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  1. Well now it's time for me to catch up. I've been holding back to watch the fully subbed episodes from ep 13! Seriously thank you all so much for the live recaps, translations and POV's. This was my first time joining a forum to talk about a drama I'm watching (I'm kinda sad that I missed out on the action in the WLFKBJ forum), I didn't even know this existed lol. I read the earlier comments and had to join in. You've all made watching the drama so much more enjoyable.
  2. Why does it feel like these past two episodes were just joy and lee hyun woo being themselves rather than their characters lol
  3. So the stream finally works, I'm chanting kiss her kiss her kiss her.... and that's all we get? am I a perv or was that stupid angle... there better be another one.. SR get it together and accept those kisses lol lmao was Choi just watering a plant that has YN picture on it? Why is this cracking me up lool
  4. It seems like it's adlibbed doesn't it? We'll have to wait till the bts comes out lol
  5. SR&HG are so freaking cute. Oh and SH looked a bit too happy to be be backed up against the wall by SY even though her actions were innocent lol
  6. Same here. I actually do prefer 16 episodes, but it seems like there is a lot to resolve in two episodes. I just hope they can do it well.
  7. Again, Thank you so much for the live recap, translations and comments. My steam was crap. However, I am happy my stream was acting right during sh&sy's scene lol. There's only 2 episodes left... it should have been 20 episodes. I don't know how they'll resolve things and give us a good ending in two episodes without it feeling rushed. It looks like HG is making a stand in the next episode. I love that. He's seen what going along with those conditions could do. His friend almost died. That's definitely a wake up call.
  8. Thank you for your live recaps and comments! You guys are awesome!
  9. Trust me... the disappointment I felt when I saw him sitting at the table... Does that mean she missed his first performance ever? Not only is HG her boyfriend but isn't she also a K fan? Like @Urnaa said, at least she's telling him in an indirect way that she feels nothing for him romantically. I don't know why this conversation needs to be at her house though, it should have been when he was hugging her against her will. I hope she redeems herself in today's episode cause I'm starting to give her the side eye.
  10. I can't answer back as much I want to because of my hands, but I agree with you @ferily and @Urnaa! *sigh*
  11. You'd think she would since Choi has done all that he can to get her back to number 1, but she cares more about what he can do for her as an artist than being his gf. I actually liked that YSR didn't say anything back to her. How easy would it have been to gloat back? But she went out there and sang the song was only meant for her. That was the only response she needed to have. That is true HG has kept the truth about a lot of things in order to protect CP. I think now I understand where he was coming from in the 2nd episode where he confronted YSR about her age and when YN broke up with him. I didn't understand it before, but I do now. The burden of being talented (because people don't see how much of an effort and a struggle it is) and the burden of always having to produce good music otherwise it all goes downhill for CP and to an extent SOLE Music N. Like you said he has a lot of things bottled up and he's taking all the hits for it. I wonder if he'll ever tell CP truth about Choi's ultimatum. Whether they'd have a change of heart seeing that he could have walked away completely and CP wouldn't exist, but he chose to stay and write songs so they could be where they are today. Or would they take it offensively. It would be interesting to see their response if he ever unloads all the burdens he has. I also wonder if he'll tell SR about it. Because in episode 2 he tried to explain to YN why he has to focus so much on making good music, but she interrupted him and said she didn't need excuses. YN is still hung up on him. If her conversations with Choi aren't about her music is about HG or HG and YSR lol He really is playing his cards right. He's manipulating her with this three year promise. She promised to put music first. Yes that may include you as a producer not you as person lol I hear that. I can't definitely see how that'll happen! Seeing as HG said to forget what CY said and that he wouldn't let SR go, your guess might be right. I'm hoping that the look she gave him when he wanted to talk to her means she shut him down when he asked her to choose him over HG! He can do what it takes to hurt HG but at this rate it looks like HG and SR are sticking together as unit. He's only hurting himself because he'll be rejected again.
  12. So I caved and watched it lol... You've all echoed my main thoughts so I'll talk about other points that interested me. - I thought that it was interesting to see CY and his insecurities of not feeling like he belongs whilst this episode was jam packed with Shi Hyun, In Ho and Yoon's (even HG at some points) supporting, reassuring, defending and joking around around with him. All he ever did was walk away when 1) In Ho tried to comfort him after fighting with HG and 2) when Choi tactlessly told him the truth about himself and HG tried to speak to him. Why not tell the band I saw the real crude play videos and it hurt me that you used HG's bass playing as a guide. Why not give them a chance also to explain themselves? Why does he choose not to see that it was solely Choi's decision? Why assume it's always HG fault. What a stupid question to ask, as if it can only be HG's fault. It's been 5 years and nobody wants to put their issues on the table and sort it out. -I was surprised to hear Choi, while talking to YN, say that he doesn't enjoy separating HG and SR and that it's only temporary. But to be honest HG being in relationship with SR, who is changing him for the better, will definitely inspire more hits. - YN YN YN, it's funny how she is treating Choi like how she felt HG treated her when she felt under pressure. She couldn't support Choi in his time of crisis but she expected HG to do the same. I don't think she's into him. But as some of you speculate I think he may be into her. I wasn't fully convinced at first since in the episode where HG confronts Choi near the stairs, it was CY (I think) who alluded to one of the reasons why Choi got with YN in the manga, which was so that it'll inspire HG to write hit song due to the breakup. -This may be petty on my part but I was smiling so hard when YN tried to be spiteful and say she was the only one singing HG's song. Little did she know YSR would be doing the same, and before her too. - I may not agree with they way Choi chooses to go about things but he was literally crumbling under pressure. I don't know what he's going to do in next week's episode and what CEO Yoo's father will tell him too. As soon as the boys and HG walked on stage, he looked like he knew he messed up. Yoo told him to prove why SOLE should still exist and he looked like a fool in front of her instead, especially since she was the one that resolved the issue of CY's disappearance by getting HG to unveil himself and not him. -No wonder the truth was revealed about CP, just how many people know about this secret lol -I'm convinced CY only see's what he wants to see. How he can't pick up on SR being uncomfortable is beyond me. -I love HG'S dad and Soo Yeon.
  13. @fanie586 You're welcome! I know right, that was a facial expression of reluctance. It wasn't funny but I laughed because he doesn't seem to read her response to him lol. Someone in the comments translated the preview and said HG is saying he doesn't know what to do for his friends (in light of the scandal that they don't play their own instruments). I really want to cave in and watch episode 12 but I have a literature review to do! But I'm excited for episode 13 too. I also wonder what CY is going to say... Hopefully it's "i'll back off" lol
  14. Exactly! I hope the writer doesn't miss this opportune moment to show some character development for SR. What she's experienced so far in the industry and her persistent persuit of HG should have some sort of affect on her.