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  1. This is hilarious @quin501 unfollowing and following over and over??? Really curious, indeed what's up with them? Is it a technical error? Or HS playing push-pull with JS on social media? One moment buddies, next second at odds with each other?? HS: debating over to follow or not on SNS with JS. Should I follow you or unfollow you..? Follow, unfollow, follow, unfol- following you~~. Period. BY is not pleased with this fishy business going on without her Hopefully this small issue wouldn't result in a heated argument between our couple! BY yelling talking things out with HS before dialing for JS's (number) to inquire the deal between him and her lover Faith in our calm, cool loverboy HS to resolve the petty dispute in a jiffy HS: It's Instagram's fault, NOT MINE! BY: *010-XXXX-XXXX* "Hello, Ji Soo? YEOBOSEYOOO?" Sorry just for laughs! Never get sick of these scenes (between our couple) Old is gold? Lovely and strong words!! (sorry to cut your post to shorten!) @fanie586 Also, thumbs up to what you said @icemaiden21, I really think our couple is succeeding (current status: dating) the Swag couple Thanks ladies for liking my silly GIFs! *hearteu!* As silly as they can get I can't stop doing them @icemaiden21 @willowmyst HAHAHA LOL-ed at this, love it!!! @jowuee
  2. @willowmyst @jowuee @icemaiden21 @mei1209 @fanie586 BY's message to fans on taking a step closer on a summer day with HS: BY sending her love in the form of infinite hearts to congratulate HS on his first ever solo FM ♡Chukhahaeyo, HS ah (Can you feel the love) ♡Saranghaeyo, HS ssi She only has one message for him: 'My Hyungsikie, you're so cool! ♡♡'
  3. True that, even Gong Yoo recorded a video which was played during Kim Go Eun's fan meet! And SJK returned the favour by showing up at SHK's fan meet months later in Seoul after she flew to China just to attend his as a guest star. Fans are stoked to simply see their costar's faces turn up on the big screen even if just for a few minutes, so I'm pretty sure at the very least BY will film a congratulatory video interview for him if she isn't able to make it on the day of his FM (that you can do right, Fidis Spatium?) Although we are all hoping she will make a guest appearance in person. Can't imagine what it'll be like to see her make a grand appearance at any of HS's FM, especially the one in Seoul! ! I read that the Song couple even sang a duet together of one of the drama's main OST. For our couple, if BY shows up maybe we can look forward to her singing together with HS and him serenading her on stage with his 'Because It's You', while gazing at her affectionately with those honey-dripping puppy eyes. And then her presenting flowers to him when she first enters. Them doing a few re-enactions of their sweet drama scenes while laughing in sync along with each other when playing games with fans, then sharing fond recollections of their moments together during filming. BY giving on her opinions of HS (just as SHK did and Gong Hyo Jin did during Gong Yoo's FM), praising him on his looks and character ("He's handsome!!!") to which HS ends up revealing his utmost joy amid embarrassment, unable to hide his happiness through his facial expressions and gestures once more. All the shy smiles and uncontrolled outbursts of giggles from the both of them (or lip biting for HS), faces turning slightly red maybe, looking away from each other's eyes when clips of their sweet moments are played on screen as flashback, all within the span of only a half hour or so during her guest star segment. But during that short period, HS's face will reflect the greatest amount of sheer happiness for the entire of his fan meet. And for us fans our hearts will be even fuller, seeing our couple soak in that thirty to forty minutes of immeasurable shared bliss, causing our ship to sail on infinitely in each of our hearts. Then letting the unexplainable happiness sink in after a few days, that our puppy couple finally had their re-reunion in public, and replaying fan shared clips while reviewing eye-catching pictures taken and published of the beautiful pair in following news articles. It'll be SG FM v.2 all over, but with less tendency for reservations about physical contact in a more familiar, informal environment, few months down the road from Bali and SG romancescapades adventures. I say we are all welcome to that, so bring it on, July/August (and please, UAA !!!) Btw just want to add that if we ever get to hear HS singing 'Because It's You' to BY, I think before BY tears up all of us here even if not physically present, will be crying fat tears of happiness at that romantic, moving sight
  4. Hehe yes though I'll love to see her on screen as soon, I don't think she will take on the role especially if she's in the midst of doing physiotherapy for her injured ankle! It sounds interesting and suitable though Yeah the fan commented that she doesn't seem to be in a good mood and thus the song choices(?) at 28:19 but she replied that she wasn't, in fact she was doing the broadcast cause she was in a great mood! At 25:51 she added she does not only listen to ballads but her song choices change depending on her mood that day, the weather, and even over time. Maybe when in love, the preference would be for soft ballads and love songs At 31:35 a fan asked if she could possibly invite her younger sister as a special guest to her broadcast but she shook off the idea without further thinking! Think she was even surprised that someone would make that remark Oh and BY's V Lives for the previous session and this time round were selected and featured on V Pick! Which I suppose is meant to highlight those videos that are worthy to watch, happy for her! I'm certain the editor for that channel (V Pick) is a female fan of her's as the captions added are often of fan-like praises
  5. Love this tq for sharing babe!! Reminds me of how much I loved watching that last BTS and how that clip never fails to bring a smile to our faces! The one that showed us how natural they seem and behave just as a real couple, and made us go 'Omg!!!' at several instances with their open, mutual display of affection. Yes they really mirror each other's actions so often, whether unintentional or meant to show the other how much in sync they wish to be with him/her You make me smile like no one else.. (I love this so much, its clear just how happy she can be, drowning in laughter from his words and in his presence) x infinity Wants to demonstrate that adlib of Kim Won Hae sunbae-nim through gesture but hesitates initially due to embarrassment (clenches fist promptly but then lowers it) But then BY somehow does it so I'll go ahead and do it after her too.. Does a cute gesture to show off some aegyo in front of BY and see how she would react to it though clearly embarrassed, and thankfully she shows some positive response by imitating that action Or maybe it's just both their natural instincts to imitate what the other does at all times 'Cause when you do a B, I'll do B too..
  6. I remember someone sharing a link to a TV news report on our couple some time back? Many thanks to whoever it was! Can't stop looking at this - Aren't they the cutest family of four! Love how the editor used pictures of their faces outside of drama and not their characters shown within. Like its HS and BY and not Bongbong and Minmin. The scene we all look forward to in future reality I could stare at this forever...
  7. Yeah noticed her eyes were misty from quite early on and then at 18:23 she said she thinks she's about to cry because a male fan left an encouraging comment saying, "Noona, even if its difficult you have to hang in there and it'll be great if you become a really cool/awesome actress. Really, its so good to see you." Aww, super sweet fan!!! I think BY is someone who gets encouraged by sincere, uplifting words straight from the heart. If only we could send a message to her telling her how much she is loved by her many international fans around the world too! Maybe she got a lil too emotional from listening to the ballads. That aside, also noticed that she seems to like songs sung by males with emotionally-rich voices. I'm wondering what would happen if her boyfriend sings sad ballads to her more often than not and is good at singing them, with gentle and delicate vocals steeped in emotion. Won't she be left in tears each time?
  8. This? @michy18 @fanie586 She's somewhere out of Seoul at the countryside and was brushing some spider web off her face when she first revealed her cap! OMO. That particular V cap. Maybe its the only black cap she owns? Or somehow it just happens to still be the cap of her choice even after the Bali trip ended, back then when we had thought they were wearing the same brand of caps ONLY because they were sponsored by the company or something. But nope, seems like she wore it because she wanted to. Could this mean that for Bali, she chose to wear those caps (black and white) simply out of her own decision as well? i.e. because agreed upon couple hats (not so subtle hint) And I thought I heard wrongly but she seemed to have said at one point in the earlier part of the clip that she really likes the smell of flame/fire. If that is true, for real, OMG, IDK WHAT ELSE TO SAY LOL (rushing back to rewatch!!!) and btw, so effortlessly gorgeous even in the dark edit: after replaying I think she said that she really likes the smell of grass and she likes it so much... sigh sorry for that From the looks of it, if those were meant to be hints, I think they aren't going to comply
  9. Not all K netz are able to move on completely from DBS too!! Park Bo Young, Renewed Discussion on Her Refreshing Smile in Filming Site Behind Cuts Park Bo Young’s ‘SWDBS’ behind cuts on set are becoming a topic of discussion once more. On the 22nd of June, ‘Park Bo Young’ rose to the top rank among real-time searched terms in main portal sites. In relation, behind cuts of Park Bo Young’s past drama ‘SWDBS’ at the filming site during the time of production are receiving attention once again. In JTBC’s ‘SWDBS’, Park Bo Young received love from viewers for her enthusiastic performance through the role of Do Bong Soon, a lovable girl with superhuman strength. The photos publicised were of her everywhere on the filming set of ‘SWDBS’. In particular, from those showcasing Park Bo Young’s overflowing superhuman strength and sense of righteousness while immersed in the role of female lead Do Bong Soon, to her friendship brimming with loyalty and sweet, fond romance etc which led to eruptions of laughter every moment on set. From her eye smile full of aegyo to of course, her lips bursting out in laughter, the warm atmosphere on set of ‘SWDBS’ is felt from seeing her appearing to be having fun, laughing while covering her mouth. Those who see Park Bo Young’s lovely appearance have their smiles triggered, thinking, ‘Please, if only she was my girlfriend in reality’. (sorry guys but there can only be one man for her ) Meanwhile, following the wrap-up of ’SWDBS’, Park Bo Young is awaiting her next production. P.S. I also like how whenever one searches for either of the two, the other's name pops up as either the top related most-searched term or among the top ranks up till now, like how the most searched related term for 'Park Hyung Sik' at present is none other than 'Park Hyung Sik Park Bo Young'. K netz probably still can't get enough of the two as well
  10. Lovely CF ladies! Advertising for mouthwash is brilliant indeed cause a fresh breath means an even fresher kiss! So that when you dream of kissing Prince Charming, your dream turns into reality.., and finally happens. Getting your other half to feel the urge to plant one on your irresistible looking lips for that long desired french fresh kiss, Edit (add): @Desvlo ME TOO I MISS THEM SO MUCH. SIGH......... whatever it takes for them to appear together in front of our screens again seriously any chances of even a small collaboration?!
  11. NAVER Comments on Kiss Scene + Bed Scene Ji Chang Wook ♥ Nam Ji Hyun, Passionate Kiss X Sleeping Together ‘Dating between Adults’ > 1m views, 9k likes, 3k comments BEST Comments hbh9**** Such a desirable best scene ~ (Thank you so much *bows*) > responses > Dwaerangi Next week the (plot’s) development will be worrying but I will hang in there for a week well through this good scene (I *bow* too) Yoonvely … I love you, this combination (of actors) YOLO Since Healer I’ve come to realise that for bed scenes Ji Chang Wook is the best (*kyaaaaaaaaa* ) Lee Chae Won A legend is born ❤❤❤ Kim Ji Woo In order to watch this, I refreshed the page like mad… Really, to the person who casted Ji Chang Wook, please accept my deep bow,, I think I’m crazy really this is so perfect T TT > responses > yournostrilhairs Ha the update was too slow hong Please show us the making quickly too!!!!!!!!! uioongahletsdebut I have done everything now. To study for my exams hehe pag I can read my mum’s mind so I acted like nothing happened in vain. kekekekekekekekekeke saying its been two days since they dated.. ^-^ > responses > person I watched this with my mom and dad too hee aha.. dramamaniac Me too with my parents, affectionately hehe YBS1008 A kiss that’s as if they dated for two days but it wasn’t two days and seems like two days tiny While I was screaming with my mom BOOM keke djh0**** I mean, saying its the second day since they started dating… But already recklessly making quick progress like this is a little too.. good hehe ke after seeing No Ji Wook when he was a college student, I was like he’s a very innocent, pure guy heh-☆ I thought this was who he was but he wasn’t huh, such a sexy guy,, > responses > venus I said that No Ji Wook kisses as if he wants to eat her up but I didn’t know he would devour her for real hehe it’s hot hehe (HAHAHA LOL ) jieun kekekekekekekekekeke eat her up kekekekekeke that expression is so appropriate ♡♡ Okayletssleep Don’t feed the trolls Jibeulli All of this.. was for Lawyer No to catch sight of Lawyer Eun’s dad…? TT TT Deep kiss scene + sharing the bed + memory of that day ost (part 8 by Nell).. seems like when I hear the memory of that day ost I will only think of this scene and.. to think that the meaning of ‘the memory of that day’ was such.. it is the mother of all twists in so many ways.. TT TT leem**** Kkyaa TT TT So heart fluttering > responses > b861**** That’s right this is how you use your lips ivypapa One’s lips can get itchy! Ji Chang Wook’s excuse came to mind so its funny keke Yeseuribana Heol.. it was crazy it was crazy.. Daema It was crazy.. Ji Chang Wook, I love you.. ♡ Not getting any sleep tonight pdpdpp Is this real… Muloreumdal Is this acting? All-time best real eye gaze. I acknowledge ❤ Preciousazurepromise Please take responsibility for my heart ♥♥ SyuodiaH Wa… how many times have I refreshed the page… Really, for real, I’ll be watching this video every day for a week wa… TT ♥♥ (Sounds familiar ) The person who casted Ji Chang Wook and Nam Ji Hyun, may you be blessed TT TT Kim Go Eun Wa.. I nearly wet myself (it was fantastic), awesome, f*cking awesome yumrt674 Remove the panty and scream!!!!!! (an expression of excitement) Kkyakka ae eo eo eo ae ᆞ❤❤❤❤ (HAHAHAHAHA absolute fave) prin**** F I !! NA !!!!!! LY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Some of these comments are gold, friggin hilarious!!!!
  12. I propose a change in the article headline to 수상한파트너 지창욱-남지현, 서로 사랑에 흠뻑 >> 'Suspicious Partner' Ji Chang Wook - Nam Ji Hyun, completely in love with each other >>> Nam Ji Hyun, unable to keep her eyes off co-star Ji Chang Wook? I like this part of the making where they look like a happy family, being parents who are completely in love with their young son, lil Ji Wook! So adorbs
  13. WHAT. AN. EPISODE. What an epic and passionate deep kiss. What a beautiful couple they make. Can two actors look this good together on screen? Wow they are simply gorgeous to look at really especially when making in love. That make out session filmed so beautifully and satisfyingly! Giving one the right amount of feels. Plus the added bonus of a bed scene *hearteyes* Ahhhhhhhhhh be still my still beating heart, I don't think I can ever get enough of seeing them in the same frame and getting intimate under the sexy dim lights just yet!!! Sigh. So very sexy and alluring, JCW and NJH you guys!!! Sigh. Why are you two so beautiful I don't even know what to say for the remaining of the episode except how this very hot kiss scene is surely going down in Kdrama history and into my memory after the replays. Can't wait for the responses from the K netz! Oh and if I may add, that ending was so... unexpected. The writer really knows how to spring a surprise when you least expect it; in the middle of a warm and fuzzy, sweet bed scene in the morning? That was really something! This show can never be without its iconic twists Holy crap but just wanted to say that this comment, is, the best @sharreb!!! Comparing it to the look he gave HS. I LOL-ed so much in my head reading it. *salutes!*
  14. And this? Seriously all we are lacking is a fully recovered Chief Bang up and about, who unsuspectingly walks in the next morning to a glorious sight of his favourite OTP getting some Zzz's together Btw love what you said @bebebisous33, as usual! I'm glad the writer added this scene in appropriately, really brought her message across to viewers that was beautifully done! One cannot help but feel that tinge of sadness especially with that sweet and innocent-looking face of the lady who was wronged, and how imagining seeing her smile manages to put a rare, faint smile in return on our main antagonist's face. Excited for the remaining episodes we have to see how everything wraps up for our leads!
  15. Wow... same here guys. That scene was all but for one minute yet I felt more emotions surging within than would have thought, with the melancholy music in the background playing. I actually felt sorry for him, seeing how alone and small he was, cutting a pitiable figure left struggling with his inner demons on his own in the world. Feeling as if no one is able to understand him and his deep regrets for not being capable of protecting perhaps the only person who could have ever done so. That lady whom he loved in some way? It's just sad how he has probably spent that many years of his life trapped in that sort of pain and anguish along with growing hatred, instead of getting to embrace the prime of one's youthhood and creating more meaningful life experiences, while still young and adventurous, just like anyone other normal person. During that scene, I think he just made some of us lose part of our contempt for him for the moment. I think it may be just one of my favourite scenes for the episode because of how it was put across and emotional it felt. Kudos to him for making us somehow feel for his character's plight. I really like your words on him @valleryrose! You've made his circumstances relatable to one feeling regretful for his plight and past painful experiences, though not his followed actions. And as @stroppyse said, the actor playing him is really incredible. I fully credit his acting chops in breathing so much life and depth into his character, even making one feel conflicted seeing the different sides of him. Truly amazing! No matter how many times I see it, can't help but feel truly sorry for him at this point, seeing him crying. I think Dong Ha cries beautifully!