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  1. Did MC got a shout out from Dior too? BTW, MC looked like he just got off from bed at the Shanghai International Film Festival . I'm glad that bird nest on LGX's head is gone now.
  2. I think Dai Si will play as Ji Heng. My guess is they will keep Reba playing as Aranya and only show Aranya's real face on mirror reflections.
  3. Behind the scenes production vid
  4. I thought the plagiarism issue was with Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms. I've never heard of it with The Pillow Book. I hope the filming will go smoothly so we can watch the drama by early next year.
  5. I believe what @happyfanlgx was referring to are the papz, not us shippers here. Most of us are not active because we don't have much to discuss right now. I'm sure as soon as there's any news about our ship this thread will be on fire again.
  6. She's wearing the heart pendant again
  7. @happyfanlgx Not just the actors but the actresses as well. Maybe it's a trend in China and Taiwan. Very different from my country. The actresses would be considered plus size in China. LOL.
  8. amazing hunt

    Yes! Let's get ready for the hunt.
  9. Maybe it's because too much smoking then. Plus his recent business and going back and forth to Taiwan. If he quits smoking he should be gaining weight not losing.
  10. I'm waiting for June 18th or is it 22nd? for LGX interview. Maybe he will put us out of misery once and for all. Anyone who can watch the show, please give us the update asap. Thanks.
  11. Lin Geng Xin (LGX) 林更新 Official Thread

    Is it live or recorded?
  12. @icyphoenix I don't think @sdfr is bashing ZLY. She was just stating her opinion. I thought we already made it clear on the previous page. You can't make everyone agree with you or have the same opinion as yours. There's no need to start this argument all over again. Let's just stop, OK.
  13. I think it was in Seychelles. That's where she was last seen by a fan.
  14. For everyone missing our xingyue here's a quiz for you https://cnewsdevotee.wordpress.com/2018/06/05/quiz-who-said-it-princess-agents-version/