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  1. I LOVE jolliBEE! well brownies only noticed that codes. hahahha papa bee sure enjoy food to the max! circle updates. THEY REALLY LOOK ALIKE! btw, whrere have mama bee been? papa bee are so active updating every single activities during vacay. mama bee are too beesy perhaps! its okey if we're not seeing anything online, but really hope things are going really well offline.
  2. So cute jonghyun ah wearing the same old shorts. Hahaha. And his appearance on wgm next week, really shows that he really does care, appreciate and love his wife, seung yeon. Right? It is amazing to see this. Some people want to forget past if already has new bf/gf. But he is willing to rejoin wgm even just as a guest friend, but it's really a huge deal for me. Wgm is a place where he met an angel n fell in love . A place to recharge n be happy. Do u guys know what I mean? Wahhhhhh goosebumps here.
  3. Im so happy to see many brownies came out from lurking hive today! Annyong chingu! :-) Well, here it comes again. Same old issue, jh rumors. The fact that people (not us brownies) swallow all the info directly from whatever they see or hear is really annoyed me.I think We should be smart and genius in handling this issue. We make research. We look for evidence. We seek proofs and facts, then we can conclude! Many people assume this and that without doing anything. It is up to you, to choose who or what to believe. but for me, I really believe in them, both jh n sy. The love and feel that they showered us for 6 months make me really fond on them. Family circle, friends circle, and now MOLS. What else could've we asked for? And again, jh is not stupid to jeopardise his carrier over going on a vacation with that girl. I think she also wanted to proof us that she in not in cebu. So just leave her alone. In a way, maybe jh's attitude that makes peole believe that he is a bad boy. A player. He is easy going, kind hearted and really can't tell a lie. But we know that he is really honest and be true to himself. Same case with shinhye. They are good old friends, and the fact that she is the one who commentesd first on few of jh posts is important. He just replied to her comments. Jh never like or comment under shinhye ig first. But it really doesnt matter about them. They are good friend. Haha. I think we are too emotional when it comes to uri coulple. Or maybe over thinking or over reacting.? The answer is yours.
  4. Well @newbie02 i'm not defending anyone.but obviously they didn't go there together. They went to the beach but again, they are different beaches. u can see the sky, the sands and crowd are totally different. Jonghyun in cebu beach , jisu looks like somewhere in jeju or japan beach? Are they dating? Im not sure. But I can assure, they don't go on vacation together. :-)
  5. i'm sorry for your loss @lou143pabo . btw ur quote really hits me. it is so true that " A strong and positive attitude creates more miracles in life.Positive thinking is not about EXPECTING the best to happen.('tho deep inside i'm wanting the two of them to end up together), it is ACCEPTING that whatever happens will be the best." it is so true that we've seen different side of jonghyun lately, but apart from his "bad boy image" that he shows us, i really hope that deep down inside his heart, there will be a special place just only for seungyeon. well, time will tell. let's enjoy the sails while cherish their beautiful moments together. with MOLS coming soon, i hope everybody TURNS OFF THE LURKING MODE and cheer for them! i can't help but to share this wonderful MV that i found in youtube. BEAUTIFUL IN WHITE - WESTLIFE Not sure if you know this But when we first met I got so nervous I couldn't speak In that very moment I found the one and My life had found its missing piece So as long as I live I love you Will have and hold you You look so beautiful in white And from now til my very last breath This day I'll cherish You look so beautiful in white Tonight What we have is timeless My love is endless And with this ring I Say to the world You're my every reason You're all that I believe in With all my heart I mean every word So as long as I live I love you Will have and hold you You look so beautiful in white And from now til my very last breath This day I'll cherish You look so beautiful in white Tonight Oooh oh You look so beautiful in white So beautiful in white Tonight And if a daughter is what our future holds I hope she has your eyes Finds love like you and I did Yeah, and when she falls in love, we'll let her go I'll walk her down the aisle She'll look so beautiful in white You look so beautiful in white So as long as I live I love you Will have and hold you You look so beautiful in white And from now til my very last breath This day I'll cherish You look so beautiful in white Tonight You look so beautiful in white Tonight
  6. wah cannot waittttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt. finally! let's stay in this together brownies. the most awaited honey making 2.0 series.
  7. what a scenery! enjoy ur time jonghyun ah. hectic weeks will come soon! u need a full battery recharge!
  8. INTROVERTED BOSS squads shine bright like a diamond! i wonder if there is any ex-wgm wife or husband ever made a reappearance in the show?? hehehe jonghyun ah,are u thinking of your wife? u really like to tease us. what's on your mind,huh? our two favourite people! HAPPY BOICE DAY!!! 7 YEARS AND COUNTING! KEEP SUPPORTING URI JONGHYUN!
  9. my first ever girl crush. her visual is really no joke. sexy, elegant, daring yet still shy, and mysterious. SHE IS REALLY NOT YOUR ORDINARY WOMAN. jinjja!
  10. I also notice that jonghyun changes a lot! Totally drifting wayyy apart from his cold, manly and busan namja attitude. Looking at his posts nowadays make me think, who did this to you, mr ahjussi? U change a lot! Who is responsible for all this goofy, cheesy and cutie jonghyun? Haha. Well, I just enjoy his posts. He really do change a lot and it's a good thing because we know when was his turning point to change? During wgm. Love makes people change. For good side, of course. Hehehe Well, it seems that he really enjoy the break before the huge storm come direct from may till august. People said he n jjy in cebu right know. Sy also been there, bantayan island, cebu. Destiny? Haha. Don't judge him. He is just a normal guy, wanna have fun with good friends and forget all about tiring n harsh world that he faced. Because a day after, he will be in that world again. Hopefully somedy give him enough recharge! Seung yeon ahh. Where are you?? Please post your grazia photos on ig ASAP. Your nampyeon surely will come back home early!holiday with jjy is quite dangerous tho. Haha. Kidding! Btw, jonghyun appearance on wgm mext episode is totally a huge deal, for us brownies! Like seriously?? It is such a daring decision by jonghyun. I cant wait! Hopefully hyesung or gongmyung will ask things related to sy. Like, where is your wife jonghyun oppa? Hahaha. His wife is too busy to visit together. Working hard, non stop! Sy really deserve a great holiday too after circle shooting. Okey, I think I type too much! Haha Just enjoy sailing on this ship. Love them both!
  11. jonghyun and seungyeon related pictures. glad to see their everyday update!
  12. hahahaha. i'm LOLing here. right after i saw his post, i knew how people will react. and yes, its true! please people, take a chill pill! he just went there enjoying concert, having fun after those hectic weeks!promotions,fan signing. show. concerts. like he said, he is happy! i prefer to see him enjoy his time rather that stay at home, alone, drinking and read philosophy books and post in on sns.! hahaha what's wrong with an idol be friends with a person in opposite gender. THEY CAN'T BE FRIENDS? and we knew how they are. both of them enjoy music and having a great time IN PUBLIC! unless, we saw a post of JH enjoyed coldplay concert in Singapore, with VIP tickets and "bumped' with shinhye, then something wrong somewhere.and that model, oh leave her alone. oh please, just giveJH a break. jebal. don't blame him in whatever he do and made him as a bad person. HE IS NOT. and don't make a statement as SY is a victim and all feel sorry to her, NONSENSE! they live their lives happily and us, over analyzing everything. liking each other's post showing that. JH : 'yeobo, i showed you with whom i went to concert and look who i met? " SY: "ok nampyeon, im not mad at all. im sorry i cant go with you. hahahahaha. go eat those chill pills people. us BROWNIES are not affected with that kind stories. we HAVE MORE to show. *sorry for being emotional.heeeeeeeeeee* THINGS TO PONDER : uri jonghyun uploaded the video himself instead of we see it from melons or other people. don't u think that he is being honest.he wanted to show to us first rather than us see it from somewhere. he is really an honest guy. and they both like each other's post. he surely know that sy will see his post and sy still like his other post. it shows what? TRUST. they trust each other. that matters to me.
  13. i have no job to do, so I am lurking in this page here and there and found these wonderful pictures captured by dear @azwhoony. the moments are beautiful! . AFTER 2 YEARS, apart from their current jobs and their hectic lifestyles, I...JUST..MISS..THEM..SO..MUCH! if us, who only watch them feel this way, then what about them, who experienced it? when can wee see this pabo laugh and chicky smile again? oh, i hope their feelings never change.
  14. hehehehe. finally someone noticed this too! i was crazily laughing and giggling and got goosebumps for this coincidence! (or not?) hahahahaha. mama bear support papa bear? same goes to those flower wreath to their friend's restaurant the Flying Bowl Egg Factory with jichangwook, jjy, tae joon,kim raewoon. plus, family and close friend following each other's IG? ohhhh..*delulu mode on* he does need recharge tho, since they are leaving to Bangkok today. not meet for 3 days! we will see their ig updates! papa bear please don't be naughty ya, mama bear can do that too! hahaha and abouth YW & JH, that was crazy!!! spamming with bad words and even go to their house? oh my, i really hope nothing bad will happen to uri boys. leave them alone!
  15. hello dear brownies. i don't know why, but i kinda feel really into uri couple lately. i miss them so much and lurking on their ig and listening to their favourite songs.(now listening to ed sheeran-PERFECT) suggested by dear @sarangbit. i even browsed this forum from page 1 till last (skip here and there of coures! hehe ) and has the same feeling every time i read them. smiling, giggling, sad, angry and deluluing much fun! and today' after watching wgm couples preview next week, it really hits me. their jeju trip. parasailing, playing guitar with say you love me mymp song. ohh miss them. MOLS, please come faster. we want to have another level of shipping gonglee couple. rumors or what not, i don't care. we have more than enough proofs and interactions to ship them rather than that so called fishing-with-the -whole-ftv-crew picture. until there is an official announcement or more concrete proof, then i'll back off. so happy to see and witness their happiness for the past 2 years till now. they work hard and be true to themselves. they are so close and dear to my heart. i really wish nothing but happiness and eternal love for u both lee jong hyun and gong seung yeon. sorry for confessing/babbling like this. but i like just being here. this is a happy place to visit everyday this song will remain in our hearts, forever.