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  1. @dramaninja that was sooooo sweet! Yet to watch today’s episodes. Some snippets - just dream was the focus And I think we have a loathesome MW!
  2. I’m liking the female Detective Too! Her character is lovable up to this stage
  3. The fact that MBC did a short clip to show the ‘love’ between Husband and wife is telling. MW May threaten to come between them but is not going to happen. I somehow felt that MBC was trying to assure audience that, don’t worry, they love each other! Hahaha! And back to Jang Hyuk, I really like him as a person. Enduring, diligent and hardworking
  4. It shows that she is portraying her role well kudos to the actress. u can watch it with subs on dramanice! @Prettysup thanks for the article and that 1st pic too cute hahah!
  5. @skypearl @purplebass thanks! Yes 16 episodes sound right, don’t want anything too draggy. Like i mentioned before, during an interview on this drama, the female actress who acted as the Wife said is a story about how an almost broken family, found their way and come back together. So yes, I believe the family will come together. And is for us to continue to watch to find out how. I love the plot because it hits reality. Especially in Long marriages, it is so common to get so used to each other and u ‘neglect’ each other. And a lot of the focus and attention is on our kids that we forgot our spouses. Marriage counsellor will tell u even after your child is born, is still important to Make Time for your spouse. And in this drama , it depicts reality.
  6. @purplebass continue to watch to find out! Haha any idea how many episodes is this? Good to read good reviews https://netizendrama.wordpress.com/2018/10/12/spoilers-bad-papa-e05-08-rating/ [Spoilers] Bad Papa E05-08 + Rating netizendrama 4 hours ago Advertisements Naver – heraldpop: ‘Bad Papa’ Jang Hyuk started his game comeback…the new drug tester got a seizure 1.[+28, -0] Wow the medicine he trusts and thinks it’s a nutritional supplement is such a dangerous medicine…Jang Hyuk’s body can endure it…wow 2.[+24, -0] Jang Hyuk’s acting seems real ㄷㄷ 3.[+17, -0] As expected of Jang Hyuk-nim~~~~~~~~~~~♡♡♡ 4.[+14, -2] I watched today’s episode and I didn’t know the time went by…It’s a very fun drama 5.[+10, -0] I watched it while holding my hands tight. daebak daebak 6.[+10, -0] I watched it while feeling nervous. The last 10 minutes were really overwhelming!!! It’s a real masterpiece Naver – Osen: ‘Bad Papa’ Jang Hyuk found out about Son Yeo Eun x Ha Joon…’Devastation’ 1.[+181, -1] There are a lot of warm and good scenes of Yong Sun and her father but when Son Yeo Eun and Ha Joon scenes come out I just want to change the channel…It’s fun but let’s leave out the concept of an affair 2.[+95, -4] Jang Hyuk’s acting hurt my heart…It reminds me of my father 3.[+87, -4] When he asked his daughter to do whatever she wants to do, Jang Hyun’s eyes were full of sincerity…the best emotional acting 4.[+64, -4] Is Son Yeo Eun a villain or just cancerous ㅋㅋㅋ 5.[+31, -2] I’m watching it because of Jang Hyuk’s pure and sincere acting, the conversation with his daughter made me cry 6.[+26, -0] If it wasn’t for Jang Hyuk I wouldn’t be watching it, I hate seeing his wife and Min Woo
  7. Yes that was how I concluded too. This could be what JC needs to do hahaha! Make breakfast!
  8. @skypearl yes, I’m with u on SJ. She clearly cares about her husband with all those exchanges. And like I mentioned earlier, I can understand why she insists on writing and why there is a need to lie that she is going on work trip. Like u, what I cannot reconcile is her behaviour on the beach. JC needs to earn back the family’s trust and SJ needs to communicate better with him.
  9. Warning - pretty Long post! Just done with latest episodes with subs. 1. JC trusted his Friend with some investment that didn’t go well. He was offered money to manipulate that match but no, he didn’t want to accept even when he knows he needed money to recover the investment losses and his Wife’s dream of moving into a bigger house. He lost becos of his body - so what’s wrong with his body that no one seems to know about. Is more than just muscle pain. It was obvious that he was in pain when he was throwing punches right? Not Becos he accepted the bribe right? He got agitated when a reporter said it was a fixed match. Someone pls correct me lol! Btw was this the match they filmed for 12 hours?? Or was it his first returned match?? Both matches were Impressive! But how did the money get to him?? And so he took the money?? 2. The man who offered him the bribe 11 years ago was the same man that is offering him to return to the ring. What’s his intention? 3. And so it was the usual noble idiotic reason for him to hand the divorce paper to his Wife. I can’t understand this. His Wife clearly loves him and don’t want the divorce and she wanted to stick to this family. So why has things changed now? Are there more to it that’s why she behaves like this 11 years later? Could it be YJC’s attitude that drives her up the wall and she is feeling tired to maintain the family. Could it be that she found out his investment losses and the possibly bribe? They were clearly happy with each other when they watched their daughter’s ballet performance on TV. From sleeping on the same bed to sleeping apart. Got to watch on to know what had caused the drift. 4. Back to his first match after he returned. I hope YD can ask him about that ‘Water bottle’. I need someone to tell him he had to stop eating those pills! Either YD or he knew about the death of the guy who gave him the pills. I love the way he makes it looks as though his opponent is strong eg: tripping himself when his opponent cannot bring him down. That was so nicely done! The blows were so swift! And the reactions from the crowd lol! And I would love to see the commentator eat his own hands Jang Hyuk looks amazing when he boxes 5. His Wife - I don’t know where to start. She looks worried when she knew he is getting back to boxing. She clearly was happy when he won the match. Ok, I can understand why she wants to write the book Becos she really wants to become a writer and this is her only chance. And I can even understand why she don’t want her Husband to know about the trip. But it doesn’t means that she should behave the way she behaved on the beach and on the trip. Aiyo! I can’t watch that part, I SKIPPED! And she wore the dress her husband bought and the last scene where Jc found his Wife, I had to hold my breath! My heart ache for JC 6. Another plot in this drama is the drug. How will this group of ‘scientist’ discover that YJC is the one who can withstand the drugs. I need YJC to stop eating them now what did the bodyguard took from the corpse (before he left the scene of accident)?? 7. JC and Daughter interaction - I love them best. Yes, even when they are quarrelling Becos it started becos of the Daughter’s love for her Father. And how apt and nice that it was daughter who realise who the hero of the bus accident was! 8. That female Detective always make me smile would love to see her more. And MW - maybe is just me? He has this slimy, creepy look. And I leave u with this conversation btw JC and Detective too cute! Good night everyone.
  10. @Prettysupwhat did u just do to me with those pic!Sidus always has goooood pictures! Im off to watch latest episodes with subs tonight
  11. I cant say I love or hate her character yet Becos I can’t understand their conversation much without subs. From body language can understand a bit though