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  1. im so embarrassed! i don't know why people keep on mentioning GSY name on that girl's ig and anywhere related to this. why people don''t think twice upon writing something? pity uri bear. pity that girl too, who has the right to live her life. u know what, i think those crazy fools who created this rumor win! why? because we can see now jh fans n 02 fans keep blaming and bashing each other. im so embarrassed to witness this situation. i know people in here are definitely not those crazy shippers who ship the relationship but those beautiful individuals that we love the most. just leave them alone! they did nothing wrong! so lets just live life happily and keep supporting GSY & LJH. pray for their happiness. we have more than enough to stand strong behind GONGLEE. ah.. people are so scary these days. too much drama.
  2. LOL! funny how people are over reacting over those names(words i think) mentioned in Calling you. not us, brownies, for sure. but still, in a good side, sooji? does this sounds familiar. somebody's skull will crack if he mentioned this over again and again. hahahaha. mama bear power! oh i miss them, let's re watch Busan episode again!
  3. im so glad i found this BEE thread. who are thoughtful and supportive to uri gonglee. let's root for their success! rumors, scandals, issues, hates and hater happen in life ,right? but those pain that make our life stronger! and real. oh, im so relieved. let's continue working and get BEEsy!
  4. true. its so sad to see people commenting on SY ig saying this and that. not interested with MOLS anymore and what not. that's not a true shipper right. they should've known this will happen. so why bother sy. pity uri bear. and its not unfair too to say those disgusting word on jisue ig. so sick to watch these kind of people. creating ig for only to destroy others.
  5. hye fellow brownies. why im so late finding about this bee hive! hehehe. it's been a great years knowing bee couple and also all fellow shippers. its so exciting for being part of their journey,right? i love thme both. however, today, i found a lot of people spreading rumors and some with pictures stating thah JH is dating a YG model name jisue (they both follow each other ig).they said they went for fishing together in jeju and celebrate lunar in hong kong together (i checked her ig and its true,shes in HK on 28.1 when JH was there too). well, i love them both, as an individual and wayyyy better as couple, but feel a little bit sad with shippers who bombed SY ig saying this and that. she actually has nothing to do with this! i don't know why people are so scary these days. well, i really hope those are only rumors as they are at their peak of the carrier know. those negative statements might hurt sy, jh and everyone! so lets bee in this together and support them with all our heart. respect them, not ruining their carriers. i love my familibee here!