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  1. Not "their public channel" but "their subtitles for public channels". Since Viki has partnership with Kocowa, and Kocowa subbing SBS, MBC and KBS shows, all shows with subtitles from those three on Viki come from Kocowa (with "This content is provided by Kocowa" at the end of video).
  2. Their subtitles for public channel dramas are not done by volunteers, but the one who outsource to Kocowa (their partner) and VIU. All these three have exactly same subtitles. The only difference is VIU's subs have no line breaking. I re-watched it on OhK TV Asia channel and they use the word "hell".
  3. Youtube Playlist of OST album - instrumental.
  4. OST album has been released with 34 tracks. You can listen to its preview here.
  5. Finally, it is really ended. It is sad but somehow feeling empty. There are not much things revealed in the final hour. Still applaud the writer for her work, and the casts for their great performance. I did not sleep early today due to some matters, so feeling so tired and sleepy right now. May write little bit review later.
  6. Yes, I think so too. The stepmom recalls SK's voice laughing in this episode while looking at the fireplace, thus she covered it with woods when WK came to visit her. So, the mystery of CWK's family seems to be almost fully revealed, and the final episodes to wrap up with RC case, and "mysterious" relationship between LEH and YTJ. Quite sad that it is going to end, looking forward the writer's next drama.
  7. I actually sleep early in the night for about 4 hours, then wake up around 1 am. However, it feels exhausting back after finished watching one-hour drama (this genre particularly). I think that JH shot him impulsively when EH pulled up the riffle back. That's why he seems shocked that he has not only shot him, but even the target made EH died so quickly. He feels guilty that he said that he played the scene so many times that he actually doubts that EH would actually shoot WK. I think it is either WK's testimony, or EH actually recorded the confession with WK's phone. Okay, time to sleep. Excited to watch the latest episodes in few hours.
  8. Just finished watching latest episodes. Dr. Yoon Tae Joo is Eun Ho's hyung? Didn't expect it coming. Feel bad to see JH and, the scene when he answers when recalling EH's words though.. EH: "You have no worries" JH: Whether I worry or not. How would you know?" I want to write more, but brain does not function well. Maybe because it is already approaching 4 a.m. However, happy to see others wrote what is in my mind. So it does not matter if I don't share myself.
  9. Caption: "Today's record, Jan 3, 2019: The unfinished story of Eun-Ho" This video is like tribute to our Eun-Ho, "icon" for children of nobody(?).
  10. When I re-watched the episode, I also got the feeling that his explanation about their deeds is not clear and convincing that he is the master mind. He may thinks that he should take the fall as the real one did right thing, hence the latter should not be arrested and punished. He may also hopes RC continues his work. Considering that we still have 3 episodes (6 mini-episodes), I think it is possible that the writer may want to surprise us especially those who "underestimate" her that she uses the same story-telling method of revealing the culprit. Huhu. Whatever path the story is going to take, I do not really mind. Her work is still impressing!
  11. Hi, first time posting in this thread. I really enjoy reading comments from all of you here. It has been a while since a drama makes me staying up in the night to watch it as soon as subtitles released. Just finished episode 25 & 26. What a roller coaster episode! "Do you know what real hell is like? The innocent child who trembled in fear stands before me with a murderous gaze threatening to kill me. That's real hell. Do you see that?" I really hope that he does not die! I replayed a few times to observe which part of him being shot, but it is not so clear, or perhaps purposely. It is so painful to watch such "tragic" character. Being abused physically and mentally, feeling lonely and no one understands him. He really needs to be comforted! That's why he has conflicts between what his heart and mind say after being persuaded by Woo-Kyung, leading to changes of his choice during final scene. The writing about revealing the culprit and his motivation takes almost the same route like "The Village: Achiara's Secret". "I am not a murderer. I saved the children." - Lee Eun Ho "I want them to be happy."- Kang Pil Sung Still enjoying the ride though. Yawning.. It's almost 4 a.m. Going to sleep now.
  12. Yes. I will update new episodes every Friday and Saturday, as subtitles released a day after broadcast on tvN Asia.
  13. It is currently not picked by Viki or VIU. Maybe Netflix picks it and release after broadcast ended, just like they did with Argon and Bad Guys: Vile City. It will also be broadcast on tvN Asia tonight at 9.30 pm KST. I will share subtitles if it is available on VOD site tomorrow. UPDATE: I have uploaded subtitles on Subscene.