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  1. thank you so much !!!
  2. Okay so Im a bit annoying so forgive me But do u think its completely okay for me (as a girl) dance to BTS-Not today ,as long as Im good at it??????????????? I dont know sorry but Im a bit unsure when auditioning online anyways thanks for answers
  3. Thanks You helped me a lot
  4. Well Hello again If I was doing an audition online for SMTOWN ,and I was sending dancing and singing clip What do u think its the best song on dancing ? (4 audition of course ) I mean if Im a girl its better to dance to girly dance or it does not matter? thanks for answers!
  5. Hello I have a few questions 1. What exactly have to be in my email? 2. Can I send dancing video and audio of me singing in one email? 3. How can I know if I passed? I mean would they set up a meeting or....? 4.What is the procedure of rounds ? I mean what will happen if I pass the 1st round ? Which are the next rounds? 5.Because I live in central EUROPE they would invite me to do an audition in SEOUL right? 6. I heard that if u are not fluent in korean you better not use it, is that true? I am already learning korean one year so I can speak some basic 7.Does really matter my native language if its not english or korean? I can understand english and speak it (Im not perfect in speaking) 8.If I lived in SEOUL without family would they pay for my food? 9. If I become a trainee would I have to delete my social media immediately or only before debut? Thank you for all answers and I apologise for my english So thanks and have a nice day