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  1. I don't understand these crazy fangirls. They are acting as if they own the celeb. It's OK to admire, to adore the celebs but in the end they have their own lives. They can see and be with whoever they want and fans are just fans. Nothing more. Apparently the crazy fangirls are too delusional to realise that.
  2. Actually FSF gives me a gay vibe . As for WC, I don't think he's ready to settle down yet. I haven't seen FSF and WC with ZLY on screen so I can't tell whether their chemistry are really that good as some people say. Haha... I can imagine the uproar if ZLY and LGX confessed they are married to each other. Do you think ZLY has something up on her sleeves with all her posts about brother and cousin thing on weibo? Maybe she will drop the bomb on her birthday
  3. Zanilia Zhao Liying 赵丽颖 Official Thread

    You mean rumour scandals with her male co-star? Which actor will she be filming with in this new movie? I thought she would be filming ming lan first. Since China banned such things as Facebook and Twitter I assume all c actors/actresses accounts are managed by their fans? It's hard to get news in English since I can only read simple basic Chinese
  4. Lol...my mistake. Sorry. Apparently I was looking at LGX weibo not his friend's.
  5. As usual ZLY reply on her friend's Weibo is gone . There's only LGX's reply.
  6. I'm not referring to MC and ZLY's written last name. I was referring to LGX telling this zhao person to attack, but MC respond was about defending the fort. So maybe there was a 3rd person involved? Just pointing out the possibilities.
  7. I think that's the common problem with most cdramas. The beginning is good, the middle is boring/draggy, the ending is rushed. The editing becomes choppy too. It seems that whoever did the editing got tired of his job, he just wanted to finish it and go home. The same thing happens to TKW. The start is really good but it got a little boring in the middle, IMHO. I hope they can give us a good ending. I believe no 2 is Feng Shao Feng from Prince of Lanling. He does have a feature as an elf. You can try watch his drama Ice fantasy. He looked an elf there with white hair and pointy ears. I lost my interest halfway through the drama though.
  8. Full DD3 press con If there will be PA2 the filming probably will start next year and will air by the year 2019. That is the soonest we can get. But I'm beginning to doubt we will have PA2
  9. she'll hear sounds outside from Lin Gengxin who'll be saying, "Teacher Zhao, kill, kill, kill, kill, attack, attack! Mark Chao will say, "I can't hold the fort anymore, can't hold it anymore." So LGX told teacher Zhao to attack, but MC said he couldn't defend the fort? Was there a 3rd person playing? And LGX and this teacher Zhao were attacking MC's fort?
  10. Maybe FSF . Just kidding. It just occurred to me MC's reaction to the question is kinda odd. It seems that he's not that close to FSF as he is to LGX. But when he heard the question he LOL. Like he thought the question was ridiculous. Unless FSF told him about his love life so he knows exactly who he's dating or who he's not dating. Or maybe he knows who's ZLY seeing at the moment *wink wink* just my wishful thinking I guess . Or maybe I'm just thinking too much 
  11. Sorry off topic here. When I zoomed the picture it seems the baby on the right is throwing up on her mom . Or is it my eyes are playing tricks on me?
  12. I heard ZLY is going to Paris for the fashion week today. I hope she's well enough for the long flight. I think ZLY and her friend had a lot of talks about LGX before she filmed PA hence the convo about the kiss . You know how we girls talk with our BFF about handsome men
  13. More like a family gathering to me than a wedding
  14. This is from @cenching posted http://overseas.weico.cc/share/7022377.html?weibo_id=4154784397303694 In the video at 3:16 you can clearly see his face. I was like "haha...serves you right".
  15. FSF: Hah...that is a stupid question. I'm gonna pretend I didn't hear it. MC: Whoa...is he serious? Really? LGX: Keep smiling. DON'T hit the idiot who asked the question. (actually this one is inspired by @cherubstomato)