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  1. I will rip the subs from tvN Asia for episode 1 when I am free and have access to laptop later. I will then ask for help from those on KoreanVariety Reddit to sync and upload it on Subscene since I am busy. Update: luckily there is other user managed to rip, sync and upload the subs on subscrne. So no need to wait for me. Huhu
  2. Do you mean no uploads on illegal streaming sites that you usually use? Raw videos usually released on torrent sites in 30 mins after the broadcast ended. I downloaded it the next day. Just a quick note for those who patiently wait for subs released every week: Beginning next week, episode 5 onward will be uploaded LATER THAN USUAL. It will be uploaded on Sundays evening/late night KST (GMT+9), instead of morning/afternoon, as I am getting busier. Sorry! Please do pray for me! Tomorrow will be the first day of new semester. There are much commitments and workloads coming, in addition to studies got deeper into Psychology. Hehe. You can also follow here as I usually post the soft-subs together with torrent links and streaming videos with subs.
  3. The parody video with subtitles by @stroppyse.
  4. Season 1 is currently being subbed by a fan. He has subbed until episode 3. You can follow him on https://twitter.com/manhwa_kor or reddit https://www.reddit.com/r/koreanvariety/ as he will post the video links there. I also post the video and softsubs link of Youn's Kitchen S2 there.
  5. Episode 3 will be broadcast on tvN Asia this Saturday at 10.00 pm KST. I will upload the subtitles on Subscene after it is available on VOD site the next day.
  6. I am not going to watch any dramas for the time being. Okay. I cannot help but tears flowing a few times throughout watching the final episode(including to realize that it is the finale, and I don't know if my feelings will be invested the same when re-watching). There are too many scenes/moments that I would like to mention, but I would highlight a few. When Officer Paeng was at the school and the kids said that prison was for bad guys, then he said “But everyone commits a bad act at least once.” The ability of this series to portray even the bad folks as human was so wonderful to see. I like how Joon-Ho slowly becoming like Officer Paeng, even though he said he can't like Officer Paeng. Even the final scene of finale shows he acted like Officer Paeng, haha. "Be moderate in criticizing people, you may become like them unconsciously" As far drugs issue, I know many are frustrated by the ending of Han-Yang's character in the drama, but I personally satisfy with it, even though it is indeed bitter. This drama really succeed to open our eyes to have better understanding of those who take drugs, instead of judging them stereotypically. It also reminds us the hardship of those who struggling to quit, that it needs help and support from people around him/her. It also reminds us the hardship of those who struggling to quit, that it needs help and support from people around him/her. It has been highlighted throughout the series that "It is really, really, really hard to quit drugs without support and treatment". Min-Chul even said in episode 15: "Drugs. That's the problem. It's not that easy to quit. Not at all". I also like they show a bit more about Officer Na in the finale, and it is funny to see flashback of his character in school. I love to see relationship growth between Jung-Woo and his brother, Joon-Ho with his colleagues(especially with Officer Paeng and Officer Song), and of course between our cell 2-6 inmates (Je-Hyuk, Min-Chul, Kaist, Gobaksa, Jung-Woo, Hanyang, Janbaljang, Dolmani). I like to see Beobja to be hired by Je-Hyuk in the end. Argh. I have lost words to say at the moment. Going to watch BTS clips before saying goodbye(for now, before re-watching later) to this masterpiece. There are too much lessons from every single characters, their behaviors and character development throughout about 24 hours-long drama. Finally, I would like to quote what Shin Won-Ho PD said: "If there is a message [in the drama] I want to say, it’s of ‘hope.’ This is a story of people in a place at the end of the world. Some of them dream of making a comeback, some of them fall even further as they continue to live. But I want to show that there can be hope in this situation.” And yeah! This is now my most favorite K-Drama, replacing Signal. I really hope this drama will be crowned as best drama during 2018 Baeksang Award(at least be nominated), just like Signal did two years ago. Hopefully all of us can be a better person in view of nurturing better society!
  7. Jung Hae In And “Prison Playbook” PD Share Their Thoughts On The Finale As tvN’s “Prison Playbook” came to an end on January 18, Jung Hae In and several other cast members talked about their experience during filming and shared their thoughts on what the drama meant to them. In a statement released through FNC Entertainment, Jung Hae In remarked, “‘Prison Playbook’ was a new challenge and the greatest of joys [for me]. I gained wisdom and life lessons while filming the drama.” The actor also expressed his immense gratitude for everyone involved with the drama, saying, “I want to give my love and thanks to director Shin Won Ho and the crew for giving me the opportunity to act and also for making the set such a happy place that it was hard for us to hold back our laughter whenever we filmed. I also give my love and thanks to my Cell 2, Room 6 family, who took good care of me even though I was lacking in many ways.” He went on, “I sincerely thank the viewers for enjoying ‘Prison Playbook’ together with us until now. I think it was because of the fans’ enjoyment that I was able to gain the energy I needed to film [the drama]. It was truly a blessing.” Actress Im Hwa Young also thanked the viewers of the show, expressing her regret that “Prison Playbook” was already over. She commented, “It seems like just yesterday that I was introducing myself as [my character] Kim Jae Hee, and I’m already saying my goodbyes and thanking you for having loved the character.” She added, “I would like it if ‘Prison Playbook’ were a drama that remained forever in viewers’ memory.” Actor Jung Woong In shared that he had initially been worried about the chemistry between his prison guard character and the various inmates, but that his concerns had turned out to be unnecessary. He explained, “Because the actors I worked with treated me warmly and made me comfortable, they turned the character of Chief Pang into the warmest character in the world. I want to thank them for that.” The actor also spoke fondly of the drama in general, saying that he was happy to have had the chance to play a different type of role. He noted, “I think it speaks to the strength of this drama that I was able to play this kind of character, even though I’m known for playing villains.” Lee Kyu Hyung remarked, “I filmed the drama with a happy and grateful heart, thanks to the fact that ‘Prison Playbook’ received a great deal of love. Thank you so much for giving [the drama] lots of love.” He went on to promise, “I will return and show you an improved version of myself in another drama. I will always continue to work hard and do my best.” Finally, Shin Won Ho, the producing director (PD) of “Prison Playbook,” shared his final thoughts on the drama. When asked what message he hoped viewers would take away from the show, he replied, “It makes no sense to say what message I want to convey. I think my mission is to throw a diverse array of stories and different sides of life [at the viewers] to offer them an enjoyable, emotional experience. I think it’s up to the viewers to decide what they want to take away from it.” Are you sad to see “Prison Playbook” end? Leave your thoughts below! Source: Soompi Original Article: (1) (2) (3) (4) (5)
  8. Viewership ratings for final episode is 11.195%, peak at 13.2%(12.299% for metropolitan, peak at 15%). Prison Playbook is now the 4th highest rated tvN drama, behind Goblin, Reply 1988 and Signal.
  9. Lt. Lee, the new Lt. Paeng. Haha. Play these two videos simultaneously.
  10. ' Can you please make a brief recap about things happened in the finale? It is quite hard to even understand what is happening in some scenes.
  11. If I am not mistaken, he did not appear. It is because I missed scenes in the middle as i went out before continue watching the last quarter. Hence, he probably appeared while I was away. As far as I know, there is no sites recapping this drama. Probably due to the duration (1.5 hours per episode in average).