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  1. Everybody here is waiting for the bathroom scene. I have to admit so am I. But I'm also dreading it. I truly hope it won't be just a peck like what we've seen in preview. If it's a hot kissing scene I sure hope hunan doesn't butcher it like they did to TJOF. Some people say it's probably because of China's censorship. I tend to believe otherwise. Because I've seen kissing scenes in Eternal Love between Ye Hua and Bai Qian. And believe me they were hot kisses but they managed to pass censorship. Besides the drama aired at 7.30 pm, not as late as PA which is 10 pm. So there's no reason for the claim that it's not appropriate for younger viewers. As for today's episodes, I'm so glad finally YX was able to get out of prison. Now we can finally move on with the story. Personally I think it was a bit dragging these last few episodes. BTS for today's episode
  2. @Christiana ChanYes, let's drool together
  3. Everybody here is waiting for the bathroom scene. I'm sure as soon as the bathroom scene aired this forum will be so busy that I hope this forum doesn't crash. LOL. Once it's aired though can someone post the pics here. I'd love to see the screenshots. I'm not a tech savvy so I don't know how to do it.
  4. Wow...even uncles are watching PA too I thought the main audience would be ladies. Is the bathroom scene not far from the kid's scene? That means our otp is going to reconcile soon. Someone mentioned in this forum that YWY and XE adopted the kid later on.
  5. Now that I look closely YWY's hairstyle is different when he snatched the robe with the one where he was sitting when XE entered the room. Maybe they are from 2 different scenes?
  6. XE wears a transparent clothes in the bathroom scene. And her hairstyle is different. Too bad we only have a few seconds glimpse of the bathroom scene but it's enough to make all of us eager to see how the scene unfold. I hope it doesn't disappoint us.
  7. Do you have any inside information on next week episodes? Seems like you know something
  8. Wow, the English sub is up already. That is super fast. Too bad I can't watch it
  9. At least in eternal love, ye hua has his third uncle to help him. YWY has no one. Regarding XE's brother, I thought there was only 1 antidote for the poison. Her brother will die anyway even if YWY didn't kill him.
  10. Episode 21 is up on YouTube. Lol at the look on XE face when YWY is taking her fingers off the knife 
  11. Oh no! Another misunderstanding between XE and YWY. This is all crippled grandpa's fault. When is someone gonna send him to the afterlife?
  12. I hope not too. It looks like they're gonna make her fall for YWY though.
  13. I noticed that too. The same place, same clothes, only different dialogue. Are they trying to minimise the budget or something?