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  1. I totally see where you are coming from. It is frustrating seeing her being clueless about her friends feelings. But at the same time I can understand why she cant recognize his feelings because of their long time friendship and she seeing him as a brother... I think writer want to show how hard it is to also change that dynamic that they have after so many years. Also if you not feeling their friendship I can also see it is hard to care for their relationship, witch is the main part of the story. If I where you and not enjoying the story or character i would not forse it. maybe if something still make you want to watch maybe watch later when you are in mood? sorry that I am not so much at help with convince you to watch, but hope you can find out what missing for you.
  2. hope the writer never gonna make DY and SJS really a couple. I mean that gonna make Eunho bad guy fo putting in their relationship. So hurry up girl, look in front you who really have been there for you all this years. I wonder if Eunho getting in a accident is the only way for her to search her heart.... Sorry guys for not being so happy about See joon... I have a weak heart for long time friends turning to lover because to me real friends already know each other bad and good side witch is a good place for a stable and long relationship.
  3. Here is preview for episode 6 I guess second lead gonna be the wake up call for our man to sort out his feelings and do something about it
  4. So do we have to get annoyed at second leads meddling in the leads relationship... That is my least favorite trope, and I would love to see them figure out their feelings without having other party being the forse... I would love Eun ho start on his own accord showing his feelings to Dan yi and make her fall for him this time. I mean there was already that ex husband that made Eun ho close off his feelings for her...
  5. Stills for next episode A reunited gang fighting for the school future!
  6. this sound like it can be comedy gold regarding him running for national assembly But can also belive there gonna be sad part as wife figure out he is con man, and also those people electing him. I guess he also maybe gonna start caring for politic and turn a new leaf.even if it start out as not so nobel reason. I guess I really looking forward to this as I already start to think about the story.
  7. I am ready with tissue in hand for next episode, let the crying and angst come But hope by the end of episode there is light in the tunnel
  8. Have finally muster up and watched the two last episodes. so sad JH mother just put nail in SH heart using hurtful words. I guess I can understand that she is scared for his family getting talked about and that like, but the way she did go around her son was not nice... but you could later see how it affected her doing that. you most be a stone not to see the tears in SH eyes and also hear how in love JH is... Episode 14 is SH episode. It show how conflicted she is about breaking up... poor girl smiles is not there anymore. I could see her conversation with WS as an eye opener for her where she could understand how doing something because you think it is the best thing to do, could mean she will understand how affected JH gonna be about the break up. man is talking about their future together so breaking up would destroy his heart... But I could also see her really breaking up with him in the way she see the best way... I think the ending of episode 14 is open so what is SH gonna do? It is time for her to really take a stand in what gonna make her life happy!
  9. You right it is early in the drama, and still room for character growth I hope he is not to lost, and can get affected meeting new people. Also when I think back reading what PD said about this is a story about how making new relationship gonna have e warm affect in the character in the drama, I think she also talk about the king. I guess it is me that have a very negative thought about drugs and make me hesitate when it is shown in a show. but at least compared to many american show they are not romantic it. I am gonna watch it this weekend, it is also allot that draw me in to want to watch also
  10. I have been unsure about starting this series because I read that the king is using drug... I guess in some side it is understanding that they want to show how far he could go in his madness. but at the same time I feel it is limiting him as a character. To me it would have been more interesting having him taking the clown place and also see for himself how his people is living. this way he could grow as a character and also make this a story about the king and the clown. I mean there is just not much a writer could do with a character that is dealing with this kind of addiction and withdrawal. Also Opium is a very deathly drug and very addicting. It make me scared for him and his health. frankly I am surprised that they even talk about drug in a kdrama.
  11. Sound like todays episode was a sad one where JH mom got in the "driver seat"... I pray there is some twist to what normally happens true the end of a drama where there is separation. Anyway I do hope JH and his mon have a long adult talk about their relationship. she need to trust her adult son to know what he is doing as we know him. Even if it is sad, I belive this gonna be a catalyst for some growth for JH and his family. I guess there need to be some conflict and fraction for people to grow, but I hope there is a happy ending for our OTP!
  12. If that is not a cheeky Preview Seems like our OTP gonna communicate even more, and also fight together. I feel there is two way for SH to get get her life in totally control from her ex. 1. Her father finally open up to the public that he is not running for being candidate 2. Leaving the hotel to someone else that is capable to continue what she started. She could start her own hotel or another type of management. I don´t see it as a defeat for her to leave the hotel as long as it is in good hand and start something new. It is not uniq for someone to change their work true their career
  13. I have been wondering if this drama gonna be a very dark drama, but I think based on this statement from PD there gonna be light and warm scenes as the story progress "Although some settings in the first two episodes may overlap with the original film, after incidents that incur the clown-made-to-king wanting to become a real king, the rest of the story will be very different," said the director. "If my previous work was more critical and cynical to the world, I would say my new drama is a warm story. It includes characters who want to change the world on their own will and in doing so, create new human relationships and that will be distinctive point of this drama."
  14. I just got this crazy idea about future development in this story. consider it seems like they take the relationship to the next level next week I just got this thought about them getting a baby... To me it feels right moving somewhat away from everyone that is against them and show their marriage as a family with children. I remember Secret garden had the OTP marrying and having kids, and they showed how they manage it and also that his mother backed somewhat away, but acted as a grandmother to the kids. I am not sure if this is gonna be right for this story, but I would love to see the story move away from everyone doing stuff to separate our OTP to seeing them being a couple, also to me it is not always we see drama showing OTP marriage life and how they handle that. I also believe here being married will be a shield from the world because it is harder for other to do something about that status. sorry for my rambling, I am really looking forward to see what's next for our lovely couple