my delusion to next level remember hj fan meeting letter to fans . I couldn't find a post with the pages separately-- she drew similar stars on top of a word which means "promise me" according to the English translation i found . And the star colour and design is similar to js cafe star . The English translation post is --- in 3rd page of translation beside the word "don't leave me " is the translation of that starred word which means "promise me" . So is he reminding her of his promise that he'll not leave her . I'm Hope I'm expressing myself properly. Please correct me if I'm wrong , I'm just tooooooo delusional right now .I don't know how to interpret this coincidence, but I'm happy for now . Forgive me for being so silly and delusional. credit of all instagram posts to the respective owners.
  5. The picture which she uploaded recently with caption "thinking out loud" is apparently from 2015 . It was when she went on a trip or had a photoshoot with jinseoyeon wearing her friend lexx Kim's brand clothing. The pictures with blue coat are therein lexx Kim's or lfm official instagram I think the pictures were taken for her photo book " only for the ppl I love "
  6. @bitcxh I also feel the same but what to do their profession is such . I know it's really difficult and this is only the beginning. But we have to stay strong. We're together in this . Don't feel that you're alone . Even I've tried to support this drama but somehow I'm failing so I've decided not to watch it. I really want to but my heart is aching. Im unable to be so strong. Maybe with time we'll be able to accept new projects. But once frozentundra gave a very good reason to watch their new projects and support them . See if we don't support them , this might effect their relationship too if they're together. Because their career is their life and if that is getting affected by a relationship then fights will happen . So I decided that day to support all their projects no matter what . But as time passed I became weaker and now I'm in a pit . I need time to be able to see them with others for now . Let's see maybe we can do it . Let's try our best to support our otp' careers . They worked very hard to entertain us right . Like frozentundra said once --- see wyws gs inrang as the gathering of good talented actors to tell us a good story so that we get entertained . Jjs fighting
  7. I'm sorry it's out of topic . Js was at the 7th ediya music festival. The coffee cup is similar to the one in this post so those pictures were not for a photoshoot. I was wondering which brand it was . But now it's clear . @primrose210 thanks for the info about hj's name . It's really nice to know new things about her
  8. @polar15 as far as I know , lee seo Jin is very close to lee seungi since they worked in a project together. Since hj is best friends with lee seungi , she maybe close to lee seo Jin too . I don't think hj acted with him before . But I maybe wrong too
  9. @adamag sorry if it came out in a wrong way chingu . I didn't mean to say that you were indicating anything. Infact your reason for discussion is absolutely right . I support this discussion. I was just trying to reassure that there was no need to be scared but then I think I misunderstood your post . Now I understood that it's not about he being interested in suzy . I'm sorry for the misunderstanding. I think even if js was committed or single , he would give a compliment. But like someone said since it was not a detailed compliment like he gave for hj , maybe it doesn't mean anything more than a compliment. But then let's see the bts . Then we might get more clarity .he wasn't too touchy today so that's a good sign . I think more than words , actions are better indicators of a person's relationship status. Hope js hj are still going strong. Thanks for posting w presscon pictures. Now I can sleep peacefully Sorry once again to all chingus
  10. @kalirsjk thanks chingu I like your idea . Let's be positive and hope that they end up like songsong
  11. This is not a delusional thread . Trust me , even I thought that maybe this was all a delusion , but no . If you see the dvd properly (unbiased ) , then you'll understand that it's not delusional. many people have felt that and have joined this thread . Please respect people's choices .We don't know about now but during W definitely there was something . I really wish we could know the present condition whether it's still there or it's over so that we can get some clarity .
  12. @frozentundra you have given me a reason to watch the drama . I think it's a very valid reason apart from js being in it and the writer being a good one. Thanks a tonne ❤️. I also agree with everything you wrote in that post . It will certainly be easier to see wyws if there was some confirmation. @kembiethanks for being so positive ❤️. I think I'll reconsider my break now . I can't stop shipping them I guess . They always pull me back Thanks for all the updates jjs ❤️.Sorry for being inactive these days.
  13. @gogogirl26 awesome video . Thanks for posting . The lyrics are perfect for kc and yj . The video is beautiful and sad at the same time but I love how they got the happy ending in the end . Very creative. I want happy ending for jongjoo also . I apologise to all the jjs I have troubled these few days because of my negative thoughts. I'm really thankful to all for being supportive and positive. Love you all ❤️