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  1. Yes first aid for burns is having the place that is burned under flowing water for around 20 min to cool off, reducing pain and swelling. No ice water because the vain gonna pull back and make the burn worse... Ice is good for other injury tough. remember old practice was using ice water, but it have changed some years ago so guess she had not got the memo...
  2. Cute start for this drama my only worry is how the writer is gonna handle their break up cycle. I think on and off coupe in drama often can be hard to watch because I often get frustrated about why they break up and make up, because they often have petty reasons. but if this writer can do it in a meaningful way and make it understandable why they break up and what make their third time different then I am all in!
  3. I see where you coming from and agree some part is not answered. but for nr. 1. I don´t think that SR ever gonna get the answer... the person that could answer why he lied is gone, and to me it is like real life where we often those not get every answer about be past. I think that he aunt leaving have to do with her husbands dead and she herself was in mental pain so she could not take care of SR and also maybe forgetting to handle the money. Even Soo ri was wondering about this. regarding Jennifer. I guess she was estranged from her family because like woo jin she become closed off after losing her husband and child. the lady in yellow i think was her sister, she was at least in some way related to her as she was present at the fathers grave. I agree with you that it would be nice getting more details, as we we could see that the writer had more in her mind, but I think they at least manage to answer all the big stuff
  4. Finally watched final episode. so many nice word already said that I totally agree on. All in all I had found time watching and getting to know all this lovely character. I am happy at least all the important storyline got a nice closer and seeing how far they have come from first episode is heartwarming. Gonna miss this little family
  5. with the wrap up party, we know it is the end soon this is what i think about the proposal to go to Berlin. I don´t think SR would go there alone without her new family, I don´t think she would leave WJ to after everything they have been true. maybe they talk it true and go together, or she end up refusing because she is happy the way she is living now. Also she have made peace with herself that she is not gonna be pro violin player and she is happy doing the work she is doing now. I would think maybe she could be a violin teacher in the long run? I guess I see many reason for her not going to Berlin.
  6. I can name many drama where OTP do not have last minute separation. Strong woman do bong soon, My id is gangnam beauty, whats wrong with secretary kim, Just between lovers. I think script writer have become better not falling into the typical route, so hope this is the same anyway I feel this is the reaction they want from us tough, I bet they are smiling in glee making us thinking the worse gonna happen
  7. finish todays episode. so sad but also nice seeing Jeniffer finally letting her bent up feelings out and telling her story. I would have loved seeing the OTP having a normal date, but happy seeing WJ being there for SR as she figure out the last puzzle. I hope the last episode is 30 min about uncle and aunt, and the last 30 min is OTP moment. I don´t trust preview especially when it is for the final episode. they know how to hold the real deal close to their chest hope it is a warm final for us!
  8. I had a lazy morning and the first thing i did was watching the final episode I really love the message this drama deliver. I think MR line to SA sum up what the dramas message is. "Mirae – You, I hate you, okay! I feel like I am talking to a wall. Okay, I am not pretty, I had surgery, I was not happy because I was not pretty! Are you happy because you are prtty! Why do you have to do this! Why do we haev to be like this! You are not fat, but you try to lose weight and throw up and get surgery. Like we will die if we don’t get pretty. Our face is a gold mine(?). We fight each other because of our looks. We get surgery and fight, why should we do this. I really don’t want to do it. I don’t want to do it anymore. I will, from today, I will rethink what makes me really happy. I will do it." (drama milk) I feel a little empty letting this drama go, they always made me smile and feel fussy inside seeing the OTP falling in love and also seeing MR growth. I was so happy seeing her gaining confidence and standing up for herself.
  9. I think it is possible that it is 36 episode. The other drama those not start until 1 oct. that is 3 weeks away. so we could have two weeks to go. I hope it is so, there is still story left to fill 4 hour
  10. I have rewatched the preview and saw there is a scene where we see SA at home crying... make me think we gonna get the confession from MR at the lab, witch SA not gonna like also I feel KS not gonna give her the respons she want. IS it the start for SA downfall
  11. Totally agree with you. Now that it seems like thing gonna get worse with SA saying she likes KS to their classmate, so him not saying anything gonna make it look like he agreeing to dating her... So i hope he gonna say something to them so it is not gonna look bad om MR part when they figure out that they like each other. anyway, Eun and MR two girl friends seems to smell the love birds so maybe they can say something?
  12. so happy we finally got the preview can´t belive SA could not understand the message KS gave her... at least MR knows KS heart, so she don´t need to feel smal in front of SA, and we gonna get a confession from her as SA is there. I guess the park scene is after her confession where they have a heart to heart and start dating
  13. Finally had time to watch this weeks episode. I think it is appropriate to say this week was about the growing pain. It was sad to see our to two friends being sad. But even so i really like this episodes for giving us the rain scene, confession, showing MR insecurity and also how our boy had to see what MR had to go true... Even tough i don´t think he could really understand what she have been true, I think he is starting to see what is going on in her mind. I was happy he did say that he can wait for her! now the ball is in her hand. hope she can take a leap
  14. This drama is ray of sunshine every week, make me happy and smiling after the episode is finish I don´t mind that they take time for the character to know who they are from the past. I like how SR and WJ get to know each other without knowing how their past is connected. It feel more organic way for them to get closer and I really love the slow but heart beating way they open up to each other This week show how they are in same wave line and how they deeply care for each other. Like WJ being worried for SR and how SR is worried for him. those tears she had in the end scene speak of how much she care for him. what a wonderful couple in the making