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  1. @kalirsjklove your post everything seems right . I don't feel like it's a delusion anymore also when js posted that me.... you poem, hj was in California for LACMA and she was spotted at a Norah jones concert , so we knew she was there . So I'm delusional that he was missing her
  2. @Riman Rakshityes chingu maybe a cf by Burberry or maybe samsonite or like all our friends here are hoping --- a cameo in I'm not a robot . Our pd is also a jjs so maybe he is also thinking like us . I know maybe it's impossible but then sometimes it can be read as " I m possible " right hoping its this time and in this situation @kembie I'd do anything for you too ❤️ Every morning I open my ig and am greeted by your posts and it makes me smile , thank you thank you all chingus for always spreading love and smiles in soompi , in ig and also helping me personally when in need ❤️
  3. @bandi rekha welcome to the forum love your post . Waiting for more sweet posts from you @Riman Rakshit I wish that happened . Even I'm waiting for our happy ending. Actually I know i must not become too delusional but then him mentioning W after soooo long made me more hopeful and happy
  4. @kembieyay , waiting for more of your awesome heart fluttering posts thank you sooooo much for sharing jongjoo beautiful moments and making us all happy
  5. @kembie I think they already kissed twice by the time they did that first section Tv interview because in that interview hj said that they already kissed twice and then the host says " oh , so you must've become close " . I saw a video once in which there were dates on when shooting was done for some scenes . As per that yes shop kiss was first and rooftop was on 17th June and poster photoshoot, 1st section Tv interview were on 18th June . so it was right after the rooftop kiss shoot . about them meeting --- once one of our chingus posted here that hj js met before script reading . I think it was in march and if was in a cafe . In this interview I think host asked " this is the first time you guys are meeting ??" Hj said "yes" but I think she meant they met first time for a project and js said " yes it's our first time meeting for a project " . pls correct me if I'm wrong Have a great day chingus
  6. Guys I think in this picture she's wearing neck support what do you think ?? Pls correct me if I'm wrong hope she's fine
  7. Latest info on movie inrang ----- jung woo sung said in a recent interview that the movie is going to be very different from the original Japanese anime and they'll finish filming by February 2018 .
  8. Thank you for all the updates guys ❤️ It has made me very happy reading js poem in @shishi101 post , I felt this --- "It was fate That you came to me That I went to you The wind enters every end of the road Just like how I met a flower and that was fate That's not it It was a necessity A promise that we will meet each other one day A mystery where you become me, I become you A mystery that must be a necessity " The poem reminds me of W ost by jung joon young --- WHERE ARE YOU When you look down at the world from the sky How would it look like? When you connect the dots of all the people What will it become? Maybe that will be the line That connects you and me You’re someone I’ll meet some day We just don’t know No one does I only look at things I want to look at I only search for things I’m curious about But that was you It was you We’re walking through the same time Connected to each other Whether I go to you Or you come to me Let’s be under the same sky We kept meeting, continuously We just didn’t see each other Whether it was good or bad, it didn’t matter We always passed by Maybe we’re actually close And know each other really well But we still don’t really know that truth No one does I only look at things I want to look at I only search for things I’m curious about But that was you It was you We’re walking through the same time Connected to each other Whether I go to you Or you come to me Let’s be under the same sky Let’s be under the same sky I feel that this song overall gives the same vibe as js poem . It's about 2 ppl connected to eachother by fate . They know eachother very well ( resemble eachother) . Also the line in js poem --- "you become me, I become you" reminds me of this ------ after W we have seen lots of changes in hj and js .before hj was oppa type and js was full of aegyo and now after more than a year of its completion ---- js has become more oppa type like hj and hj has become full of aegyo like js . So this line describes them now . This is just my delusion , thanks to my friend for noticing this line while discussion and telling me to share it with you all . credit to @shishi101❤️ for the js poem I quoted . thank you @kembie ❤️
  9. @frozentundra @egluvsnupi Yes the mixing is sooo cool . I'm glad we could find those old posts again @missyouso welcome to the thread chingu your post is good and I'm proud of our chingus here . They are always positive rational mature calm and don't involve in any kind of arguments with other ships or fans . I'm proud to be a part of this group of wonderful ppl supporting a wonderful couple
  10. @frozentundra im glad you liked the edit and. Here are the oppaya edits honey couple bar mixed both hj and js version together and it has 4 parts PART 1 PART 2 PART 3 PART 4 I hope this happens for real someday these are few other edits His behaviour while singing oppaya Her behaviour while singing oppaya credit to honey couple bar and memories8789 ❤️ and Amyra @kalirsjkI'm glad you liked the edit I love the similarities between ss and jj you posted . They're like soulmate couples --- does this exist --- couples who are too similar like soulmates .I hope they end up similarly
  11. The way they have silent conversations with their eyes Notice any similarity i can see this happening soon ❤️
  12. @shishi101yes chingu , I got this information from a Korean kdw fan . But not sure if hj will film that long . Maybe she finished her part . I heard from a hj fan that she finished filming before oct 31st . So maybe she doesn't need to film anymore for the second part .
  13. Apparently inrang will film till march 2018
  14. @cikafkdc hey your edits are awesome pls do share , they keep us going in times of jongjoo drought . Like frozentundra said , pls don't worry about the language. It doesn't matter , we can understand you . We'd really love to hear from you sometime whenever you're in the mood to share facts or delusions .my favourite part is the delusion .Actually you're English is good , my honest opinion after reading your post.
  15. @cikafkdc hi welcome to the thread . I'm glad you joined us .We hope to hear your observations about jongjoo sometime