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  1. I miss wookie and hyuni! Seems like both have gone mia This video reminds me of wook and hyuni in the couch scene LOL
  2. Suspicious Partner Anniversary Countdown Click on the video for the timer to start PS: The only timer I could figured out so far to put on as count down. If any chingus can create a better one please feel free to post
  3. No appologies needed dearie. My post indeed was a long one lol! Its so sad to see him say that he felt lonely. Wook definitely strikes me as someone serious yet playful and funny but not with all. He would only show that side of his with someone who he feels comfortable and someone who wouldn't judge him for being all palyful and silly. Hyuni was able to bring out his inner child that made him feel happy and free from judgement. I think with hyuni he doesn't have to pretend to be someone he isn't. Wook can be wook with hyuni around. They are so close to the point you don't have to worry about the other person being annoyed for taking out his work stress on you by being all playful. It takes a lot to have that kinda trust since not everyone would be in the mood to entertain such actions from their costar since he might end up irritating the hell out of her. Hyuni was more than happy to be his pillar he could lean on, someone who motivates him, appreciates his hard work and a stress reliever. All in all wook and hyuni compliment each other so well and they treat each other as equals. The relationship they share looks so beautifully balanced. It's more than proven in the Dcut... ctto Gotta agree with you dearie. Most of the people around them are a shipper. It is obvious from their laughter, smiles, teasing, protective nature, knowing glances and the tears they shed. Seems like shippers and the people around them are so much in sync.
  4. I wonder who this friend of yours is?? May be she can post her question directly in the main thread and we would like to read her pov. Does wookie's life revolve only around hyuni? She is just a part of his world. He cannot just ignore his long time friends or family since he loves a girl. It doesnt sit well with me when friends forget their long time friends the moment they get into a relationship. I recently made friends with someone. Once we became close I randomly asked her if she had been in a relationship before and to my utter shock she told me that she had a guy in her life. She never texts her guy during college or when she is with us. They rearly meet up since they are busy but they are so in love I envy them at times. We are talking about Real life love story and not something reel. It isn't unusual of him to post pics with his friends. They are really close buddies of his. Other thing being wookie knows how much we miss him. Imagine the number of letters he might have received from his fans back at the army. He really knows what makes his fans happy and is willing to do fan service to us. Btw how come his posts look like a nightmare to you? LMAOOOO! Big boy is glowing with happiness and hyper lately. Logically speaking this isnt how someone going through a break up would act. After watching the Dcut and the screaming clues his behaviour does make sense. Is this come kinda fanfic? Sounds like a chapter out of our resident fanfic author who hasn't updated us for sometime! I dont understand as to why a shipper should debunk their gut feeling about namji (bcz your gut could be right after all lol!) and come up with delulu theories. Does his life revolve around his bike as well? Kekekee... We really don't know how long his vacation was nor do I want to know. I do not need to come up with fanfics or delulu theories bcz what I see is what I believe. The Dcut is the real bomb (in addition to all the other bombs) and what we see in it shall remain as fact. We guys do delulu about his post and even sometimes speak about their coincidences (if you back read you'll know) but we do not ship them based on delulu theories but on screaming #facts. Similarly if you come up with such delulu theories and fanfics then it shall simply remain delulu as well As far as I know majority of the shippers in here are trying to stay rational amidst the Tsunami like Dcut thats having ripple effects on our thread and this theory of yours does look like a fanfic to me after witnessing a real life love story between wookie and hyuni from the Dcut...
  5. Love how active our thread is atm. I really wanna share my thoughts but I'm finding it harder to organize it since my thoughts are all over the place. Its way too overwhelming to process all the screaming and subtle clues in the Dcut since the more you dig the deeper you go. Uri wookie and hyuni aren't helping us either. Both of them love messing with our heads and feelings in a good way. My poor heartu is finding it hard to take in shock after shock!! So chingudeul mianhe if my post doesn't have a proper flow... Everytime you watch them interact in the bts, they make you fall in love with them all over again. You can watch it over and over again yet never get bored of them. Rehearsing in a dimly lit room is no fun but I can watch uri wookie and hyuni rehearse all day long even with bad lighting bcz they lit the entire place with their hearty laughters, smiles, teasing and that magical glow that radiates from them when they are together. I didn't know watching couples rehearse in the darkness can be this cute lol. There were so many beautiful moments and amongst them what really stood out to me was them mirroring each other. Those were moments that screamed real to me. There were a so many instances both wookie and hyuni kept mirroring each other to the extent it just went on and on. Oh my poor heartu! I was just staring at them unblinking. Gosh the feels..... Watching the Dcut made me realize how precious they are. Wookie complains that no one complimented him then the very next moment she rains him with compliments and huggles. They don't break free after kissing but hover around each other like love sick puppies. Wookie moves away and she can't wait to get closer and she keeps touching his shoulders and arms. Seems like wookie does not want to let go of her either. One moment they are playful then the next moment they are on another level.. There's this screaming evidence of wooks and hyuni totally oblivious. Wookie's natural instinct kicks in and hyuni looked totally flustered. Wook blushes while calling her sexy at the press con and he leaves us with clues in the bts. Theres shameless wook *cough ninja moves cough* and she doesn't mind it at all. From what I've watched so far i can conclude that hyuni can read wookie like a book, all his intentions, thoughts, feelings and by simply looking at his facial expression. At times it's really scary bcz u can't hide anything and on the other hand you don't have to tell all your problems out loud since she knows it already and is willing to share your troubles. Their level of connection is more than just physical. Its more of a emotional and spiritual connection they share. No wonder they didn't need words to communicate to check on each other bcz all along they knew how the other felt. Their eyes and expressions did all the talking and they reacted with actions. So hyuni knew how wook felt and always made sure to support him, cheer for him and appreciate his hard work since she knew what her big boy needed. Wook had always had this need to protect her from any discomfort and uneasiness. He protected her during the kiss scenes in a way the camera wouldn't notice certain things. He was also very protective of her during the morning after scene. Wook has a way of protecting hyuni and making sure she was safe during the entire shooting. His protective nature goes beyond that of a costar or friend. This protective nature of wooks makes me swoon big time. My gut tells me that hyuni made him realize what true love really feels like and how it feels to be loved. She's very direct with her affections and not the type to hide her feelings. If she does love him which I believe she does, she wouldn't hold back in showering him with love, compliments and encouragement. No wonder wookie looks so happy lately. The difference is so apparent in his ig updates. On the other hand his love for her was obvious from the Dcut, interviews and jiscovery. His respect and love for her made hyuni go all teary eyed at the sbs awards and made her say "he looked at me beautifully so that I was able to come out beautiful". At that time I thought i was being delulu by trying to infer a meaning into her speech that did not exist (bcz judging by the sbs bts it was very unexpected to see such a reaction from her) but now that I watched the Dcut everything makes sense. That line from her awards speech had such an in-depth meaning that only wookie and the people close to them could understand. Now that I understand it I feel like bawling. As for the 27 mins kiss I seriously do not know how to move on. I felt really shy (still do) to watch certain takes. I felt guilty as if I was invading their most private and intimate moments. Everytime i watch it (for analysis purposes :p) I always find something new and it shocks me to no end. The very first time I watched the 27 mins kiss, it made me blurt out "so this is how they kiss in real life". At the very beginning I thought they were doing their job as actors. Then the more I watched it the more real it became as if they were totally out of character which means they were wook and hyuni all along. Tbh from what I've seen so far I can tell you that he wouldn't have kissed her that way if he did not have real feelings for her. Same applies to her as well. His post kiss reaction, behaviour and how vulnerable he made himself look in front of her made me realize that if he did not have feelings for her, he would not let himself look that way in front of her nor would he depend on her to feel composed since he was losing it big time. Hyuni on the other hand did not have to respond the way she did and nor did she have to keep touching him and hover around him once they ended the kiss. She was more than willing to provide her support to wook right after the kiss and he really craved for it. To someone who has not watched the dcut certain points in my post might sound like a total exageration but people with the Dcut probably know that i have down played what really happened. End of the day I wonder if D-cut is the right name for it. My heart and mind is a total mess! All in all I loved their transition in their relationship. It's so heart fluttery and romantic. With each shoot the ice between them kept melting to the point there weren't any left. It was a natural progression. From strangers to costars to friends to close friends and finally in love. It was really something beautiful to witness and if the Almighty wills i hope they would end up spending the rest of their lives together as one!! Sorry for the long post chingudeul! Happy shipping everyone!
  6. He was more than alright with everything she did but poor boy knew he was already in trouble since he was losing it big time. Yet it did not make him stay away from her but made him crave her presence more than anything lol. Lol they were bickering when that happened! Hyuni be like changwookie oppa don't you start acting cute with me to divert the situation. Then she had her hands on her hips and continued bickering which gave me wifey vibes
  7. Not that far I guess! If he needs coffee he needs only call his jakiya lmaoo She'll be more than willing to get him one as seen in the BTS We guys are so happy to have you back unni! I'm going crazy with all these coincidences and back to back updates lol *bangs head on the wall* This had me loling! haha!
  8. Hi unni! Welcome back unni! sorry for the late welcome! Love their back to back coincidences!
  9. I'm a mess! Give me back my rationality!!! I need help ottokkeeeeee No wonder we all felt that wookies IG post was so much like hyuni! Now we got something to confirm our delulu Pictures taken at different timing but with same feel ctto! I
  10. You'll be making the entire thread go byeontae with this curiosity of yours unni! Wookie was totally alright with her hands on his knees (gosh why are they giving me couple vibes) but the moment she started tickling and started moving her fingers *cough upwards cough* oppa got hold of her hands (that was so cute man) Baby girl got daring and someone was really feeling it *runs away* These two are the death of me! My precious couple
  11. Why does the song lyrics of wookie's post sound so similiar to something i said yesterday??!! TT To me wooks ig post seems to be telling me that even if its raining and cloudy (in his life),hyuni you are my sunshine that makes me me feel good. Rain>> umbrella>> love>>sun emoji>> you were my sunshine>> Hyuni Ottokeeee how to stay rational! I'm sinking in delulu The rain comes and goes Should I take my umbrella or not The forecast said it’d be sunny Even the sky seems to be confused Strumming down to my memories Through the staticky radio Plays yet another love song The sad memories I hid deep down Wash up through the rain The melody that filled the streets The tune we used to sing along to Where did you go The sun shines so bright You shined so bright And kept me dry from the rain You were my sunshine
  12. Finally we get to see his face! Seems like he's with ctj... ctto
  13. Not only did he not deny the rumours about our ship but he went and supplied more fuel for us to sail by throwing hints all over the place. Poor boy even had amnesia when he said he did not know any girl group (bcz he forgot that he presented twice with an awards at sma but i agree that he really dont know them on a personal level) but went and dragged hyuni into it when asked about which girl group he would want to visit him at the army. He's so obvious man! He definitely was struggling to hold himself from staring at her and being all cute with her when he knew the bts cam was rolling. If he had not enlisted big boy would have simply let the cat out of the bag already with all the overflowing happiness and smitten behaviour lmao! I kinda sense he was so desperate to let the whole world know that hyuni was his but at the same time his protective instinct is holding him back. Shipping or loving the struggle is real man!! Lol The moment I noticed wooks update on my ig feed I went all waaahhh the pic looks beautiful then I had to do a double take after noticing the number of like. (I almost thought it was a wooks fan account if not for the number of like lol). Once i realized that it was wookie I actually screamed. Now that I think about it his post doesnt even strike me as wook. When i kept looking at his ig pic it felt as if his world has turned colourful all of a sudden and he feels so happy. Hyuni updates , assistant who avoids liking her post suddenly likes it and bang wookie updates after 2 days!!! Ottokee how to stay rational chinguya!!! TT
  14. With the dcut my remaining bit of rationality just flew outta the window! These two are way past the friends only stage and theres no going back to being friends. I tried rationalising over and over again but I give up. To me wooks ig post seems to be telling me that even if its raining and cloudy (in his life), hyuni you are my sunshine that makes me me feel good. Above all the timing is just killing me TT Gotta agree they look so much alike in all angles and i guess we'll have a hard time telling them apart at this rate and to say my mom miss took wook for hyuni (believe me im not making this up) Ottokeee!! TT His post is so much hyuni like. It's as if she brightens his life by simply being there... Why do they keep uploading similar themed posts. You two Stop messing with my heart and mind! Give me back my rationality chaebal!!!
  15. If God wills he can reminisce the moments with hyuni beside him on the couch #delulumodeon
  16. Translations Though it's raining and cloudy, I feel good☀️ #holiday
  17. Haha yes unni we cannot have this thread surpass 2000 just yet. *hugs back* Thank you so much for your post dearie. Please keep them coming! I really love how she calls ji chang wook "changwookie" everywhere she goes may it be at the radio show, the awards speech or the commentary. She never called SIG like that. It screams familiarity and closeness. Love that they chose the proposal scene that had almost all of us tearing up and a scene we cannot seem to move on until God knows when.. I really love how caring and protective wook had been throughout the shooting of SP. He always had that need to check on her and make sure she knows that he is there for her. Reading your post is making me LOL big time and makes my heart flutter! The couch scene really helped them get closer. Wookie really didn't see that coming in the couch scene. He was caught off guard and started blushing and loling which caused an NG keke... It's so obvious in the couch scene that both were very aware of each other and you could see the sparks flying all over the place. They really couldn't hide their natural reaction and it was really something shocking yet it made my shipper heart flutter big time. Wooks gesture of helping her up began from the couch scene and we could see it happen through out the shooting to the point it became a habit between them @Changsky welcome on board dearie! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and we hope to hear more from you. Happy shipping!
  18. Omg wookie is back on vacay! Thank God!! Waiting for co-captain to update "The spaces in between our fingers are created in such a way that another’s hand could fill them in."(unknown)
  19. Anneyong shippers! I thought that I had moved on but with the arrival of the Dcut I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to move on for a very long time. I kept my expectations low with regards to the SP Dcut and that was one major mistake. My heart and mind was not prepared for the incoming Tsunami and it’s aftershocks which I’m sure I’ll never recover from! Ottoke how to move on chingudeul! NamJi/JiJi is like a black hole that keeps pulling us into it. I originally had my post prepared to share my thoughts with regards to the Dcut but I thought I had to put this all out before I proceed. So Sorry for such a long rant chingudeul These past few days I’ve been tearing up all of a sudden remembering uri NamJi and when I watch the Dcut especially the last few BTS of the drama I feel like bawling bcz the sadness they felt was very apparent in the Dcut. Both knew they didn’t have much time left yet they did their best to deliver a beautiful ending for SP yet it had me bawling like a baby and asking them to give me back my happy ending (To me their proposal scene was them being totally out of character. We could definitely see them both tearing up in it and trying to console each other.) The Dcut was another beautiful love story that transpired right before our very eyes but this time around it was all REAL. It was such a beautiful experience. Two beautiful and talented individuals who had a series of coincidences/ a beautiful fate connected to them that made them run into each other either at awards ceremonies or at the salon were casted in a drama as if fate had bought them together at the right time, They became really close friends quickly and as time passed by they started developing feelings for each other that went beyond just close friends or oppa dongsen relationship. One could notice how their gazes, touches, conversations changed over time. It was no more a costar relationship (this does not mean they were not professional) because feeling were involved that made them act out of character and totally like couples in the bts. Their kisses were real, passionate yet beautiful. To me Noh Jiwook’s feelings did not have that kind of intensity towards Eun Bong Hee as shown in the Dcut bts kisses. Every time they kissed they knew they were kissing the real person with real feelings and not the drama character nor was it because of the plot. If you need evidence just go check the court kiss. Did Eun Bong Hee and Noh Jiwook need to have 2 tongue actions and lip biting in that respectful court? Why did they lose control and get carried away forgetting the sense of time and space? Every time they kissed they were Wookie and hyuni all along and their kinda love goes beyond just physical to the point it’s an emotional connection they have. You do not need a reason to fall in love and sometimes you’ll be the last one to realize that what you felt was love while others around you had figured it out already. lol Watching the Dcut made me take a trip back in memory lane and had me reminiscing the bombs and connecting every tiny yet precious detail. Amidst the Tsunami like Dcut lets not forget to reminise the beautiful evidences out otp gifted us with Wookie who was so firm in his decision not to date while hyuni accepted the role never looking for love seemed to found love at the most unexpected moments in their life. Once SP ended I was worried if they’ll just let go of this connection they felt towards each other and just move on once but their respective post drama interviews gave me more confident that our ship was sailing. Wookie’s MBC interview; where he marked his territory with regards to hyuni in front of the entire nation, his jiscovery concert; where he showed the Bts of the 1st kiss asked his fans if they looked like real couple as in real life, Vlive; SP made him want to date and jakiya don’t cheat were telling indeed. Then hyuni’s Vlive; where she mentioned that the necklace was a gift to her, feeling shy to save wookies ost in her mobile afraid of being teased, her radio show and her interview’s where she mentioned that her heart fluttered for wookie and wondered if his fluttered in return, her being worried about wookie’s health since he’ll be enlisting at Cherwon and her promise to visit him made it clear to me that they definitely did not move on and they were very aware of each other’s feelings. All the above incidences felt like bombs exploding all over our thread since I never expected such obvious bombs. At times I felt like I was acting over confident but after watching the Dcut, the interviews, them not having couple interviews, not debunking the rumours about this ship sailing, and them being very careful make total sense now. Watching the Dcut and commentary felt like attaining enlightenment with regards to NamJi and all the dots seems to finally connect. So I shall go with my gut and believe that wookie made a move and proposed to hyuni and she accepted him with all her heart (just may be someone might have let the cat out the bag already with regards to how wookie proposed to hyuni thanks to our chingu here *screams*. I still cannot move on from what ctj said!!). and atm they do have a mutual understanding between them with regards to their current situation. If the Almighty wills when the time is right they'll let us know about their love. Until then lets wait patiently Last but not least we see anti’s who keep saying that the bts were scripted bcz our otp kept looking at the bts camera during their bts moments. What they really missed was those moments where hyuni and wookie kept pointing at the Bts camera the moment they noticed it (this happened mostly as the drama progressed and we know their feeling too changed as the episodes progressed) and after noticing it they stopped being all playful and try their best not to look at each other. So now I wonder what anti’s have to say now that uri NamJi had been acting all reserved everytime they spot the BTS. Seems like everyones mia while enjoying their Dcut. Hope you guys have fun watching it and do drop by when you guys can find the time. Fighting everyone!
  20. Why do they look so alike! They take my breathe away
  21. Hello captain! Good to have you back with your shark! Since your asked how shameless uri otp were... *whispers back* Well they were beautifully and wildly shameless! lmaoo We just love them to bits! They definitely are our shameless couple. I'm losing count of all the shameless moments and we are still counting. I wonder where we would end up lmaoo *runs away* Here’s a small demo from what we've got already . *faints*
  22. same scene - wookie orebeoni loves to tease his jihyun yang Ji Hyun 's ideal type ~ " Someone who mature but playful " . Ji Chang Wook's ideal type ~ "A women with fun personality who connects well with me "
  23. Right unni! It's me trying to be vague. Omg the feeeeeels... New FMV's for suspicious partners. We really appreciate your hard work! Credit to the owners