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  1. hahahahha. just like Jonghyun, i was also over excited to see he commented on Jungshin red light house post. thanks for the clarification dear @EggsBenedict the Grazia Doctor Love interview really unleashed JH's warm side. as what he did during WGM, he proudly introduced SY to almost everyone that he knows & near to him, including the FNC Guard! "this is my wife". the warm phrase that flutters not only SY's heart, but US too! looking at their current circle friends status & connection, i think he is still proudly introduce SY to them, as a friend or special ones! plus the song that JH covers yesterday, it's SY's favourite singer tho.SY clearly mentioned in previous interview.
  2. good day chingus! soooo happy to see brownies keep growing & reminiscing all sweet- lovey -honey dripping memories for the past 2 years ago until now. we've been through ups & downs but we still stand strong, united as BEES! once you start watching WGM Gonglee, there's no turning back. hahaha. and now comes MOLS, its really upgraded our level of shipping to almost REAL COUPLE. not forgotten how their circle friends in Instagram, how all JONGHYUN'S family especially JH's MOM following SY, SY's dad following JH's sister, celebrities & non-celebrities friends, & signals like NERDY clothing, VIBRATE caps & NY restaurant, SHIBA ( the dog that JH post in Japan recently), SY is following that account, the dentist, Vespa friends, THE FLYING EGG BOWL flower wreaths support, BAMI the cat and many2 more. coincidence or not?? you choose. but i'm not sure for how many coincidence so far they have. lots of coincidence turns to REAL thing,people say. latest example : hahaha. gonglee/brownies are sooo efficient & creative! regardless what it is, i was soooo grateful for them. for bringing up happiness in my life. like MIN HYUK said, they make our love cells alive again. it's a rare situation where we can't get enough of people especially new idols/actors/actress/couples keep growing in Korean industry, but i only stuck with these two amazing people. it's a big trouble tho. speaking on MOLS BTS, this is one of my fav too. FYI, today's IG signal : jungshin shoot at the red light house in Jeju, and of course, someone commented on his post, uri MR.BEE! i don't understand Hangul, but i'm just happy he commented on JS's post! hehehehe let's recap. sorry for cramping all info in one post. it's been a while since my last post in here. so happy to see (read) you all!
  3. i'm with you all the way in this. SY JH special relationship is undeniable. its just that some people who lives in denial because they have so much hate on SY & JH. it' s pretty chaos and hectic in IG where maybe JH'S sasaeng fans who keep humiliating & bashing SY by tagging her with unnecessary post. and SY's fans who feel offended try to exclude sy from JH and protect her. we can't control this from happening, right? it's normal to hate or dislike them, but why have to be so mean like this. so if brownies found this stupid acc in IG please just report them. sigh... but so happy with yesterday's update. they post ed on IG at the same time, with almost similar floor tiles and the reflection of the white fence behind JH in SY's photo and same color of shoes & shirt (nude,beige). hehehhehehe *delulu* someone must like KANGSOBONG a lot!
  4. dear @Netka85 thanks again! I however still so happy to whoever send the foodtrucks to SY & JH
  5. more on SY updates : Gong Seungyeon will have a short appearance in JTBC new drama 'Midsummer's Memory'. Gong Seungyeon appeared in Pentagon's Pentory Ep. 21. queen of good deeds. LEEJONGHYUN UPDATES GIRLS' GENERATION 1979 does anyone wanna talk about how good JH in this drama? he is getting better and improves a lot! especially on this scene. this is the first time ever i saw this emotion comes from JH! wow! way to go, actor lee jonghyun! he did well, right brownies? anddd having bohyun too in this drama, feels so familiar & warm! team MOLS jjang!
  6. does he remind you of someone? or something? BAMI!! i resemble my daddy a lot! , said Bami
  7. woke up this morning and was blessed with uri visual couple. jonghyun for grazia oct issue and seungyeon for Instyle Oct issue what a feast to our eyes. as expected from the most handsome husband and the most beautiful wife in the world!
  8. TWICE JAPAN COMEBACK RELEASE AS SAME DATE WITH CNBLUE STAY G0LD ALBUM RELEASE! 18th OCTOBER 2017! their no.1 die hard fan must be excited too! support TWICE directly & cnblue indirectly. teeeeeheeeee LOVE THEM BOTH!
  9. @netka85 oh really? Because as far as i understand & see the translated caption by sy, she didn't mention thanking her fans or a person, but for someone. And there is no concrete info that the food truck was sent by any of her fans or fanclub. So i take it as it is. An anonymous. A last minute person, maybe willing to pay double price & sent it. i live in this delulu.hahahaa.that person stil her no.1 biggest fan tho. @sarangbit same here! I want eng trans too. I see bbq, tent n colourful lights! They remind me of their rooftoop camp at wgm house. Ahhh bring back memories.
  10. new soompi layout is soo heavy & confusing. huhuhu . so i changed to the old mode. just wanna say, even if i can't like your post, brownies, i will read & cherish them all! miss you guys! oh, btw...who sent the food truck to sy? sooo suspicious. it's soo last minute , anonymous! and sy was sooo happy and dance! . read her caption! so grateful for someone who keep the promises, so she can keep up up with him/her. something like that. omooooooo. *delulu mode on* seeing how well JH treated his fellow GG1979 casts makes me go,,,ermmmmm. can imagine how well he treats other 'friend" too! brownies are so lucky! we get to see how both JHSY are so happy now! let's cherish them more!
  11. wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! new mini album again???? CNBLUE works soooo hard this year. i think because of army enlist too. its okey if they go separately, because their individual ability is undeniable! they can survive on their own! but 2 years are too long.i'im not readyyyyyyyy pardon my delulu, but JONGHYUN'S shirt in the trailer looks like a ZOOKEEPER. hahaha. remember their wgm days at the zoo? looking busy ha, mr.carpenter? i thought he is a pharmacist? change role again?? sure your hard work need a massage from expertise, like SY? errmmmmmmm the ORANGE JUICE reading ddaom love ingredients
  12. Btw, sy's dress looks like a wedding dress. That hair style is for AYHT tho..are they getting married? Hahahha. Happy but not that happy. Hihhihi. Btw, brownies can follow this ig account for more AYHT updates : It said KJ and some AYHT staffs updated on prague, but there's no sign of SY is there or not. Hope she's there too!
  13. ermmmm i know its an old issue. but still, i saw few people said that jonghyun has the guitar pick that sy gave him back in wgm on his mic stand during concert, but they say it was all Photoshop. then i found this. don't know if its real or not, hope my eyes don't get me wrong. hehehehhe is it the different guitar pick at the bottom of the stand? and he used the pick for this song, and at the end, he held n caressed it tight, as he always do with sy's hand. *delulu* hahaha and the date was SY'S BIRTHDAY, 27TH FEBRUARY 2016, he showed us his new 'honey coloured guitar and new hair cut
  14. that's two bees' sign. with JH & SY's heads! hehehe. u can swipe to the left and see that sign. TEAM 02 GONGLEE in CNBLUE IN HK DAY 2.
  15. happy day chingus! i am expecting sy to go to FT Island concert giving full support to his lovely hyung, lee jae jin, but not with overflowing posts from her & bohyun. soooo happy to see their friendship.they look so close! i wonder what happen to JH and how would he feel by looking at them because he can't freely show his attentiveness towards SY in public. he must be dying inside wanting to go together! i can imagine their group chat, JH must be ordering them to wear NERDY, as HE also there, with them! hahaha. like, how come both SY & ABH wore NERDY, together! at first, i thought JH who took the video, but there's Uujjoong, so yeah, she's the on who recorded the video. what's her relationship with ABH btw? they look close & went for a vacation with the family! well, no doubt that SY has a very beautiful with brain group of friends, song soo jong finally met with her ex-boyfriend mr choi joon hoon! hahahhahaha look at them! jaejin genuinely happy to see them!, noticed that SY always wear oversized shirts, tee & even that NERDY jacket. is it belongs to someone? or is it a trend now in Korea? well, couple tend to look alike, tho.. hehehehe FNC people or FT ISLAND's manager started following SY. more on SY update :