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  1. I'd bet a dollar that this scene got shippers jumping to the JiBong ship Actually not to much because they hate each other at that moment, the real cute scene was in the bar, he was telling her to go back into her sense but she was drunk and didn't remember, that was really cute Me *squeeeee*
  2. Yeojaaa...... Those sparling eyes Cr to @monamourksoo on twitter
  3. @babyval22 @midorinokerochan Thank you for the clarification. That is why I was getting healer vibes from that pic. It’s spring again (I see celebrities uploading cherry blossom pics and I want hyuni to update us as well TT)
  4. Is this an old pic? Omo his shoulders! Seems like everyones missing wookie including us TT Since wookie is at his base and fans have calmed down, his friends aren't ninja acting anymore lol Look at the king loves team being all open with their reunion but our SP team doesn't even post a proper reunion pic (which had been held twice. One was a get together to send off wookie info dropped by kyw and the other reunion might have been in Dec; around the time wook was on vac and Mr Bangs pic had bottles that didn't add up to the number of people sitting )!! Why is everyone trying their best to keep SP reunions a secret as if theres something to hide!! Uri SP team is the epitome of ninjaness keke. Kings loves reunion: https://www.soompi.com/2018/04/05/yoona-hong-jong-hyun-cast-members-king-loves-reunite/
  5. Heo Jung Eun to act as Nam Ji Hyun's younger version in tvn's Hundred days husband Source https://mobile.twitter.com/kdrama_news/status/981375034748014592?p=v
  6. while watching this bts I just noticed that hyuni and wookie share a similarity in the way they touch each other. *swoons* @ilkanka123 Welcome to NamJi/ JiJi family dearie! english isn't the first language to most of us here including me (it is my 3rd language actually). So don't worry about your english we understand you perfectly. Do spazz freely with us.
  7. Such a beautiful scene this was Cr @SalmanholicBhai on twitter
  8. I lost it when Ji Wook started singing Cr to @monamourksoo
  9. Right unni! I never get bored with her moves and bickering with Mr. Byun Why do wookie and hyuni looks so much alike! oh my heartu
  10. March 29, 2017. Exactly a year ago, our JiBong/JiJi couple was born, and they filled my heart with so much joy. Cr @leahmiralles on twitter
  11. Luv our ninja SP squad Cr to @SalmanholicBhai on twitter
  12. Because of his past he is afraid Cr to @SalmanholicBhai
  13. This post of yours is making me swoon. Please keep them coming! Looking forward to your next one This time period is like a test for their feelings, for their love... If the Almighty wills once they overcome this anything would be possible and any hardship they would under go together would seem inferior in comparison. It was once proved by ji sung x bo young and rain x kim tae hee and if the almighty wills wookie and hyuni can end up just like them!! If they are meant to be together there's nothing stopping them from getting there to the alter I chincha like this take of yours unni! Whatever they do may it be walking hand in hand to present an award, laughing out loud together, mirroring each other, gazing and staring at each other it screams being in SYNC. @ajmamor1976 It's okay to take a break unni but please come back! We guys will be waiting for you. Remember that we are like glue. We might fight, argue, disagee but we are one big Family over here at soompi. This shall pass as well unni. Fighting! *hugs tightly*
  14. Been rewatching a NamJi bts (it never gets bored and makes me fall in love with them all over again). Seems like wookie is mirroring hyuni once again and it's only episode 01 Wookie your hair is perfectly fine, you do not need to fixing it
  15. Im not at all curious as to why he licks his lips but what makes me curious is that why he does it right after or before kissing her. sorry for exposing you wookie! #wook_exposed Aigooo look at hyuni totally oblivious with regards to the effect she has on jigoner This is my first time noticing that he didn't just lick his lips but bit it as well omoo Wookie kwenchana? Let's do some mind controlling @pauliza Welcome back unnie!! <3
  16. Thank you unnie! Waaah 30k is no joke! We definitely are a talkative bunch thanks to uri NamJi Bts and interviews and the bombs they gave us *virtual fist bumps* everyone Thanks dearie! My connection is still acting up TT Will drop by when ever possible! Love all your posts chingus. Please keep them coming shippers! Tbh I love the bts more than the drama scene as well unni. It never fails to make my heart flutter everytime I watch it... Never get bored of it. The moment the DVD is out we are gonna hit 2 Million views in no time. So excited for it. I couldn't afford to buy the dvd but I hope some chingu is kind enough to share them with the ones who couldn't buy it. I think This dvd is gonna open up the NamJi pandora box but still keep my expectations low hehe. We should thank our otp for all the NG's if not we wouldn't have 27 mins of NAmJi kisses keke... Do you guys think she found this NamJi shippers forum of ours? What if she's lurking over here omo Imagine her reading all our posts! omgggg
  17. Found this in my news feed and the tweet gave me goosebumps! "One of my fav moments during 32nd BAA. When #SongSongCouple reached each others hand even without looking". -----> this reminded me how wookie reached out to hold hyuni's hand even without looking To me this actions screams FAMILIARITY!!! Seems like wook cannot stay put without touching her and hyuni was more than okay with it How can I not relate this to namji?! #NamJitrash PS: Thank you for the warm welcome dear chingus! Love you all!! Lets keep spazzing like no tomorrow @pauliza unni where are you? Come home palli palli. We guys miss you TT <3
  18. Oh my gosh, my heart melts ❤ She's gonna be a good mother someday and Joongki will be a great father too. Cr @gorgeoussongss
  19. Happy 1500th shippers! Hope I'm not late for the party! Let us continue to be rational shippers who are protective of both Ji chang wook, Nam Jihyun and the precious bond they share. Lets keep supporting and loving our ship. Come hell or high water lets keep sticking together like glue . May the Almighty bless our ship and give it a happy ending! I really love their jakiya scene. One moment they are are all cute, the next moment laughing out loud together, then next teasing each other and then gazing at each other and we see them both going all shy shy... Oh my heartu! They cannot get more adorable than this?! With this amount of sweetness they are gonna give us diabetes hehe The way they look at each other kinda looks similar. Ps: Sorry for being mia chingus!! I needed to take a short break bcz this weeks happenings hit me hard and my connection was not helping either. Thank you to all who kept worrying about me. Means a lot guys! I'm really grateful to all! Sarangae uri soompi NamJi shippers
  20. I think oraboni needs hand control before thinking of mind control bwahaha Chinguya are my eyes decieving me? I think his hands are slightly above her waist I never get tired of watching it again and again, You feel the love watching them
  21. Now that you mentioned it finally realization dawns This!!! If the Almighty wills my shipper heartu want to do exactly this! If the Almighty wills We guys can prepare a creative photobook and with beautiful captions and gift them. As for a wedding gift my suggestion is that we make a donation for a good cause and use the name JiJi/NamJi and of course we can send them wedding gifts as well Thank you for attaching the court room kiss unnie! Omg! I'm shocked!! That red mark left on her on her cheek was bcz naughty oraboni forgot to do mind control Nice catch unni!
  22. I personally Agree with you hguys. Can we stop dragging wookie into this! Let the poor man serve in peace. Imagine these not so thoughtful shippers sending the coffee truck with JiJi attach to it and people wondering as to what it means? Poor nam jihyun needs to enlighten the ones clueless. Imagine the staff gossiping about hyuni and wookie behind their back and this will lead to potential rumors to circulate and might damage their reputation. At the end of the day who's gonna take responsibility?? Shippers? Fans? Agency? No it is hyuni and wookie people!!! So wake up! All I want to say is that this is NamJi aka jiji we are talking abt you might have shipped others and treated them as you wish but when it comes to our ship we ship them with utmost respect and we shippers are chincha protective of them. Since its jiji international fans you indirectly are including us into it. (Which i would never want to be attached to) Wouldn't it be better to consult everyone, weight out the pros and cons then decided as to go ahead with the project or not?! First and foremost they haven't recieved the permission of soop but have started pooling resources already and that says how much organizing went into this project. Im sure if the Almighty wills Soop is gonna disapprove this. Sending a coffee truck is not the only way to show that shippers support her. There are plenty of other ways very subtly and discreetly. I just hope they reconsider the entire thing and stop embarassing and putting our otp into a difficult situation!!! My apologies to ji chang wook fandom and nam ji hyun fandom. Any individual fans of our otp who lurks here please remember we majority of jiji shippers do not support this coffee truck project.