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  1. spamming. can't get enough of them. 02 everywhere. so grateful for team Gonglee Thai. and here are our brownies, wore PURPLE NERDY CAP & her daughter wore PINK NERDY CAP. so supportive! we love you! charging completed!
  2. jonghyun, why so awkward? that hand tho.. looking the lyrics suddenly remember someone who couldn't sleep and spent the night just by just staring at his girl. two years in a row. hahaha, how romantic,jonghyun ah. andddddd congratulation uri maknae! lead role wow. yongwha (the package), minhyuk ( hospital ship) and waiting for the confirmation from our hero, lee jonghyun for lingerie generation. BIG SUCCESS, BOYS!
  3. Annyeong chingu! I live for this delulu too or delulu not? All photos are original, not photoshop. Hahaha. 'Business Partner' in Action!
  4. I THINK THIS ONE JH giving his speech intro, and in the end his left hand make an '0' and his right make a '2' sign, 02=GongLee forever!!
  5. AS EXPECTED FROM TEAM GONGLEE THAILAND!!!!! you guys were amazing! thanks for being such a good mood booster to jonghyun! feels like he went back to his second hometown! hahahahaha aigoo aigooo so happy to see him happy, not as brownies only, but as a boice! all of them enjoy last night concert. i bet MR.BEE really need full spa & massage especially neck part, got cramped because always turn to the left! hahaha what a nice spot brownies! i see 02 everywhere around him! i'm a proud boice & brownies! btw, where are you going jonghyun ahh?? hahahahha
  6. BANGKOK CONCERT DAY! someone is really in a good shape and in a good mood! *what a rare view* sexy back regardless what it is, so happy to see him in a good mood, which kind of rare of him to act that way especially during the arrival or departure at the airport. p/s : heard that bangkok,thailand is the biggest house of gonglee? correct me if im wrong.i still remember last concert in bangkok jh posted video ig with 02 sign in it. way to go, brownies! keep supporting sy & jh's carrier!
  7. . Thanks everyone for ur wise words. I've been supporting n rooting them since 2 years ago and been positive ever since. Im ok with jh's fishing rumors with that YG model because i know its only for the fishing show many other people on the boat. Im ok with syjh haters because i just report their acc as cool n okay with everything so far. But jh deleted those molswgm related posts really hit me. I know he always have this ig house cleaning once in a while, and maybe i found out about it in the wrong timing.when sy bravely show evertything and he acted like nothing. So i Got emotional and i know this is the right place to whine, complaint and nag because i know brownies here have different sight of thinking. I read all and im okay now. I was overthinking. I should just cherish them for what they gave me, like before. Thanks people. i love them both, and maybe i love them too much.thanks again for seeing different side of JH n SY and for always being there, like a family and the misterious cat, mr.BAMI has finally appeared!
  8. JH been doing spring cleaning his IG lately. deleting posts and photos. what makes me sad, many of the deleted photos are for MOLS, WGM and related to SY. i know its his right, its his IG. knowing that SY showing support on NERDY, went to SULBING and even with BEE on BEAR NERDY, but what he did was deleting posts related to MOLS,WGM and SY. many fake accounts start noticing it and saying SY is the one who went crazy- over-the top for jonghyun, just like what happened 2 years ago. they laugh, bash and mad fun of her. it's so heartbreaking. i am seriously mad at JH this time.he is such a loser, for now, i just hope that SY will continue blossom and meet someone who really appreciate her.
  9. seungyeon's hubby looking cool and handsome at the airport heading to Singapore. as expected from Busan namja. someone is in a good mood. what a rare view to see he smiles widely at the airport. hahaha. got fully recharge huh? btw, what's the red spot on his back neck? hmmmmmmmmmmm. bear bite? #delulumodeON and as expected from jonghyun's wifey
  10. i try not to delulu, but JH'S choice of songs and captions in his IG posting were really something. someone seems to deeply madly in love and have a deep thought about something. regardless what it is, i pray for your happy ending JH & SY. update on BYUL or top STAR song soo jung. hehehhe
  11. i'm sooo with you in this dear @Aileen4ever. Western fans watch seasons of a good show for its stories, why wouldn't it be the same for Asia and other places too, to be denied of the enjoyment of good things, like the rest of the world, is totally unfair. why don't people just cherish pdNim's intention and pray for it to happen? indeed, MOLS is a really good drama for me. it's really my cup of tea, with two honey beesand i love all the casts. but still, why people overreacting in pdnim's ig demanding JH to not act with SY anymore, like... we know how's JH's acting skill before this right? stiff.... but he is totally different in MOLS. he seems comfortable, natural and care free to be funny, serious, sad, strong and romantic, of course similar things happen during WGM. it shows that JH has a harmonious chemistry with SY. she is a great influence to him.and JH also a great influence to SY. people start noticing his acting skill, which is great, right? some people just should stop live in denial. open your heart and accept and support whatever JH's decision. i don't think his 'acting' in WGM or MOLS ruining his carrier or CNBLUE. he gained more fans than before, including me! i don't even know him before wgm. so let's not over thinking about their personal lives and support them in anything that they do. my endless support to both JH and SY!
  12. this song reminds me of our bee & bear. HOW DO YOU FEEL guys? for me, I FEEL THE LOVE between them. on screen or off screen. i can feel the love vibe and sparks every time they're are together. hope it will last FOREVER.
  13. annyeong brownies! it's been a while. life pretty hectic when new semester begins! but still, reading in soompi is a must. if i had exam on our gonglee couple, i'll surely pass with flying colour! hahaa btw SY noona had sent a foodtruck to jingoo, JH's fav dongsaeng. what a kind hearted lady. no wonder everyone who works with her loves her! so humble, kind and cheerful person! Banner Caption: Seungyeon treat you!! Cheer up with cool drinks in hot summer shooting! "Reunited Worlds" Fighting! Yeo Jingoo fighting! trans by: gsyinternational . The caption by jingoo is " Thank you so so much~ cheering coffee from Seungyeon noona! Noona, too, be careful while filming, fighting! " Cr. anonabi andddddddddddddddddddd this is full pic of the food truck. BEAR!!!! that was bold! GONG SEUNG YEON IS BEAR. nerdy is bear. and someone wish to be a bear if he's an animal. so, anything with bear, we surely relate it to seungyeon. uri bear is soooooooooo pretty.
  14. uri babee looks sooo good in short hair!!! as mentioned by her two co-stars in circle, she has really good personalities and desires in acting, not embarrass to ask and willing to learn anything even form Jingoo, younger than her, but senior in acting field. i'm waiting for jingoo's thought oh her fav noona! i'm so touched and proud of her! as much as i wanted to see her often on screen, i wish that she could take a break , maybe go for a short vacay or sail on yacht with hubby,a accompany him fishing. hahahahha. she is sooo stylish! well, TALKING ABOUT SHOES, hahaha. uri couple are indeed stylish in their own way. simple yet so eye catching! sister in law twice yoo jeongyeon also openly shows her support towards bro in law. NERDY set: NERDY CAP: on stage together : CAP : VIBRATE VIVA GONGLEE COUPLE
  15. seungyeon's amazing acting in CIRCLE, in both worlds. she is really stepping up the game. working non stop for past 3 years. hoping that she deserve any awards that recognized her talent! well, this is the most 'intimate' scene so far in circle, but my heart beats fast.hahaaha. i surely have to keep calm when she will act with KANGJOON later or any romance movie or drama but .she knows how to control her feeling very well,. this grace and poise attitude makes her so lovable and most important, she is not loud, flirty and over acting. so no worries,jonghyun. hehe. she is precious, indeed. proud girl's crush here. i found this on ig. seungyeon & sungjae performed in sbs drama award. she is soooo multi talented. well, sungjae now is one of jh's fishing buddy, wgm husband to joy RV,which sy super close with. hehehe. hyungsik also performed together with them that day. we know that jh also escorted hyungsik to go fishing with him. what a small world. destiny? hmmm i want the second ice cream! brownish in and out! hehehhe . jonghyun said that he is preparing for his second solo abum maybe end of this year or early 2018. sooo happy for him!!!! his songs are indeed, really really good! well, looks who is his inspiration, right! i always disappointed with cnblue's song lists for concert because only 3 or 4 jh's song are chosen. they keep repeating the same songs. who choose the song lists,btw. anyone know? he also mentioned that their army enlist maybe end of 2018 or early 2019. gonna miss him for 2 years!