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  1. On 10/10/2018 at 12:24 PM, luvforever said:





    But they didn't listen:D


    Went above and beyond our expectations. They delivered their kissing scenes well that I even accidentally bit my lips and was smiling. Mind-blown and unexpected:tounge_xd:


    Sneaky, ninjas executing their moves:ph34r:


    Good job!:wub:




    OMG Ari!! *Dead* 

    Lmaoo  I can't at them ignoring everyone! At one point NamJi got them all shooked (including me) :lol::lol:

    To this date their kisses make me blush and the their bts kiss is on another level from the kiss that was aired. Poor editing team had to go through a lot to reduce the hotness of the kiss. 



    17 hours ago, babyval22 said:


    Mianhe chingus~ for some reason i can't delete the tags. Soompi must love you guys too much! LOL. And maknae~~~ what is with my magnifying glass huh? It's all for science alright? LMAO.


    ***Rollcall in Progress***



    Masthu present!

     when did you  become our class monitor Val? I mean NamJi Thread monitor??  Lol!  :P

    Lmao we can't get enough of studying NamJi chemistry right chinguya right??

    Then again it's everywhere in those 27 mins so our otp did not give us a chance to miss it ;)  Lmaoo why is it so hard to spot a scene without all the action ?? :lol::lol:





    17 hours ago, babyval22 said:

    Was it that completely no boundary lie flat action he did on her? LOL. I just needed to confirm. LOL.


    LMAOO :lol: I chincha can't at this val!! :blush: 

     I can't at the mock strangling  during the "completely no boundary lie flat action" :lol:


    Image result for shy gif

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  2. 16 hours ago, daloula said:

    I feel like going on a vacation to the beach in Busan but I am stuck at work these days and it is not the best time to go to the beach. When I visited it the last time, I had to take a super long (13 hours) flight and then the ktx before getting greeted by a typhoon but I still had a great time.

    I wonder if namji likes Busan too.



    Busan is breathtaking! :heart:   You are making me want to go to Busan too dalal! :wub::lol: 






    16 hours ago, babyval22 said:


    Did you eat shrimps too dearie? :phew:



    16 hours ago, ajboomer28 said:


    Ok, now I’m thinking of going to Busan next month with my friends.. and eat some shrimps there too.. :D


    Now I'm craving for shrimps!!  TT

    All hail the Shrimp! :P:P Bahahahaha  :lol::lol:









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  3. Hi Chingus!!


    @babyval22 Thank you for the roll call dearie! You deserve a NamJi meal tonight :P OMG for real???  Did someone assume that   we jumped shipped? I’m far from moving on and my obsession and love for our otp is increasing with each passing day. NamJi got me bad and I’ve been stucked with them ever since the Xcut. Speaking of being stucked with NamJi, where’s our captain stucked? Calling out for uri @stucked !


    Hahah @MoonlightSerenade  you and your sis @jijifirstandonlyship are so cute!! Lmaooo I just pictured you girls running behind the delivery truck. :lol::lol: Poor truck guy must thought your sis was stalking him kekeke…   Speaking of *cough close shots/far shots cough* and their “angle” ;) :p  Pou no one could miss it not even @babyval22 with her magnifying glasses. :P 

    I know I know… I’m a NamJi_Trash like the rest of you girls :D :heart:


    @ajboomer28 love your thread and vids sunbae!  :heart:

    @achinawa love your post dearie and we should add ”toe curling kisses” ;) 




    @adi2019jiji  unni unleash your inner ghost. NamJi unleashed theirs throughout the Xcut so you don’t have to hold back either!  Come lets enjoy some coffee from newly grinded coffee beans. :p ;) 

     Psst calling out for our maknae @Harry97 





    @midorinokerochan Agree with you unni! NamJi lit a fire that’s burning even after a year and a half and the Xcut just added more fuel into it… Their kisses and interactions are pure magic. Each frame of their BTS of the SBS catch vid and the Dcut  oozes with their own unique chemistry and oh god their cuteness makes me wanna sqeeeee (okay I did enough squealing last night with all the SS and glad that I didn’t wake up my neighbors haha), Their eye talks, their touches (that have different meanings in different situations), their support for each other, them watching out for each other, the hearty laughter’s, the adoring looks they bestowed upon each other, their happiness,  their deep eyed stares and their level of comfort is what keeps me shipping them to this date.





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  4. Good evening girls! 


    Good to see you all active. :D The xcut has sucked me in like a black hole and its on repeat mode for the last few months. Here I was thinking that the dcut would make me less obsessed but NO it has turned me into a #NamJi_Trash_Bin like the rest of our fellow shippers in here ;) :heart:


    I'm so glad to have you all on board. Love you all! Huggles :heart: :kiss_wink:









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  5. Our rice wreath has arrived!  :heart: 

    So exciting! All the best to 100 days My Prince uri angel! Fighting! 


    Omggg Girls we did it! Looking at the rice wreath is making me tear up all over again. :bawling: 

    Thank you everyone for working so hard to gift hyuni with a rice wreath. It was not at all easy. You all went through a lot to make this possible. It's been over a year but united we stand. This project was a success bcz of all your love and dedication. 

    Get some rest my dearest shippers. You all deserve it!  *Group hugs*  :kiss_wink:


    Fighting NamJi shippers! :heart:








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  6. You walked into my life as if you already knew I had a place for you deep within my heart. ~ E.V




    Meeting you was fate.

    Becoming your

    friend was 

    a choice.

    But falling in love

    with you was


    my control. :heart:




    Falling for you was like falling down the stairs.

    I was in complete control at first, then, without warning, I was spinning, tumbling, and had no idea why or how.

    Then, before I

    even knew what happened, 

    I lay at the bottom; shocked, stunned,

    and oddly aware that I 

    still ended up exactly 

    where I was

    trying to


    ~ K. Towne. Jr




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  7. This MBC interview was one of those reasons that made me jump aboard and had me screaming in this thread a year ago. LOL :joy:

    This IV made me go like did wookie just say that on National TV along with that smitten look??!!  :astonished: Why on earth would he want to prove hyuni that he'll be fine at the army?? Did he just reassure her?!  OMG he addressed himself as oppa!!!! :heart: kiyaaaaaa


    It's been a year and our loyal shippers are still here celebrating all the beautiful moments of our otp. It might look all silent over here when its actually not the case. The xcut oops Dcut is chincha making us go all cray cray and finally all their interviews make a lot of sense.




    To remain rational, I asked my nonshipper friend's pov 

    Friend: "He just marked his territory with regards to his girl. So that when he's off to the army no guy would dare to hit on her"

    Me: *shocked*







    That moment when wookie addressed himself as "oppa" when reassuring Jihyuni. :heart:

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  8. On 7/19/2018 at 12:49 PM, babyval22 said:

    @masthu your post make me miss them so much. Hahaha. Jiscovery anniversary is coming guys! The last public event that wookie had in which he gave us even more reason to sail on. I think i need to watch the dcut again. Namji bts is truly another drama on its own, and ita even more entertaining in fact! 


    I miss them too dearie! :(


    I chincha cannot get over all their bts. Something beautiful happened right in front of our eyes and was all  REAL :heart:




    It's so


    When someone

    Comes to

    Your life

    And you 

    Expect nothing

    Out of it

    But suddenly

    There right

    In front of you

    Is everything 

    You ever needed.






    My atoms love your atoms, it's chemistry. :heart:

    ~ Atticus




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  9. Throwback Thursday :heart:







    This sounds so much like NamJi  :bawling::heart:


    There's a moment between a glance, and a kiss

    Where the world stops,

    For the briefest times.

    And the only thing between us 

    Is the anticipation

    Of your lips on mine.

    A moment, 

    So intense,

    It hangs in the air

    As it pulls us closer.

    A moment

    So perfect,

    That when it comes to an end,

    We realize, its only the begining.

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