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  1. That's my thought too. Maybe they decided to be just friends. I must admit I'm sad and disappointed with this ship but what I like the most being here is we always support each other in good times and in bad times. I love you all, girls
  2. There's a big chance the pink wrapped woman is WLK. Maybe they just don't want to make it public. This ship is definitely sinking
  3. @luluxxyb I'm sorry you feel that way about LGX. I myself is confused about what's going on here. If the last time I said I have 50% confidence he's dating ZLY, now I'm gonna drop it to 20%. All the evidences are pointing out he's dating WLK. Not just the papz videos but the Japan trip and the couple shirts are very convincing that they're dating. I feel this ship is beginning to sink again. I might stay here and enjoy it while it lasts. Just for the fun.
  4. LGX isn't trying to hide his watch in these photos. Does it mean the watch isn't what the pink wrapped girl gave him?
  5. It doesn't look like WLK to me too. WLK has a longer face than the girl in the photo. She does look like GYY though but why would they wear couple shirts? Or maybe MC also wear the same shirt too? And here's a photo of GYY to make a comparison with the girl in the photo.
  6. My question is: is it a recent photo or an old one? If it's an old photo why would MC posted it now? It does look like a couple t-shirts to me and LGX is holding the girl. And she's definitely not ZLY. I'm beginning to think ZLY's curse does exist. Her male co star will be in a relationship or get married after starring with her in a drama. That includes LGX
  7. Anyone wants to take a guess on who's the girl behind the curtain?
  8. I heard HK disneyland doesn't have fireworks show anymore since January this year. Correct me if I'm wrong.
  9. @cenching, @claribelle3, you two must have eagle eyes because I can't see anyone on the reflection
  10. Please excuse my ignorance but what is clash bots? Is it a reality show? Is it what LGX was referring to when he said he would be filming after CNY?
  11. Try this for the live streaming. http://m.iqiyi.com/l_19rr4050k7.html http://www.setv.com.cn/live/ I don't know if it ended yet. I saw it about an hour ago. It was just singing and dancing. Nothing interesting.
  12. This might be a bit off topic here but WLK just had her new drama trailer released in English. Are we going to have another Wang scandal? For those interested in the trailer. https://mobile.twitter.com/dramapotatoe/status/976367550010294272/video/1 @cenching is it the same heart pendant?
  13. It's because he's happy and his cheeks are chubbier that makes him look younger. So different with the last vatti event. I just found this vid. You can skip to the last few seconds to see LGX. I don't know if I should cry or laugh watching this video. https://m.miaopai.com/show/channel/fy7PD~hUavX6rolTJlN5N8VXq6PUoOqahH10iA__
  14. Maybe the manager loves Minions too I was wondering why ZLY was carrying a bouquet of flowers.
  15. Looks like the girl is taller than ZLY. But I might be wrong though. Btw, I found this from ZLY thread. Look at the pink wrapper on the right. Whoever posted the pic use the same app with LGX.