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  1. about the DNA test. I was thinking about this as i was walking home. I do hope it is used as a way for SH to talk to TH about him not being the bio son of father and also about his mom. I would love some deep and real talk between them that gonna build their love for each other. so when the fan hit she gonna remember those talks and his real feelings. hope he gonna tell her about the bet before someone else do even if she gonna be pissed. i hope this is not gonna be only doom and gloom. but a way for SH to mature and grow as a person! if the other two also gonna grow from this i would be quiet pleased.
  2. Maybe it is his fantasy? they have trolled us before, like the bus scene in the preview. I hope to that he fall for her first so he forget playing her in moment with her.
  3. I think I am gonna watch it! can´t resist you make some good point, and it is good for the drama not making it just to be shocking, but making a statement about this kind of behavior. knowing that this can happen in real life is sad to think about. SH sound funny trying but failing wooing TH serves him right knowing that he have ill intention. glad TH is written to be smart girl not falling for his seducing.
  4. based on still and soompi article i think it is nice seeing them moving away from icy subject and give us a dose of classic korean drama romance between our leads. I have yet to watch episode 1-4 because of reading about stuff that happened in episode 1 and 2 like teacher student thing and also SH kissing classmate mom. that made me hesitated starting watching because I know I would be grossed out. but seeing them having a genuine smile on both faces in the stills and producer talking abut giving us heart fluttering moment between them make me happy even though the bet is in back of my mind. hope they handle that in a gentle way then make it to dark.
  5. the trio friendship seems to be quiet toxic... even though we probably gonna fall for them to. there is definitely some big crack in there that gonna open by the bet. production of the serie have also focused on them and I guess reason for that is that they gonna be the snowball that start rolling the plot. so the romance between Shi-hyun and Eun-Tee is still in some way in the dark, so we as watcher gonna be on their journey as they gonna go true the murky water in their romance. so far Eun-tee seems to be quiet mentally stable compared to Soo-ji and gonna show our man what a good friendship is but also what love is. so gonna be scary seeing how se-joo and so-ji reacting to their friend maybe starting to turn away from them as he fall in love with our girl. I also hope we gonna see Eun-tee turn him down for some time because he need to be in some way sincere in his approach so i can root for them and also watch in more peace. well d day!!
  6. so finish this week episodes. I do like the quiet moment between the OTP like in the bus scene, or when they just lay beside each other in bed, or when they have a genuin conversation like in the bar. also the fact that MH have seen her in her worst state and also saved her from dead make me connect to the OTP. does are the time i love this show more then seduction part. I have always loved an OTP when we see conversation between people that make them closer and just enjoying time together, so hope we see more of that! But i wonder if SJ seducing him is a form of shield from her real feelings when it comes to romance. we know that she was very hurt from her last marriage and losing her child. so i like when she in the bus scene just lay her head on his shoulder listening to music. I like this side of her, and seems like she starting to lower her guard around him. I come to warm up to MH daughter. behind her gruff attitude she is deeply hurt by her father seemly lack of interest in her. so i wonder why he push her away when he do want to connect to her (that scene where he cry when she leve in taxi). also seems like romance is building with that barista guy. witch move me to other stuff that we have yet to understand, like what happened to SJ daughter, why she have a police record. why she is in dept. what happened between MH and his ex-wife. why does he say that they cant fall in love with each other. so many question that make me come back to unfold them.
  7. seems like a interesting drama, but it does worry me reading that she ask for divorce when she become sick to spare husband... and then his first love enter... to me it would be more heartwarming drama seeing them fighting her sickness together, or at least he fiend out the reason for her asking for divorce. but then it seems like he gonna be occupied with his first love based on 3rd teaser. don´t know if i gonna watch this when i got a feeling i gonna pull my hair in frustration by thing they do.
  8. love triangle so late in the game?... we know pd lee have no change anyway consider our OTP have been couple for some time already and love each other. but seems like the last arch is WJW and JSH guilt. wonder how our couple gonna handle this... I hope they can face it together and build a stronger relationship.
  9. I guess this is just me, but I have felt a big disconnect between the OTP, like she want to sleep with him from their blind date, but he is no where in that direction. it is obvious that he have a big trauma from his past marriage and not wanting to get into another romantic relationship. so her conclude on the blind date that he is a perv and taking viagara when it is obvious that it is something else going on in his head is off putting. To me it would be to obvious that he don´t want to go on the blind date and want to drive her off having haiking gear on. Also i would have liked her friend more if she did have some thoughtful advice, but all she can talk about is how to seduce that did not work out anyway. Maybe she should talk to her friends boyfriend who seems to have some wise word to say. Our man seem to need a slow burn romance because he is so guarded and need time to upen up. but she just want to get him into bed as fast as possible is disconnecting to me. I guess because i am a shy person myself and need time to upen up to a person so having someone talking about sleeping together after some meeting I would feel uncomfortable and thinking that ting is going to fast for me, when we are not even a couple yet. so I can connect to him in needing time to letting himself open up to her. when also adding that he is probably being scared from last relationship. But after last episode thing seems to slow down and they are friends for now. witch to me is the best place to start for their romance journey
  10. Me to, very curios on how they gonna adapt the novel. based on trailer it seems like they have toned down the sexual part, and given the seduction a more emotional part. also changed the step sibling part to. get the impression they are just gonna have the base plot of the original story and change it to fit drama standar. I think this gonna maybe be more like the movie "she´s all that" (us movie) in tone and where they have a happy ending, after the guy manage to convince the girl that he really did fall in love with her. I actually don´t mind that kind of story, and consider they have 16 hour to tell the story they can make the girl (and us) belive he really did fall in love with her. sorry for rambling on, but i am with you in wonder how they gonna handle the story.
  11. I gave in and watched episode 1. as i watched it I felt drawn into the story and character, witch show a good written story. Liked Hye Ran being good at her job, Tae wook enjoying his work as a public defender. show he has a good heart and make me root for him and him finding his happiness. Hye ran seems like a very complicated person being married to her job and very much disliked that she run to the airport then going to her mom, I think that is a moment she gonna regret for the rest of her life. based on how conflicted she was on the way to the airport. No wonder husband seems cold to her. I guess he have seen many time how she only live for her job. maybe the lost baby is one of the big moment that also pushed their relationship into ice... wonder how they got married, their marriage picture seems so warm and having them smiling big. still don´t like how she daydreaming about Kevin Lee and him saying I love you. (at least sexy scene is short and not so explicit) feel like she never got over him, and it is dangerous that he enter her life again... Got the feeling that the story gonna be about Hye Ran redemption, to me she do not seem happy in her life and need an awakening that life is more then being anchor. so i think the plot is correct and that the married couple gonna reconnect and fall in love again. what gonna be interesting is how. seems like her being suspect and him defending her gonna be a tool for that.
  12. I think in most country public tv broadcaster have restriction in what they can show in program. like in my country Norway the law say that program showing content that are equivalent to the age rating on movie have different time they can be shown on tv. In Norway the rating system is: all/6/9/12/15/18. so the law says all, over 6 year and over 9 year can been shown everytime. 12 between 19:00 pm and 05:30 am. 15 and 18 between 21:00 pm and 05:30 am. I guess Korea have similar law. Seems like cable channel can get away with showing more, but then it is also in the hand of the writer of the drama what they want to tell. the new JTBC drama Misty got a 19+ rating for episode 1-3.... I like the more conservative nature in most korean tv drama because they focus more on the emotion of the romance then the lust part, witch i think often western media have forgotten. it would not be the same to me if MS and GD had jumped into bed in episode 1. to me it is the emotion and the slowness of falling in love for MS and GD that make it so gratifying. btw I saw an article talking about why Korean melodrama movies is dying out. they interview moviegoers and they say that if they want to watch a melodrama they can tune in to tv, but when they watch a movie they want to watch something different. i guess this is also a reason why Korean tv drama and movie is so different in nature beside movie writer having more freedom.
  13. I guess you are referring to my comment. this is what the plot description says: "Their marriage has also been on the rocks. Kang Tae-Wook decides to defend his wife and they fall in love again." so i thought this was what the show was about. seems like it is something else then. my naive mind was thinking that the show would focus on them based on this line in the description, and that her reason for being suspect in the murder was different. I think i had a very different expectation for this show... sorry for being so negative.
  14. Have to say at first I wast interested in this drama because of the story about wife and husband falling in love again. but reading about wife being unfaithful to her husband and seeing clips of explicit scenes make me not watch this drama. It is gonna be hard even thinking about them getting in love again when they are so in your face about her cheating. Also if i understand it is other factor in their stranded marriage that make it hard to understand how the writer gonna make us believe that they can fall for each other again. I just have a hard time feeling any romance vibe from what they present so far... I guess this is not a drama for me, but to those you who liking this drama have a nice watch!
  15. I just watched episode 1 (1/2). figure out i wanted to form my own opinion. agree about it not having very graphic scene (to me graphic scene is those in show like CSI, or game of throne). expect for the one scene where Hak-beom smashed that bottle on the girl they did not show a lot of bloody scene, and that one bed scene where not very vulgar. remind me a litte about ms marple and other of agatha christie`s novel in that it is not a lot of gore and introduce a world where a crime happen and we get to know the people in it and the mysterie is who did it. I like Na Ra, she seems to be kind but also smart in her own way and have her moral compass. I guess we gonna see her arch in takin up her law book and start working again. agree about her being In Ho saving grace and also his relationship with his "friend". yes that mistress was a nut case, but still she did not deserve killed that way. all in all I enjoyed it and gonna be interesting figuring out who kille MI Jung and maybe other crime that the rich people did. SO I am inn for the long runn. take care you to