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  1. Am I the only one here who's not worried about shipping? Kekeke! Seriously, I see these shipping business on a positive note. IMHO many shippers simply means that the actors were able to portray their roles well and that the viewers were convinced that they were really inlove even in RL. The only thing that I do not like about so much shipping is it sometimes create shipping wars between different OTP's. Praising others while putting others down is a big..tsktsk! Shipping is fine but one should also know its boundaries. Actors are human too and that they have the right to have crushes or to be inlove and I don't think that they would even consult their fans in choosing whom to love. Love is such a beautiful feeling and I would love PHS to find his true love whoever she is! Watta lucky girl! PHS was bitten once when asked if he liked a certain girl and he promised to be careful not to be misunderstood in the future. I would like to believe that his answers to his IV's were all well thought of and he is aware that some of his answers might be taken out of context especially questions about his ideal girl. I believe that he really liked/loved PBY but I guess in the same manner as how we love him. We love him not because we want him for ourselves (maybe some for self-shippers hehehe ) but because we just adore him. As simple as that. If their closeness/friendship will progess in the future? Well no one can really tell. But as for me whoever it is as long as she makes him happy then its fine!
  2. Cutie patootie PHS
  3. Hi everyone! Popping up again. There are people who thinks that PHS is being nice because of his celebrity status but I beg to disagree. We may not know him personally but I always believe that no matter how good of an actor you are you really can't act every single time. I have seen many of his videos and I believe that he doesn't sugarcoat just for the sake of pleasing everyone. He's been so straightforward but in a nice way and that is what I love about him. let's just ignore those negative comments. We can't please everyone just like PHS can't please everyone. We are here to show our love and support for PHS. Love begets love and hate begets hate. Let us just spread the love that we have for our cutie patootie!
  4. Delurking here. Park Hyung Sik is ..hehehe! I love his interviews because it is just so him. I am a silent supporter of his since High Sopciety. I saw him in Law of the Jungle and I am amazed on how good of a person he is. Almost everyone in the show praised his personality. Him being the youngest child, I thought that he is bratty but it turned out that he is not. He is the sweetest and he is not afraid to show his sweet side to the people around him. I find this this personality of his is very endearing. I am glad that I have found this thread and hope that you wouldn't mind me popping every now and then. PHS deserves more love and support and I am popping up to say that I am one of those who loves and supports him!
  5. sorry to cut your post.. So PBY's dad is in the army and I agree that it may have a great influence on her choice of man. Hmmm..a "Baby Soldier" ( aka PHS ) perhaps? Kekeke! Just kidding! Still rewatching this drama. PBY and PHS's scenes still makes me giggle and squee like an idiot.
  6. Moving on from this drama is hard but thanks to all the wonderful people in this thread that it still feels like we are still waiting for Friday for a new episode. Thank you @bongsoonie for the IV translation of PBY. Her answers are straighforward and honest and that is the main reason why I love her. I am actually a SJK-PBY because of their movie but watching this videoclip made me laugh so hard. Aigoo my shipping heart. Hahahaha! Nothing is permanent in life. PBY may say that as of now a possible they do not have any romantic feelings towards each other but love is not always on first sight, love sometimes develops. Kekeke! Someone said this to me and I do agree with him when he told me that in life God lets us meet people not just for nothing. Each and every person that we meet becomes part of our lives whether we like it or not. Who knows whats in-store for PBY and PHS? Just a plain co-worker, a new friend or maybe, just maybe a future partner in life?! Kekeke! Looking forward for the future projects of PBY and PHS. They are both wonderful and these two really deserves the love and fame that they are receiving right now!
  7. After rewatching EP 16 seems like everyone were worried about Minmin hurting Bongbong. Don't they know that it was always the other way around? LOL!
  8. What a satisfying ending. It would've been more fun if MH's family were there attending the wedding but I guess since they revised the whole script for 15 and 16, the actors were no longer available for the wedding scene. But what fun it could've have been if instead of the gangster it were the uncles and grandfather (MH's father) who were taking care of MH's princesses. Its payback time for bullying MH when he was younger. Hehehe! Now I know why BS's dad loved her so much. Taking care of little BS was tough that's why she is the most precious person for him. The scene where he told BS that he doesn't want any person to take her away from her but since it MH its okay. Awww! MH is really a heart stealer. He did not only stole BS heart but he was able to stole the heart of BS's family and even her bestfriend. HS and BY were so handsome and beautiful in their wedding attire. Whew! I can't help but adore these two. I love them to the moon and back.
  9. The cake cutting looks like a post-wedding celebration. Seems like HS is very possesive of BY. I guess they are still in character. Hahaha! Seriously I love the camaraderie between the casts especially the 3 main leads. Based on BTS and interviews it seems that both BY and YS really adores JS. They keep on complimenting and teasing him at the same time.
  10. Episode 15 was sooo statisfying. And it looks like episode 16 is like a dream coming true. I really love the OTP in this drama. I know I've said this many times already but I truly truly love them. Thanks again everyone. One more episode to go. So sad to let them go!
  11. Friday night is such a long wait! I can't watch another drama so I am stuck in this thread and in rewatching all the DBS-AMH scenes. For me the loveline of these two is enough to make it up for all the flaws of this drama. The preview look promising and I can't wait for episode 15 and 16. It may taste bittersweet because it would mean that the drama is over but feeling satisfied after a drama ends makes the moving on easier. Thanks everyone for making this thread alive and kicking. Shared videos, gifs and pictures are very much appreciated. Special thanks for @stroppyse @ferily and the other translators for the fast translations. You guys are blessings! Thank you @nonski for that amazing MV, can't help but squee while watching it!. @hmseen the title of the song in @nonski MV is "Your Love" originally sung by Alamid (a Filipino rock band) but that version was sung by Juris Fernandez ( a Filipino accoustic singer).
  12. Bongbong is really a strong woman. If I were her I wouldn't be able to resist kissing those kissable lips of Minmin. I mean come on, a quick peck on the lips while he was asleep would be perfect for that scene.
  13. Aigoo. This is my least favorite episode. Hope that the writer would make it up for tomorrows episode. I am kinda disappointed. Tsktsk!
  14. Hi ladies! I bet the psychopath will lure DBS to act recklessly using GS as his bait. From the preview it looked like he took GS out of his lair and let BDS find his lair and put it on fire. He found DBS more challenging than his idea of having seven brides. I still have hope from the writer that he/she will not make AMH selfish because it wouldn't be consistent with his character. He has been so supportive of DBS that's why he helped her honed her skills and him preventing her to help GS wouldn't be right. I know that she lured DBS in working on her dream of making a game when she was very eager to catch the psychopath. Her fighting with those gangster and the fact that someone wants to stab her using a knife was an eye opener for AMH that BDS is not invincible. That stabbing incident was a traumatic experience for him that's why he keeps on saying to DBS that he wants to protect her no matter what. He knows GS and I think he knows how important GS is to DBS. He even allowed her to take a leave of absence when GS got hurt right? Maybe DBS wants to act on impulse that's why he was preventing her to do so not because he doesn't want her to help her friend but because he wants to analyze the situation first before doing something. He knows how clever the culprit is and a simple face-off wouldn't be enough. Trust for me is one of the core foundation in a relationship and I guess this is where the writer is going to explore. I don't know how the writer will tackle this one but I hope it will make their relationship alot stronger. I just want a request for the writer, NO NOBLE IDIOCY PLEASE!! Episode 11 is the best episode for me so far. I love the show for the lovestory of the main lead and episode 11 has more lovey-dovey scenes than the rest of the episodes.
  15. So there's the kiss that we've been waiting for. I will allow PD-nim and Writer-nim to focus on that serial killing for episodes 13 and 14. But in return I want wedding preparations and the wedding scene on episode 15 and therit married life together for episode 16.