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  1. Hwaiting to our captain and ship members Still don't get it why people have to attack this forum. As far as know soompi forum is one of the most trusted and respectful source because people here follow rules. I have been silent member of soompi since 2008 as i remember. This is my second ship. My first ship is hyunbin and hajiwon from secret garden drama also the same writer kim eun sook that write goblin. At that time ourship was attacked by song hye kyo fanatic fans(sorry if there are members here are shk fans) and keep threatened us so our captain decide to make a close fb grup and we even have beta website. I am not suggesting that we should also have our own close group. Since we have lawyer captain in this ship i put my trust that our @Janeybae can handle this well. Hope you all don't mind with this story, write this just want to cheer us all while our ship sail to heaven. @ayumiT me also indonesian don't be hurt too much just because we share same nationality just take it as we and them (you know who) don't vibrate in the same frequency. I feel sorry i cant write often here. Have been very busy take care my three daughters and i am also running my own business. Bianne chingus. Finally every moment with you shined with all the gift, analysis,mv from xhera, sooyoungdaebak, seasons32, ghosthunt, janaybae, starrynight. I love all of you it's really warm my heart when i was left empty when goblin ended. CHEERS
  2. Couldn't help my self but to follow your lead @JaneyBae and imagine how they practice the scene that night call me perveted idontmind
  3. I think something happen to that ig jichulxgoeun. I tried request but couldn't make it don't know why. Yesterday he/she has 300 followers now only 62. What happened exactly . Captain @JaneyBae may be can give us enlightenment to the ig. Is she getting hatred or something bad?
  4. Hi fellow shippers, been busy with my twin daughter today, i forgot to introduce my self, i am an ahjumma same age with gy. Follow this ship silently from the first day our captain @Janeybae open this thread. Hi deputy captain @seasons32 thank you for guard our ship save and sound
  5. Yesterday I read in my oppa fans ig they told us gonggo shipper to live in reality and have a logic thinking. They even said that our logic so hard to digest far from proton theory or whatever. I wonder what they are thinking right now hahhaa
  6. Omg happiest day ever. Lets party then chingus