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  1. It is not VIU, but Winner Fan Sub from Indonesia. The person who uploaded it removed the credit. Netflix has released first two episodes. They release two new episodes every Tuesday. I have shared subtitles for episode 1 and 2 on subscene.
  2. It will start streaming on Netflix Asia on 1st December. I thought it is today, maybe in other regions. https://www.netflix.com/title/80214406 @yoyo_icecube, Netflix probably owns the license for this exclusively. So other legal sites(VIU, Viki, DramaFever) may not obtain rights to sub it.
  3. Its today! Hopefully Viki will obtain the license for this drama, since VIU will be not subbing it. Not sure about DramaFever. Otherwise, we need to hope for fansubs like Avengers Social Club. @Go Seung Ji, its broadcast time is 21:10 KST.
  4. Just finished watching final episode with subs. The way it wrap up really shows that this is Park Hye-Ryun's drama that emphasizes on moral values to be learnt throughout the series. Glad to see Kim So-Hyun's return for finale.
  5. Looking forward to this drama. Hopefully there is licensed site will be subbing this.
  6. Hello, everyone! First time commenting in this thread. Has been in drama slump for about 2 months, since end of Forest of Secrets. Finally this drama managed to attract me. It is enjoying ride so far for the first half, hopefully it will keep this momentum until the end. Nice to see thriller, comedy, legal and romance aspects quite balanced in this drama. It really gives me vibes of I Hear Your Voice and Pinocchio mixed. I have read lots of comments here and other sites about what Woo Tak's secret could be, but I don't think it is really a big matter(at least for the time being). Still, his background and character has mysterious side(s).
  7. OST album has been finally released! http://www.mnet.com/album/2167045
  8. Does anyone know about when the OST album will be released? I love the instrumentals especially this one.
  9. Only one episode left! This is my final k-drama for a while due to time constraints and personal commitments. Sad to say goodbye.
  10. Can't believe next week is the finale!
  11. Wow. I really didn't expect that ending! Great applause to the writer.
  12. Nice episode! Happy to know ratings reached 5.5%!