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  1. LOL. Poor ZBB, she must've pinched him very hard
  2. Has anyone here read the novel? I know it doesn't have a happy ending. I want to know where the story ends. Is it where everybody dies? I want to watch this drama, but I think I will wait until it finishes airing. I'm still traumatised by Princess Agents ending. It was my first on-going drama but the ending really has left me very disappointed.
  3. The gossips are much more interesting than the shipping itself. I'm really excited reading all these gossips. I'm not even one who likes to gossip. Haha...this thread really comes to live these past few days. Haha... Of course he's smarter than those kids
  4. LOL at #3. zly fans: omg Hunan bought Minglan We are on this thread, does it mean we are shippers too and pitiful? Haha...JK It's time to move on. They have their own personal lives, it's their business. Let us just focus on their works. I understand why people are worried Hunan bought Minglan. Hunan has a bad track record for butchering their dramas. Is it confirmed yet or not?
  5. I didn't realise he has nice hands I haven't posted anything since the rumor about him and his supposed girlfriend came out but I've read all of your posts here. I just want to share my 2 cents on this matter. I understand being a celebrity isn't easy. Especially someone who is on the rise in popularity. Whether the papz or his fans will always following him everywhere he goes now. I don't know LGX personally so I can only give my opinions based on what I saw and read in the internet. LGX is a simple person, he likes to go around doing his business like ordinary people. Since he's very famous right now it's normal that people want to know everything about him and that includes his personal life. Whether he likes it or not, that is what comes with his celebrity status. Now about his ex gf/gf thing. Regardless they are dating or not, the damage is done. This resulted in fans war between his fans and ZLY's. I know some of you feel he needs to clarify this matter to the public and take responsibility, that he shouldn't remain silent. But LGX is being himself I guess. He never clarified any rumors before this, so I don't think he's gonna start now. Yes, I agree someone here said he needs to grow up. Sometimes I feel that he still thinks he can do things freely just like when we were young and couldn't care less of the consequences. He can act so boyish in RL, and in that I can see he's also childish. I think his mindset is just not on par with his age. I can't say I'm a big fan of ZLY but I like a few of her drama especially PA and TJOF. I feel sorry for her being dragged into this mess. I don't understand why they have to bring her into this. It's not like she's dating LGX or anything. I saw the BTS and press con. I can see there's something there. Something more than just being co stars, especially on LGX part. Someone here said it was a publicity stunt. But I'd rather believe otherwise. I feel his actions were genuine. I hope this will die down by itself, just like other rumors. And I really hope LGX can stop drinking and smoking. They can't be good for his health. I know he feels deppresed and all but getting drunk will not solve his problems. Hopefully he will learn his lessons and be wiser next time.
  6. Not good, but not bad either. I fast-forward the boring part. At least it's a HE, not like PA.
  7. I'm glad I'm not the only one craving for any news about our ship here. It's so quite lately, I'm starting to feel restless. I keep checking on this thread to see if there's any update. I think I'm gonna have an OCD soon About ZLY post on weibo, does she say the line in the commercial? I don't think I have seen the ad yet, just a BTS.
  8. She's describing LGX then Vengo is handsome too and he's very tall. Even taller than LGX. But acting wise, LGX is a better actor. BTW, who is Vivian Dawson?
  9. You should see what YQ actor/XZL posted on his weibo. After LGX posted this pic, XZL also posted a pic of himself imitating LGX, holding a stuffed animal and wearing a cap and the caption also similar to LGX's. I think he knows something we don't know. Haha...if those were ZLY's hands he probably couldn't act at all while filming. I can imagine not only his ears would be red, but his face also
  10. I think LGX was so into his character he didn't hear the director shouted OK. He thought they were still filming.
  11. I still can't get over how hunan butchered PA especially the last episode. The editing was so awful even an amateur can do better than that. I was planning on rewatching PA with sub actually but after seeing the last ep I seem to lose interest. Yes, ZLY look younger than her age. My dad thought she was a teenager. When I told him she was 29 he just couldn't believe it. He still thinks I'm mistaken. LOL At least she had fun filming PA. Can't imagine her disappointment after seeing how badly butchered it was. And one good thing is she got to know LGX
  12. If he marries ZLY I don't think he can keep it a secret since they're both famous. But if he marries someone outside the entertainment business, he might be able to keep it a secret. Maybe not for a long time though because the papz are following him everywhere now. Neither do I. No offence to WC fans. It's just there's something I don't like about him. Can't put words to describe it.
  13. Where did she clarify that? I don't see it on her weibo. Do you know when? I don't see LGX post on his weibo either.
  14. Talking about age gap, Bai Qian and Ye Hua are nothing compared to Dong Hua and Feng Jiu. I like DH /FJ story more than BQ /YH, btw. But I don't like the drama ending for DH and FJ. They are supposed to have a HE. I can't believe I got a SE again for our YWY and CQ. Why do they have to change the ending?! Someone here mentioned that LGX grandpa was a military officer and his dad is / was police officer. So I think his family is of middle class family.