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  1. have not watched this weeks episodes yet. but from live recap it seems like a bittersweet week for our people in the show. i am not that surprised how the event unfolded. but i do think I can understand JH feeling insecure about SH feelings. first it started out as a contract marriage but the line got blurry and she started getting real feelings for him. but he always backtracked when he did something out of his landlord role and never where vocal about his blossoming feelings to her. So she probably think that he does not have that strong feelings about her. even though he have done a lot of thing that are subtle signs of love for her, he never vocally expressed them to her. I think she also have low self esteem witch make her more insecure and think he does not love her. also remember that she have never been in a relationship before. so expecting her to understand SH subtle sign when even he don´t know what he is feeling is too much to expect from her (as a person who have been single my hole life I do not belive i gonna understand if a man likes me). So i think they need to rewind the clock and start again without the contract. also it is time for SH to fight for love and tell JH how he feels about her <3 thank good JM was never a real obstacle between SH and JH. the ball is theirs alone.
  2. This episode looks nice! Looking forward to watch it later tonight. Regarding the ex(?). this writer have so fare turned trope upside down, so I have fait that the ex gonna turn out different then what we expect. just like Bok-Nam turned out to no not be typical second lead or stalker. writer is clever manipulate us to belive things about a character but it turns out to be different then what we belive.
  3. I found out that Dong-mans first love gonna be played by Lee Eiljah. the actress is born in 1990. so I guess they gonna have flashback to school days involving Jin Ji Hui. did google translate of introduction to the character: - Park Hye-ran cast in Elijah (28) he real fox knows how to pretend to be a bear. A woman called Donghwa and its surroundings, nicknamed "썅 썅 파 탈 탈". Her choice is always right. The conclusion has always been that there is more to come, without being overwhelmed by good recognition. With the tears of tears and the laughter of the horse, he leaped to a better man every time The East was the one who was abandoned every time. She is an announcer while the East is unemployed and wandering. It is a star in the future with well-groomed eyesight and ambition. Throughout that time, Dong-Man was a Shadow lover of Hye-Ran. Hye-ran was always a rodent-like woman to Dong-man. -
  4. Just something I wonder. do you guys think they really slept together? i got the impression that they did not, just by the fact that she had her cloths on, and also she had a blanked around her. I think he just tugged her in a blanked and let her sleep on the couch. she probably herself did fall off and ended up sleeping on the floor. Overal fun episode. was sad for them having both been betrayed by their partner, so gonna be lovely ride seeing them getting closer and oping their heart to each other. and also who sett our girl up. interesting mystery is no wrong i my book.
  5. [Drama 2017] Man To Man 맨투맨

    I know I am petty, but I don´t like seeing him with another girl since Kim Min jung is the main girl. but what i understand he was just undercover and those not love the girl. but our girl gonna melt his heart and make the mission difficulty for him? have not watched the episode yet though.
  6. I guess this is one of the reason i would never go to airport just to see my favorite actor. or try to stalk them. I would rader that they have a peaceful start on vacation then making them uncomfortable with camera in their faces. also when PBY herself asked to not come to the airport you know that your overstep yourself with doing the that... just sad to see her so down and properly in pain because of injury. if this had been an official fan meeting or something like that i would have thought different. but I think fans sometime forget that they are human to and would not like getting swamped like that. I know i would not... Wish fan could think more of their action because sometime they burden them more then they think.
  7. I have been a quiet reader enjoying all comments and thought about this show. thanks for many good read gonna miss puppy couple a lot, have been a sunshine to watch them growing as people and couple. So after letting the final sink in, I have to say that I have mixed feeling about the final scene. I know it is ment to be funny and in some way it is, but i did not like BS respond to MH calling her in desperation. would like to see her coming home to help him with the girls I guess leaving the last interaction between them like that make me uneasy... or it is just me thinking to much over this. I like to think that she did go home and seeing his black eye they pounder on what do to, and end up calling grandma asking her to babysit for the twins. she is the only one beside BS that can handle the baby girls.
  8. [Drama 2017] Whisper 귓속말

    I agree he betrayed her first and it is very understandable that she is revenge hungry. guess it is just me that is sensitive to subject as sexual harassment ore rape. stuff like that is in media often this days that it gives me a bad feeling. Gonna be interesting to see how he gonna manage to fix his wrongdoing and win the girls heart.
  9. [Drama 2017] Whisper 귓속말

    I got put off by her dragging a drunk person in to a hotel room... In no way that is ok to do. understand that she want to take revenge, but it is to much for me. just imagine this was a guy that took a drunk girl into a hotel room clearly so wasted that she could not answer for herself. just no. there is so many way to get revenge, why the writer go this why is beyond me...