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  1. I know I am petty, but I don´t like seeing him with another girl since Kim Min jung is the main girl. but what i understand he was just undercover and those not love the girl. but our girl gonna melt his heart and make the mission difficulty for him? have not watched the episode yet though.
  2. I guess this is one of the reason i would never go to airport just to see my favorite actor. or try to stalk them. I would rader that they have a peaceful start on vacation then making them uncomfortable with camera in their faces. also when PBY herself asked to not come to the airport you know that your overstep yourself with doing the that... just sad to see her so down and properly in pain because of injury. if this had been an official fan meeting or something like that i would have thought different. but I think fans sometime forget that they are human to and would not like getting swamped like that. I know i would not... Wish fan could think more of their action because sometime they burden them more then they think.
  3. I have been a quiet reader enjoying all comments and thought about this show. thanks for many good read gonna miss puppy couple a lot, have been a sunshine to watch them growing as people and couple. So after letting the final sink in, I have to say that I have mixed feeling about the final scene. I know it is ment to be funny and in some way it is, but i did not like BS respond to MH calling her in desperation. would like to see her coming home to help him with the girls I guess leaving the last interaction between them like that make me uneasy... or it is just me thinking to much over this. I like to think that she did go home and seeing his black eye they pounder on what do to, and end up calling grandma asking her to babysit for the twins. she is the only one beside BS that can handle the baby girls.
  4. I agree he betrayed her first and it is very understandable that she is revenge hungry. guess it is just me that is sensitive to subject as sexual harassment ore rape. stuff like that is in media often this days that it gives me a bad feeling. Gonna be interesting to see how he gonna manage to fix his wrongdoing and win the girls heart.
  5. I got put off by her dragging a drunk person in to a hotel room... In no way that is ok to do. understand that she want to take revenge, but it is to much for me. just imagine this was a guy that took a drunk girl into a hotel room clearly so wasted that she could not answer for herself. just no. there is so many way to get revenge, why the writer go this why is beyond me...