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  1. Hi Avengers, dropping by to share some photos of Ahn Daepyo-nim taken at the event earlier today. Unfortunately they aren't of high quality due to the distance from which they were taken He really looks very, very stunning in real life - tall and imposing, extremely adorable when shy (looking down at his feet / lip-biting / and blushing till his entire face and neck turns red), swoon-worthy gentlemanly (when helping Park Bo Young out with her chair) and 100% nice to his fans (warm hugs / fan service). Such a lovable and absolutely charming guy I would say Unfortunately (for me) I barely had the opportunity to snap photos of PBY as she was blocked by a selfie stick lol damn that selfie stick. She looked absolutely beautiful, sweet and jovial, smiling the entire time throughout the event. I thought she was radiating sunshine cause she definitely seemed like she was doing so. It was just such a joy to see her (and PHS) on stage!
  2. Btw I just want to clarify that for the above mentioned words, I hope it is clear that I am actually in support of PBY and simply expressing my thoughts on the reason why she has been criticised by some for portraying characters that give off a similar vibe (cute). Aside from the fact that I personally find her to be really likeable as an actress, I acknowledge her acting abilities and am a fan of hers. And that is why I hope others can realise that sometimes it isn't because she doesn't want to challenge herself in acting and show a different image to the audience, but rather, she is unable to do so in spite of her own desire to, without the relevant opportunities (roles) presented. In fact, I believe even if she were to be given the chance to take on highly contrasting roles (far from that of a 'cutesy' feel), she would still continue to be seen as cute, adorable and lovable (image) by the public - simply based on her looks/physique alone. Even for this drama (SWDBS), she had originally decided to accept this role after reading the first script draft which she mentioned in her interviews, had been quite different from the Do Bong Soon that we eventually saw in the 16 episodes. The original heroine supposedly had a 'country bumpkin vibe' with an accent and a stronger personality, which she felt would present a different, refreshing and new image to viewers. I'm not sure though on how much that (originally written character) would be regarded as 'cute' by the audience. Of course, the fact that the character was an uncommon one in the drama scene, being a heroine with superhuman strengths, appealed to her not just in terms of its uniqueness but also because she personally felt it would allow her to achieve what she is unable to (do) in reality. That is to be advantaged in terms of physical strength in spite of a small physique and thus be seen in a different light in the eyes of others, which may be deemed as a true 'gift' for those who are disadvantaged in size and stature aspects, and hence, be vicariously satisfied through the role. She could very well relate to the issue on being judged (perceived) in a certain way and maybe even looked down upon by some due to her size (just like DBS). That was what motivated her to take on the role, apart from the interesting script content (to her). However, the character ended up being depicted in a different manner by the writer, who probably felt a more 'cutesy' vibe would appeal to the vast majority - which I would say, did. Viewers in South Korea and (most) elsewhere still enjoyed watching and loved the 'cute' DBS. Sorry for the long post! Just felt I had to clarify in the event that misunderstandings arise over my supposed stance on the issue. Also, these are purely my own views and I respect that others may have differing opinions as well.
  3. Hi @jechoi1, so far I have only come across one interview article where Park Hyung Sik was asked for his thoughts on having a season 2 for the drama, to which he responded along the lines of "though it would be funny and probably touch on Min Hyuk's hardships as a new father to his twin daughters", he doesn't think that it is realistically possible given his understanding of the writer's and director's own commitments. Has this topic (of a sequel) been raised widely across his other interviews so far? From what I read, I'm not sure about that but I think the main cast (as well as writer and director) would probably share the same sentiments as you and a season 2 would be rather unlikely. I share your thoughts on looking forward to seeing PHS in a solid role for his next drama/film, one that is hopefully unique and portrays him in a different light to further highlight his acting abilities. I too hope that PBY would be given the opportunity to take up an offer for a role which contrasts with that of her past characters up to date, especially since it seems that while she has a desire to challenge herself in new roles, she hasn't been fortunate in that aspect in terms of opportunities that went her way despite having had expressed interest in them. I think she previously mentioned a few times publicly that she had auditioned for certain roles but was turned down by the directors as they felt she wouldn't be suitable, likely due to her small physique. Isn't this why she ended up being labelled as 'Bbovely'/'lovable' by people in South Korea though some of her past characters were not meant to be viewed upon exactly as 'cute'? A large part of that is probably due to her size which unfortunately, she has no control over. Even up to now (in post SWDBS interviews) she is mentioning things like "But because of my petite stature and youthful appearance to others, I face difficulties in attempting for an image change" and etc. That she realises there are limitations (placed) on her, which is something she has been troubled about all along i.e. acting opportunities based on her stereotyped image owing to her size in majority. I really hope she gets to explore beyond what she has achieved so far, in future productions. It's true that there are so many articles (in korean) either headlined by "XXX speaks about XXX" / "To XXX, XXX is..." / "XXX says, 'XXX is...'" (and the like) (clickbait) or containing answers to their thoughts about their acting partner, among other content relevant to the drama or the actor in person. I feel this is merely because the news outlets are very aware of the hype surrounding both leads (as a result of the drama) in South Korea, and due to the local culture itself which focuses rather strongly on the concept of love and relationships (as evident by romance being the key element at the core of many dramas/films and the popularity of such works). In my opinion, one can almost describe South Korea as having a 'shipping culture' especially among the current youth and young adult/adult generations (from their teens to even in their 40's), based on viewer comments online (and demographics shown) and content discussed about the chemistry between the lead actors, their 'compatibility' and so on. And so such news content is delivered to pique the interest of their (local) target audience. That is why these articles may appeal to majority of Korean readers and not so much to some foreign readers who are clearly not as interested in learning about how the actors feel in regards to their acting partners, but rather read news that focus solely on the actors themselves. I guess this can't really be helped seeing as similar new articles are still being released!
  4. You're very welcome!!! @Kasmic I will do my best to continue posting as much as I am able to! Doing so purely out of my love for the drama and now both the leads so I wanted to share what I found out about them via the articles. However I also understand that some SWDBS fans may not like reading certain news about (perhaps) either of the leads which I previously posted, and that those content may not be deemed as highly appropriate to be shared in this thread (according to forum rules?) so I will try and keep that in mind for future updates! Will try to keep my posts as relevant to stuff spoken about in the drama's context.
  5. Hey guys, bringing this over from the drama thread where I had originally posted it! Park Bo Young's Ideal Type: Someone who is Mentally Healthy (KBS Entertainment Weekly 2016.04.29) Not sure if this has been shared previously but Just chanced upon this Entertainment Weekly episode in which Park Bo Young was featured! She was asked about her ideal type of guy and her answer given is exactly the same as now, one year on i.e. someone who is mentally healthy. Also said that she has somewhat of a careful/serious dating style and she observes guys for a very long time to see what kind of a person they are like. Anyway watching the vid gave me serious heart flutters LOL PBY is so effortlessly gorgeous here imo I thought she looked great (and so darn cute) in her short bob in SWDBS but (seeing) her in long wavy hair seems to be on a whole new level Bbovely is not only adorable but also so. damn. goddess gorgeous. Think I'm falling for her Click if you wish to see more photos :
  6. Thanks for the heads-up!! Shall shift this post to her thread instead hehe
  7. Shifted to Park Bo Young's individual thread
  8. Park Bo Young & Park Hyung Sik Hey everyone! Just wanted to share my own personal thoughts on why I feel there has been quite some debate and buzz over the undeniable chemistry and slew of positive (in majority) responses in regards to them turning from reel to real, from both Korean and foreign viewers/fans. I can see why netizens and hopeful fans are hoping that the two will develop a relationship in real life simply based on Park Hyung Sik's responses which can honestly be deemed as quite misleading to some, during his post-drama interviews. Here are the exact words of both extracted from their interview articles: (in the context where there is minimal loss of meaning in translation): Park Bo Young on Her Ideal Type: "My ideal type? Someone who is sane (has right mental health). I think it is important to have a healthy mind." "In particular, recently my desired ideal type is someone with a healthy mind. Someone with proper thoughts and values is good." In response to the question on ‘As Park Bo Young and not Do Bong Soon, who would you choose between Ahn Min Hyuk and In Guk Doo’, she gave an unusual answer, “Both are individuals with right mental health, so”, “To be honest, it is great that both of them are persons with a healthy and proper mind. Right now, I kind of want to meet (date) someone with right mental health. Personally, it would be great to meet someone like that, it is my fantasy and desire (to do so)." (note that she did mention the both of them as that and not just either of the two) Park Bo Young on Her Personality: "While living as an actress, I tend to have a mind of my own." (exact words "주관이 뚜렷하다"). (note that she mentioned she tends to be like that when working) Park Hyung Sik on His Ideal Type: "My ideal type of woman is a person who has a mind of her own (own beliefs, styles, values and thinking etc) and is passionate about her work. Someone whom I really want to protect when the both of us are together.” (exact words 이상형에 대해서는 "주관이 뚜렷하고 일에 열정이 있으며 둘이 있을 때는 감싸주고 싶은 여자가 이상형"). "If it is a woman who is lovable even just by keeping still (and not doing anything), I think I would be completely fixated on her." "I told him that I want to marry someone who is lovable just by looking at her. If I meet someone like that I would definitely not let go of her.” "No matter what she does it is simply lovable, indeed will that kind of love appear" Park Hyung Sik on His Thoughts About Park Bo Young: "She is an actress who is firm in having her own opinions (mind of her own) and point of view along with acting values.” (exact words "확고한 주관과 연기관을 가진 여배우다") "Bo Young noona has Bong Soon’s image on her. She gives off a vibe of a heroine. I’ve said previously that she is magnanimous (embraces and accepts others) and knows how to view others openly, and as I watch her I strongly feel that. She has deep thoughts about taking care of others and has a firm mind of her own (values, opinions, beliefs, thinking etc) (exact words “확고한 자신의 주관이 있다”) And I’m not good at saying such words, but I told Bo Young noona that I respect her." (okay wow this is really sweet of him to describe her this way!!) "She is someone full of lovableness in reality too but as that was maximised through her acting, she was even more lovable." "Isn’t she ‘Bbovely’. An actress like Park Bo Young is really lovable." "And it really was my first time seeing such a lovable person." "To say she is ‘lovely’ is inadequate." "Above that, (it is) because Bo Young noona is originally ‘Bo-vely’." “I really loved Park Bo Young. She’s that lovable." Park Hyung Sik insisted that this was all because of Park Bo Young’s overwhelming charms and said, “I’ve never seen a person as lovable as Park Bo Young. The moment she stepped foot on set, everyone just fell in love with her and that’s one of her greatest charms.” “Park Bo Young nuna, I really loved you. You were that loveable.” “Of course, I think it was because Park Bo Young was so loveable.” (+ of course, many other similar articles out there stating the above mentioned) (Additional) Park Bo Young: "But I am really feeling the need to date." ~ While I too think that they look amazing together and would probably make a great couple, lets just accept that if its meant to be, it will be? If they do end up being one, I would be truly very happy for them for sure. From the way Park Hyung Sik gave answers during the interviews, it really seems as if he intended to say that his (current) ideal type of partner is someone who somehow, very closely resembles Park Bo Young. But of course, so far we (or I) see that while he has shared quite a lot on his opinions of her (and her character in the drama), she hasn't really spoken as much about him in comparison. Maybe this could be due to the manner in which the interviews were conducted i.e. the questions posed to them? And so.. In any case this is just my personal opinion reflecting the way I view the above mentioned and all other information I came across online so I hope this post doesn't give offence to anyone!! PS: Please let me know if it's inappropriate to post this here and I will post this in the Shippers's thread instead! Sorry in advance.
  9. Another lovely article : [DongAh Interview 2] Park Hyung Sik “Park Bo Young Who is Senior by One Year, Values in Acting + Years of Experience = Rank of a Teacher” (excerpt) Park Hyung Sik said, “At the beginning, I was greatly burdened. Just the individuals alone whom (Park) Bo Young noona had worked with, Cha Tae Hwan, Song Joong Ki, Jo Jung Seok sunbae(s), they are extremely good actors. Though I said that I would ‘do (this drama) by all means’ as I was greedy in (taking on) characters and the script was interesting, I ended up worrying if I would be able to keep up (with their standards). But noona said to me, ‘Why are you bearing that burden alone’, which gave me courage. I think with those words I laid down all my burdens and acted in the way I wanted to. Its all thanks to noona”. So then, Park Hyung Sik likens Park Bo Young to that of a ‘huge mountain’. He conveyed, “(Park Bo Young) is someone who is like a huge mountain, unlike her small stature. She is older (than I am) by a year but filled with years of experience in acting, like that of a teacher. She is an actress who is firm in having her own opinions and point of view along with acting values.” But even their chemistry was different, as much as (had been present) in their romance acting. Park Hyung Sik who completely immerses himself in his character was charmed by ’Bbovely’ (Park Bo Young + Lovely), whom once one falls in love with, would obtain no cure (for it her). Park Hyung Sik said, “Whenever I was filming I completely became Ahn Min Hyuk and loved Do Bong Soon (Park Bo Young). In the latter half of the drama, there were many skinship and kiss scenes but it wasn’t as difficult due to the narration (flow) of emotions that had been built up along the way. Rather, I think I naturally grasped and portrayed skinship scenes spontaneously on set. Isn’t she ‘Bbovely’. An actress like Park Bo Young is really lovable”, he remarked. Park Hyung Sik who said that he was “happiest” throughout the past five months spent together with ‘Strong Woman Do Bong Soon’, is preparing for the (rest of the) year with new determination. Turning his seniors’ memorable acting and advice given into lessons learnt, he is beginning the second chapter of his life as an actor. And so he spoke, “I think that the start is important. I am thinking of slowly reviewing projects as much as taking my first steps now as an actor. I will greet (all of you) in a good production. Please wait (for me) for a short while.” (sorry for any mistranslations in advance)
  10. Here's Park Bo Young('s interview) to brighten up your Tuesday ! [Interview 2] Park Bo Young “I Will Probably be Sad if I Lose the Fun in the Trivial Aspects of Daily Life” Park Bo Young revealed that her personality in real life “is not as lovable to such an extent”. In an interview with The Star held recently at a cafe in Seoul, Gangnam-gu, Nonhyeon-dong, she shared, “My appearance at work is different from my (normal) appearance. I don’t use SNS but I use V app. When I rewatch (my videos) I realise that I do a lot of cutesy acts (laughs), I think when working my tone (voice) seems to go one level higher and becomes brighter.” Park Bo Young added, “I think its because I have a small-sized appearance and look as if I listen well to what others say, when I smile I look like a dog (gae sang instead of kang ah ji sang which stands for puppy face)". On being selected as the top choice for ‘Whom would you want as a newcomer employee’, she thinks that it is because she appears to be obedient. "It’s probably because of my features. I don’t listen to others well”, she laughed. When Park Bo Young gazes elsewhere, she hears people saying ‘Did something bad happen (to her)?’ and ‘She seems ruder than I thought’ and troubled over what she should do, she added. “I had an obsession about needing to buy something (treat the person) and be friendly. Lately, I comfort myself with thoughts that ’I too am human and I have times when I am not in a good mood as well’. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to survive”, she recollected. Park Bo Young said, “Now, my life as an actress is more focused on so it is worrying as to what I should do. Up till now, I had absolutely no problems going to the bookstore even but it has become a little unmanageable at present. I have yet to attempt so. I can personally look at and buy singer CDs, movie DVDs and stationery (diary) that I like, and the fun of observing people who are in there (the place) gives me the feeling that I am living the life of my peers.” Park Bo Young who doesn’t really like rainy days says, “On rainy days, getting on the bus and seeing the sights outdoors feels good. I can’t describe that feeling in words. While listening to music I like, I feel the motions of the bus. I see the lives of busy individuals while seated. When I can’t fall asleep, I board the first bus of the day and see people who are living diligent lives. I will probably be sad if I lose such fun found in the trivial aspects of daily life.” As an actress who has received love from the public for a long time, is no one able to recognise her at all? Park Bo Young said, “Over time, I gain know-how as I use the public transport. The moment my eyes meet (with someone’s) I know for sure. While (the person) is wondering ‘Is that Park Bo Young? Or maybe not?’, I run away. I won’t know anything if I escape from that space before he or she becomes certain (that I am Park Bo Young). (laughs) As I am petite, if I don’t look up and lower my glance, my face can’t be seen due to the visor of my cap”, evoking laughter. (sorry for any mistranslations in advance!) Me: Park Bo Young seems to be a truly down-to-earth and lovable person in and out. I like how her interviews reveal quite a bit of how she yearns to live like an ordinary person in some ways and finds joy in the simple things in life. From her spoken words, I really find her so lovable Sometimes people do really forget that celebrities are humans just like us, too
  11. Article on Park Bo Young by Korea JoongAng Daily : Park Bo-young gets stronger after each and every role : The young actress finds herself in the spotlight again with hit drama Apr 25,2017 Little did child actress Park Bo-young know how influential she would grow to be when she was starring in the drama “Secret Campus” in 2006. Since her on-screen debut 11 years ago, the 27-year-old actress has starred in a number of hits on the silver screen, including “A Werewolf Boy” (2012) and the comedy “Speed Scandal” (2008). Park extended her career with her first lead role in the tvN romantic comedy series “Oh My Ghost” (2015), which hit a 7.3 percent viewership rate at its highest, according to market research firm Nielson Korea. Two years later, Park successfully pulled off another romantic comedy role on the small screen. JTBC’s “Strong Woman Do Bong-soon,” which wrapped on April 15, received rave reviews and saw a 9.6 percent viewership rating at its highest. “I didn’t expect [‘Strong Woman Do Bong-soon’] to have such high ratings,” Park told a reporter last week in Nonhyeon-dong, southern Seoul. “In fact, I felt more and more afraid before every episode aired.” Though Park is well-known for her cute and vulnerable-looking appearance, her small frame has long made her self-conscious. Perhaps that is why she was mesmerized by Baek Mi-gyeong’s script for “Strong Woman Do Bong-soon,” in which she plays a character with superhuman strength. “Since I have such a small frame, I have always wondered what it would be like for me to be very strong like Do Bong-soon. If I were strong, I wouldn’t have cried when I confronted a trench coat man [referring to a man who flashes others while wearing a trench coat]. In fact, I wasn’t able to get many romantic roles because I looked too young,” Park added. Upon reading the script, Park decided to join the series right away. But since it was one of the rare shows that revolved around a female character, it took quite a long time for the male leads to be cast. Though Park had to prepare for a variety of scenes for the JTBC series, which include action sequences and a romantic plot, the shooting went smoothly once it kicked off. Park, who co-starred with two younger actors, Park Hyung-sik and Jisoo, was envied by those around her for having “the best working environment.” “I have been lucky to work with lots of good people. Through ‘Speed Scandal,’ I learned how to pull off comedy thanks to Cha Tae-hyun. This time, I learned agility and flexibility from many senior actors like Kim Won-hae and Shim Hye-jin,” Park said. When asked what she would have done if she truly had superpower strength like Do Bong-soon, Park replied, “I wish I could have lifted the Sewol ferry,” which sank in 2014 and killed more than 300 passengers, most of whom were high school students. “One of the greatest merits of being an actor is being able to represent someone else through a role and identifying problems in society,” she said. BY MIN KYUNG-WON [] Source credit:
  12. (Short excerpt) [After Interview] Park Hyung Sik Speaking About ‘Bong Bong’ Park Bo Young (On working with her) “While I was excited I was also nervous. Bo Young-ie noona’s working partners all this while are like a galaxy (of glittering stars), so I was worried that I might be compared (to them). I was even afraid. But these were all unfounded. As she treated me comfortably, I found myself enjoying my time on set from some point in time onwards. I felt like I was receiving love. It was the best.” Park Bo Young’s lovableness completed Park Hyung Sik’s romance acting. Park Hyung Sik said, “I really loved her”, expressing his trust/confidence towards Park Bo Young. He even said words such as ‘Heart Bbyong Bbyong’. He understood why the public loves Park Bo Young the moment he met her. To say she is ‘lovely’ is inadequate. At times, he appears as if he thinks that he really loves Park Bo Young. “I naturally immerse (myself) and acted out emotions of love. It was to the extent I felt sorry that the drama ended.” (sorry for any mistranslations)
  13. Just wondering if it is appropriate to post PHS's (and PBY's) interviews in this thread instead of their own threads? Hopefully it is fine [Pop Interview 1] Park Hyung Sik “Straightforward Guy Character? Similar to My Dating Style in Real Life” (excerpt) Park Hyung Sik confessed honestly, “If I like someone, I would be the first to express my feelings. Just according to how I feel. I have always been the first to confess. Eventually, I end up confessing to the person I like, first. I could almost come across as an easy person but I think there shouldn’t be anything like that among people. It doesn’t necessarily have to be between a man and a woman but I think that you must be certain of your expressions. Rather, it is better to fight. That way, there would be no grudges held and you are able to properly learn that ‘So you are such a person’, but if you only think about it on the inside, the misunderstanding will probably grow. Even someone with an honest personality like myself can get hurt. But this is me so I can’t do anything about it.” He also revealed his thoughts on going public with a relationship. Park Hyung Sik said, “Its natural that people have to date. But there are still areas which I am careful with. It would be great if I can speak about it comfortably later on. In a way, I think wouldn’t it be better to have an open relationship, but on the contrary there are also times when I think that not revealing it is better. I still do not know what the right answer is. This is so as everyone has their own preferences and personalities. On receiving attention for his recent romance in acting, he revealed, “It’s not so much about having confidence in that kind of acting, bur rather I just do my best with what I’m given (or allowed to do). Fortunately, those parts seem to be viewed favourably upon. ‘So, I give off such a feeling. So, they like this, I see’, I think. I have a strong greed of wanting to show much more.” (sorry in advance for any mistranslations) Me: I ended up trying to translate only the parts which I feel that (interview content) have not yet been widely translated and shared across platforms, either in this forum or elsewhere (e.g. Soompi, Dramabeans etc). And also parts which I can roughly understand or feel that may be interesting to share. Will be sharing more about PBY again as soon as I find new content!! (if anyone is interested in reading)
  14. Park Hyung Sik's Thoughts About Season 2 of Strong Woman Do Bong Soon (excerpt) What Are Your Thoughts About ‘Do Bong Soon’ Season 2 ? You mean the stories that follow after having two daughters. I think it would literally be a real hard time for Min Hyuk isn’t it. If we do season 2 I think it would be funny but realistically speaking, the writer is working on other productions and I know that the director is busy. It seems impossible from a realistic point of view. If an offer arises, I will make a decision after discussing with my agency. About Dating in Real Life Right now, I want to try loving (someone) just like Ahn Min Hyuk. Seeing only that woman at first sight - I want to experience that. Will that kind of love really come?
  15. Happy Monday! Here's a fresh interview by Sports Korea on PHS. Not sure if the said content has already been mentioned elsewhere but I hope you guys enjoy it as I did! [Interview 1] Park Hyung Sik “Ideal Type? Lovable Style… I Don’t Think I Will Let Go of A Woman Who is Like Do Bong Soon” “Honestly, I like SF (Sci-Fi) more than melo(dramas). I am a Marvel fanatic. But the writer of “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon” told me, “Hyung Sik ah, later on, try a heavy melodrama once, there’s something about your eye gaze. What exactly is there in my eye gaze?” Recently, somewhere in Seoul, Gangnam-gu, Nonhyeon-dong, we met with actor Park Hyung Sik who appeared to be quite excited amidst the love that has been poured on his drama production (by viewers). “So far, I have never tried out such a light-hearted character before. Somehow, because I have performed a lot of static acting thus far, I wanted to try breaking my existing style through Ahn Min Hyuk. For liking my crafty and comical image more than I expected and believing in me, I am now in a state where I have gained confidence in acting. If I (were to say that I) have only been imitating acting up to now, should I say that I feel as I though I have experienced the real ‘taste’ of acting in ‘Do Bong Soon’.” Through Ahn Min Hyuk, CEO of a gaming enterprise, Park Hyung Sik pulled off and completed his role as a charming character filled with adorable ‘dorkiness’. “I was heavily burdened for my first ever lead role. During the script reading, I was so nervous to the extent that the staff must have been worried. So, from the tone of my voice to even the handling of my vision, I constantly bothered the director and obtained a lot of feedback. Actually, as an actor I ought to be of help to the production but instead I think I gained more from it, so I feel apologetic too and was happy throughout the filming thanks to the support. In the drama, Park Hyung Sik(’s character) is comical though picky, full of confidence in everything but definitely not detestable, showing off his rising acting skills through his character’s unique crafty charms. In particular, he portrayed a sweet and sour romance with Park Bo Young and a heartwarming bromance with Ji Soo, fully accomplishing his central role in the drama. Through a chemistry like no other with Park Bo Young, Park Hyung Sik was nicknamed as the ’Puppy Couple’ and received plenty of love. In ‘Oh My Ghostess’, (Park) Bo Young noona worked really well together with Jo Jung Seok sunbae-nim. Indeed, would I be able to keep up with that? I agonized over that. Thus, I needed to become close to her personally. At first, I was awkward with noona so the atmosphere on set was formal as well, but I felt for sure that the closer we get, the better our coordination would become. Especially as I felt very burdened, (she) cared for me and told me that ‘If you act according to how you want to, I will accept all of it’. And it really was my first time seeing such a lovable person. “I am also as straightforward in my expressions in front of love. If I were Min Hyuk, I would probably not let go of her too. When Bong Soon walked over to me from across the wedding hall, my heart fluttered to the extent that my pupils shook and I was choked with emotions. I thought, I want to experience that kind of love too. If it is a woman who is lovable even just by keeping still (and not doing anything), I think I would be completely fixated on her. In that case, even if my agency disallows I would marry her right away (laughs). Meeting that kind of person will only happen once in life. But during filming at the fishing site, I had sought advice from Yoo Jae Myung sunbae-nim (Bong Soon’s father in the drama) on relationships. I told him that I want to marry someone who is lovable just by looking at her but he advised me that ‘It is very different in reality’. Nonetheless, if I meet someone like that I would definitely not let go of her.” (sorry for any mistranslations in advance) Me: I like how he seems to be consistent in all his post-drama interviews thus far, especially in regards to his personal thoughts about love and his opinions on his co-stars. Glad to have gotten to know more about the real(?) PHS (in real life) through this drama! PS: In all honesty it doesn't really help either that he has been mentioning about his love for Do Bong Soon (or someone like her) over and over, that Park Bo Young really was Do Bong Soon, that he (now?) likes someone who is lovable and that Park Bo Young is really just lovable. lol Quote (Ahn Min Hyuk Daepyo-nim's words "It's called noise marketing" HAHAHA.) If all of these are really just part of 'noise marketing', man, he has reaaaaaally done well in terms of creating the buzz among all fans and non-fans alike (though I'm hoping its not).