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  1. English subs for episode 6 has been released! Even episodes usually released quite late compared to odd ones. poke @bebe1989 hehe Nielsen Viewership Rating of episode 6 Nationwide: 2.236% (+0.316%) Seoul: 2.840% (+0.953%)
  2. Nielsen Viewership Rating of episode 5 Nationwide: 1.92% (-0.174%) Seoul: 1.847% (-0.841%) Yeah, he seems quite creepy when his facial expression changes when the cat didn't stop try to play with him. I think he didn't see YJO, but the 1st draft manuscript of "Fate" that YJO lied on it. That's why he said "things that writer should not have". However, his gaze seems like he didn't look at the floor. Hopefully this will be cleared soon.
  3. English subs episode 5 has been released. If you need a link to watch it, you may PM @bebe1989 (please help chingu, haha, as I am not reachable for about half day)
  4. The special episode featuring highlight scenes of episode 3 and 4 will be at 6 40 pm, then epiaode 5 will be aired at 8.00 pm.
  5. It is weekend show, but it airs every Saturday at 8.45 pm with 2 episodes back to back.
  6. English subs has been released. You may PM me for the link. Even though Yoo Jin Oh seems as ghost, but still it is pitiful when he said he has nowhere to go, he wants a friend and he can only live if Se Joo keep writing. Huhu. He said Se Joo is quite cute, but I saw he acts more cute. Haha. Nielsen Viewership ratings for episode 4 Nationwide: 2.094% (-0.141%) Seoul: 2.688% (+0.133%) source: http://www.nielsenkorea.co.kr/tv_terrestrial_day.asp?menu=Tit_1&sub_menu=1_1&area=00
  7. Chicago Typewriter airs at 8 pm, while SWDBS airs at 11 pm (Tunnel airs at 10 pm). So they do not compete with each other.
  8. It is getting more interesting! I am glad that latest episode is much shorter than the previous two episodes. It feel much faster (already end? haha) In my opinion, an hour length episode is just nice, and it reduces tendency for viewers to feel bored or less focus.I am even fine if they reduce it to 40-50 minutes and have more episodes. (okay, enough. huhu) The mystery seems thicken in latest episode. So curious on how will it unfold. Too many questions. Too excited to watch next one! p/s: English subs has been released! Nielsen Viewership ratings for episode 3 Nationwide: 2.235% (-0.587%) Seoul: 2.555% (-0.698%) source: http://www.nielsenkorea.co.kr/tv_terrestrial_day.asp?menu=Tit_1&sub_menu=1_1&area=00 @marie67, it is quite sad as it drops. Hopefully it will increase in next episode.
  9. Episode 2 is even better! Hopefully it will keep the quality until the end. The mystery of ghost/soul and ghostwriter seems so interesting. The moving eyes of the wall picture makes the scenes more horror. haha I am quite blank to write more (problem of writer. arghh.. shake hand with Han Se Ju, huhu). @LoveBangWon @Yongzura You're welcome. Just helping those who are eager so much to watch it as soon as possible. Alright, sure, I will inform here when subs released for next episodes.
  10. I have just done watching the pilot episode with VIU subs. Love it. Really interesting and promising! The pace is good and music is nice too. It already feels intense to be hooked. Looking forward the next episode. p/s: Glad to see familiar names here from TWY and RTDK thread. hehe
  11. No, there is no special episode, as tvN Friday-Saturday dramas usually have one week gap before a new one starts. By the way, just sharing programming schedule of tvN: http://tvn.tving.com/tvn/Schedule p/s: they should air the special episode, but maybe they won't because of ratings.
  12. It is the best and most realistic romance drama that I have ever watched (of course based on my judgement). Usually I am not really interested in romance drama. Even I originally intended to watch this because of time-travel premise and LJH (I have been his fan quite long time, most of his projects are great). However, this drama impress me, as its core is romance, and time-travel concept makes it much more beautiful and interesting. It really makes me desire to get married as soon as possible, haha. (I probably to do so next year, if God wills) Thanks a zillion, guys, for sharing your thoughts. Really appreciate it. It is indeed a nice journey. I wish all the best to all of us for whatever paths we take in our lives! This is an instrumental in final episode that does not include in the OST album, but I love it. Hence, I edit and upload it. I name it "I Really Miss You". From this scene:
  13. Hello, guys! I had problem to access my account, so I have to use a new one. I really hope that the finale will be satisfying and good closure, so that Tomorrow with you will keep in our memory as unique and special lovely drama. It seems that OST album has been released yesterday: http://www.mnet.com/album/1835921 or http://music.naver.com/album/index.nhn?albumId=1855086