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  1. @JaneyBaei can't reply your pm since i am instaling soompi application and using soompi app to log in. I thought it will be easier still figure it why hahaha. Need to ask help from hubby.
  2. @JaneyBaeplease credit your finding and make it as big as possible hahaha otherwise outsider (you know who) will soon claim it.
  3. @JaneyBae i thought i just read gong yoo go eun real love story (of course in this ship we all believe is real). Very beutiful. At the end when you mention about red string from family member. May i know who is it? it's new information for me.
  4. Regarding voting issue, i am using android mobile to connect so it's not convenience for me to vote continously. I can't event post gifs or pic here hahaha. Soo for you guys fighting and make our couple proud. @seasons32don't you dare to hide yourself from us. Otherwise i'll send petition to our captain and you'll be the first target to be kidnapped. Hahaha maybe someone here can do detective thing, find your house and bomb you with million cat's kisses.
  5. Omo i am melting his stare. hot namja indeed Cr mimilicious yoo
  6. Ahjussi is really exprience on how to melt women's heart. Now women from all over the world line up want to turn herself into a cat. Huahahaaha. Just read many funny comments in ig.
  7. @JaneyBaeme too just notice the same honey eyes yiiipiii lets party dance
  8. I am thinking did he washed his lip before he kissed ge back at his apartment after cf shoot kyakkkk
  9. @seasons32huahahaha then 1000hugs. Still pic from the cat's lover hot ahjussi.
  10. @seasons32thank you so much much muachww once again you proved yourself as a respected and honorable deputy captain. Xoxo. actually i want to give you kisseu emoji but couldn't find it huaaha
  11. @masunnidetective and stalker too hahaha. Actually i am stalking someone's inner circle right now and find something suspicious but it's not the right time, I need more evidence before i share it with you guys. Shipper is really hard by the way hahaha but it make us delulu and happy at the same time. Shipping is new form of drugs maybe.
  12. Tvn cut so many bts scene. Did you guys remember bts from which ep when 29yr old euntak revisit quebec and kimshin open the red door. The bts show euntak approaches gy and kind of want to reach his jacket's collar, may be she wants to fix it. And suddenly cut. I couldn't post the gif here, need short course from @JaneyBaeor our master of gifs @sooyoungdaebak hehe. Also we all know more obviously at movie date scene.
  13. Back to my delulu land see you in Quebec @JaneyBae
  14. My feelings towards them in order: 1.GE (first girl crush. Fall in love with her smile) She is young and pure and honest and do a great job in all her works and many haters want to bully her. So i am more in to her. 2. As couple GE and GY Love them together. They're just complement each other. 3.GY I noticed him from cp. But not really in to gy, after goblin i watched all his movie and drama. He do a great job and grown up with his work and career and personality. Gy has more fans and power and he is already a veteran in korea. Ahjussi can take care himself. He is older than GE. No hard feeling but i don't like to be told/judge where or what or whom i want to write/support. Yeah tell me i am not fair, it's oke. It's just how i feel. Feeling can't be judged, right.
  15. @ghosthuntoh my God thank you for the video. I am speechless even kim seung woo come to support. Ge is one of luckiest girl in Korean entertainment industry really hope it happen also in her love's life.