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  1. I just watched Mr pride and miss prejudice on YouTube. I'm very disappointed with the short amount of screen time Vengo had in the movie. It has some funny moments but overall the story is just so so.
  2. @linthao Can you tell me what he was saying in the video? Have you watched mr pride & miss prejudice? I heard the movie didn't do well at the box office.
  3. So it is not confirmed yet. As long as they haven't announced the cast I will keep my fingers crossed. *still in denial mode* LOL
  4. Did you notice at the press conference when the actress who played xuan nu tried to put her finger on vengo's chin he immediately backed off as if he was scared of her? What's up with that?
  5. I'm also rereading the pillow book for the 3rd time now. Such a wonderful story. Even though I find it a bit dragging in the aranya dream part.
  6. LOL. Very naughty Reba. I think both of them are quite close as they like to prank each other. I can see that from a few of BTS of 3l3w. And from the happy camp episode you can see them often talking to each other but with zhang yun long (sp?) they don't interact that much.
  7. You are right. Those people must be blind. LOL. I didn't know any of the actors when I started this drama but I remember thinking that DH and FJ has more chemistry than our main couple (YH and BQ) even though I watched it without knowing what they were talking about because I watched it raw ( without the English sub). So yeah, DH and FJ definitely has more sparks than YH and BQ, imo.
  8. I agree. Vengo and Dilraba are perfect as DH and FJ. maybe after a few years from now we can finally accept other actors portraying them. But right now all I can see is Vengo as DH and dilraba as FJ.
  9. Welcome. I'm also new here  As for your question about mo Yuan his body was preserved because bai qian used blood from her heart to feed him.
  10. I know he looks good with white hair. But he also looks good with black hair. The first time I saw him I didn't recognise him. I saw him in the promotional event on YouTube with all the cast members.
  11. I can't speak mandarin but I think this is for next happy camp