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  1. Yahoo! Jumping up and down for this. Ahahaha! I can't wait for his next project.
  2. Wow. Thank you so much @Berou! I am so happy that he enjoyed filming IANAR and that the rating did not affect him that much!
  3. Yups I saw Hoktal. He was a farmer in Kim Seondal. It was just for few seconds but I saw his face clearly because he had few lines. Kekeke! I already joined the petition for YSH PH fanmeet but sad to say the output is too low. They are targeting 3,000 petitioners but we only have 320 more or less. I know that this project is far from becoming reality as of this time but who knows when Ruler and IANAR starts to air here. There is no harm in trying right!??. I will definitely attend his fanmeet if ever there is in the future. Still can't move on from IANAR and have been rewatching 2 to 3 episodes everyday. Btw, I saw a shared IG post at IANAR thread and roughly ( as per google trans ) it says that the IG owner was able to interview YSH. I really hope that this is true! Sharing the IG post here :
  4. Good morning everyone! Wow good job @justlove! Just finished watching Kim Seondal and it was so fun. Cried a little bit but I was laughing most of the time. Hoktal had a cameo in Kim Seondal but they have no scene together. Remember next. Hahaha Our group here at work rooting for YSH is getting bigger too. We've been talking about how good he is as an actor yesterday.
  5. @Berou Yay! YSH is not so ninja after all. I thought he was already working in his friend's farm. Hahahaha! Well he really deserves a long break after working so hard, but updates like these are very much welcome. I saw this compilation of YSH's previous projects. This is so cool!
  6. Sweetdreams @Berou! Just wait for it. My draft is actually on my I am not A Robot folder together with IANAR downloaded pics. Hahaha! Aww YSH and KYJ such cuties! I hope that they can collab on a drama/movie in the future. Btw, is there a problem with the voting in Soompi Awards. You can only vote 24 times right? But why is it that I can still vote nonstop? Need to make sure that all of my votes for YSH will be counted. @justlove I am giving in. I will watch Remember this coming weekend. I hope that your mom will enjoy watching IANAR. My sister is already on episode 24 and I was laughing out loud when she told me that she already told her co-police officers to watch IANAR ( I can't imagine policemen crying while watching IANAR though. LOL!!) EDIT : I don't know why this is the caption of IMBC for this video, clickbait perhaps? A movie wouldn't be a bad idea though. I know that it is next to impossible but I can't stop my heart from hoping.
  7. Done voting for the day! I asked my 2 officemates to make a Soompi account to vote for YSH. I hope that 72 votes would matter. Still need more votes though. Fighting!
  8. You guys are really encouraging me to watch Remember. I know that the drama was so good but I'm afraid of crying buckets of tears. I do have very shallow tears and gets very emotional while watching dramas. Park Min Young is one of my actress bias which means that PMY + YSH is equivalent to a very good drama but then again YSH + PMY means a river of tears. YSH doesn't only make me cry, he makes me sob everytime. I am a hopeless romantic and KMK's journey of love in IANAR felt like me falling inlove again for the first time. That is the reason why KMK was very endearing for me. The joy and the pain in falling inlove was executed very well. YSH is really one of a kind. Just finished watching his movie The Magician and I love it. I would also like to see him doing an action movie/drama. I really admire his fighting skills in WBS. @sakura2016 I am not also good with words since English is not my first language ( it's not even Filipino since I grew up in a province where we have a different dialect ) but I guess you will agree with me that our love for YSH withstands all these so called language barriers. Hahahah! So sad that I missed the fun at the Rulers thread because of some work issues last year but glad that I was able to log in to Soompi for IANAR.
  9. @Berou @sakura2016 Omona! Once I pop I can't stop so I need to refrain myself from talking too much. Hahaha! Actually, I always write long rants per episode for IANAR but would always end up writing 2 paragraphs at Soompi or worse none at all. Funny thing is that 75% of the content are all about KMK/YSH. I know, I know CSB was so good as Jia/AJI3 but KMK is YSH. Enough reason to love KMK more. Kekeke! I watch IANAR episodes before I sleep or even during lunchtime at work. That's how obsessed I am with the drama. I read from a forum in FB that starting January, IANAR was always the top searched topic on Korean portals. I would like to believe that the low ratings were not because the Koreans did not like it but maybe because majority of IANAR's audience were younger, thus prefers watching it online than on TV. One of the things that I love about YSH is that he is able to balance his personal and private life.( I actually call him "The elusive YSH". Hahaha!) He doesn't have SNS that's why his IV's are really precious. Post drama IV's are very much welcome.
  10. Also glad to hear his positive thoughts about the drama after it ended. I was afraid he would be on total hiatus. I hope that he would agree to do post-drama interviews and pictorials. I really love reading his interviews. I was a fan of YSH before IANAR. My first drama of him was WBS. I couldn't believe that he was still in his teens back then. He was so good and I cried so much when his character died. I've watched Imaginary Cat and Ruler because of him. I was so happy when I heard that he accepted a romcom. My thought was, thank God YSH will not make me cry this time. Little did I know that it was not true. Hahahaha! I can actually write an essay on how much I love YSH as KMK but i am holding it back. I will behave @BerouI promise. I will be camping here until his next project. I hope that it wouldn't be a long wait though. I will miss seeing him onscreen but he also needs time to rest so i wouldn't be too greedy. Thank you in advance for the news and pictures.
  11. Good morning everyone! The ending was very sweet. Can’t help grinning until the very end. It is so hard to let go KMK and Jia. Hoping for a collaboration of CSB and YSH again in the future. A romantic historical drama perhaps?!! Thank you so much everyone for the live recaps, HD pictures and lovely gifs. I hope @Berou will allow me to camp at her other thread until YSH’s new project. ***back to re-watching the drama***
  12. I don't know if this is legit but I would be so glad if this is true..putting it in spoiler just in case..
  13. Hi a Filipino here. Kekeke! Actually @justlove and I was talking about this. We are praying that it was the bigger network that bought the rights to air INAR. The fact that they dub better (sadly all K-dramas are dubbed here, thus we will not be able to hear the real voices of CSB and YSH), the promotion is way much better and with wider coverage. Too bad foreign dramas/shows are no longer allowed to air during primetime (7pm to 10 pm). A better airtime makes a big difference. But still hoping for a very good response from the local viewers. YSH’s other drama will be aired here as well and I hope this will help gain more viewers for INAR. Goblin and Moonlight rated well locally, praying that INAR will be able to surpass those. @macello It is true that Filipinos are all over the place (FB, Twitter, IG and Youtube). Hahaha! Filipino viewers (though sometimes annoying) are loyal, once captured we are yours hook, line and sinker. As promised, I will promote this drama to all my friends and relatives hoping that they will be able to feel the joy that I felt while watching the drama. Fighting INAR!