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  1. Throwback Thursday They were so cute during the photoshoot! ctto
  2. I thought that we had only "my oppa fans" to deal with but it looks like we've got some over protective, possessive "my unni" fans aka "hyuni ship". This is so annoying man. These "my unni" fans are acting just like "my oppa" fans who don't want their biased to be shipped with any lady, but in this case they dont want hyuni to be shipped with a namja aka wookie. Since they can't do anything with regards to shippers shipping them, they decide to go after NamJi shippers account on IG. Lmaooo! So childish! Keke I hope they stop treating hyuni like a child. She's a matured lady who knows what's right for her. It's up to her to decision about her career, dating, boyfriend, husband, or marriage. Hyuni's fans or shippers have no say to It!!! These "my unni" fans need to stop acting as if they own hyuni!! Please! @babyval22 @achinawa loved that epiloug. They should have included it in the real drama. Why do they have to look so alike in that scene TT My poor heartu!
  3. Seems like Wookie did acknowledge how similar they looked. JCW: "I think we have similar vibes" ctto
  4. Just dropping by while I’ve still got around 15 pages to back read. When I came across this clip of the duke and duchess of Sussex, it reminded me of how wook and hyuni kept holding hands (during the the couch bts) and did not let go despite a huge chair between them. Lol These two are like super glue lol This Dcut made me loose my sanity big time. I decided to read a few for body language article in order to stay rational but these articles are just driving even more crazy. Why why!! NamJi Give me back my sanity! TT At this rate imma turn in to a body language expert. lol! Since we cannot share the Dcut die to copyrights issues, I thought of decoding their body language Body Language Signs He/ She Likes You 1) Little Whispering Lean forward and speak something softly and slowly in your partner’s ears. If you find someone trying to come close to you and whispering, surely the person is interested. |This reminds me of the wash basin bts. 2) She's sitting with one leg tucked underneath her, so the inside of her thigh is exposed If her head and body also point towards you, you should consider himself wanted. She's revealing quite an intimate part of her body: one you'd normally only see during sex The way she faces him looked more obvious in the Dcut. 3) She's flashing her wrists : Exposed wrists can come in many forms. They might be revealed in an obvious fashion by placing them on a table with palm up. Added emphasis maybe placed on them by stroking them with a hand or even with the wrist of the opposite arm. Self touching also shows arousal and shows that someone is thinking about being touched, only in this case she is using self touching to satisfy the needs that are currently not being met by the person she fancies. Wrists can be exposed in less obvious ways as well, and these are called wrist flashes. Whenever the palms come up the wrists can flash. Palm flashes are also form of submissiveness and also honesty as we have hit on before. The more flashes, the more interested is delivered. Other incidences of flashes appear as a woman, pulls up a sleeve, plays with her earlobe, or strokes her hair. Refer to the table discussion of the wash basin scene. 4) Mr. Redcheeks A sure sign of male body language attraction is when you notice that every time he sees you he undergoes a kind of transformation. But he doesn't get some awesome super power that would even increase your feeling for him. Quite the contrary, he turns from an ordinary looking guy into a red-faced monster. It's like he just can't help it, being so attracted to you. His desire to make as good impression as he can is really not doing him a favor, it's just making him more nervous in your presence. So, in case red is not your favorite color, be sure that there is a solution. As soon as you open your cards and show that your feelings are as strong as his, he will restore his self-confidence and stop being a color-shifting creature, and go back to being just your sweet regular guy. REfer to : Press conference and the couch bts 5) HE MENTIONS HE’S SINGLE When he mentions his single-ness or asks questions to figure out if you are, it’s an obvious clue that he wants to know if you’re available. Ji Chang Wook: " What if you accidently meet your boyfriend with that hair?" Hyuni: "I would run away" We aren't delusional shippers! We are on the right ship!
  5. Who ever is doing this, is chincha salty about our ship. They can try reporting all the contents but that doesn't make our ship fake. All these chaos on ig is giving me more confidence about this ship. Something they saw between our otp did not sit well with them. Back then SS soompi accounts and ig accounts were reported as well. I know that anti's lurking in here are dieing to report us. LOL! Let them waste their time reporting us while our ship keeps sailing and if the Almighty wills it shall sail keep sailing in the future until the ship docks safely. @pauliza Fighting dearie! Thank you for your hard work <3
  6. Sorry for cutting your post short Val! Can't hit 2000 pages just yet This MBC interview is so precious! This made me jump on board with both my feet! I remember how we screamed in chorus when this bomb was dropped! Wooks smitten expression, the sparkling eyes, how both jihyuni and wookie were worried about each other and the way they kept reassuring each other makes more sense with the Dcut! Wook was on a mission to prove that if God wills he is able to complete MS successfully yet he did not mind being considered less of a man when he craved and asked for Jihyun's support. I'm so in love with their love story. Lovesick with NamJi I still can't move on from the way he addressed himself as "Oppa" when reassuring Hyuni. Their level of closeness and love was obvious with that single word. Yesterday when I noticed Joonki's speech in my feed, I couldn't resist but rewatch it (I still cannot get enough of the SS lol). Then I heard that one word said by Joonki that had me going back to wookie's MBC interview. "Nampyeoni daeshin wasseumnida" ~ Song Joonki (kbs awards2017) Literally meaning "so I, her husband, came on her behalf" That moment when both Both Wookie and Joonki addressed themselves as Oppa and Husband respectively with regards to their beloved. This smile of Joonki's reminds me so much of wookie's smile at the end of the mbc interview! Gosh they look so smitten man! Credit to MBC and KBS
  7. lmao did I just say make up!!! What injustice have I done to NamJi. Mianhe wookie and hyuni ! My phone was acting up. Probably due to all their hotness keke Thank you for the correction unni! Right unni! Lmao they went free style with all the kisses (watching NamJi and the PD discussing certain things made me realize how much freedom was given with regards to the kiss. They definitely put it into good use) Btw I cannot with their smiles and shyness after the court kiss! Poor pd had to opt for..... Since nothing worked with NamJi #blamesselectivehearing Me when the kiss bomb was dropped Then NamJi had me going... Me when I lost my sanity thanks to that Xcut and our otp chingus how to move on! We are DOOMED!
  8. Happy 1st anniversary to our NamJi/ JiJi thread! Miss you all! Mianhe for dropping here once in a while! Been busy with real life and the Dcut. So let's party ladies! That moment when all my doubts about their chemistry just flew outta the window. This scene looked funny in the drama but the NG was way too funny. These two didn’t want to let go of each other and stayed in the exact position while that NG happened. Someone just pull our magnet couple apart. They are so obvious! When that dirty but pretty Dcut BTS was more swoon worthy than the actual drama scene. Wook for god sake stop caressing her like that man!! (I still can’t get over the way he kept looking and smiling at her after the cut.) When ctj had to be the spy during the photoshoot and warn him about the BTS camera !! lol CTJ: “Wooka! *points at the bts camera*. Wookie: *stops talking to jihuni* Wookieya you were supposed to request her to stay for 5 mins but this look would give her a different signal man! Wook never gave such a look in any of his precious dramas. After crazy xcut ops Dcut this moment feels more like namji more than JiBong. After all I wouldn’t be surprised if that was the real case since I’ve seen more crazier things happen in that Dcut lmaooo! Then add to that what Mr Bang said!!! I chincha cannot with him. He's are byeontae sunbae ladies! These two just laughed it off LOL! Am I even surprised that he got carried away? Nah this was no big deal after the Dcut! What happened in it was the real BOMB hahaha!! Why do I feel embarassed for them while they chincha don't look embarassed one bit. Lmaooo They just stopped caring at one point.. #shamelesscouple (Imma tease wookie and hyuni but I do it cz I adore them so much) When wookie did not let her go in between Cuts and after the final “Cut”. He held on to her and made sure that she’s okay. Like Oppa is right here for you so don't worry and take your time baby". Poor wook ended tearing up as well. I saw what you guys did there. No wonder the court kiss ended up choppy. "A good relationship requires balance. Two people who equal each other out and are there for each other no matter what" I'll just turn a blind eye while you two make up.. Let's keep showering them with lots of love and protect in anyway possible bcz them and their relationship are so precious Fighting wookie and hyuni!!
  9. Wook referred to himself as Jakiya to his fans.. Someone seems to be interested in coffee, whipped cream, cats, dogs, and bananas the moment that #someone_who_should_not_be_named was out on vacation. Have we got a spy amongst us or is she lurking over here? *#someone_who_should_not_be_named likes coffee* *Meow*
  10. Part 2 The no cut kiss bts made me look at the 1st kiss in a different light. The sbs version was more of a bonghee no jiwook style while the No cut Bts shocked me and had me wondering if they had to kiss like that in their very 1 st kiss. It was really shocking to see Ji Changwook kiss her like that since I’ve never seen wookie kiss like that in his previous dramas. Then 3.33 min happened and I was blown away! I thought that I was hallucinating until I read the YouTube comments keke… That no cut kiss sure got me interested in their bts but it didn’t making me ship them yet. (yet I did not have time to watch their bts lol) Bong Hee and noh jiwook Ji chang wook and Nam Jihyun Then the 3rd kiss happened and it had me totally shooked. I couldn’t believe that it was telecasted on national tv lol. It was never dirty or provocative but simply beautiful and romantic. That shoulder kiss made my heart flutter big time! I’m even more shocked now that I see the bts of the bed kiss from the Dcut (ottokeee how to stay rational!). Watching the sbs catch video of the 3rd kiss made me realize that they weren’t bong hee or noh ji wook anymore but Nam Ji hyun and Ji chang wook all along. I couldn’t believe that the cool headed wookie was all hot for hyuni. Gosh boy was losing it big time and hyuni had to keep him calm. Wookie was being delulu when he spoke of his non existing mind control since he threw out his so called mind control the moment his lips touched hers. All it took was one simple T action from her to drive him wild to the point of no return. Wook and hyuni just lost the sense of time and space while they got carried away in that kiss.. I thought imma move on after the dcut but this xcut oops the dcut just made me lose my sanity! Im happy that the Dcut just proved I was not delulu when I thought that it was all along wookie and hyuni kissing each other and not their characters. That was them being totally out of character. No matter what I shall stick to this belief of mine since seeing Is believing. Sorry for splitting my anniversary post into parts! Real life is pulling me How I wish I could spend more time in the forum. Catcha soon! Until then happy shipping!
  11. ikr! They are so adorable and so precious! Me either unni! Now that I watched the Dcut I feel that was an adlib from our adlib king. Just look at hyuni's surprised reaction. She didn't see it coming! Wookie are you having a hard time keeping your feelings withing your self? This was the guy who marked his territory on national tv so I wouldn't be surprised if he adlibed that part kekeke We really can't seem to get enough of the Dcut. *fist bumps* lol The Dcut made it really hard to move on and I haven't recovered from all the shocking details revealed from the Dcut. ottokee!
  12. Seems like Wookie can't compliment her enough. Post SP both Hyuni and wookie keep complimenting each other left and right! Just by reading the interview you can tell that he understands hyuni really well and appreciates her hard work. He might be older than her yet he doesn't hold back in acknowledging that there's so much to learn from her. His respect, admiration and adoration towards hyuni was more apparent in the Dcut and boy doesn't stop there but he goes and rains her with compliments both in the SP sets and in his interview.
  13. Gazing at the star These are so cute! Why do you look so smitten wookie?! "The heart wants what it wants. There's no logic to these things. You meet someone and you fall in love and that's that." — Woody Allen This scene feels so real I don't know why but after watching the Dcut this looks more like wookie and hyuni rather than lawyer Noah and Bonghee... ctto
  14. Sorry to cut your post short unni! I cannot agree more with you. Before the arrival of the Dcut I would keep wondering as to why hyuni's interviews were so much in sync with wookie's when It looked as if she was guarded and holding back unlike wookie. It felt as if they were communicating via their interviews lol! When the sbs awards happened, her reaction was too much to take in. Then the Dcut arrived and bam everything fell into place. I guess sbs bts was edited in a way that made hyuni look guarded while wookie went all out. Like you put it before the Dcut makes us realize how balanced their relationship is and never was it one sided. Finally when every single interview and reaction makes sense So here's roughly... (sorry guys slightly off topic from the anniversay discussions) 1) Nam Jihyun being the first to suggest that she visits him at the army 2)I believe in oppa. I hope oppa doesn't catch a cold at Cherwon 3) I wonder if oppa's heart fluttered as well? 4) Her sad face IG post and her wanting to cut her bangs after wook enlisted. 5) Hyuni's SBS awards speech 6) When she looked teary eyed when ever SP was shown on the big screen 7) Turning emotional and teary eyed the moment her name was announced at the awards (she never acted that way at the mbc awards) 8) When she mentioned wookie's name right before her family 9) Her shy shy look when the kiss scene was shown. 10) Her tongue slip when she called him changwookie oraboni and then rectifying herself the next moment by calling him ji changwook oraboni
  15. Anniversary Throwback "My girlfriends whom I I love so much is here to see me." Finally when Laywer Noh was able to prove Eum Bong Hee's innocence. NJW: "Chukaye!!!" The best love is the kind that awakens the soul; that makes us reach for more, that plants the fire in our hearts and brings peace to our minds. That’s what I hope to give you forever." — The Notebook When he wasn't satisfied with just a peck! ctto
  16. Thank you so much for your kind words @MoonlightSerenade @achinawa @adi2019jiji @midorinokerochan @khalinkikyo @Changsky @nianderson . I’m so glad that you guys like the banner. I feel lost for words and overwhelmed after Watching all the videos shared in here and reading all you posts. I think I’m better at expressing my thoughts through pictures rather than words. So I hope that these pics can convey my thoughts and love for uri NamJi/JiJi. Since this is the Anniversay week I would prefer to dissect my post and into parts. So don't be surprised if I randomly post out of nowhere lol Part 1 A year ago, I was looking forward to Ji Chang Wook’s last drama before enlistment. I had doubts when Nam Jihyun was casted yet gave it a try for wookie. All it took was the Subway pervert scene to fall in love with her. Not everyone would have the guts to call out the pervert in public but bonghee went all out and confronted the pervert but she got the wrong guy lol! To be honest hyuni grabbed my attention than wookie throughout the subway scenes, hotel scenes, drunk scene and the couch scene. For the very first time I found a girl more attractive then wookie lol and someone who outshone him. All my doubts about their chemistry just flew out of the the window the moment she asked wookie to sleep with her at the hotel The "Don't like me back" scene had me going gaga over shipping noh ji wook and bonghee yet I wasn't ready to ship them in real life. It was so beautiful to witness Bonghee confess her feelings to Noh Jiwook and it was heart breaking to see him reject her love. I teared up the moment she said "I don't regret loving you" and I totally lost it the moment she asked him for a hug and he just hugs her one..
  17. Jigoner who kept staring at hyuni to the point choi tae joon had to bring him back to earth That moment when wookie called her sexy! Poor wookie couldn't help but blush lol The Non edited blush The edited blush All he could think was how sexy he found her above him on the couch! The Dcut holds the answer to what really happened that day! Nothing could hide his natural instinct and feelings for her. Hyuni was totally oblivious at first but turned totally flustered the moment she felt the awareness. Ottokeeeee omy poor heartu! She was the only one who could make him turn red and like wookie once said he would turn red if he like a girl! Daebak!!
  18. Their cuteness and chemistry at the Press conference continues.... ctto
  19. Ji Chang Wook and Nam Ji Hyun shows great couple chemistry on ‘Suspicious Partner’ press conference May 10th 2017 Source https://www.koreadispatch.com/2017/05/10/ji-chang-wook-and-nam-ji-hyun-shows-great-couple-chemistry-on-suspicious-partner-press-conference/ ctto
  20. Thank you dearie! Anything for my lovely shippers and NamJi/JiJi Happy Anniversary @babyval22 !
  21. If someone thinks that the Dcut uploaded on social media can cause a couple to break up then songsong should have broken up long time back since their Dcut kisses, commentary and clues were all over YouTube and IG. I still see SS shippers posting the Dcut videos on IG lol! I didn’t think wookies and hyuni’s love was that fragile. I wouldn’t have shipped them in the first place if such minute reasons could tear them apart. The relationship and connection they share is much more deeper and stronger and its more apparent in the Dcut. If they are meant to be nothing can stop them from being partners for life, not even the haters nor a Dcut. Suspicious Partner was not wookie’s and hyuni’s first drama so they already know that the Dcut would see the light one day and everything would be exposed. Someday it’s going to be all over YouTube and people will do all kinds of zoom in’s to analyse the video lmaooo. So by now wookie and hyuni are well aware of it and have prepared already. As far as we know both wookie and hyuni are proud of their kisses and everyone around them including the cast keep telling how beautiful it was, so I wouldn’t assume they were embarrassed of that kiss.. As for hyuni’s reaction at the SBS awards night; she was more shy and teary eyed more than just embarrassed. It might have been different if wookie had been there. I believe that every couple is unique in their own way and how they handle things, yet you do see some similarities between real life couple and NamJi. If you think that you bringing up a Real Life couple can bring positivity since you see something similar in NamJi then it’s okay to share it with us but if it does create negativity in here then please avoid doing so. We ship NamJi for who they really are and what we just witnessed from the bts, Dcut, interviews etc.. and anything other than that comes second. @Harry97 Well said chinguya! Sure NamJi and their xcut sorry I mean Dcut are threatening people big time! Lets chill out with some banana milkshake once we grind some coffee
  22. Suspicious Partner Anniversary Countdown Hit play to see when