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  1. aside from that is no eng sub so no way i'm gonna buy i've been wandering around Google and there is no news at all i'll wait until midnight. tomorrow is gonna be hectic i guess i will miss the event hope to see loads of him and him and him (did i say 'him' 3 times LOL) from you guys tomorrow love u guys hehee..
  2. NG scene from dvd SWDBS is out at YT so i can share here
  3. @iamcassandra as mentioned by @BloodOrange 5 Sept 2015 - Park Hyungsik at Incheon Airport Back From Paris for Elle Magazine Oct 2015
  4. haha..i'm one of the lucky people who can work from pls don't get bored when you guys see me here often LOL quick answer hehe.. i have no idea but give me sometime to investigate *PI mode on*
  5. he's really giving us something to talk about
  6. yes, they are still keep in touch. i knew it from here MASTER in kissing? do better in future
  7. it's already afternoon on this side of the world have a great fri-yay! messy hair again
  8. no worries, i think maybe he already ate? and just finishing the juice before get up? sorry i'm a positive person LOL it's difficult for me to think the other way yup he looked surprised hehee..
  9. lucky fella got to see him so close
  10. ahhh now i got it. so that yellow color pants is actually the swimsuit *disappointed again* hahaha i read the translation from someone's ig. she must be disappointed as me too hehehhhh.. @lovephs becareful before you get caught
  11. OMG hahahahahha..i couldn't stop laughing!! so cheesy! he IS a good actor! LOL i truly enjoy this vid hahahah now he looks a bit skinny, i mean look at his skinny leg and black hot pants hahaha. from the vid that you shared up there, his leg was not legs
  12. LOL i'm so disappointed if it's true. but, there must be some photos of him swimming but i guess nope... haha.. however i think he's 'crazy' enough to wear that coz i saw this vid prepare your mind and soul hahahhh.. he's truly a funny and cheerful person! he loves his fans
  13. couldn't find the link from ig. got this from YT at 4.00. he was so confident when he answered
  14. okay i've been lurking to most IGs that i followed and found this hehehehhhh the truth has revealed! that yellow pants was hidden under the sarong