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  1. OMG OMG OMG OMG. Both of them at Japan now?! OMG. i got "bees" in my stomach now and so happy that SY's departure get lotsa attention from media. her dreams come true! get the recognition from oversea, especially Japan! wonder who teach her Japanese language. hewwhehehe. so happy for her. always give a surprise to us! and the timing tho....perfect!! go n support hubby coz he needs lots of recharging during the concert. 20+ songs alone is not that easy plus many new songs! JH fighting!! JH is a thoughtful person. love the message that he tried to spread, especially to BOICE i think. it's a hard time for Boice after Yonghwa's scandal & military enlistment date announced. hopefully next year JH & his brothers enlist together so we don't have to wait for so longggg! and comeback faster & get married pleaseee. Yeah. we have talked about this last time. he is Yuri SNSD brother, close friend to JH.
  2. feeling mellow in this rainy day. it's really cold in Malaysia nowadays. how's yours? but this video pop up on the right timing to makes me warm..................and its getting HOTTTTT! Credit to the creative 02!
  3. oh yeahhhh!!! SeungYeon will attend GDA! but whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy this time there's no CNBLUE! whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy???!! last year when cnblue came, there's no SY. but i still can't get over when SY left inkigayo then CNBLUE made a comeback!! oh whyyyyy is it so hard to see them on screen. i think FNC & YUKO are behind this!
  4. let's escape! to a place where there's nobody,but ONLY YOU & ME! INDEED! URI QUEEN! News] The Top 3 (KBS SBS MBC) Year-end awards best dressed women: Gong Seungyeon (KBS), Hwang Seung-un (MBC), SNSD Yuri (SBS) http://bntnews.hankyung.com/apps/news?popup=0&nid=08&c1=08&c2=08&c3=00&nkey=201801020857353&mode=sub_view
  5. Someone please send lotsa new clothes line to seungyeon for her coming birthday. she has been contagious with Jonghyun, wearing those Nerdy outfits everywhere almost all the time visual besties!!!
  7. THE MOST ANTICIPATED DRAMA IN 2018!!! OMG! OMG! This really looks promising! goosebumps here & there! i really hope AYHT can bring a humongous success to SY! uri baby has worked so hard & she deserves all the happiness in this universe! U DID WELL, SEUNGYEON-ah!
  8. OMG OMG OMG! heard that JH's Lingerie Girls' Generation 1979 also listed as one of the short drama slot. hopefully they send Jonghyunnn!! it's a dream comes true if we get to see them both in a same award event! even with different partner-don't care!
  9. it's a dream comes true for all shippers if their ship sails safely at knots. i was just so grateful to be part of this ship. unlike other shippers, we have the chance to see how they upgrade their love story from WGM to MOLS, and how FAMILY-FRIENDS-CIRCLE around them. after few years knowing JH , i think we can say that we knew JH'S personality. And then he met an angel, SY. throughout the journey, until now, we can say we know their pattern of relationship. we can COMPARE, especially JH. their dramas, reality shows, CF, interviews or any on screen appearance, it's just so different than at the time when they're on screen together. it's just that, we only need an official announcement to confirm our theory. *confident enough? * TIME will tell. if it's not happen according to our desire, TIME will heal. We are talking about Korean Entertainment industry here. and both of them serve the public. it's not as easy & simple as we see, right? once they step out from their homes, the put on a mask to entertain the public. it's so hard to get a reputation, become famous & accepted by this industry, and it was wayyy harder to maintain it. JH had mention that he experience depression before,so he needs our support the most. look at Shinee Jonghyun, depression is crazy.*miss u,JH* so its just not about showing their love relationship to others, they have more to show to their fans. i just hope that one day, Kfans will accept their idols as who they are. when they're on stage, they belong to their fans, but back stage, they're human too. wants to love & be loved. *happy for taeyang & minhyorin! i am so happy to see both SY & JH's carries bloom. we can see them on screen the most & 2018 will greet us with are you human too? & that man oh soo. oh, how wonderful is that?
  10. haii i'm from Malaysia too. wah ada orang kita kt sini rupanya.you're not alone. which part? i'm from Terengganu. shall we go for coffee sash later?
  11. CRY TO HAPPY i'm so grateful for all those kind * positive words from all brownies here. as expected. i'm not a saint or angel, who doesn't get mad/angry/all other bad feelings. it's normal to feel shock/mad/sad because IG is the only OFF SCREEN interaction that we can only see from them, since 2015. beside WGM & MOLS, any performance show during MBC Ent award? none. red carpet? none. teasing/mentioning in variety show? none. CNBLUE music show during sy as inkigayo mc? None. MOLS press? none. MOLS interview? none? ZERO OFF SCREEN INTERACTION. so when he unfollowed her, it gives a huge impact on me. i can see no more interaction. MATCHY2 DELULU WITH SAME POSE SAME OUTFITS SAME PLACE? hundreds of celebs are wearing NERDY too these days, it's not a big deal. (that's how i feel since he unfollowed her) but now, not anymore. WHO IS ME TO JUDGE THEM? IT'S ME WHO CHOOSE TO SHIP THEM AND WHY DO I BOTHER FORCING THEM TOGETHER? FULFILLING MY DESIRE? DO I LIKE IT IF PEOPLE ARE DOING THE SAME THING TO ME? BIG NO. so i realize that i love these two so much that i forgot they are not our puppets. they have their own family, life, carrier, friends & fans! who are we to judge every single thing that they do/show us because we know nothing about them. they don't even know if we're exist! JUST SO THANKFUL THEY CREATED IG ACCOUNT THO. haha. so i just keep supporting & loving these two amazing people as what we've been practicing since earlier. many have reminded to show love n support because we do not know what's behind the story-totally agree. i must respect them. again, im always grateful to brownies here. the memories, love & heart fluttering moments that they gave us can't be replaced by any actor/actress/dramas i've ever seen till now. they're indeed, STILL IN MY HEART.
  12. sometimes its sooooooooooooooooooo hard to be positive. to always think YEAH, THERE'S MUST BE REASON WHY JH DID THIS, DID THAT. it always JH who did all sorts of silly things tho. we can't help but to feel mad or confuse at him because WHAT WE SEE IS WHAT WE GET. the surface. it's a sad day to gonglee. had to admit that. mark today's date : DECEMBER 14,2017. it's ok to be sad. it's ok to feel mad. insert SMILE-FROM LEE JONGHYUN
  13. BREAKING NEWS!! @cnbluegt has unfollowed @0seungyeon on IG. i'm in confused zone now. i wonder why. BIG WHY??? i hope brownies can give the most logical answer for me to digest this . i'm not planning on jumping into the sea tho... i just need.....
  14. me too! the night lights! the bridge view! car scene! after car scene watching the view! omg omg. can't wait for the lyrics! it resembles shawn mendes-there's nothing holding me back MV too. I always fond on JH's taste of music & arrangement! looking forward to his 2nd solo. 1st solo, SPARKLING NIGHT really satisfying! hopefully STARRY PLACES will do too! MOLS squad conversation. happy to see this. haha. seems like enlistment time is getting near. no wonder JH works hard as hell these couple months. ahhhh my gonglee heart is still not readyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy HEART HEART 10000000000000000000000000x
  15. ARE YOU HUMAN TOO? seriously looks promising! especially my bias also in there! kangjun! hehehehhe. it was like a dream comes true when they got paired! Seo Kang Joon And Gong Seung Yeon Complete Filming For Upcoming AI-Human Romance Drama . The first Korean AI-human romance drama has completed filming! Upcoming KBS drama “Are You Human, Too?” (literal translation) stars Seo Kang Joon as the son of a rich father and also as the AI robot that the father sets up when his son is in a coma. The drama will follow the romance of the AI robot with a human woman, played by Gong Seung Yeon. . “Are You Human, Too?” has finished five months of filming after beginning in June. The production team commented, “We completed filming with the recent first snow, including all four seasons on video. As long as the production period was, we are anticipating a great drama.” . It took over two years to plan for the drama, and more than 10 billion won (approximately $9.2 million) were spent on production. “Editing for all 18 episodes has been completed, but using an AI robot as the subject matter, we will put in our full effort until the broadcast next year for the post-production including CG and special effects to showcase high quality cinematography,” the production team commented. . The cast and crew of the drama will soon celebrate their hard work with a party in Seoul and a reward vacation in Gangwon Province. . "Are You Human, Too?” will air in the first half of 2018 via KBS. . Full Article from Soompi THEY WILL GO FOR A VACATION hope that it will be a huge success for SY! she deserves it!