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  1. More videos Ye ssaem is jealous! I'm all in for ha-line. shirtless! OH MY GOSH Conflict between Ye saem and BY
  2. There's a new video on YT. It seems like Ye licious is backreading BY messages to him and MInho is in the bookstore (or library?) with her even if he doesn't like poetry. Gosh, I wish I could understand korean. @stroppyse and/or @Nodame, could you please translate it, jebal?
  3. I'm feeling divided here. I'm all about Yeline, but I started to have motherly love for Minho. I'm just an old ahjumma after all. I think he's just a kid and he probably never felt something like this before. I want BY and Ye to be together, but my heart aches when I think about MH feelings and how much he's probably going to suffer. Ottoke...
  4. Yes, @lovethatlook. I even edited my latest post because I don't wanna cause any rumours that affect our safe haven. Let's all ship consciously! I wasn't saying anything bad about his co-star in my POV, but interpretation is up to the readers and doesn't belong to the writers, so...
  5. Exactly, @emsel! I think poetry is a special way of using language that makes us see things through a different perspective and that's also what this show is doing with us viewers. This series is showing everyday life through a poetic view. I really enjoy the balance between the comedic and the poignant scenes.
  6. Just saw this on youtube. Don't know if it's correct though. Translation: Ha Suk Jin (cameo): Nice to meet you, I'm Ha Suk Jin. Please take good care of me. SJ: The doctor in charge of me sure is a beauty SJ: Do you have a boyfriend? Dr Ye: Excuse me Dr Ye: What are you doing right now? (to BY) BY: Instead of that Dr Ye what are you doing right now? (something probably happened) MH: Take this chance to resolve your feelings (to BY) MH: A good timing to confess? Dr Ye: Dr Woo, let's meet now, I have something to say
  7. It's so good to see Hyunie in these pictures using Hanbok. I'm very excited to watch this drama, hope it's a successful one. I've watched some of their previous dramas and I haven't testified that kind of chemistry, that spartk that we can almost touch when we watch those two. (JCW and NJH). I mean, she was always friendly, had a good chemistry with the other co-stars, but that was it. I think that what drove CW out of his mind was to watch this girl becoming a woman. And to think that probably that all this was happening while being guided by his own self. I think that's too exciting for a guy, don't you think? Oh, dear, I'm becoming such a perv with those two.... kekekke
  8. Me too. Suffering heartaches means that one is still alive, right? These very uptight and stiff types (Dr YE) once they fall in love, they tend to be very sweet. You can call me a masochist, but I actually like that in dramas. Because I think that all those tears and suffering, and all that angst, will be paid with lots of endearing scenes in the end.
  9. OH MY GOSH! This is gonna be EPIC! I sincerely hope that this is going to be a successful drama because the Hyun Bin's latest ones were disappointing. He's for sure one of the best male actors in SK and Shin Hye is one of the most adorable and charismatics. I'm very excited to see the outcomes!
  10. I might say that the Ye Line is set to sail. It's very common in dramas this kind of rejection and then the following regrettting and anticipation. I think it's a way for Minho to show his growth and become more likable.
  11. Guys!!! The videos are out on youtube. I'll try to post them here.
  12. Kummawo, chingu @masthu ! It's always great when you talk about the scenes in the DVD for those who couldn't afford it. I could watch some snippets on Instagram and the sounds are veeery embarassing to hear. Also, I always wondered if there was T action in the court kiss, because there were in the other two (first kiss and basket kiss). So I'm glad to know that Jiji always stick to their behavioral pattern. Funny, isn't it? I remember that lots of us, back then, in July, were not very confident on NJH's affection because she seemed more reserved. Now we know that, in fact, it is quite the opposite. Nam ji Hyun is very special indeed. Oppa couldn't resist.
  13. And I really Looove to hear that from his long time fans cause it kinda proves that what we saw and felt was not only the product of our delulu minds. The shy and reserved 30 year old actor was acting like a kid, playing and teasing the girl he fancies, sometimes being foolish, and sometimes openly flirting. Oh gosh, how I miss them together
  14. Ok, @pauliza! I confess. The hot kisses and their chup chup sounds made me delurk!
  15. Hello Jiji Shippers! I'm finally coming out of the shadows and delurking. Not native English speaker, so I'm sorry about my English here. I've been following this thread since July as I was totally addicted to the series and suffered from withdrawal symptoms when it ended. Actually I was entire against shipping because I only saw it as a way to create false expectations and being frustrated afterwards. But as I watched Namji's interaction it was impossible for me not to ship them. And I also learned, specially from @pauliza that shipping can also be something you do just for fun. Don't have to take it seriously. Off course, I LOVED their kisses and byeontae moments but what really got me into this ship was their warmth friendliness, the cozy feeling that it's almost palpaple when you watch them. It was like watching two people falling in love. Personally, I would say that they are not a thing yet. Maybe, in my romantic mindset, I like to think that they're a promise, like a dream . So, i like them together but I really admire them as individuals. I think highly of them. Ji Chang Wook is a very sweet and considerate person and Nam Ji Hyun is adorable, nerdy, book worm, very intelligent, caring, articulate and sensitive person. The thing I like the most about Ji Chang Wook is that he being a cellebrity he could fall for a different kind of girl, with plastic perfect looks and more fashionable manners. I'm not saying that Jihyun is not beautiful, but I think that she's not very commonly beautiful. She is the type of person that becomes more attractive when you get to know her. She's physically pretty, but her personality is WONDERFUl. And if Ji Chang Wook admires that, he himself is also someone to be admired. Because he can identify things that are not ordinarily found in the K Ent Industry. I couldn't buy the DVD for financial reasons. I live in South America and it would be veeery expensive and difficult to buy it from here. At first, I was not very excited from what I've read here. I was always questioning myself: are they only friends? But, I can satisfy myself thinking that they have develloped special feelings for each other during tha time. I really hope that they're still in touch with each other and that she had already visited him (as he said he would be really thankful for). Maybe we'll never know if they are/were/will be a thing or not. But I still can't get out of this ship because it makes me feel warm inside. It makes me believe that some values that are not so cherished in our contemporary society like simplicity and kindness are not totally forgotten, left behind.
  16. Hi guys! Delurking here just to join this thread. Actually, English is not my native language, so I'm try to be very careful on what I'm saying. Pardon my mistakes. Also, I'm an old ahjumma who doesn't have much knowledge when it comes to using electronic devices. I've always liked this kind of slice of life dramas. Because reality can be hard and sometimes meaningless, I like to watch heartwarming, feel good dramas. I really loved the fact that in this case, poetry will be a medicine. I've started watching this series late and at first I was not very excited about it because BY was only facing hard times and ridiculousness. But as I insisted on doing so, I've become more interested on the characters and their personal traits and stories. I really enjoy the fact that they are portrayed as human beings. So they have flaws and we can watch them grow. Though I'm on the Yeline, I still don't know what is really going to happen to our adorable BY. But I'm satisfied with whichever way they choose (whether it's MH or Ye) as long as the plot is well built and consistent. All I can say is that right now, Minho is being very immature, so it's hard to imagine them together. On the other hand, Jae Wook is being Yelicious.