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  1. Do any of you here know WLK's height? I don't want to get my hope too high just to be disappointed again. BTW, what about Zhou Dong Yu. I heard LGX was also rumoured dating her a few years ago?
  2. So if LGX was in a hotel room on his birthday, what was he doing there? Argh...don't tell me he was with aunty Wang
  3. I don't want to ruin the fun here. But if they are both active on weibo that means they're not together, right? I mean they're not on the same place together. Because if they're together why would they need to use weibo in the first place.
  4. I love how we all are delusional but we know it and admit it. Some people are delusional and don't realise it even bashing us for being on this ship I like this ship because we have the paddles and the wind to keep this ship moving. But when and if the ship starting to sink again *cough WLK cough* we are ready with our life jackets on
  5. Zanilia Zhao Liying 赵丽颖 Official Thread

    It looks like a lipoma to me. It can grow bigger over time but it's usually benign so nothing to worry about. Nevertheless she should check it out asap.
  6. It's because FSF is afraid of LGX's wrath. LOL. Remember the DD2 press con? LGX was obviously avoiding FSF
  7. LOL. That's what I thought too. He doesn't look like he wanna be there. He seems bored especially of the long photo session with the reporters. Btw, has anyone seen LGX's presscon of clash bots. He looks bored too. He didn't pay any attention to what the girl was saying. She was standing next to him. I saw the clip on Facebook. I don't know how to share the video here.
  8. YWY has resurrected but with a different personalities. Can you imagine a goofy YWY? Is it aired yet? I want to watch it. I didn't know how much I miss YWY until I saw him in that costume again.
  9. That's why they should just announce it that they're dating No need to cover up and hiding anymore
  10. I just found this on YouTube. He has a great voice but still I like the original better.
  11. Really only last month? It feels like months ago. I don't really believe they're dating. I want to believe but since WLK is always lurking around the corner I'll give it 50%.
  12. That would be around the time PA finish filming right? I'm so happy if it's true but I'm also expecting another Wang scandal will appear soon. It's been a few months since the last one. You know it's so funny how we shippers always trying to find connections between our CP. Maybe for outsiders we seem like in delulu land. Seeing something that isn't there. I happen to come to another shipping thread. I feel like I'm seeing myself in the mirror only from different perspective. I'm beginning to question myself. Am I being logical or am I being biased here? LGX-ZLY makes a perfect pairing. They seem like a couple when they're together. But I can't stop seeing aunty Wang in the middle of the picture. What is her connection with LGX? She is one piece of a puzzle that cannot fit no matter where you put it. She is getting on my nerves right now.
  13. In xuan yuan sword Han cloud he looks like a crossdresser to me. It's probably because of the hairstyle and the clothing. In Legend of Fu Yao he looks good though. But I like him best as DH. The long white hair really suits him.
  14. @yclove You can see their photos on weibo from @cenching's post. She put it on the spoiler tag.
  15. I can see the similarities between the 2 photos they posted on weibo. Another coincidence? I doubt it