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  1. At first reading this interview kinda made me sad but after doing a bit of thinking I understood why he said so. Before continuing here’s what he said in a few interviews.. On Oct 05 (before discharging from the army) “Being in the special forces has really broken a lot of the limitations I thought I had. Thoughts like ‘We’ve done this much, so we should take a break now’ were ones that I had to ignore and overcome in my training. They taught me how to keep going, no matter how difficult a situation can get. Now, I say to myself, ‘If I work as hard as I do now, I’ll be able to do whatever gets thrown my way.’ It’s trained me to have a stronger mindset.” On Nov 2 2017 "I am already full of energy, so I want to expel this energy through work that I can do well. Seung gi ‘s post army mentality is very different from the mentality he had before enlistment. At the moment he wants to do a lot of things. Life at the army has thought him to set the bar higher with regards to how much he can achieve. So from the very beginning this was his plan. I see no reason why this should change if he chooses to date and fall in love. After all love should give him more strength to achieve what he wants. Believe me I’m trying to be very rational here. He wants to do a lot of things but at the same time he wants to date and love. The good news is that he didn’t say “since I’m gonna focus on work, dating would be hard bcz its hard to balance both.” Tbh that was the answer I was expecting if he said he’s gonna focus on work lol. “Maybe I’m difficult [to approach]. I should give people some more leeway. I should walk around with my number pasted on my chest.If there’s someone that comes along and the feelings are mutual, I am open to dating”. Seung gi was very straight forward there. This shows that he really wants to date if the right person comes along. This guy knows what he's getting himself into. Lets not forget that actors need sometime to get out of the character and analyse what they feel has nothing to do with regards to the character but their real self. So lets give them sometime to work out what they really feel. Wasn't oys going to take a break? I'm happy that she isn't gonna move on to another drama. She'll have enough time to think about her feelings. Edited: I'm sure that if seungi wants to date her, he'll defintely man up and ask her out if the almighty wills. Even if he asked her already we cannot expect him to be like "I'm interested in someone already", "I'm dating" at an interview right? lol! Lets just pray that they really date in real life. If they are meant to be together there's nothing stopping them from getting there. Fighting everyone! Sources: https://www.soompi.com/2017/10/05/lee-seung-gi-talks-military-experience-worries-civilian-life/
  2. Exactly! When I watched the finale, I simply couldn't believe that it was the same person who wrote the those 18 amazing episodes. My first thought was that the Hong sisters were drinking soju when they wrote epi 20. They just pulled a goblin style ending TT. Even if the writers did that, they should have done it in the right way. We spent 20 hours watching the drama and the writers had no respect to their viewers and just gave us flashbacks and an ending where sog drives a benz into the sunset. I even put on with that out dated amnesia plot for the sake of happy ending! How terrible! Jsm and sog just saved the entire word and the only reward they got was 24 hours while some selfish devils get points to become a deity. If she saved the entire humanity she deserves to become immortal and have a happy ending with sog! When I heard that the ending was not at that happy, all I could do was bawl even before watching epi 20. I was such mess! To me the finale is episode 18 and hwayugi will be my last drama by hong sisters. I still haven't figured out how to move on TT Sorry for the long rant chingu!! No need to be sorry chingu! It was indeed long hehe.. Yes I'm with you chinguya! I think we all agree that they were not "cold" "uncomfortable" with each other. So lets throw those words out of the window
  3. Firstly sorry if I end up stating the same facts some chingus stated already. This was my first time watching a drama that has oys in it and she did strike me as someone very feminine. I was surprised when her fans kept saying that she's known to be a tom boy. I feel as if seung gi is someone who can bring out the feminine side of hers. Man just look at her shyly looking down unable to keep up the eye contact for long and touching her hair during the press con. That was very telling. She definitely isn't cold but she looks as if she has her guard up at times with seung gi around. I can tell you this bcz I'm someone who doesn't let her guard down that easily. Just may be it kinda scares her with regards to how seung gi makes her feel. For someone who's used have shown her tom boy side , seung gi bringing out her feminine self isn't helping her one bit. As for the cotton candy bts. It was not oys who was acting cold towards him but the character jin sunmi. To me she was still in character so hence the cold look. Btw do you think seungi will continue to behave warmly and funny with her when his costar keeps giving him the cold shoulder everytime he act that way? At one point he'll be hurt for being treated coldly for no reason and hold himself from being funny with her. C'mon who wants to make a fool out of oneself when you know that person doesnt like what you are doing? After all u are only human . My take is that oys is totally fine with lsg's behaviour. Isn't she a fun person just like him? Speaking about the kiss, each time oys reached out to kiss seung gi, his lips just opens up to recieve her kiss. I remember a chingu mentioning it as well. I witnessed it in the very 1st activation (went they were locked inside the photograph) and I found it amusing. When his lips should have remained passive (bcz he never saw that kiss coming), heck he goes and opens his lips for her. He definitely was eager to kiss her. You can't fake nor hide your body reaction no matter what. Then we see him reacting the exact same way in episode 18. This guy definitely was attracted to her right from start! Other thing i loved about the library kiss and office kiss was that "smile" he had before resuming the kiss for the second time. I haven't seen him act like that in between kisses in his previous dramas. (Sorry im not good at describing kiss scenes lol) Remember the asy scene where seungi has to catch her. A chingu uploaded a zoomed in gif of oys and lsg. I just noticed him spreading his legs wider while facing her. Seung giya whats with the wider legs? Keke... Please feel free to corret me if wrong (just dont want to be delusional) but I see him moving his legs wider when facing her. I noticed that a shipper was worried about his X. Tbh i had my doubts before but just like a chingu said here watch master in the house episode 8 around the last 15 mins. Ysh said that " when celebrities break up only one side would get a lot of hate" and then you'll see seungi directly asking him "were you talking about me?" followed with the exact question from lsy. I wouldn't expect him to ask such a question if he's back with his X. Out of all the love and marriage talk with the master, the only time he was like lets stop talking about it/ lets move on, was when the master said "i hope you'll find true love". Whats there to feel irritated? Its not like he said find true love with you x right? Lol! May be he felt that way bcz it came along when his past was mentioned. I feel as if seung gi did a lot of thinking during his time at the army. (Lets not forget that the break up happened close to his enlistment). At one point he realized whats important and whats not and started moving on. If you look at joonki his ideal type was Miranda kerr but he ended up marrying hye kyo which is far from his deal type. So its not like you would end up marrying someone similar to your ideal type just bcz you consider them to be your ideal type. Sorry for the long post! Happy shipping everyone! <3
  4. Congrats choi tae joon! She's dating her hoobae wahh! I've been grinning since morning after their confirmation. lol Seems like these two are serious considering how psh's agency confirmed it. Please be happy together ! This pic (under spoilers) of ctj looking at psh reminds me of how wookie looks at hyuni
  5. Right chinguya! They definitely are playful with each other One cannot get this playful with their costar if they aren't close and just cold to each other That chase and playfulness we just saw there kind of reminds me of my current ship. I'll avoid speaking about that ship since we haven't got confirmation yet. The feels are kinda same. How i wish they would end up together in RL so that this pain I feel in my heart can just go away. My poor heartu. TT
  6. I chincha wanna board on this ship but I need more materials from our OTP. Lets have a couple interview or what ever hint chaebal!! (Flashback GDA 10-01-18) Trans: Oh Yeon Seo : I was nervous at stage but felt relieved to see lsg-ssi Lee Seung Gi : oys ssi I'm glad to meet you, YOU LOOK PRETTIER THAN SHOOTING IN DRAMA
  7. OYS: Lee Seung Gi and I are the same age so we became close easily. /scene LSG chases her and she laughs out loud/ (seungyeon_couple ig) Again, she says same age & they're close Credit to @k0mely
  8. Anneyong SeungYeon shippers! I'm a hard core son oh gong x Jin sunmi shipper and trying my level best not to ship them in real life. I don't think I've got the strength to ship another RL couple at the moment bcz of another ship. Anyways my withdrawals made me want to post here and heck I miss them like crazy TT. So please allow me to add my two cent. Firstly with the issue of some calling them uncomfortable and cold just by observing few seconds of bts tvn had been so generous to upload. It is very hard to fake onscreen chemistry especially when you have no RL chemistry. So I doubt one could create chemistry when you are "uncomfortable" or "cold" towards each other in RL. At one point it is bound to show. One cannot express so much deep emotions on screen by being cold in RL and then suddenly warm onscreen. It doesn't work that way. My take is that they are indeed close to each other, care for each other and at the same time a bit shy of each other. Having been a seungi fan for sometime I was surprised to see his eyes go all panchak panchak where oys was concerned. You wouldn't find that sparkle in his eyes when interacting with others in the drama. I even checked some scenes with suzy, moon cha won and ha jiwon. His eyes did not have that sparkle. The only time his eyes ever sparkled was when it had to do with his X. I just love how delicate he seems to handle oys. The only time he was aggressive was when asy took over jsm. Dunno if my eyes are delusional but that moment when he breaks apart after kissing asy, his expression seems as if he had been kissing jsm and not asy lol. Pls feel free to debunk me! Lee seung gi had always wanted to marry early. He's just out of the army but he goes and talks about love and marriage. Before the news with his X broke out lee seung gi always found a reason to speak about love and stuff. Now once again he brings up love and marriage on master in the house. This makes me very suspicious of his intentions. My mind was coming up with different theories since the very 1st episode where he brought up the songsongs. Being a SS shipper my self I was so surprised he was talking about them. I never thought he would openly talk about a married couple especially SS and complemented their courage to get married and he was also worried if he had to find another job bcz some fans would inevitably leave if he gets married (I'm glad that thought crossed his mind bcz it did cross joonki's mind when he decided to marry hye kyo and he didn't care about fans leaving bcz his priority was hye kyo all along). With each episode his interst in marriage and love is becoming more apparent. So here are a few theories; 1) He is very serious about getting married now than before 2)May be he's testing the water. So that when he greets us with marriage news we've be like yeah we saw that coming. 3) May be he's in love with someone already Seungi had always been a hard working and sincere person. He has always taken responsibility for his actions. Post army seung gi strikes me as someone who's prepared to take responsibility for someone else and protect them with all his might. He might not gave said this out loud but his behaviour on master in the house tells me that this seung gi if choses to date, he will be dating with marriage in mind. He's not into casual dating any more but he's looking forward to meet that someone who would stand by him through all the difficult times and the good times and love him for who he truly is. If any oys fan is worried that she might experience the same thing that her trash of a exboyfriend made her go through, well do not feel worried behalf of her bcz seung gi is million times better than him. He'll definitely protect her and take responsibility. How I wish we had more bts to analysis. I'm holding myself from jumping aboard until more materials come along. Im looking forward for more individual and couple interviews. Believe me if they do not have any couple interviews its gonna make me chincha suspicious. I really want seung gi to be happy and find that someone who will love the real him and not his fame and money. It is really hard for celebrities to date with all these paparazzi stalking them and busy schedules. If the Almighty wills them to end up married to each other theres nothing stopping them from getting there, not even the haters nor the crazy my oppa fans. I've got this feeling that oys will make him happy and so will he if god wills. Sorry for the long post! I wanted to comment about the bts but it will have to wait until next time. So happy shipping everyone!
  9. Haha lol mianhe for interrupting your beautiful sleep unni! Thank you so much for rechecking it for me! *finger hearts* <3 I feel like the editing team did a lot of cutting to tone down the hotness bcz these two were totally out of control keke lol. jigoner had to do a lot of mind control ( to focus bcz the probably of getting carried away is high) . I think I’ll stop if not I’ll start hyperventilating lmaooo Sorry for the grainy Gif chingu! Will upload a quality one tomorrow after downloading the HQ version of the video. Lets bring on the hotness kekeke ( Not saying this bcz I'm a shippers but that was chincha hot man!)
  10. I was watching this FMV of NamJi and the kiss near the door felt familiar but at the same time something was really strange about it. I’ve watched this MV several times but this was the first time me noticing it. I checked the drama scene and the BTS and guess what? I found something I’ve never seen before (may be a chingu can double check it for me). OMG!!! *faints* I think this part was cut from the drama. We were shown the close up version but the wide angle shows what really happened. Could it be the Japanese version? (JK) That hand movevment! Why is my face turning hot! *fans self* At this point its tucked in neatly But here (slow motion) The scene starts around 1.54
  11. Seems like she was online a few hours ago. Hope she okay now! "And they said I couldn't touch the stars" "Ask me to define my love for you and I'll say it's captured in every beautiful memory of our past, detailed out in the vivid visions of our dreams and future plans, but most of all it's right now, in the moment where everything I've ever wanted in my life is standing right of me and smiling"
  12. The most beautiful thing I've ever seen was, When I looked in your eyes and saw my life
  13. "The ability to wait is the sign of true love. Be patient, and you'll get everything you want" @maggie
  14. I'm more curious to know as to why he ran like a man on a mission? Look at other actors simply walking but uri ji chang wook choses to run to a certain place keke... I've never seen a celebrity act like that just moments before entering the military base. Especially running with a bag in hand and then the bag is no where to be found afterwards. This is one of those so called abnormal behaviours I know this feeling of yours unni. That gut feeling...
  15. Speaking about the speculation I made, I think I confused you with my wordings and my bad memory. Lol! Wookie did not directly tell us that he didn't consider her as a dongseng. What I actually speculated was that wookie didn't see her as a sister aka dongseng or a child artist but as an adult bcz they didn't meet at the sets of Warrior Baek Dong Soo and he didn't watch SKL. So there was no room for an oppa dongseng relationship. Then to see there was this interview of wookie where he said the exact reasons for not considering her as a child artist was bcz of the 2 reasons i mentioned previously. Btw dearie I think it is not the same interview you are talking about but a different one. I should have explained it in the right way. Mianhe @babyval22 @daloula! I think I'll have to go back and edit the above post Lol! *blames bad memory* So here's a link to my post I made long time back with regards to why wookie did not see her as a child actress but as an adult and the role of fate in it. If you click onto the link below it will take you to my old post and you'll see the translation of wookie's interview along with my speculation. I'm unable to provide you with my very first post bcz it would take me weeks to find it since it was posted around 400 or 500 pages ago. Hope my post would help you to refresh your memory and reminise old times. How I miss those days and fellow shippers who are mia atm TT Hahaha I was high last night and couldn't go to sleep bcz of the bomb hehe. I do feel you chinguya! I thought i had calmed down only to read your post and go gaga once again That "like" from hyuni was like finally monsoon hitting our thread lol. Thank you for answering my question and we guys love long post especially a long post is a blessing in this drought! Now I get your pov and what made you think that way. You are indeed right that the entire scenario seems fishy. Take yoona for instance. She visited im siwan and had a groupie with im siwan and thetes nothing to hide. Everythings in the open. But if we look at SP team, its not just namji acting suspicious but the entire cast and crew is very ninja when it comes to visiting wookie and uploading his pics. Just look at 2pm taeyang, i see several pics of him circulating the web uploaded by his friends. Only our SP team and hyuni are acting weird and abnormal. Are they planning to stay true to the name Suspicious Partner? Lmaoo Like you put it we really do not know the real score until confirmation but I believe that no news is good news. Lets keep rooting and praying for them and if they are meant to be together there's nothing stopping them from walking down the aisle. If the Almighty wills we'll be able to witness the making of another songsong i alll goes well!
  16. Hyuni finally liked a pic of wookie!! *hugs the nearest pillow* and *squeeee into it*. Oh my heartu!! <3 When hyuni fell sick all I could think was that she might badly need a hug from that special someone. She might be hating it for being sick and that person might make her feel better(speaking fromexperience). I was going to bed with all these thoughts and then Tada hyuni liked a pic that had wookie in it! ? Guys I swear that I'm not making this up bcz my gut was telling me that she was missing wookie like crazy especially now that she's feeling down with the flu and then she goes and likes that pic of PD nim! How to stay rational?? TT I chincha was over the moon when she liked pd nim's pic chinguya! That so rear and so precious to our shipper heartu right! TT Btw Everyone including you are always welcomed to share everything delulu or not delulu, rant or over thinking Hyuni doesn't strike me as a person that would like a pic just bcz that some liked her pic. She has to genuinely like the pic for her to have hit the "like" button. The mere fact that pd liked her post before would never make her go and hit a like on wookie's pic bcz we are speaking of hyuni who had been so cautious for ages with any pic that had to do with wookie or even his dog ggma. Hyuni knows that her liking anything to do with wookie would send the shippers to lala land. Above all her actions are like adding more fuel to the fire aka to our ship that has calmed down a bit bcz of the drought. Just look at us going gaga just bcz she like a pic of wookie lol! So will hyuni risk it all for the reason that she feels that she should pd nim's pic bcz he liked hers? My take is that her "like" came from her heart and not bcz of external reasons. Dunno if you guys remember I once speculated pages ago that wookie didn't consider hyuni as a sister or a child artist bcz he never met her as a child artist in WBDS nor did he watch SKL where she acted with seo in guk. Then to see there was this interview of wookie where he said the exact reasons for not considering her as a child artist was bcz of the 2 reasons i mentioned previously. So when he met Nam Ji hyun for real he considered her as his equal, a co-star that was worthy of respect. To me Ji chang wook is easier to read than hyuni. So here's my take. A guy like wookie who took the risk to go on National tv and name drop ONLY Nam ji hyun in front of the entire nation and invited her to visit him (with that smitten expression along with sparkling eyes) and even told us the reason why he asked her not to visit before but then rectified it by saying that he would be grateful and might even cry (as per another interview) if she visited him at the army would not go back and decline her visitation once again. Let’s not forget that it was hyuni who said that “she would come visit him at the army” and imagine how much she liked him to suggest something like that? She might have had hopes as well. What girl would like a guy who keeps going back and forth with his answers? Like one time he wants her to come and then he feels like he doesn't want her to. She might understand but at the same time might feel let down since she was looking forward to visiting him at the army. Tbh wookie doesn't strike me as someone like that. Other thing being who wouldn't want the girl he’s head over heels in love with to come and visit him at the army? It will only make him more stronger! May I ask as to why you think that wookie and hyuni might have agreed on her not visiting him chinguya? I’m actually curious as to what made you think that way? Is it bcz of the hanban interview where he said that he didn’t want her to worry and wanted to look as Mr. Capable so he declined the the offer from hyuni. Slightly off topic but I remember wookie saying that he wants to become a person a girl would want to have as a husband (my memory isn’t that good with regards to that part of the interview. May be a chingu can help me correct it if its wrong). I keep wondering as to how you could become a better person to your other half if you wouldn’t let her in to share your insecurities? How can a relationship survive if you want to always look as if you can do it all alone without the help of your other half may it be a lover or wife. It usually feels nice to know that your other half can depend on you and doesn’t have to act as if he can fight all the devils alone just to look manly in front of you. But the the good news is that he is ready to let her in to share his insecurities the moment he said “I would be grateful if she does visits me at the army” and in another interview “I would cry if she does come” hence debunking his very words on not wanting her to visit him at the army. Moreover it says that he is ready to receive her support even if it means it would make him look as Mr. Not So Capable lol. So my take is that she visited him already. Just look at Yoona visiting Im siwan within 2 months from the date of enlistment and what are the chances uri hyuni did not visit him yet? When it comes to love everything isn’t rational and sometimes it’s hard to rationalize every action of our OTP. Love makes you act totally out of character and do stuff that are not so rational. May be that is why we get certain bombs from our otp when we least expected bcz love is not all logical (just a delulu thought keke)
  17. So you mean our OTP is in sync with each other?? Hope she gets well soon. Why does PD nim reflect my exact expression LOL Heck I'm facinated as well! Why to I see chemistry even when they bicker in the bts? The bickering in the bts is much better than the bickering in SP kekeke Watching this makes me miss them! Uri bickering couple
  18. Right! Remember the king loves team visited Im Siwan along with Yoona? They visited him after 2 months from the date of enlistment. So I wouldn't be surprised if the entire SP team visited him already considering how ninja they are lol. May be they did remember to take a pic but" forgot" to upload I chincha love our SP team! They are so supportive towards wookie. He must be so happy to have his SP mates visit him. It is very suspicious that hyuni and SP team are remaining mum over visiting him. It isn't a big deal hyuni visiting wookie as a costar right? It is only abnormal and suspicious that there is no pic no info about her visiting him when she promised that she would visit wookie at the army. Hyuni doesn't strike me as a person who wouldn't keep her promise Who knows if they visited him as a team and hyuni tagged along to make it look less suspicious (but i want her to visit him alone) and hence no pic... My delulu mind keeps wondering as to how many times she visited wookie already
  19. haha I just realized as wel LOL! Right! So no wonder hyuni asked her chang wookie oraboni not to catch a cold Sorry forgot to quote you unni! Seems like the pic had been edited
  20. Remember Dong Ha said that Ji Chang Wook has everything and he envies him?? I wonder if the word "everything" includes Nam Ji hyun as well?? I'm chincha curious lmaoo That dog sticker! I wonder if it has something to do with ggoma @midorinokerochan at the begining I thought the pic was real (blames bad eye sight lol) but you are right it is indeed edited. Btw I wonder how long the the wash basin bts was bcz the bts that was shown to us had hyuni wearing her gloves
  21. It is because ji hyuni is special! The fact that he did not include SP pics with his costar Nam ji hyun (when it was his last drama before enlistment) but went and included the BTS pics of Jihyuni and him at the SP press conference is very telling! Seems like his intention is something to be very suspicious of No wonder hyuni's sexy shoulders made an appearance in Jiscovery photobook bcz uri jigoner aka wookie got a thing for her shoulders. Actions speak louder than words! These two are chincha precious! Oh my shipper heartu TT @midorinokerochan Thank you so much for your efforts and time for translating it for us! <3 @kyrajijin Please update us with your cousins view chinguya. Do show her our thread is she's interested in shipping them! More the merrier