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  1. Seeing MR in new style make me think we gonna see a more confidence girl soon get me thinking that she gonna go after what she want in life, included KS. you know when a character change style in drama it signal a shift in the character!
  2. To me it those not look like the place that SA work at. I can´t remember that it had second floor. But can be wrong... if that is what is happening there. we can be wrong in what is really going on. Is it me but that lady looks like his mom?... or it could me our girl MR! she have dark hair.
  3. I have been thinking about how KS can make money without taking up on SA offer. In episode 7 they make a big case about how his friend bar those not make allot of money. I could see KS starting to help him redevelop the bar, I mean he is smart, and I think after reading the book he could help his friend. anyway I would be sad if they do not dwell into it more when they let us know about it. I just hope he do not need to work at the place SA work at. I am looking forward to see MR getting stronger and start to verbally talk about how she likes KS. We need the girl that is not afraid to tell how it is! also looking forward to see her giving SA a pice of her mind
  4. I think it is nice that they show and tell how MR is still affected by her low self esteem despite going under the knife. It is something she need to work on from inside to open up to KS heart and see herself as someone a guy can like. I hope they do take time to show her growth and blossom to a woman we don`t need allot of SA time. to me there is allot of material for the OTP for the rest of episodes we have.
  5. wow I am speechless over some character in this drama. MS, CA, SH dad and brother. how could that brother just like that droving his little brother under the bus. also I got shocked by the casual talk about drug, I guess being rich means it is more easy to get... I also wonder if SH would have done the reflecting of his behavior if he never got sick... But I really like how he in his own way is trying to become a better person and looking out for our girl. I wonder if SH family gonna have any reaction when they discover that he is deadly sick. I am happy by next episode JH gonna know about him being in the same place as her sister. Wonder how she gonna take it.
  6. I think it is ok to feel bad for a person sad circumstances, but not liking their personality and behavior. I believe this is what he is thinking. unfortunately for her as she has already showed allot of red flag that he have notices, so i don´t think her sob story gonna change that
  7. Someone translated the preview video on youtube mirae friend's: does kyungsuk like you? kyungsuk: kang mirae, we should watch the movie too mirae friend's : so, you will watch a movie with handsome man for the first time. mirae: why do i always want to see him? (kyungsuk) sooah: do you want to watch a movie with me? kyungsuk: i have someone to watch with. TA: you want to live in my house? Kyungsuk: yes @Mau_Cherry seems like KS is back turning down SA
  8. seems like they have to change and cut stuff from the webtoon to fit the drama format. It is also different medium, so there need to be some changes to the adaption. what work in the webtoon would not work in a live adaption. to me the important part is how it it is done to make a good story for drama, and how it is elevated. Beside looking forward to OTP moment, I am also looking forward to see mother and son mending their broken relationship. Would have loved for a growth arch for Soo ah to, beside being a torn in the OTP relationship... don´t need allot of her, but just so she do not come off as one dimensional character. they have already showed in some way how she think and what she fear. Also want to see more of the friends of OTP and their classmates
  9. JTBC have given us a compilation of Kyung Seok killer moment in the drama so far
  10. So have watched all episode that are out, and i actually love this drama. I am in the right mode for a lighthearted drama, and can feel heart for every character. they are all good people. It was so sad to see how SR got to react to her lost dream. It is nice that she slowly got to react to the time she lost, and seeing her slowly adapt to her current time. For now WJ is growing first as he got to face his trauma, and starting to see what SA is gong true. that ending of this weeks episode was so fantastic. I also feel for him because I know how scary it is trying to get closer to people, and it is easy to just shout out people and live life alone. But like SA say he is trying to make his heart small. I really love how she sometime actually is perceptive of other people. And Chan the one with healthy mind and the way he is taking care of his uncle and SA. I am happy we have him in this drama! gonna be sad to see his heart break... But have to say my heart is for WJ, seeing him starting to get out of his shell is amazing also WJ and SA interaction is so breathtaking. regarding TR, I feel this drama is not one of them that have evil character, so hope to se her backstory and seeing her growing closer to SR after doing some thinking. In the end they both love classic music so they have something in common that could make them friends.
  11. So in the end NS3 sacrifice was what made NS wake up, witch is fitting that his robot copy did give him the shock factor he needed to turn his destructive act around. Would have loved to see them acting as brothers, but well there was not enough time frankly a part of me thought that we would see SB and NS after that year meeting again and become friends and maybe fall in love. I have a little problem really feeling NS3 and SB romance because he his a machine. nothing gonna change that, and also he is just to perfect... But in the end this drama have been a very nice tale about what is human. So it is not about robot, but about humanity light and dark side and all in between. I am happy they did not shay away from how bad human can act, but also how we need to fiend the light to be a good person. I am gonna miss them.
  12. I have watched all 4 episode now, and really love it. like how it talk about our idè about beauty and how it affect how we treat other people. this show how some people would go under the knife to feel better. but like true our heroin we can see how she still struggle with how she see herself and her low self esteem. it make this more real to me because you can tray to fix face and body, but you still have your mind that need other way to be healed. I like that message this drama is sending. I really can see myself in MR as I was very timid and had allot of self doubt myself. I can see why she can´t see true SA because she is very self conscious around people and for that reason do not have the capacity to read other people, beside she only see SA "good" side and we can see that she looks up to her. But there is small crack there that MR gonna see after all. KS clearly have self confidence that give him room to read situation and people. We see he clearly can see how SA is like his dad in being fake person around people, so I really love how he always put her down! MR already is warming up to KS. she is not afraid to say what she feel to him, like in the conversation about his mother. and I can see he is starting to fall for her, that half smile when she asked to go out for a drink. his face lighted up! also, I did find their dialog when they had lunch in episode 3 heart fluttering. love their interaction