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  1. I haven't seen today's episode, but to me, MH seems like the boy on the playground that pulls the pigtails of the girl he likes. He mentioned in ep. 4 that he has no trouble seeing BY's "good side". However, even though I think I may understand him, he doesn't deserve BY, I want her with JW
  2. @djappleblush I totally understand and agree with you on JH. My thoughts for the next episode: JH won't believe Hwi committed suicide. She didn't believe he died in the war so why would she believe this. She may have to "go to" him, but his wife, queen dowager, and/or the uncle will stop anything "official" happening. I think the general who tried to kill Hwi will now be helping him. He had a funny look on his face when the other war survivors arrived and couldn't believe Hwi was in this situation. Plus he'll see how Kang is pushing himself as king and will believe what Hwi has told him. Even though JH was caught, I believe RSG will get away and get to the island. I believe CYK told NG about JH just to hurt her. I think (hope) she realizes that neither NG or Kang will give her what she wants and she'll become a double agent On another note, I absolutely can't stand the brother and hope he just goes away. Spineless is not a strong enough word to describe his cowardice. KD is WAY too good for him. I completely understand what the father did (as Hwi did) and JH's emotional reaction. Of course it would take her more than a second to come to grips with her reality, jeepers!! I, for one, am getting tired of the queen dowager. It's her fault that Hwi was put in this situation in the first place, I'm really tired of her manipulation. And then to put the blame on JH's family, feel grief over possibly losing Kang, and then give Kang the rope to hang everyone, she is just useless. I understand her limitations of the time, but it's her machinations and poor decisions (keeping Kang out of the palace in his youth) that has produced the current situation. I hate NG, but I also kind of feel for her. She's just so stupid to keep believing that Kang is doing anything but using her. I believe she truly wants his affection and validation and she just will never get it. Looking forward to a bada!@ RSG!!!!!-
  3. I believe he's said it earlier, but he definitely said it in ep. 4 when he fooled her and got her to the roof. He told her not to get drunk and show her true self because it was really disgusting. BTW: I marathoned this over the weekend, that is the only reason I remember
  4. For some reason, it seems like the tree can't have it's keeper connected to its energy except via the tree. Since SR has drank that "energy" it's causing her harm. I think that OS dad probably killed himself because the mom had accidentally drank some pollen and would be affected like SR and eventually die if the dad were to remain as her love. But, I have to believe in all those books that Grandpa and OS have their has to be a solution. Or a way to destroy the tree if that is the only way. I wonder how OS's family became keepers of the tree, that may be the key to destroying this fate. I hope OS figures out tomorrow that she drank some pollen, although I know the noble idiocy will set in and he will have to "disappear" until a solution is found. Typical kdrama but I love it. The leads are just so adorable and endearing!
  5. I'm not quite sure on the scene with Grizzly that DC witnessed that it was his dad. I went back and re-watched it and it looked the ahjussi. Also, in the scene where he remembers meeting the detective, they looked like they lived in a pretty rundown house. However in the scene which DC witnessed, the house looks much nicer and more modern. I agree with you though, I think the ahjussi is a surrogate father to DC. Now how the whole look alike situation will be resolved I have no idea.................... Just also have to say I'm LOVING this show so far!!!!
  6. That is what I think as well. In the first episode the brother says" love will never come true with the one who takes the pollen". I've been wondering about that from the very beginning. Interested to see how they will resolve it...................
  7. I got the indication when he was talking to his brother that his dad owned the hospital that where they were eating. Definitely money..........
  8. I totally agree. Too much of the second leads, especially the male in today's episode. And actually, I didn't like how his attitude when he grilled her about who Oh Soo was. He seems way too possessive of her so far.
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