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  1. Ha ha ha I was just overreacting. Even if it is so then nobody is to blame as much as the wife herself. Afterall she is the one who chose this fate for her.
  2. I've only seen bits of running man but his sleeve caught my attention. I don't care even if he covers himself in coal dust for a 16 episodes drama. If this is a good story and it's essential for the role then I'm fine with it. But unnecessary uglification is as much off putting as plastic glossified faces for me. I prefer the appearance which is natural.
  3. Don't blame the stylish. I've the tandency to adjust mismatched sleeves even while I'm sleeping. It just doesn't feel right. It's unbearable to see Hyuk going like that for minutes and even hours. Not only sleeves but his other quirks also point out that he's absent minded. ( I find that cute though)
  4. It's alright if you don't remember. I was just wondering how come I did't come across such detail. I think it's not about protecting the daughter but the kingdom. Daughter just share strong bond with daddy. Yes she surely will if she is lucky enough to get hold of her unstoppable husband. Poor woman....
  5. Actually he always been very good looking. But the sad thing is he always has to uglify himself for his roles. I remember during the running time of 'Voice' everyone was going gaga about Kim jae Wook's handsomeness. He surely is good looking and acted well but that's it. But I think even at his present age JH is better looking than KJW. It's not cause I'm fan. I just genuinely feell so.
  6. Nope, let me break the shell today. There is a reason why I was fixated on his sleeves. Actually he is quiet absent-minded and I was quiet baffled when I first found out. Here is your proof:
  7. Dusol is SidusHq's hair salons. It's Hyukkie's agency so he paticipates in yearly autograph events for their promotion. You noticed the sleeeve too.
  8. Thank you for posting this. Wow Hyukkie looks lovely. The shirt looks beautiful on him. I think blue is his colour. And again we have the sleeve accident. I don't like that hair style much but somehow today it looks great on him.
  9. Thanks for starting this thread. But we still don't have official announcement of JH's participation.
  10. Jang Hyuk Set To Portray Blind Swordsman For His Next Film JANG HYUK SET TO PLAY BLIND "SWORDSMAN" IN NEXT FILM TO SET PLACE IN ANCIENT CHINA (PHOTO : AJINCOME/INSTAGRAM) Top South Korean Actor Jang Hyuk is rumored to return to the big screen through the action-packed movie "Swordsman". The actor will reportedly be portraying a sword fighter who is bling. According toAskKPop, the movie 'Swordsman' will focus on telling the story of Tae Yool and his daughter and the story will reportedly be set during the time of ancient China. Allkpop reports that the sword fighting movie will be produced by Opus Pictures. The company is known to have produced hit movies such as the 2010 film "The Man From Nowhere" starring actor Won Bin and actress Kim Sae Ron and the 2013 film "SnowPiercer" starring Hollywood actor Chris Evans, known for his performance in the "The Avengers" series, and actress Go Ah Sung. The actor, Jang Hyuk, known to have played lead roles such as Lee Dae-gil in the 2010 drama "The Slave Hunters" and Kang Ji-goo in the 2013 film "The Flu" has been offered the role of a blind swordsman in the new film. The 40-year-old father of three is currently reviewing the details of the film, which if confirmed that he accepts will mark the first time that the actor will be playing a blind man. The veteran actor, having almost 20 years of acting experience under his belt, is currently busy starring as detective Moo Jin Hyuk in OCN's new drama, "The Voice" with actress Lee Hana starring as Kang Kwon Joo. This is the first cable drama for Jang Hyuk in his career.The drama focuses on how Detective Jin Hyuk and Kwon Joo solve cases together and how they track down the serial killer that killed their family The new crime-thriller drama aired its first episode last January 14, 2017 and is being broadcasted every Friday and Saturday at 23:00 KST. The movie "Swordsman" will be directed by Choi Jae Hoon and the filming of the movie is o wed Nar
  11. Jang Hyuk to return to the big screen as a blind swordsman? Facebook Twitte Google+Actor Jang Hyuk could be returning to the big screen with a new sword fighting movie! According to sources on January 17, Jang Hyuk received an offer to play a blind swordsman and is currently reviewing the details for an upcoming film. 'Swordsman' takes place during ancient China telling the story of swordsman Tae Yooland his daughter. If he accepts the role, the actor will be taking on the role of the blind protagonist Tae Yool, which will be his first time acting blind. Previously, Jang Hyuk has starred in various action dramas and films such as KBS'Chuno', 'Volcano High.' Directed by Choi Jae Hoon and produced by Opus Pictures('Man From Nowhere,' 'Snow Piercer'), filming for 'Swordsman nit promotions + a brothrty Awards a $20