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  1. more vids on our hyungsikness YT channel! have u guys subscribed? please do!! thanks @athena22
  2. more photos from @xscalsvefor Hyungsikness. Thanks!
  3. photos from thanks @athena22 im dead
  4. photos from Korseries website and twitter
  5. photos and vids from Twentyfour-news YT and twitter
  6. Thanks Aileen @xscalsve for your efforts to make our dreams come true how lucky she can be? met him TWICE this year!!!
  7. hello! anyone can help me. tried to put twitter links but it didnt work
  8. thanks so much @xscalsve u did a lot for hyungsikness. i can't thank you enough haha! and thanks a bunch to our Hyungsikness team @sebastian27 @sik1116 and @athena22 u guys did the best for Hyungsikness first appearance in Hyungsik FM. despite being chaotic when the fm started, we all managed hahah!! 3 down, 1 more to go!! can't wait for Japan FM to spazz
  9. been trying to link from twitter but not working. can anyone help
  10. Hello!!! welcome to Hyungsikness Soompi thread! glad to see you here regarding wiki, i just realized that it was changed. hope it was not intentional if you have time, you can volunteer to help us too otherwise, we will ask from our fellow hyungsikness member here to help. anyone resourceful? heheee..palli come help our hyungsik Thanks M (sorry, getting used to call u that now hahah!) everyone has put a lot of efforts for making our dreams come true. not only us, but also for those who comes here and drops comment and post too. thanks for making this thread alive with back to back FMs, we have limited time to do many things, esp with the website hehe..but we'll do our best! info about hyungsikness: - website : (haven't started anyhting yet ) - facebook : hyungsikness - instagram : hyungsikness - twitter : hyungsikness - tumblr : hyungsikness please follow and give us your support guys!! see you on Sunday for Trending Party!! Thanks!!
  11. August Calendar As you guys can see, that is our newly created logo for "Hyungsikness" You can reach us at IG, Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook. Please follow and support our fan club! Thanks!
  12. 5 days to Bangkok FM increasing! yeayyy!!
  13. sorry for the late reply.. LOL in the bedroom of coz
  14. LOL busy hah? i will surely melt if i were that noona. i have jelly heart hahah..i will frame my clothes (not washed LOL)
  15. thanks so much!!! tagging @sik1116 hehe