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  1. Please Help Me! Thread

    Oh. When it said 'OBEY THE SIGNATURE RULES' I thought that 'signature' was meaning 'typical'. Thanks for the clarification.
  2. Blindfolded dance practice One of the best and most beautifully filmed live performances I've ever seen.
  3. First, this fancam. *note that the song's track has been edited onto some of these. As you see in the 2nd film, it is by no means a one-time deal. Additional fancams: The group's live singing ability are demonstrated below. . . (as they perform outside on a small stage, as they frequently have) For additional, and also for those who don't want to watch a whole video, here are some performance clips. I know that what goes viral goes viral, so 'should have made famous' isn't true, but all I can say is, damn. I just wanted to make more people aware of these. I WANT more people to be aware of these. History debuted in 2013, signed under Fave Entertainment (subsidiary of Loen, and the same company as IU). Mostly due to poor promotion, they are largely unrecognized and unknown in Korea and by a surprising number of international kpop fans. However, they have continually released some of the best music, varied/unique concepts, choreography and performance out there, which makes it frustrating to see the lack of attention they receive. History's youngest member Yijeong completely wrote, composed and produced one of their title tracks, 'Might Just Die', in addition to other tracks on their albums. Their dedication to concepts and charisma onstage are exceptional, and their live singing is excellent and better than some top-tier groups. Members: Song Kyungil, Na Dokyun, Kim Sihyoung, Kim Jaeho, Jang Yijeong. Please give this group a chance, before they disappear and disband like Speed and far too many talented lesser-known groups that didn't achieve deserved recognition. If anyone has taken the time to observe this post, I would greatly appreciate it if they leave a reply. If anyone has even the faintest reaction to all this, I would please ask that person for their thoughts.
  4. 2016 US Presidential Election

    The Allies were just as bad as the Axis? Are you insane? You'd sure as hell rather be in an Allies POW camp than a USSR POW camp. Are you a Holocaust denier? Gas chambers were fabricated? There was a new counting that discovered MASSIVE more concentration camps ever compiled before. Additionally, there's a lot of evidence pointing towards Hitler having a desire to conquer the U.S.S.R. ('living space') and making the alliance with him to catch him off guard for the sudden invasion he conducted. Lastly, you should bless your lucky stars that Trumpcare wasn't instituted. Unless you're affluent and it doesn't apply to you. Your delusion scares me.
  5. For anyone who just watched the drama and doesn't know, Shin is a member of the kpop group Cross Gene! Here's their latest comeback if anyone's interested:
  6. Message To Anyone

    You're living in a dream of your own creation. You are dying in a prison of your own device.
  7. Please Help Me! Thread

    I hope this applies, but this is a question about Soompi. It say in the rules, that there should be a maximum four lines of text in a single post. With empty lines counting as lines. However, I've seen a bunch of people posting longer than that, and paragraphs, and how does that rule apply to text while including images and etc.? It's confusing. Also, is there a limit to how many videos or pictures you can put in a post? And is double posting discouraged?
  8. Teen Top **틴탑** [Official Thread]

    That teaser already seems to speak of great things. Can't wait.
  9. Oh my goodness! History! Someone mentioned History! Bless you. Shinee: you are masters. Kpop would never be what it is now without you.