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  1. Reading that article about dramas low ratings made me want to say something. sure it is ok to talk about failure in making it a hit drama. ratings is talking for itself. but like comment is saying the article is writing based on wrong assumption. consider there is many dramas airing true the week, and also people have other real life thing to tend to. sadly not every drama gonna be hit to the masses.. to me even tough a drama have low ratings do not gonna make me shy away from it. To me the more important thing is if I myself is liking the story and character. Lets make a warm circle for our Kimkim and hope it is not to painful week for him
  2. I see my comment was short and not very good explained. Yes I was reacting to Emperor and Sunny bed scene. I guess what made me put off about the scene is that he have been intimate with YR for every episode before that. I therefor did not feel good about It because sunny not knowing what kind of person he is and what she have signed up for. It is more then the act itself, but everything around this marriage that is to me messed up and I just feel bad for our girl getting tangled up in this sh...t. To me even if you are naive person those not give people the right to play with you and pretend... I just feel so bad for the girl to enjoy this... I want to ship her far away from this people. But seems like she is slowly getting her head in the game at least And hope that CWB and her can build a relationship that is mutual based, different from her and the emperor. I guess knowing who the PD and writer is, I knew it would be a crazy feast with adult scene and allot of mad people. I can understand why some feel it is addictive I like Boyfriend that is more quite and slower witch give you time to take in scenes and think about it. but taste is different so not gonna say anything about what people should like
  3. so this story is not just about romance and husband searching, but also a story about redemption from past action. Seems like our prof. is black star fairy and the deer. while geum is the husband. only big revile is what really happened between them in the fairy realm, we know there where some jealousy and and maybe some bad omen between them. But what really happened. I really feel bad for geum, but our fairy is so into her ide about prof. jeong that she those not catch on all the hint about Geum being the husband. But she those get drawn closer to him. Like when she got her bad omen in the wood about feeling like she could loose him, and also how she have to stop herself like when their hand touch. I think she without understanding it is falling for Geum, but she feel she cant respond to that because she belive strongly that Prof. is her husband... I do think she soon gonna have strong awakening. Lett see what she do then.
  4. Really... that is sad and stupid. I don´t see how people even care for romance anymore when they are doing this. trowing scenes like that without building the romance at least. I am out of here. so for those that like this show enjoy
  5. It depend on where you are. The best way to know is searching the drama on netflix and it will say when episode is coming
  6. I really wish I could watch it tonight, but netflix is not gonna make it available in my place before 11 December.... I think it is sad that they do this. If it was on VIKI or other dedicated streaming site they would not have this delay for some licensed region...
  7. I could not stay away from here Seems like a rushed ending, but I actually think in some way Sy needed to figure out his mental demon by himself. Of course YR can be a pillar for him, but I think a person who have mental problem need to figure out for themself how to fight for their health and mind. The way he refuse to listen to miste jang and YR and still using this devise that is killing him, they cant forse him, he need to figure it out by himself... Nobody can fight your fight for you if you are not willing to do it yourself. I just wish we had more episode to explore SY healing prosess. Seems like the writer had many thing she wanted to tell, but sadly to short time to explore them all in organic way. Anyway gonna write more when I am finish watching the final.
  8. Thank you guys for updating on promo stuff that is coming our way So based on article and teaser i think that wedding scene is not his weeding. Consider he is doing stuff that people is asking him to do, I think someone asked him to crash a weeding. I can be wrong tough. But this make me breath a little better. I can already imagine the comedy coming from this Also looking forward to wacky but funny Soo Jung Seems like the there gonna be comedy, but also some dark element in it to touch our heart.
  9. hm, I don´t know of I am gonna watch this because it seem to put my least favorite thing in it, allot of violence, long kiss scenes for couple that is not even romantic (I love kiss scene when there is build up to the moment, and you can feel the character) Many mad people. If I was the writer I would have written the emperor more subtile. so it is more understandable why Jang nara character would like him and ending up marrying him, and they could expose his true self little by little to us and her. At least to me it is just so much it is interesting watching bad character acting bad and being violent before it is enoch... I guess the only good character in this is Jang naras character and Jin hyuk character. So I hope they gonna focus on them and how they survive this madness
  10. looking forward to watching this. So by the highlight we already got a good look on the start of the drama. They both have some life changing event leading up to taking a break oversees. They meet in Cuba where they becomes travel buddy After retuning to Korea they ending up working at the same hotell. talk about fate bringe them back again anyway what gonna be interesting is how their second meeting gonna turn out, I guess here is where the romance gonna fire up. They seem to have good chemistry so looking forward watching their romance journey
  11. I guess because of SY physical and mental health degrading, the romance progressing have taken a stop for now... But it is heartwarming seeing YR being there for him. I hope he is coming away from this safe and sound first, and then that they give us some normal couple time next week I think this is gonna be a big lesson for SY on how to handle his body...
  12. I have been reading comment here and got inspired to write my own revamped outline to the theme of third charm as I love writing myself. so here is my short outline. I hope it is ok sharing it here First charm - in college early 20 They meet in college as freshmen and becomes friends. They have opposite personality as he is introvert and she is extrovert. But they have something in common as they share interest in books and movies and click. So they start to feel something more than just friends, but as their college time is nearing the end they never got to explore their romantic feelings. He is moving to another city as he start to work there (this is a part of his character growth as he normally like to just be by himself and ned to be more confident) Second Charm - late 20 They have kept in contact true social media, but now she is moving to the town he is living in as she got work there. they start to meet up again and deepen their friendship even more. also their feelings grow deeper. But they cant pursue a relationship as they both are in committed relationship with other people. They do want to help each other relationships, but for different reason they end up breaking up with their partner. this time she got bushed at work to move oversees for a period of time and they loose contact with each other. Third charm - early 30 He is thinking about her and start to search for her on social media and contacting her friends. He finally fiend her and they start to catch up with each other. they both single and becomes sweethearts and get married and follow them as they grow their family. This is just a draft I have written, but I am wondering about really writing this
  13. I am looking forward to watch this. The story seems interesting and who can not love YSH and JBA acting I really wonder what gonna fuel him to start his revenge plot. Consider there is maybe a fiance in the picture I wonder if she gonna somehow break his heart and that gonna be the start of him going back to school and start his revenge. I don´t know what to feel if he is married while falling for JBA character. I have to say they really make me confused about what really going on, so looking forward to getting some answer when it air
  14. Really a break up...? I never trust fully preview tough. I feel they maybe gonna have an argument about his health maybe, consider she is showing to be giving SY extra attention and he gonna feel he is a problem for her... Also there is so many other stuff happening that do they have time for a really break up? I feel this gonna be a learning curve for them to how to give right consideration for each other, also about how to communicate to each other about their inner thought and worry. I hope this is what next weeks episode gonna be about. There is so many other tread to close, so we need a power OTP that gonna fight to be together. anyway, this is my prediction