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  1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts unni! Please keep them coming 3) There were many instances where hyuni mirrored wooki. Those are moments that screams real to me 6) Looking forward for your insights with regards to this point 7) You aren't alone unni. I just didn't take him seriously but the water bottle scene didn't sit well with me. Dh made me want to pull some K2 moves (just kidding lmaoo ) but then I noticing hyuni's reaction that made me hold back and very satisfied. You go girl! At times it felt as if she was giving me the "I'm taken vibe". Just my take. Our smile can't change the world, but your smile chages mine Caption: Looking at you my moon (namjihyun) This picture since kbs 2014 I just realized they are already look each other when njh singing in front of the stage and njh smile too for him Someone tell me if this is true shippers?
  2. I love our piggy back adlib. If the Almighty wills he's saving the bridal style for their future ctto
  3. Why am I not surprised? lol Fake news or click bait my gut tells me that hyuni visited wookie already. She's the type to keep her promise. Just by looking at her SBS awards speech we'll know how much she misses him. Remember that tremble in her voice (as if she was trying hard to not cry) when she mentioned changwookie oraboni and she was tearing up big time. She's a namgoner man. Namgoner definitely would have met Jigoner at his base When he finds her cute he aims for the chin When he finds her sexy he aims for the neck (not once but twice) ctto
  4. Hi dearie! Just Like @midorinokerochan unni mentioned it is indeed frustrating to discuss our thoughts in a vague way in order to protect our thread from violating copyright issues. I hope you you would understand as to why we are not at liberty to answer your question chingu. Isn't it daebak that we shippers can predict the arrival of flies chiinguya lmaoo! Exactly! Protective wookie is jjang. He didn't just protect her once but did it in several occasions. Don't we guys know why he didn't let her have the fan in the morning after ? I chincha kennut with these two! Can they just get married already!!
  5. Same here unni. I can't stop rewatching it lol! Actually unni there were 2 epic moments in the couch scene. *screams* I still can’t believe I just witnessed something like that! I thought I was seeing things! lol So I wasn’t the only one watching it in slow motion bwahaha lol. The normal speed was anyways hot but the slow motion was super hot because it’s REAL ! *Fans self* Ottokeee! Seriously can’t blame us for having such thoughts after witnessing something like that for real’s as in real life. I cannot unseen what I see!! I’m innocent btw. *blames their natural chemistry* I feel like a peeping tom everytime I replay the 27 mins kiss. I chincha have no guts to watch it especially with those crazy bgm sounds coming out Love your take unni and I'm sorry for cutting your post short! The reason he blushed in the couch scene was because of hyun's over all natural charm like you put it and when he blushed in the press conference it was because he likes her (both in and out) in addition to her sexiness and natural charm which he couldn't get over nor ignore during the couch scene. Remember wookie once said that if he liked a girl he would blush You were spot on when you said "EBH was trying to seduce NJW, but in fact NJH wasn't trying to seduce JCW of course. But that is what clearly happened" There were moments clearly seen in the bts that screams EBH and NJW acting totally out of character. They weren't EBH and NJW anymore but wookie and hyuni all along. Wookie and hyuni did their best in being proffesional (respect!) in the couch scene but there is only so much you could hide (when it's so obvious) and not feel the moment because you are only human after all. <3 I really love my couple because they are so precious
  6. Hey! Please read the caption of the post you just posted!! Your intentions don’t look that innocent! We indeed support hyuni’s latest project and know that she can generate chemistry with any costar but it is only basic common sense not to gush about “hyuni’s and her costar’s chemistry” over here simply bcz it is Ji chang wook and Nam jihyun shippers forum hence disrespectful!! Seems like the couch scene is bringing out flies lmaooo. The couch scene is turning into one of my favourite bts and I can’t help but blush knowing what really happened in the bts. Rest in peace replay button. Even though naive at the beginning, as the shooting of the couch scene progressed she did feel something when wookie did what he did *fans self* and as a result she looked very affected by it keke We could see the sparks fly (in real life) between the two and it definitely caught them both off guard. Poor chang wook blushed in the bts of the couch scene as well as the press con when talking about the couch scene. I chincha cannot kennut with these two! ctto @lovethatlook Your gif’s never disappoints unni! Thank you dropping by amidst your very busy schedule <3
  7. The couch scene had me shocked!! Do you see what I see? That was fiyaaa man!! *faints* Every control just went out of the window and he couldn't help but blush at the end! I think we do know why he blushed apart from finding her sexy! Wookie was giving it all away lmaoo
  8. Don't forget the bedroom eyes he had right after kissing. It just made me blush. Then like you said that smile OMG that was the death of me! It was downright romantic man and it made her go all shy shy It’s still shocking that they had two T actions in the court kiss . When I had to screencap the court scene to edit them, there were moments that felt like something big was about to happen but the editing team just cut it off half way. It was very frustrating bcz you couldn’t capture that moment you had been waiting for but now I know why lol. Just may be the court kiss didn’t require T action so it didn’t make the final cut lmaoo. Wookie certainly is delulu about his so called mind control. Right dearie! It's as if they were so familiar with each others moves to the point they know what the other was going to do without even having to look. It comes so naturally between them. I really loved that coat scene. It also reminds me of another scene. Wookie wants to help her up while hyuni expects him to do just that. It’s not just once or twice but we can see it happening throughout the bts to the point it became second nature to them. It’s not like they can’t do it on their own right lol! I still can't move on from this quote ottoke! "love compels us to do things for others that they can do for themselves". I really loved the wifey vibes hyuni gave out when she checked his mug to find any dust and wanted to pour him some water and only afterwards did she pour herself with some. These two really dot on each other
  9. Good morning/night shippers! Gotta agree with majority of the shipper on the statement that there was this natural progression between our otp as the drama progressed. It was like watching a beautiful love story where real life actors who started as close friends started developing feelings for each other over the course of shooting. It was very realistic just like their love line in the drama. Where the leads started faling for each other over time as they went through different challenges together which just strengthen their bond. From what I have watched so far I can conclude that there was nothing forced, nothing scripted nothing short of professionalism and nothing short of respect, affection and off screen skinship and the list goes on... Observing them both I can say that wookie developed a thing for hyuni's chin and neck. It was the exact thing joonki had for kyo and I see it in wook. Hyuni on the other hand has a thing for oppas sexy back and shoulders. She doesn't hesitate leaning on to his back or laying her head on his back and it is very telling to me. I can't help but swoon at their level of comfort and closeness. I gotta say that the staff got it so bad with these two just like us. They can't stop teasing them just like we do yet you see how much respect and love they have towards our otp. PDnim (he's definitely a shipper) was full of laughter throughout the shooting and man it only got worse lol and and he loves teasing them as well lol. Reminds me how the staff in the drama blood kept teasing Ahn Jae Hyun and Go Hye Sun after completing their first kiss scene kekeke... One thing I find so cute is that these two keep hovering around each other. These two were present at one another's shooting spots when they weren't required to be there. (Reminds me of ji sung and lee boyoung visiting each other's drama sets bcz they were shooting at close proximity to each other). Remember the hospital scene where a staff asked wookie to leave (ga ga) bcz his scenes were over and wookie was like "ga ?" Seems like he forgot what ga means and didn't leave until the end! There's nothing stopping wook once he sets his mind on it! Keke lmaooo! I really love witnessing wooks reaction when he ends up getting caught red handed by the bts camera when ever he trys to deep eye stare at hyuni lol. Once caught he completely avoids eye contact by looking everywhere but at hyuni. Lol! (Stop acting weird wookie! You look more suspicious that way). Just like @khalinkikyo unnie said sometime back the best example would be the press con where he stared at her for such a long time until ctj had to bring him back to earth. The other instance was when hyuni removed dirt from wooks head and boy kept looking at her deep in the eye. *swoons* (will edit my post later to add pics). What I find really surprising is that hyuni doesn't show any trace of being uncomfortable with regards to wooks deep eye stare. While me for instance would feel super uncomfortable and nerve wrecking to be subjected into such microscopic observation aka deep eye stare from some guy unless he was my boyfriend or husband. It is very telling how close and familiar wookie and hyuni are to each other. The only couple I've seen totally comfortable with such deep eye contacts were the songsongs. There were moments where hyuni dots on our big boy and they give me wife hubby vibes. It reminds me of this quote "love compels us to do things for others that they can do for themselves". I've never seen any costar treat wookie like that, do things for him, put up with his playfulness and goofiness, and let him act like child. We've got a child inside all of us that comes out only with certain people and I gotta say that hyuni brings out the child in ji chang wook. Like @ptp321 chingu put it hyuni was able to bring the turtle out of his shell so I'm not at all surprised that she brought out the child in wook. All in all both bring out the best in each other
  10. I live for those real life hand holding and tight hugs! Even after PD shouted cut they kept touching and reassuring each other. We usually don't see such unnecessary touching/skinship between costars in the BTS after shooting scenes that involve kisses and skinship. They were like super glue at times yet very professional (I hope you get what I mean. We can’t expect them to be all over each other and lovey dovey all the time). Those hand holding goes beyond just being playful with each other. You feel as if theres a certain connection between them. It’s like one knows how the other feels without even having to say it out loud. You can see a lot of respect, affection, support, and how they care for each other in those hand holdings and tight hugs; that goes beyond being just costars. I just love how wookie adores and takes care of her and how hyuni wants to show her fullest support and encouragement towards wookie. It feels like wookie lives for those moments where his baby girl cheers and appreciates his hard work. You really can see how relieved and satisfied he feels afterwards. Hyuni does carry a lot of burden while filming yet even at those hardest moments she never forgets wook and shows her support likewise wookie was so considerate and patient with hyuni even during her hardest moments. Why do they sound like couple goals to me?! There was no awkwardness what so ever after shooting those passionate kiss scenes nor did they ignore each other afterwards but kept smiling, laughing and there was this need to touch each other. At this rate we’ll all get cavities with all these sweetness. I just can’t help but adore these two puppies. ctto
  11. Welcome on board dearie! Finally chup chup sounds made you delurk keke It was so embarrassing to hear those sounds! My face was turning super hot by the second! I had to pause several times bcz I couldn't go on and felt like a peeping tom hehe.. These two were so into it but I gotta say that it turned out beautiful! Btw I just noticed two T actions in the Court kiss. One was very subtle and the other not so subtle (oppa got confident there and went all in. He just threw mind control out of the window kekeke). I just came across a few funny comments with regards to namji kisses. Let’s all lol together shall we? keke "oppa was preserving her” “You won’t become this exhausted if feelings weren’t involved” Have a great week everyone *Back to lurker mode*
  12. Throwback Sunday Love the way he helps her up and the way she reaches up for him. These two chincha
  13. @pauliza I call that abusing (in a good way) each others persoal space and both didn't complain about it lol! I think this is the most logical delulu tbh dearie. The feelings were their during the shotting and only after the wrap up party and tiny break to get out of character did was it taken into a higher level (only God and namji know their current level of relationship and we gotta keep waiting...) Nam Jihyun proved this both on and off screen! It's so obvious in Namgoners post drama interviews
  14. Anneyong shippers! I guess that shippers are camped in front of their laptops and tvs enjoying the Dcut! Ive been enjoying all your posts andall the bts bombs that were exploding left and right. It was so beautiful to witness how their relationship blossomed over time. SBS bts might have made us think that wook was the touchy touchy one while hyuni didn’t look that touchy touchy in comparison but actually it was the other way round. Wook looked a bit reserved at the very begining and that does NOT mean cold, unfriendly, not smiling, not laughing or anything. It’s just that he was in the getting to know a friend (hyuni) kinda phrase and adapting to the change of scene. I’m not that good with words. May be chingus out here can describe it better than me lol. At the beginning wookie reminded me a lot of hye kyo. Song hye kyo had always been friendly with her previous costars yet a bit reserved in order to avoid dating rumours. But with joonki she was more open, more touchy touchy and the first to laugh among the two which led to many NGs. Watching Wookie transform and open up to hyuni was like watching hye kyo opening up to Joonki all over again. It was so heart fluttery to watch! I really loved the couch scene bts from episode 1. Their level of comfort was very high and there was constant laughter in the sets. Wookie was so considerate of hyuni and very caring and never hesitated to help her. Remember wook said that he found hyuni sexy (during the couch scene) at the press con? He even blushed saying it hehe lol ! If anyones wondering why.... The answer lies in the couch bts. His reaction exposed everything! lmaoo No wonder boy was blushing big time. He once mentioned that if he likes a girl he would blush keke. Since I really can’t describe the scene and I'll leave this pic in here and the rest to your imagination. I guess uri shippers know what I’m talking about Throw back Sunday! Our swoon worthy couch scene!
  15. "There is no secret left in the fact that I am madly in love with you. My happiness glows on my face and my smile gives it away. I have tried hard but now I can't do that anymore." Sheila Johns
  16. Lol it's up to hyuni to like or unlike a certain post of wookie. It's nothing to be serious about even if she choses to unlike wooks post which she did not do (since the likes are still there on his post) because we do not ship our otp based on lovestagrams or instagram likes. We shippers and Nam jihyun fans have no say in what she choses to do in her life. Everyones hiding because of the Dcut lol! Have fun watching the Dcut chingudeul and don't forget to analyse our otp's behaviour bcz it is indeed very telling and i chincha cannot help but grin like an idiot and swoon over our two goners Happy shipping everyone! #shipsailing
  17. @Grenna I'm sorry to request this from you dearie. Can you be kind enough to take down the pics you posted above asap please. Us posting these pics are a violation of copyrights even if they are captures from the photobook. Attention all shippers active and lurking! Please avoid sharing materials related to the Dcut on our NAmJi/JiJi/JiBong/ forum on Soompi since the Dcut comes with a copyright! We do not want anything happening to our safe haven here right? Haters and antis are lurking here just to see us make a wrong move. Yet do not forget that you are welcome to share your thoughts about the Dcut and spazz in a way it does not violate copyrights. So lets stick to the rules and regulations and ship our otp on Soompi
  18. Everyone who bought it were thankful to have purchased the Dcut. Non of them had regrets and were fully satisfied. As for T action unni... What is NamJi kisses without a few (well many) T actions. So I think we'll have more T actions and shall cause us all to hyperventilate and blush!! Just looking at wookie's ears turning red and the mark he left on her cheek as seen in the SBS bts tells how out of control he was and I've always believe that hyuni's T made him lose that little self control he had been trying hard to maintain. *fans self* Edited So I bet you'll see even worse that might send us sky rocketting to NamJi land No wonder he did a lot of mind controlling and all those efforts in mind controlling went out of the window the moment he kissed her . He was losing it big time already keke If you need some oxygen let us know! we'll be very happy to supply you. Especially during the 27 mins kiss bts if not you might end up hyperventilating like the rest Yes unni! We are on the right ship! *screams* What we see is what we believe We are definitely are sailing beautifully. oh my heartu! These two are the death of us Same here. Gosh these two were smiling while kissing and man the eye talk between them makes me tear up big time! Thay looked so comfortable in each others arms From the very first time I watched the court room kiss my gut kept screaming that something really changed between them. It's as if they had realized their feelings for each other by that point and it could be a begining to something beautiful. Looking at their smile, the look in their eyes especially wooks, who's trying to eye talk with her. It's as if they no long are afraid to show each other how they make each other feel. ctto
  19. The thread is super fast and I've got 3 pages to back read!! Happy to see shippers delurking! Kyahhh thank God the drought is over. This really didn’t cross my mind. Omg celebratory date night! TT To this date their timing is unbelievable! Is it fate? is it coincidence? To me they'll always be my destiny couple. When I read your points in order it feels as if the Almighty has a beautiful plan set out for them... I'll just trust the Almighty to give NamJi a beautiful happy ending Ameen! @f8te Thank you for sharing dearie! Seems like SBS cannot move yet! These two are love
  20. These two hand in hand LOL! Are we witnessing a bromance between the soldiers? (just kidding) keke... These two get on really well! He really looks so handsome man! ctto
  21. He looks healthy and happy! Wookie is glowing! Cr @aysee_KB twitter
  22. Salute! JCW and KHN saluting and waving goodbye at each other. I live for this kind of content. credit: minju0514 ig twitter Cr @wookvspa
  23. Kyaaaahhh we won best kiss Lets celebrate shippers! Congrats to our beautiful couple!