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  1. Thanks @light0312 for sharing those videos and still images. I initially assumed that this drama will be on Netflix too, since they obtained license for 3 out of 4 latest tvN Saturday-Sunday dramas, while Viki got license for Room No. 9. Let's wait & see if it will suddenly appear on Netflix or Viki. I wish to watch it tonight or tomorrow.
  2. K-Plus Asia will be streaming this drama. I could not find any information whether it will be on Viki or not. I haave asked Netflix Asia and VIU, and they won't stream this drama. I don't know if it will be available on Netflix for other regions though. As for VIU, they have not acquired licenses for tvN's Saturday-Sunday dramas for a while, since Mr. Sunshine, Room No. 9, Memories of the Alhambra, Romance is a Bonus Book and the latest, Confession.
  3. The teasers and highlight video are so promising that I cautiously desire to have high expectation. It also features Yoo Jae Myung which impressed me for his role in Forest of Secrets/Stranger, besides Kim Chul-kyu PD who directed Mother & Chicago Typewriter. However, the screenwriter Im Hee-Chul has no past credits (rookie?), but Forest of Secrets was also written by a rookie writer, Lee Soo-Yeon. Here are translated character poster and teasers from K-Plus:
  4. I will be sharing subtitles by K-Plus Asia, regardless whether Viki has been licensed for streaming it or not. However, I won't do it if Netflix will stream it. Is there Viki's channel page for the drama? I could not find it when trying to search.
  5. Excited for this drama. Hopefully it will be a good legal thriller drama! Happy to know that it will be broadcast on K-Plus Asia channel.
  6. So, rating for final episode is 23.779% (Metropolitan area: 24.357%). Although it does not exceed 25%, still congrats to all casts, writer, directors and staffs in production team.
  7. "Sometimes we laugh and easily cry" "Alright..it's the..it's the end" "Is this really true?" (x3) It's already past 5 a.m. I will share my review on the finale and overall drama later after I have been deeply analyzing and organizing my thoughts. However, I am impressed with the final scene that shows the briefing about academic coaching and Kim Joo Young (the real one or metaphorical figure). The world still runs like usual. The main family in the drama may change, but it does not mean everything has changed. We should not expect changes occur drastically just because of a drama, book or figure. What matters is our beliefs and manifestation in our social circle. Changes begin with ourselves, then our family and friends. We have to keep our idealism for bigger picture of change in society, but at the same time being realistic in order to survive in this challenging world.
  8. It was revealed during Happy Together "Children of Castle special" broadcast yesterday about this.
  9. It breaks another record. Viewership ratings for episode 19 is 23.216% (24.622% for metropolitan area). [Source]
  10. The most touching scene in this episode for me is Woo-Joo's outburst when Seo Jin and Joon Sang came to apologize. His dad wisely advises him to just do whatever feels right for him and do what his heart tells him. I am quite surprised when Joo Young asked Seo Jin at the end whether she is sure that she will not regret it, then asking "do you think you had nothing to do with her death?". What a final cliffhanger and preview/epilogue, then we will have to wait for about a week before final episode. We have been shown that it is extremely difficult for people to change. We can reflect it to ourselves for other traits and characters. Some of us may hope that Prof. Cha will change and re-unite with his family. Personally, whether it is going to happen or not, it is more important for us to learn about it. Hopefully the finale will be strong to convey its messages and leave deep and long-lasting impression to the viewers. "We are happy living without you" "You're the most pitiful of us all. You're an utter failure. You're rock bottom. zero marks" "Why is that a must? Why should I think like you?" "If you wanted it that much. you should've gone to med school" p/s: Since Korean team has lost to Qatar in quarter-final match, then final episode may be broadcast on Friday. Edit: Epilogue/preview on JTBC's youtube page stated that it will air on Friday, Feb 1.
  11. Final episode of “SKY Castle” to be broadcast next week due to AFC Asian Cup match Changes have been announced in the broadcasting schedule for the final two episodes of “SKY Castle.” Previously, episode 19 was scheduled to air on January 25, and the finale was scheduled to air on January 26. However, changes have been made due to the 2019 AFC Asian Cup, which JTBC has exclusive coverage rights for in Korea. On January 22, Korea won 2:1 in the round of 16 against Bahrain. As a result, the team will be advancing to the quarterfinals, and the next match against Qatar will be on January 25 at 10 p.m. KST. As “SKY Castle” begins at 11 p.m. KST, it will be unable to air on January 25. Episode 19 will now air on January 26. The air date of the finale will be on February 1 or 2, depending on the Korean team’s performance in the upcoming rounds. If the Korean team advances to the final scheduled on Feb 1, "SKY Castle” finale will be broadcast on February 2. Source: Soompi
  12. No improvement from her W. Hence, not looking forward to this writer's work anymore, except if it received pretty good reviews from various sources after it have ended. That's all my review for this drama.
  13. Ratings finally exceeded 20%! Episode 18 records 22.316% (Metropolitan area 24.501%).
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