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  1. So I caved and watched it lol... You've all echoed my main thoughts so I'll talk about other points that interested me. - I thought that it was interesting to see CY and his insecurities of not feeling like he belongs whilst this episode was jam packed with Shi Hyun, In Ho and Yoon's (even HG at some points) supporting, reassuring, defending and joking around around with him. All he ever did was walk away when 1) In Ho tried to comfort him after fighting with HG and 2) when Choi tactlessly told him the truth about himself and HG tried to speak to him. Why not tell the band I saw the real crude play videos and it hurt me that you used HG's bass playing as a guide. Why not give them a chance also to explain themselves? Why does he choose not to see that it was solely Choi's decision? Why assume it's always HG fault. What a stupid question to ask, as if it can only be HG's fault. It's been 5 years and nobody wants to put their issues on the table and sort it out. -I was surprised to hear Choi, while talking to YN, say that he doesn't enjoy separating HG and SR and that it's only temporary. But to be honest HG being in relationship with SR, who is changing him for the better, will definitely inspire more hits. - YN YN YN, it's funny how she is treating Choi like how she felt HG treated her when she felt under pressure. She couldn't support Choi in his time of crisis but she expected HG to do the same. I don't think she's into him. But as some of you speculate I think he may be into her. I wasn't fully convinced at first since in the episode where HG confronts Choi near the stairs, it was CY (I think) who alluded to one of the reasons why Choi got with YN in the manga, which was so that it'll inspire HG to write hit song due to the breakup. -This may be petty on my part but I was smiling so hard when YN tried to be spiteful and say she was the only one singing HG's song. Little did she know YSR would be doing the same, and before her too. - I may not agree with they way Choi chooses to go about things but he was literally crumbling under pressure. I don't know what he's going to do in next week's episode and what CEO Yoo's father will tell him too. As soon as the boys and HG walked on stage, he looked like he knew he messed up. Yoo told him to prove why SOLE should still exist and he looked like a fool in front of her instead, especially since she was the one that resolved the issue of CY's disappearance by getting HG to unveil himself and not him. -No wonder the truth was revealed about CP, just how many people know about this secret lol -I'm convinced CY only see's what he wants to see. How he can't pick up on SR being uncomfortable is beyond me. -I love HG'S dad and Soo Yeon.
  2. @fanie586 You're welcome! I know right, that was a facial expression of reluctance. It wasn't funny but I laughed because he doesn't seem to read her response to him lol. Someone in the comments translated the preview and said HG is saying he doesn't know what to do for his friends (in light of the scandal that they don't play their own instruments). I really want to cave in and watch episode 12 but I have a literature review to do! But I'm excited for episode 13 too. I also wonder what CY is going to say... Hopefully it's "i'll back off" lol
  3. Exactly! I hope the writer doesn't miss this opportune moment to show some character development for SR. What she's experienced so far in the industry and her persistent persuit of HG should have some sort of affect on her.
  4. Neither did I. I just thought if anyone did I'd like to understand because seeing them comments confused me. I 100% believe that he manipulates her kindness, especially after going on youtube to watch the particular scene @dhakra first commented on. That scene made me feel so uncomfortable. Like you've stated, she's been very open about her feelings for HG before CY even knew it was him. I'm hoping that in the next episode she reiterates her feelings for HG. You'd think HG being her boyfriend is clear boundary he shouldn't cross, but he just does not care or rather is desperately trying to hold on to something he has no business holding on to. I'm just thinking, if he still had no idea that HG was the nameless person she was interested in, would he still act like this? would he still develop "feelings" for her? If no (which i'm sure it is), the implications of that is just very sad.
  5. Very true. That's why I understand him at times. I can definitely see Mr. Choi using his persuasive skills to get CY to take that position, since HG agreed to stay as a songwriter/producer for CP. I haven't watched episode 12 yet (since you guys said there's no preview I'll wait it out and watch it on the weekend lol) but from what you've all said there's a flashback to CP hearing the news of HG leaving the group for CP to take his place. Did HG explain that CP was the one playing the bass in their song and thought it would be better to take his place? I understand CY's feeling of rejection. I mean you're going into a situation where they don't want you. I can also understand CP because that's their best friend and It's also a dream they had together. They'd feel betrayed by HG but also CY would probably feel like an intruder whose messed up their dream (that's IF HG explained it that way). @packmule3 I'll be waiting for that scene when everything comes full circle. I was going to say I'll be enjoying the ride too, which I am since there is so much more to this drama than the OTP, but it's starting to feel as uncomfortable as working out on a spin bike for the first time, due to almost every characters' decisions lol Does anyone else share the same opinion of others that believe YSR leads CY on?
  6. Thank you for the live recap! I was too late so I missed it again, but I watched episode 11 on the way for treatment, which I'm grateful because I'm sure my body was tense from being so annoyed. CY lovers, forgive me but I need to have a rant about this guy because his actions and some of the things he said in that episode made me feel so angry and disappointed in him. Bare in mind that I do truly understand him at times, but he needs to get it together. 1) Did you see the way he looked at SR when he came in from seeing SR and HG's blissful time together? If looks could kill! Producer or not, if that was me I'd need you to give reasons why you are starring at me like that lol 2) "Mush&Co is still my band" First of all, I understand he's reassuring himself that there's still something that's his alone that doesn't belong to HG or rather he can't take from him, but HG isn't checking for you dude, you're in competition with no one. I can understand if HG took everything away from him but if I remember correctly, HG asked him to take his place and play the bass. HG didn't force him. Did anyone force him? correct me if I'm wrong because I only remember the flashbacks roughly. Second of all, correct me if I'm wrong again, but when did producers ever own bands for him to use the possessive pronoun "my"... Mush&Co is not yours, you are their producer. So when the three year promise is over what happens? you stop owning the band?...Take a seat somewhere and think about your intentions seriously! 3) Him and SR Hanging out... really? you're going to say that in front of her boyfriend? Take your meddling somewhere else please we don't have enough sweet moments already for you to bring discord in their relationship. 4) Calling HG greedy. HG said he wanted to just hear her sing. It's like he heard "I want to be their producer" lol 5) I understand cupping a person's hand as gesture of reassurance and comfort for a person in SR's situation, but he has other intentions. Why the look of disappointment as he withdrew his hand? He expected a different reaction, but she acknowledged his efforts of comfort and returned her attention away from him. She doesn't want you like that! What I loved was the contrast of her being guarded wit him and being completely vulnerable with HG. The only thing he did right was tell Se Jeong about herself. Btw why do they refer to her as friend? Is chingu also another term for classmate? cause she is not even close to the definition of what a friend is lol. He really needs to stop blaming HG and look at himself because blaming him for everything (for which HG isn't even aware of and through no fault of his own that he should know) is tiring, and I cant respect that. Rant over SY&SY They came out of the same room!! Here is what I imagine happened lol: SY is awake thinking of Soo Yeon and decides to send her a text SY: Are you up? Soo Yeon reaching for her phone hoping its SY. See's it's him and kicks the covers off of her excitedly Soo Yeo: I am, wuu2? SY: just chillin and you? Soo Yeo: same, it's just me, I don't know where Sorim is, she's been gone for a while. SY *sends message immediately*: You're alone? I'm coming. LOL I am too excited about these two! forgive my cheesiness! I also loved that they teased HG and SY&SY! There are other moments but my hands are hurting too much to type anymore so I'll leave it here!
  7. @gracebkk I think the original plan was for them to sing shiny boy so CY was angry because CEO Choi chose another song without informing him. That's my guess since YSR asked "I'm going to be singing this?"
  8. Thank you for the live recaps! I tried to hang on live streaming but my connection was abysmal!
  9. Its HG's voice. From what I remember it was him singing the song in the studio. Because it's a demo, he most likely manipulated his voice so it would be the right pitch and vocal range that YSR is used to singing in, so she can follow it correctly when recording the song her self. That's why it sounded like a female was singing the song. Correct me if I'm wrong though cause I could be lol
  10. I love your posts. They're such a joy to read. You give such detailed insight on things that we may or may not take notice of and easily forget! I, too, do not believe that he's recognised her as the girl on the bus whose voice peeked his interest. I think trying and testing times are ahead with this relationship, and the umbrella will trigger a recall like you said and potentially reconcile them. When I saw he umbrella in that scene, I wondered what HG would do when he sees her with it. I think he'd look at the umbrella and feel sense of familiarity with it and maybe ask where she got it from. I've tried to picture how it'll happen but we'll just have to wait and see. I think it was clever to show the importance of the umbrella again. Maybe it's something we as viewers need to hold on to for the coming episodes as a sort of hope for them staying together, despite all the hurdles they're about to face.
  11. Thank you for sharing the video! See now this has cleared things up for me, because the editing of the kiss scene looked weird to me. It looked like they re-did the kiss because they wanted another angle and just stuck that kiss in the middle of the original one without a smooth transition, which in turn, made it look more stiff and awkward. The BTS was a better kiss scene than the edited version to me anyway. I mean it's still as awkward as most first kisses are, but it looked a bit better at least lol. Tbh the editor has been choppy in terms of scene transitions since episode one.
  12. I agree. I love Joy's voice but I also want to hear CP, they sound so good together. Does anyone know when they'd release YN's song? I think they did develop feelings for each other too. When the kiss scene aired I thought oh no sungjae and joy are not going to hear the end of it on their social media accounts lol. It's actually interesting having seen their wgm stint that Joy is just as straightforward as her character but even more so! Yes I saw that too! Also I can't remember whether it was here or somewhere else where I saw that someone had screen captured Seowon liking a whole load of Joy's photos on Instagram... maybe he's developing a little crush? Lol Tbh it must be hard as actors and actresses to not develop feelings for your co-star though.
  13. It really does suit him. I can see him being cheeky and always getting away with it lol! Hmm I wonder too, although before he wraps her hand tighter around his waist Lee Yoon and Ji In Ho were pointing at them knowingly (time stamp 1:17-1:20) but it could be just about the game in general so I'm not sure. I hope they tease him about it in later episodes!
  14. I hope so! Did you see the way he wrapped her hands tighter around his waist during the dodgeball game? Hahaa! Lol way too serious. It was almost like it was making fun of her jealousy so I couldn't take SR seriously lol It really was! I had such a good laugh too.