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  1. we are fangirling like crazy when he updates his it just scenery or whatever long as it comes from PHS1116 cant imagine if he build some muscles and then show off to his fans..ahaha..but please hyungsik-ah, i dont want to wait another 3w for the next update
  2. Haha..i end up being the 3k likers..that's after 1minutes he posted..haha..but I improved a lot..before this I only read the notification after 11hrs, 3 hrs, 38 mins..a record for me too..haha...the latest pic is in a gym right??
  3. i watched this! i think this was when PHS start to rise from Real Men..but so sad his team cant taste all the foods during filming..but i think they sure get to taste it after that..but i still feel sorry for him there is Eng sub version in dramanice..Here
  4. Funny part when ZE;A members teased him until his ears getting red..
  5. U can guess which one is my fave king For PHS OST, i love Hwarang OST the most
  6. Like your comments here and i feel you..somehow it happened to me also..I choose to repeat Hwarang and High Society so far..and I think I appreciate SunWoo/King relationship after watched it a few times..since I now knew the whole story line...
  7. yeah..let's do that..but I wonder what will happen after the vote ended and we get the winner?
  8. Pupple couple at 2nd place again.haishh...i guess swag couple fans now online to vote!
  9. I took this one from xscalsve post in SWDBS (not sure how to put Soompi ID in the post, anyone care to help me ? Thanks in advance!) Hallyu Face off battle, kindly vote for our MongMong couple : I voted so many times..but SWAG couple still leading
  10. I don't know what drama shall i watch now..just finish Jisung's Defendant..i have high expectation for Kdrama re-watching ZE:A Immortal Songs 2..or keep replaying PHS ballad songs in my Playlist..
  11. but his hairstyle is for event or something..not just everyday hairstyle..his skin not tanned anymore?? anyway, he looks good as always
  12. almost there...almost.. thanks for those sharing the pics from this afternoon event and from his IG live !!!
  13. Less than 24 hrs from the fan meet event in Singapore I better start doing the house later can focus on this thread for another airport fashion + fan meet pics and vids + 2M IG follower celebration