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  1. OST album has been finally released! http://www.mnet.com/album/2167045
  2. Does anyone know about when the OST album will be released? I love the instrumentals especially this one.
  3. Only one episode left! This is my final k-drama for a while due to time constraints and personal commitments. Sad to say goodbye.
  4. Can't believe next week is the finale!
  5. Wow. I really didn't expect that ending! Great applause to the writer.
  6. Nice episode! Happy to know ratings reached 5.5%!
  7. Really like the pace of the plot so far. Hoping that it will maintain till the final episode.
  8. Happy to know that it sets new highest viewership ratings for yesterday of 4.834%. Hopefully it can exceed 5% this week.
  9. It is unbelievable that it has reached mid point of the drama.
  10. Episode 5 is quite intense. Directing is really awesome. However, I cannot watch episode 6 tomorrow since Eid Mubarak. p/s: Happy Eid Mubarak to all Muslim chingus here!
  11. Everyone is stranger to each other even though they know and work together, since they have lots of secrets and their real characters are different from what people see. This is what I understand.
  12. [Drama 2017] Circle 써클

    I just wonder if they have successful in cloning WJ, as Chairman Park and the assemblywoman talked about passing cloning bill in previous episode. Hopefully it won't be 'stupid' one after that kind of cliffhanger and no preview for 2037 part (If i have not missed any parts). Moreover, there must be a reason why do they include about "cloning". Or maybe I am only one who really wish to see YJG in 2037. haha
  13. Yeah, I like HSM-HYJ interaction. They really need to trust and cooperate with each other, rather than working alone. I like HSM's final line in the preview "are they after me from the start? Or, am I the one who lead them?". I am really curious and excited to look forward where the plot is going to. @maddymappo yeah, just use VPN like hola. Huhu.