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  1. Thank you for sharing this video clip @adqu!! Almost choked up watching her give her full acceptance speech.. and love how the emcee joked around with her after So much love for this lovely lady and talented actress, with an amazing personality no less
  2. Exactly The ultimate surprise gift of all time by our girl herself - she chooses to make an (unexpected or maybe not so) appearance simply because HS was out in public.. *joyous clap* what a treat for us Agreeing with you @michy18 I too believe the random-broadcast-on-a-wednesday is both to celebrate the return of her boyfriend as well as to let us piece the clues(?) together - oddly or perhaps coincidentally wearing the same outfit/top from their previous appearances Still, the fact that she did her V Live yesterday gives me good motivation to #keepsailing
  3. I totally agree. Felt the nerves especially from Hyungsik's end, at that moment he seemed just as a groom would, getting real emotional on his special day, no wonder he later on stated during interviews that "his pupils shook seeing Boyoung make her way to him as she was so beautiful in her bridal gown". He must have felt as if he were getting married to her, this beautiful bride, for real and hence the natural emotions that emerged. That is why he always confuses us viewers as Min Hyuk, whether that is simply acting or going beyond putting on a show; I think he himself got confused on several occasions as to whether those feelings were part of reel or real. He may or may not have chosen to believe it but I guess most of the time they were in fact real Same here!! Idk why but I felt happy and very satisfied internally when I came across the news earlier. Don't even know the couple and never watched their drama, but it surely gives hope that reel to real is more common than one would think and so strengthens our belief that our couple is for real, right now. We know they are, we are just waiting for that day to come @razledgoose Thank you babe!! Also thank you so much for being willing to share your Bluray clips of our puppies when it finally arrives. Can't be more grateful enough to you, really. @Mings30 @icemaiden21
  4. @icemaiden21 If someone ever made a collage of all the screen captures showing her smiling/laughing/grinning from cheek to cheek in her broadcast this time round, I'm sure they'll form a photo wall gallery. She's sharing about the randomest of stuff, on simple things and happenings, she's with barely any makeup on, dressed down, and yet she looks happy. Too happy in fact, its hard to believe that isn't due to something like love. One word to describe her current emotional state: bliss. Sigh (of envy), she's really another true living example that being in love makes a person change on so many levels, the first and foremost being one's outward appearance (glowing and radiating, almost like that of an angel *inserts imaginary halo*) and publicly displayed behaviour (that speaks happiness). Too precious!!!!! I'll say this is the biggest hint we really needed and they'd given to know our couple is doing perfectly well. Thankful Just look at them two puppies. Moving blocks towers of happiness (too much to fill)!!! So this is the amazing power of love, I see Photo credits of HS to respective owner on instagram @adqu Ah is that so?! I'll have to check out that fact once more cause I've forgotten about it if I'd ever come across that previously. Wow, so how are they not meant to be? The MILs can even get together and conveniently discuss about their teachings/past teaching experiences during gatherings involving both sides of the family. Which means they'll probably hit it off as well with similar interests. Great to know Higher chances of a blissful couple life with harmonious ties between both families Edit/Add: @bongmincute Basically the article suggests a list of celebs who have managed to turn their lives around as stars (make it big) simply via featuring in a hit entertainment program, in which they were well-received by the audience Caption: Park Hyung Sik appeared in MBC 'Real Men' as there was a vacancy to be filled and received a massive amount of love. Now he's the No.1 male lead of romcoms.
  5. Beyond elated to see BY on VLive again today! I almost forgot how much I missed seeing her until she shows up on VLive after a period of no-show. And even better, looking completely carefree, relaxed, happy and free-spirited! She was literally smiling, laughing and being a contagious ball of happiness throughout the entire 20 few minutes. Loved seeing her in such a bright, cheerful state at present I'm glad being with her family and spending quality time with them makes her happier than ever! Could be that she's in a fantastic mood or due to being under some influence of the alcohol (she drank earlier) ; but I think like others I've also said this before and sorry for repeating this once more like a broken machine, a part of me too feels no doubt that being in love and being loved could have contributed greatly to this elevated level of happiness that is fully obvious. I could not stop smiling and grinning watching her infect her fans with that transparent joy and happiness. She even ended cheerily on a positive note with a quote that she often leaves with one of her friends whom she really adores: "Since we lived well today, let's live well tomorrow, as well". Happy that BY is happy and I hope she lives well whenever! Love this pretty lady so much! @jowuee Ah thanks for tagging me hehe can I just say I was one of those fangirls who was absolutely in awe when watching and listening to her play to the tune of that song! I love the song, and I love it even more that BY played it so well and beautifully. *starstruck* Never knew our babygirl was this talented and charming playing the piano! Also couldn't help but feel a little twirly inside thinking of the previously established fact/connection that her sister plays the piano well and is a piano teacher, and HS's mother who coincidentally is also a piano teacher. (Is being a piano teacher that common of an occupation in South Korea? just kidding!) And that BY mentioned she has been trying to practise polishing her piano skills as much as possible, while HS too commented in his interviews that he desires to learn to play it better if his schedule permits, during his own leisure time and off-work periods. Sigh, just, I can't mention enough how I feel they are so meant to be, maybe right from the beginning. Hope they spend time bonding further and growing their love while practising playing the piano together, on some of their home dates! (Not playing with fingers but playing piano keys ) Please continue showering us shipper fans with love and showing us your being in love, our dear puppy couple!!! @bongmincute Sorry have not been able to visit frequently as of late! Will try to get that done if possible asap
  6. Waa thanks for the lyrics!!! I can't believe he chose to sing a love song like that one. It's not even a handwritten letter supposedly directed to fans (during the Seoul FM, though we can guess the true meaning behind the dedication and the person inspiring those words), he sang a hit song which was originally written by the singer for his actress wife, about their relationship. And the lyrics: "Sometimes I just hold you, too caught up in me to see. I'm holding a fortune that Heaven has given to me. I'll try to show you each and every way I can. Now & Forever, I will be your man. Now I can rest my worries and always be sure that I won't be alone, anymore. If I'd only known you were there, all the time". It's a love song, guys!!! It can't be for the fans. He sang it for a special someone. Someone whom she calls him her man. Suddenly it doesn't seem to matter at all, that BY's face wasn't shown on the screen when the others (Jisoo, Park Seo Joon, BTS's V) gave their congratulatory messages. Her presence was still made, through his song. Can PHS get any more romantic, and obvious?!?!?!
  7. Not sure if this bit has been translated and shared but here's an excerpt from an interview article with PHS: As staff from the Korean side had handed over details on Park Hyung Sik's zodiac/horoscope prior, the tarot card reader had an inkling of his personality and said at once that: "Park Hyung Sik is gentle and considerate, he's very afraid of disappointing others and should others have expectations of him, he will give his utmost best in working hard. On the romance side, when he falls in love he would put in his best efforts in treating the girl well. However, as his career prospects are thriving, it similarly means he doesn't have time to date and upon hearing that "he would definitely not have a girlfriend this year", he collapsed onto the ground and cried out "Why?!". What's hilarious was that he drew two cards consecutively which were representative of a lack of luck in love, and he couldn't help but grumble "How cruel!". But after knowing that he would be successful in his work, he immediately smiled and said "Then it's alright". http://star.ettoday.net/news/978033?from=fb_et_korea
  8. That's right! Either the time spent working alongside the lovely Bong Soon/Bo Young has completely influenced his ideal type and so his desire for someone that lovely, or that is a very nice way of hinting fans that he is or likely to get into a relationship with a lady known for her loveliness. Before DBS, in his previous interviews including those directly after his dramas he had described his ideal woman in a variety of ways. Just to pick a few: someone who "suits him well", "makes him smile/laugh", "communicates well with him", "plays an active rather than passive role in the relationship", "provokes him" and is capable of being "emotionally manipulative", "charming", "likeminded", "decent", "humane", "thinks positively", "faithful to her own principles and beliefs", "no exact ideal type" and instead "depends on what he is thinking of at the moment", and so on. After DBS however, we see that his choice of words has evolved and narrowed dramatically, revolving around the same few and most notably as we all know, "lovely". "A person passionate about her work", "has a mind of her own", "triggers his protective instinct" and most importantly, fundamentally and necessarily, she has to be really, really "lovable". It does seem to point to a specific individual and he has suddenly become very aware of his preferred type of woman. Occasionally he uses the same ol' descriptives "charming", "gets along well with" which are really typical, common characteristics in describing one's ideal type, but more often than not we get the now outstanding term "lovely". If one thinks that 'but it isn't really a big deal is it? isn't it perfectly normal and common for guys to want a lovely girlfriend', yeah, being "lovely" isn't quite a unique or highly special factor, but we understand it as now being HS's top requirement and priority in picking a partner, having shifted all the way up the ranks and replaced the several others thrown in previously. On the contrary, if being lovely is such an ordinary standard desired of girlfriends, he doesn't really have to highlight it all the time, does he? I'd say high chances those were meant to be a hint, each time he mentions "lovely". (perhaps if we'd started placing bets on "lovely" every time he answers about his ideal type, we'd be making a small but neat fortune by now just kidding) You could also argue that 'isn't it expected of him to answer with "lovely" since he'd just completed the drama with 'Bbovely' PBY, but even after he'd just finished a melo with IJY in HS, his answers were not tied strictly to characteristics of his love interest played by her in the show (see first para). He'd given responses some of which did make mention of IJY's character's traits e.g. having initiative in the relationship and is emotionally manipulative, but other times he spoke of desired traits that were not linked to her character and simply what he considered in an ideal type. Now, few months in since the drama's conclusion, HS is still certain he is looking for a lovable lady as The One. Pretty sure he already has found one/her. Also love what was shared about his reaction to the tarot card master's 'prediction' on him not getting a girlfriend by the end of this year, as what you guys have all said. The questioning(?) tone he gave (haven't seen the clip) in response. I remember coming across a clip of SJK reacting to the audience fans' prompt for him to date SHK during his FM in China. He simply smiled slightly, placed his hand around her shoulder and nodded just so briefly. Who knew that was a silent testament to him already being in an actual relationship with her at that time. If anything, HS's ambivalent/doubtful response to what she said may suggest disagreement attested on the accuracy of that statement, as what @tallyu mentioned in her analysis. Out of topic but does anyone happen to know of a good GIF/Image hosting site? Previous one I used is shutting down and have tried others such as makeagif which fails to upload here most of the time. Quite frustrating to not be able to share GIFs!!
  9. @puppyjjang Hey dear, sorry I've been busy lately so I wasn't able to do that! I'll try to find some time to post all the interviews here this week if you still need them! Or are you able to get them at my profile page? @Mings30 Thanks so much for sharing the translations done by others for the ELLE interview! I enjoyed reading them sorry I wasn't able to respond promptly as I have been less free lately! HS looks radiant and happy as ever in the TW FM video clips! Love seeing him in this way, I'd think its the happiness from being in love that brings about this glowing aura surrounding him. He shines more than he already does! I also like his description of his ideal type of lady drawn so dedicatedly, if you haven't already noticed, the only adjective he uses to describe her is the word "lovely"/"lovable". Apart from describing her physical traits (long hair, double eyelids and a small face), he could have chosen or even added other descriptive words on her personality e.g. "bubbly", "confident", "charming" but of all the many adjectives out there, he chose to specifically mention her aura of loveliness. And even made sure to place extra emphasis by mentioning it more than once. For me, that speaks volumes and tells me that he is referring to a particular lady when speaking about his ideal type. One whom he has repeatedly been referring to as "lovely"/"lovable" during his most recent interviews, among many other adjectives he too could have selected in place or alongside. HS only further added the word "feminine" after he was asked if there was a particular reason for her being in a feminine-looking dress. Also interestingly, notice how he nearly swallowed/gulped and hesitated before proceeding to describe her as being really lovely. It's like as if he wasn't sure if he should say that, whether that word was the right choice, contemplating whether or not to reveal it (that his ideal type is someone who is full of loveliness). Even though we already knew what he was trying to say when he was drawing the hearts around the image of the lady (guess he couldn't help it but instinctively drew them plentiful hearts). Why so? Was he afraid that by specifically choosing to describe her in such a manner, it would be too huge of a reveal and he would completely give himself away? In divulging the true identity of that most lovely lady. Not Im Ji Yeon, I believe from their past interviews and interactions in the BTS of High Society it was shown that there isn't romantic attraction between the two (or at least on HS's end), and instead what they have is a purely casual friendship like that of buddies. Not that there isn't any possibility of a romantic relationship developing from such a friendship, but from the way HS simply shrugged off the chances of them developing into a couple when posed the question, it was quite telling that he doesn't see her as a potential partner. That was highly contrasting to how he instead questioned the reporter if it was possible for him to have romantic feelings for Bo young, who is a respected sunbae in the industry. Just my two cents but honestly I think the chances of him getting together with IJY are negligible, assuming there is no attraction in the first place. As shared by @icemaiden21 in that meaningful tweet and @Desvlo's added words of affirmation, I too am sure that as long as the captain of our ship himself is 100% sure of the love between them, any doubters be gone and that's just it. HS is steering our ship well at the helm and all we have to do is to continue placing our trust in him, that he will guide us crew well! This ship will sail on!
  10. Ah a month more to go!!! Wow it takes longer than I'd expected for the release of such post-production DVD/Bluray films But I guess the wait would be worthwhile once you lay your hands on that precious DVD and its previously unrevealed love stories of our couple.. and get to watch them as they fall in love over the 16 episodes every night till those exclusive scenes become part of memory Oh how I envy you for being able to keep those footage with you (for life)!!! #woesofafinanciallyburdenedfangirl I think the drama probably ended or so in Taiwan already! Saw on instagram a week ago some TV news report on the ending of ep 14 (rooftop bomb scene) and how it was a hot topic discussion. Anyway the drama's popularity is explosive in TW as well, am seeing fans on Insta, Youtube, everywhere! I think the TW fans are quite supportive of our couple too This one is for you @icemaiden21, your love for the song and its beautiful lyrics Love his soothing vocals here, he has such a beautiful and angelic voice. Can't stop replaying it in my mind over and over, like heaven to my ears! @mei1209 Hope you like this too, dedicated to HS's beautiful lady, our beautiful girl who is more than deserving of the title, true to the song lyrics. Thanks for always reminding us how gorgeous and lovable of a girl our Boyoungie is! @jowuee Your delulus have been sorely missed!!! Love reading it with a huge, silly grin on my face always and very on point LOL I love how it sounds like our dear HS really can't live without his Do Bong Soon for even the smallest fraction of a second (as always he misses her Bbbou when they're not together. It seems like the world is falling apart when he can't see her & not to be together even for a second.) Indeed, indeed. There must be a reason behind our puppy husband constantly rushing off after each of his schedules, faster than a ninja master would (though he is on his way to becoming one). And meeting his pretty puppy wife sounds like a legitimate reason to believe. Guess the song lyrics for his remake ballad version of 'Beautiful Lady' is apt - "Only you can make me breathe. I love you so much, you’re so beautiful". (needs to rush off back to his lady for his dose of oxygen) @fanie586 Cause the shippers see what the non-shippers don't in our puppy couple (maybe we have a third eye LOL kidding). In that "Your mouth only speaks the words, that all others see in your eyes". In this case, it's HS and and his sparkling eyes that didn't lie.
  11. Sharing another FMV for a dose of DBS feels: We know the reason behind HS's ability to pour his heart and soul into singing his song, for he sings it with only one person in mind wholly. Ah seriously, SWDBS will always have a special place in my heart even after we each move on to other dramas eventually. I'll never forget the K drama which lit up my 2017 and brought so much love and feelings of gratification through Bong Bong and Min Min. I'll never forget BongMin/Ahn Min Hyuk and Do Bong Soon, for they led us to loving Bo Young and Hyung Sik. How long more to the release of the Bluray [Making] film? Ah daebak I watch ROS too and William is really cute!! The caption says: Omo!!!!! Uncle Hyung Sik~~~ couldn't come for my first birthday celebration and bought a car as a gift (a life size one for young kids that's popular among children)!!!! Wow wow~~ I'm happy HS bought a car for baby William, that's so sweet of him!
  12. Sorry for cutting your posts! Wa nice observation there am digging this theory So BY was wearing her black V cap during her V Live previously too when she was all alone somewhere in the countryside and HS was back in Seoul (maybe white is too striking to wear in the dark but) Black for loneliness, white for innocence (that both our puppies symbolise) and new beginnings (of a relationship)? All I can think of when I see him in this cap is @jowuee and her B stands for BabyBoo theory HS missing his Baby Boyoung Credits to owner https://www.instagram.com/1000glassmask/
  13. A likely bestseller for plaid flannels in the Korean fashion market if (brand) identified I hope the plaids make their appearance again in future Love both the scenarios you listed @fanie586 though I would like to believe its the first! I think BY may have turned up but chose to enter via the back door as some have shared photos of other celebrities such as Yoo Ah In and Kim Jong Kook who were spotted at the event, but were not seen during the red carpet? It'll be really puzzling if she didn't attend at all and PHS shows up unexpectedly (but very visibly in that tee) instead!
  14. @michy18 Actually I was also surprised as to why he chose to wear that same outfit again, that much talked about (and compared to) navy blue checkered tee. I know to some it's probably not a great deal, just a casual dress-down outfit that he chose to wear out of comfort maybe, but I can't help thinking there could be something more to it. Like, intentionally causing some speculation among fans again (for resembling the outfit worn by BY in her V Live) ... In any case glad he chose to wear it, gives some of us something to debate about again
  15. Many thanks to @fanie586 for the update! Well he wasn't on the list of confirmed star attendees/invited guests for the VIP premiere so I wouldn't be surprised to know he didn't show his face openly at the event. More surprised to know that he actually TURNED UP, making his way in sneakily. No prizes for guessing why BY didn't grace the red carpet earlier, she was intending to enter with her namchin in tow that's why. Yahooooo Edit (add): @Mings30 Opps hehe sorry I just saw your post after I clicked! That must be a coincidence fate Wa I'm all hyped up after seeing the news on instagram!!! Thank you, our puppies that was timely