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  1. Episode 5 is quite intense. Directing is really awesome. However, I cannot watch episode 6 tomorrow since Eid Mubarak. p/s: Happy Eid Mubarak to all Muslim chingus here!
  2. Everyone is stranger to each other even though they know and work together, since they have lots of secrets and their real characters are different from what people see. This is what I understand.
  3. I just wonder if they have successful in cloning WJ, as Chairman Park and the assemblywoman talked about passing cloning bill in previous episode. Hopefully it won't be 'stupid' one after that kind of cliffhanger and no preview for 2037 part (If i have not missed any parts). Moreover, there must be a reason why do they include about "cloning". Or maybe I am only one who really wish to see YJG in 2037. haha
  4. Yeah, I like HSM-HYJ interaction. They really need to trust and cooperate with each other, rather than working alone. I like HSM's final line in the preview "are they after me from the start? Or, am I the one who lead them?". I am really curious and excited to look forward where the plot is going to. @maddymappo yeah, just use VPN like hola. Huhu.
  5. You're welcome! Glad that they release it just after the broadcast ended. Episode 3 is awesome!
  6. This is one thing I quite dislike tvN drama. Still remember 88 minutes episode of Signal and Misaeng (for final episode), also about 100 minutes episode of Reply 88'. Even though it is a great and good quality drama, but it can makes viewers feel bored or distracted due to personal conditions and his/her environment. Me too! huhu. Netflix has released episode 3 with subs!
  7. What I know is contents on Netflix are subjected to regions availability. In other words, some contents are not available for some regions. While, there is also case where schedule for new update is different, like Man to Man.
  8. By the way, I just noticed Netflix has this as their original series, and new episodes released on Saturdays and Sundays! unlike Dramafever, on Mondays and Tuesdays. So we can watch it sooner.
  9. Nice comment, @TeBe! I like to watch characters with unusual personality and try to understand their motives leading to their actions. So far, this drama really gives me Signal's vibe, which is my most favorite drama all-time. Only BGM sounds quite lacking for me.
  10. Viki subs: Two of the people here will probably.. die soon. VIU subs: There is a probability that two people will soon die (most/all streaming sites rip subs from VIU) Dramafever subs: Two people in this room might die soon.
  11. @UnniSarah @MaxT @Mayyes DramaFever has released subs for episode 1! Dramafever will be releasing subs every Monday and Tuesday.
  12. Glad to know that the ratings increase for episode 2! 4.148% (5.498% Seoul)
  13. Hello everyone. First time visiting this thread. I did not plan to watch this drama before since currently watching 5 on-going dramas, but watching the trailers makes me excited to watch it. It seems only dramafever gets license, while viki still not obtained, and surprisingly VIU does not obtain it (so can't expect subs to be early), Happy to see ratings for pilot episode is 3.041% (Seoul 3.627%), hopefully it will keep increasing.
  14. English subs for the finale has been released. It is such an amazing and lovely ending. I couldn't help but my tears dropped. surprisingly at the same time as Tae Min's tears dropped. haha. I like KSY's acting at that moment. Of course, YAI, GKP and ISJ are great too! Love to read comments and thoughts from all of you, even though I was not able to read all. Good journey together for past two months. I would like to write more, but quite tired, maybe later. huhu. Nielsen Viewership Ratings for episode 16 Nationwide: 2.162% Seoul: 2.551%
  15. English subs episode 15 has been released, I like this episode covers the past most. The inner conflict of characters really makes me ponder and reflect a lot about my own life, instead of just judging them. It is such a big sacrifice for those who struggled a lot for their nation's independence. but we have a big responsibility to maintain it. Nielsen Viewership Ratings for episode 15 Nationwide: 2.419% Seoul: 2.975% .