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  1. Seems like today episode gonna be a start on closure for SP and DW ex fiancees. from stills it looks like they both got bad news... I guess I hope they can move on after this and if their ex next time tray to crawle back they already is a couple, and can with big smile turn them down. Can´t not wonder about the photo in SP hand. maybe he learn that DH is pregnant with the CO kid, derby becoming angry and then sad... or maybe the betrayal goes longer back in time... whatever it is that he learn I hope this is start for character growth for him.
  2. [Drama 2018] My Mister 나의 아저씨

    regarding the conversation between DH and that man in the caffe about YH. according to one person in another forum he said "My kids mom" witch imply that they are separated but keep in contact because of their boy. she also is living in the US with her boy and learn english. DH have always before said wife and had YH saved as Wife on the phone. according to this person it is very disused in korean forum. because it is first time he said My kids mom it is important piece to know if they still married. so yes I think it is a new fresh start for JA and DH after getting healed also way DH can smile so big at JA.
  3. totally looking forward to watch this drama. I know sung kyung have wanted to do musical so i guess this is the closed she get so far. looking forward to se a more mature version of her as Michaela also looking forward to watch Sang Yoon on my screen again, and their chemistry seems promising! I guess my only worry is Do ha`s fiancee, would not like for an affair route. but maybe i am wrong, it seems like more an arranged relationship consider they have hinted that he do not love his fiancee. and there is also a first love to? but it does seems good, and hope for some musical number! so looking forward to next week
  4. So the actor them self don´t know who is the OTP? don`t know how to feel about that. I mean yes it is funny for some time playing around with the love line, but I hope the writer herself know witch route she want to take. because i feel if it is allot of back and fort i feel they gonna ruin for a good development for the OTP. even so it is not first time in korean drama that the OTP is not clear from the start. the writer past drama Jealousy incarnate had her playing for some time with the love line. also the biggest tease about love line where replay series. In replay 1988 duk-sun and Jung-hwan have some romantic moment even as they are not the end game. SO i guess it is up to the writer witch way she want to go, and it is still early in the drama, so allot can happen with the love line. But aside from the love line i hope to see friendship and also some nice life improving for SP and SW. and seeing SP getting his revenge even if it figurative would be nice. hope they end up being the best chines restaurant around with good reputation
  5. Well he just got out of a long term relationship, and also properly need time to figure out his life before even thinking about new girlfriend. so I think it gonna be slow burn love for him. btw, even if she said she likes them both, it could be in different way tough
  6. @evie7 they gonna air both episode on Saturdays ye seems like it gonna be dark story with rich people in the middle, and a social commentary on heigh competition for school kids to get good grades. maybe like you say they gonna start the show with the murder and track back to unfold what happened. it is not uncommon story technique for korean drama to.
  7. not watched the episode yet, but from clip here I already is pissed at the current girlfriend of SP. so sad to see him so in love with here and she is cheating on him. no wonder I had a feeling after watching the teaser and still, there was something wrong with her body language... DC and gang seems to be funny and is it correct that he is like in the middel of it all? I guess he is the ferry good father to our two broken souls? SW seems to be a girl I easy can have a girl crush on
  8. @USAFarmgirl You said what I have been thinking about MH so beautifully The fact that he searched high and low for the book speaks volum about his love for BY. so do not look forward to see his heartbreak next week... wonder what the writer have in store for him
  9. so it`s me trying to piece together whats written so far about the story and the press con. so no doubt our two boys gonna form a friendship as they work at the restaurant. and probably seo poong gonna help giving new life to the place I guess it is a way for him to pay back the loan shark and then we have sae woo who also gonna ask for money from Chil seong. they also hint that he gonna have a crush on her. but she know that he is a gangster so it maybe gonna be one sided from him. beside there is not a equal relationship when she is in dept to him... she fall in love with the noodle that seo poong make and they also seems to be in same situation life wise. to me that seams to be a start for a romance. so i hope there is no big love triangel but that they form friendship and we see a lot of funny antics from them. beside romance it seems to be a drama about friendship and life
  10. Drama just got licensed on VIKI guys https://www.viki.com/tv/35833c-lawless-lawyer
  11. So after watching episode 11 and 12 and doen some thinking, I have to take back som of the word I said. First about JW and BY. I really like that we got more understanding of who he is. And how they both have lost dreams. it also gave BY some grounded understanding of who he is as a person. So derby they can understand each other on a more deeper level. as a introvert person I can relate to JW. he had problem open up to people around him, and he was stand off with his co worker. witch I totally see that BY is pushing him to be more social at work. and she did open him again to love being an extrovert. I see how they balance each other out that way he also make her more mature. lol, he is totally different person in love and BY being happy make me happy!!!! I see many comment about MH and I feel that is very harsh word about him. episode 12 showed who he is as a person. He is a jokester, but he is also nice to people. Look at how he paid for the food and treated DB with respect. even though JJ said some bad words about him. MH parents did something right. also we can see how he actually is a good buddy to NW. like when he offered to ask a relative to give MW a room to stay at when he had to leave that student room. but NW did not want to so he paid for food instead. I think it is sad that he maybe have lost his change with BY. but if that not happen I hope he start to take his study more seriously and improve as a person. I think when he meet the next girl he knows what to do write don`t forgetting him, I at least want to see him happy and improved person by the end of the drama. please! I think this series strong point is how every character have their flaws but also their good side to them. witch make them more real and grounded. we learn something new about them in every episode. witch i Love. there is so many life lesson from them. And MW story got more sad...
  12. Have not watched this weeks episode. but from what i see here it is clare that BY and JW is the end game now. but i do hope the writer don´t forget MH that easily tough. what about the pome book he searched a hole day to fiend for BY? and every time he comforted her when she was sad over work and JW. and also she was alway herself and more free around MH. she even started to say just kidding. He did many big mistakes, but the fact that he was there for her in her worst times made me really rooting for him to get her. I guess in some way I don´t see how BY and JW work as a couple... all those imagination of JW have stuck to me as a girl crush and it fails me to see how it has turned to love for me. I know the beach scenes should be a clue to how strong she feels about him, but I don´t see how that has turning to real love for me. the same with JW. why suddenly after rejecting the girl he start to feel real things. beside I ses JW more as a mentor figure then a real love interest... sorry for my rant. maybe after watching this two episode i maybe understand more.
  13. I guess she is gonna dump him in the last minute maybe. according to his character description she is his fiancee but dump him as he got deployed from his top chef job. I hope they don´t dwell on their relationship to much before moving to the main story.
  14. I want them all to be happy in the end. my poor heart cant take all three of them being sad and gloomy
  15. seems like both our leads got dumped on the same day but fate has that they are meeting on their worst day sound to me like classic first meeting for the OTP. I am super pumped for next week!