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  1. Help Desk :D (SM Entertainment Auditions)

    1. I think its always good to know korean if u wanna be famous in korea but if ur really good I think its not that important ...but u should at least know something ..... If u get accepted the company will teach u korean ...but do not except it to be easy 2 . Yes u can ..but in my opinion its way more harder to be a non asian trainee . It all depends on you and your talent and looks etc. I think its good to be at least close to their beauty standard 3. Your height and weight its okay i think ..... But the company will force u to lose some weight And sure ...everyone can audition 4. u will probably train in their building in seoul so ..... u wont see ur parents for a while 5. I dont think they will care about u speaking spanish ( i mean its a plus but.. ) Speaking english is good but u need to learn some korean 6. about the SM it also depends on the company .... But probably u will have to delete it :/ 7. I dont know how your teeth look like so they may be nice Braces arent a problem Jhope also had them I think 8. And glasses arent a problem thats for sure Hope I did help And sorry for my bad english English isnt my native language :// Have a great day