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  1. @Cedric OngSo the photos with the chicken and fish are real? I thought they were photoshoped. @cenching I already said he looks like he was going to a rock n roll concert. LOL
  2. ZLY looks so elegant like always. Meanwhile LGX looks like he's ready for a rock and roll concert. And he looks a bit nervous too. I wonder why.
  3. Hello, silent lurkers! Welcome to LGX ZLY paradise . I myself am not an active participant. I occasionally pop in from time to time. This thread is a good place to find news or rumours about our couple for those who can't read Chinese. Thanks to our beloved friends at soompi who can translate it for us. Love you, girls About FSF rumour, it looks like the same old video I've seen a month ago or so. Besides from FSF's reaction when asked about whether he was seeing ZLY or not I'm pretty sure he is NOT. All I can say is it ain't over till the fat lady sings.
  4. But he needs a lot of practice though. Yesterday he looked so awkward on the catwalk. Like he didn't know what to do.
  5. @cenchingI didn't know there was a rumor with her manager. He is quite good looking though I wonder what happened to LGX work out plans? Does he stop working out? I don't see any changes in him. LOL
  6. Could it be her manager? The hair and the height seem matched to him. I don't know if he's married or not but it looks like she's very close to him.
  7. Regardless of WLK sightings at xiamen airport, I'm still on delulu land from the LT event. So here's highlights of the event, imo. I don't know whether they realise it or not but it seems they unconsciously always trying to get closer to each other. LGX looking at ZLY
  8. Not only ZLY but YQ actor also reply to LGX's weibo. Is he implying something? Does he know something we don't ? I think it's becoming a pattern if LGX mentioned ZLY on weibo, he would also reply. Add. Oops... It seems like it's not his real weibo account. Sorry.
  9. Someone from LGX thread posted that he has been very jovial and radiate happiness since the LT event. I don't know if the poster comes to this CP thread but here we have our own theory of why he is so happy . I guess it's not only us CP fans who noticed the difference.
  10. But he isn't. In fact he is in a very good spirit if you see his latest airport fan video. He was smiling all the time. Usually he looked uncomfortable sometimes annoyed being followed around by his fans but not this time though.
  11. They both were very lively yesterday. They looked very happy. Very different from the vatti event. They should be attending events together. It's good for their wellbeings. And good for ours too I was losing hope to seeing them together again. But like @cenching said miracles do happen. BTW, I saw the interview before the press con. When one of the hosts asked ZLY if she played games with LGX she seemed hesitated to answer. When she was asked again she only gave a vague answer. Did any of you feel curious about it?
  12. They had a few Q n A with the fans. They are off the stage now. But the way they were interacting with each other is so
  13. ZLY and LGX are together on the live streaming
  14. TLT launching is my last hope for seeing these 2 together on stage but I'm afraid I have to give up on that hope *sigh*. I guess our Xingyue are just not meant to be together
  15. I don't understand these crazy fangirls. They are acting as if they own the celeb. It's OK to admire, to adore the celebs but in the end they have their own lives. They can see and be with whoever they want and fans are just fans. Nothing more. Apparently the crazy fangirls are too delusional to realise that.