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  1. I see chingus sharing their thoughts and analyses amidst watching the Dcut. Thank you chingus and it means a lot to my shipper heartu! All insightful thoughts, analyses are welcomed over here as long as we do not violate the copyrights and spazz within the boundaries. Since everyone’s sharing their thoughts I’m dying to share mine and these are nothing new but all what you’ve seen here and there. We’ve always seen wookie to be the one to put his hands around hyuni but when I noticed hyuni getting very involved in it I felt like screaming lol. I chincha cannot get over how touchy touchy they were… This really made me call jihyuni a Namgoner lol. Seeing those real life hugs that had nothing to do with the drama had me taking a trip down memory lane. They reminded me so much of the songsongs. That was a total dejavu. Since I cannot male a comparison I’ll just leave the songsong moments under spoilers and rest to your imaginations Our all time favourite kiss; the court room one had me swooning big time. I started tearing up the moment I noticed wookie and hyuni smiling during the kiss. How romantic was it *swons*. Just like real couples do! (We already noticed wookie smiling in the drama so the dvd just confirms it lol. So nothing new there.) Wookie reminded me of joonki a lot bcz there were moments where he smiled while kissing hye kyo. Now wookie was doing it all over again (wookie is really going all out to beat joonki ). He definitely found hyuni sexy at that moment. He looked very lost in the moment and as usual forgot to do mind control keke. My poor heartu! As for the dance rehearsal his hand was quite close to danger zone *screams* and man I couldn’t help grinning like an idiot noticing their level of comfort. Sorry there isn’t much I can contribute so atleast what I can do is share my take. Happy shipping everyone and please keep your thoughts and analyses coming. #no_longer_drought #shipsailing #couplegoals
  2. remember wook went to watch amadeus during his vacay? Check the tickets. Now look at the poster behind hyuni's pic. Its a poster of Amadeus
  3. The timing of their post are killing me!! Omg those amadeus tickets and the amadeus poster! ottokeeee! They got the timing right and got the shippers going crazy This ship has too many coincidences.. my poor heartu. Is it really coincidence or a hint? Cr. haneulnariru
  4. Welcome on board dearie! Shirooo!!! I refuse to give you an answer chinguya bcz this scale doesn't do justice to our beloved otp !! lol ! How about on a scale of 10 to 20? From what I've seen I'll give it a 20. Anyways since you asked I'll give it a 10+ as per your scale Oh my heartu! Thank you for sharing your thouughts! Means alot dearie! Just like we shippers love teasing our otp in a good way our PD nim loves doing it as well. I feel like PD nim and the entire staff are shippers. Reminds me of those memorable teasings by the staff during the hospital scene where a stafff member told wookie to leave (Ga Ga) lol and that lips liking and biting bts keke (poor itchy lips) I chincha love how you worded their intense kiss as "action scene" bwahaha lmaoo Wookie and hyuni were really supportive of each not just in the bts but also in real life. Reminds me how hyuni said at an interview "It's cold at cherwon and I oppa doesn't catch a cold" and during the radio show she said that "I will visit him at the army" (to which kim ye won said that it would help him a lot at the army). Wookie's interview where he said "I'll cry if she (hyuni) does visit me at the army" was very telling that he craves her support and doesn't want to act like "of course I can deal with it on my own bcz I don't want to appear less of a man". He was more than willing to let her know how she makes him feel inside. Would he cry if ctj ever visited?? Didn't hyuni say that she wants to be a girlfriend who's supportive to her namja . She defintely proved it in the BTS and in real life. I'm so grateful to hyuni for being there for wook! I really loved how they checked on each other and how caring they were after the 1st kiss. Gosh their eyes definitely talks. I really love that that they didn't need words to check on each other. They definitely are relationship goals! My poor heartu is a total mess man! Love all your insightful thoughts and body language analyse! Please keep them coming! Its not drought anymore but monsoon. When I thought I was able to move on, look at me being pulled back into the black hole all over again!! I've totally given up on moving on... Happy shipping everyone!
  5. Wookieya look at the camera!! It's the press con man! The way he stares at her is simply adorable Caption "Once I was told that I would fall in love with a gorgeous woman, but I could never imagine that this woman will be fantastically pretty with the most extraordinary personality I’ve ever met" This is one of those few pics that succeed in making me all emotional caption: Almost every man in the world is looking for the women like his mother...just like him right now...he's in love with this girl
  6. Now that the Dvd is out we've gotta forget about moving on.. The bts would be the death of us The 27 min kiss would be the death of me! What are the chances we wouldn't see T action?? i Considering how wookie got carried away the dvd will open the pandoras box!! Caption: lets call this "step by step getting closer "... i wonder what they watch at those phone..one be in direct and another just listen n looks so serious n excited (well at least those young man dont wanna miss any moment with her isnt even its just an simply moment ) “When we are in love, we open to all that life has to offer with passion, excitement, and acceptance.” – John Lennon Yes yes yes..it was sexy ..so intimate instead..the eye contact like a silent message (just between them )...look so real then reel ...from JCW to NJH "We're just looking and looking at each other. And I can feel something new between us, something even more intimate than anything we've done. Eye to eye. It's the most powerful connection in the world" ~ Sophie Kinsella
  7. Lol ! At this rate we'll all need to get a respirator lol Caption: "Because if I fell any deeper for the way his eyes crinkled with his smile or his habit of tapping on his nose to emphasize a point, my ship would be sunk" (Katherine McIntyre, By the Sea) This beautiful couple much stronger than what u think they are..so do Caption: She is smile so brightly..i can stand to not stolen gazed to her (aah just let me be ) “We loved with a love that was more than love” ~ Edgar Allan Poe
  8. I'm still feeling very high bcz of NamJi. I'm spoiled beyond recovery and a permanent goner. All I can say is that it's songsong all over again! Songsong did it and if the Almighty wills NamJi will follow the path of songsong. To me this love that I'm rooting for isn't something that would fade away but if the Almighty wills it's here to stay with them for the rest of their lives and grow in leaps and bounds and will end at the alter. Yes this is all delulu until confirmation but I gotta state my gut feeling right *flys back to namji heaven*
  9. @midorinokerochan thank you for the reminder unni! Our SP squad was shooting the Dance / election teaser
  10. Caption: I really wanna know who let them write this song knowing I'll be crying when this part of the song comes on.. Again today You’re shining next to me Time has stopped at the star that is you All day, I think of you Heart-pounding, happy thoughts On a night like tonight, a night I dreamed of I wanna put everything in my heart On sunny days, on cloudy days On days you’re sad without a reason I’ll hold you tight Now hold my hand lyrics credit to https://klyrics.net/o-when-eotteohge-malhalkka/
  11. Attention dear NamJi/JiJi shippers! We've got another award coming up. Let's show are love and support to NamJi/JiJi. Let's make them win chingus bcz they deserve it! Aja aja fighting!! Please Submit Your Nominees For Best couple, Best kiss, Best Actor, Best actress, Series of the Year and all other Categories -------> http://www.kpoparazzi.com/awards/2018/ Voting Starts from May 1st Most Adorable Couple (Jibong couple is more than just adorable. These two together scream chemistry!) http://www.kpoparazzi.com/awards/2018/most-adorable-couple/ Phenomenal Kiss (Jibong kisses have the potential to set your screens on fire) http://www.kpoparazzi.com/awards/2018/phenomenal-kiss/ Series of the Year (rest in peace replay button) http://www.kpoparazzi.com/awards/2018/series-of-the-year/ Best Actor ji Chang Wook http://www.kpoparazzi.com/awards/2018/best-actor/ Best Actress Nam Jihyun http://www.kpoparazzi.com/awards/2018/best-actress/ ctto
  12. wrap-up party ctto Mc; "Now we have to meet JiBong, right?" "Let's call the main male character, prosecutor NohJoWook. " "He was appointed to 3th Unit, Cheorwon ... 'colder than Siberia' on 14 Aug. " ( <---Cheorwon is a really very cold place) Actor Ji ; "Ahh, thank you." " It's very fortunate to finish the filming safely. " "I'll go to the army and be back well." "You all had a very hard and thanks for it." "Please eat deliciously today." "Thank you. " Mc ; It's like 'Private letter' is playing as the background music kkk.... "Then, let's meet the main female character, attorney EunBonghee . " Non of us can miss uri hyuni's voice cheering for her wookie
  13. Long time no see chinguya! Good to see you dropping by omg!!! This is chincha Daebak!!! My exact thoughts unni! That necktie scene, the very lines in the script and that stare to die for are reserved only to his jakiya Poor boy going all shy shy during the necktie/5 minutes scene. Of course that intensity in that stare of his can only be directed at hyuni. REEL Caption: Okay..its time to listen carefully..focus..and concentrate (but its okay isnt mesmerized her ) cause she is right in front of me... "If you notice that I stand startled in front of you with no obvious reason, you should know it’s just because I’ve suddenly realized everything I ever wanted is right in front of me" REAL Hmmm..did those scene exist on that drama ..aaah hey you young man i think u really can't get away from her (they really enjoy their time) "I love the way that we work together: we’re as sweet as sugar and nice as ice
  14. "Let the rain be, let it become something to you, give it meaning, give it something to hold on" Beautiful signature from the most beautiful couple ever..everlasting love from the star to the moon Director-nim ParkSeonHo started his first instagram photo with his last work on 2015 #MyFantasticFuneral script (because of his wife hehhe if I'm not mistaken from his caption)...He said tomorrow (10/4/2017) would be #suspiciouspartner first shot! .
  15. Simply love those sparkling eyes, that yeppo directed at hyuni and finally that smile when he heard his fans scream bcz of that yeppo! Wookie can't get more obvious! It's written all over your face Our ultimate goner Eyes to eyes
  16. To the star and moon, heart and soul of #jijishippers our forever #jijicouple happy 1year we love you till eternity I become more beautiful, When you hold me!
  17. No unni that IG account isn't mine. Exactly that user name is jjang Speaking of jigoner's vaccum kiss, he never vaccum kissed his previous co-stars like he did with hyuni. He even got carried away keke what happened wookie? That stare to die for had my imagination running wild!! *fans myself*. I thought that he was going to kiss her and I was holding my breathe the entire time!! Then wookie held her wrist when she was about to leave and looked up at her *me dead* Oh my heartu! ctto
  18. Caption: translate this picture... I always think jcw oppa acting like this to say...She Is Mine Yes we know she is your girl oppa... You're smile so suspicious jcw oppa Perfect Look at his mischievous smile.
  19. Yeah chinguya. My shipper heartu tells me that its okay if she doesn't update us. Just make use of that time and drop a text to changwookie oraboni How come I missed this info chinguya?! (may be the thread was moving so fast that this info got buried hehe) Thank you for bringing it up! She deleted this IG post chincha! Kinda suspicious but who knows. When it comes to NamJi most of people around them are acting suspicious! Adding this item to my never ending suspicious list keke Honestly..this event like their wedding day... They are really meant to be... 2011 warrior baek dong soo 2014 KBS AWARD May be 2015-2016 they already meet each other in ALUU SALON 2017 SEOUL MUSIC AWARD AND MARET 2017 They are OFFICIALY MEET TOGETHER IN SP SOON...(hope my praying for them will be happen and real...Aameen Ya Rabb) Aameen... hope they will be real marriage couple soon..Aameen Ya Rabb Beliave and see 2019
  20. I totally feel you unnie! I still can't beleive thaI hyuni was the first to touch wookie this way!! Your gifs are always on point hehe and you never disappoint us @lovethatlook unni! When this scene aired (I was not a shipper back then) I was like waaah I've never witnessed such a look from wookie directed at his costar (heck he's not even looking at the cam but at hyuni!!!!) Tbh my thoughts were running wild imagining what his move would be lmaoo That was one killer look from wook. (reminds me of the other intense stare during necktie scene) ctto
  21. This scene is chincha hilarious! Now I feel like watch SP all over again! Cr to @SalmanholicBhai on twitter