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  1. seungyeon's amazing acting in CIRCLE, in both worlds. she is really stepping up the game. working non stop for past 3 years. hoping that she deserve any awards that recognized her talent! well, this is the most 'intimate' scene so far in circle, but my heart beats fast.hahaaha. i surely have to keep calm when she will act with KANGJOON later or any romance movie or drama but .she knows how to control her feeling very well,. this grace and poise attitude makes her so lovable and most important, she is not loud, flirty and over acting. so no worries,jonghyun. hehe. she is precious, indeed. proud girl's crush here. i found this on ig. seungyeon & sungjae performed in sbs drama award. she is soooo multi talented. well, sungjae now is one of jh's fishing buddy, wgm husband to joy RV,which sy super close with. hehehe. hyungsik also performed together with them that day. we know that jh also escorted hyungsik to go fishing with him. what a small world. destiny? hmmm i want the second ice cream! brownish in and out! hehehhe . jonghyun said that he is preparing for his second solo abum maybe end of this year or early 2018. sooo happy for him!!!! his songs are indeed, really really good! well, looks who is his inspiration, right! i always disappointed with cnblue's song lists for concert because only 3 or 4 jh's song are chosen. they keep repeating the same songs. who choose the song lists,btw. anyone know? he also mentioned that their army enlist maybe end of 2018 or early 2019. gonna miss him for 2 years!
  2. @luvtokkiu've read my mind! i thought the same when i repeat that scene again and again and again. oppsss. i mean, jh grabs sy's butt and presses it to him makes me ohhhhhh. it's not just intimate kissing, it's legit making out! hahaha. the pd cool down the heat with those cheeky scene, jealousy. i thought they are really going to make love when the camera zoom in their faces together, jh caress sy's ear lobe. omonaa, my heart. let's rewatch :
  3. what a beautiful video with beautiful song. my heart is about to explode. ohhhh... please download and save it. it's worth it.hahahha
  4. same hereee!! something strange here. something fishy! i wonder too, why is it so hard for uri couple to be in public together, even for drama promotion. are they too close and uncontrollable? i mean, we know jonghyun has that quick impulsive action and has no second thought when he say something.(he always regret later) hahahha. i believe sy will act natural and professional, but not jh i think.just look at their mols photoshoot session. hahaha. he always clingy with sy. that's why they omit interview and press con maybe. pdnim hey_drama updated on fan art, sooo sweet! and i saw moo myung & sam yong liked that post! those two are cupids! i think we should not take this too rush. i saw many people urge for mols season 2. i know miracle can happen, but i think we should take this slowly. let's enjoy mols first, then wait for their bts, i think the pd will reveal them one by one, one at a time, and keep supporting uri couple. sy is ready for the next drama while jonghyun's nonstop asia tours. let those storms pass by first, than we can hope for second season. or maybe MOLS THE MOVIE. we have experienced this, and we know, whatever sy & jh involve in, it's WORTH THE WAIT. let's take this slowly ya. cheoncheonhi?? LOVE & STAR TEARS KISS & TONGUE KNEES
  5. lee jonghyun & gong seungyeon are magic! i don't know what got them into meee so much that i can't stop watching WGM & MOLS..but thank God, i know i'm not alone. hehehehehehe. when they two are together is just like magnet. in whatever circumstances, i can see jonghyun's caring, romantic touch and those sweet glances. oh, they are still the same last 2 years ago during wgm. and seungyeon's elegant,cute, bubbly and sweet side that makes jh's heart always fluttered. in MOLS, they are so natural so i can't find any obvious ad lib. any one notice anywhere? talking about my favourite part, it's THE ENDING. , it's so magical. they way they look into each other's eyes, how sy touched and caress jh's cheek. the smiles. the tears. the kisses! and sy looks extremely beautiful in that scene. but too sad, at the end of the scene, jonghyun's hair is blocking their lips! hahahahhahah i feel like stroking his hair so i can see better kissing view, overall, have to admit that all kiss scenes are the best. it's not just a kiss that we usually watch in kdrama, they basically lock they lips. so natural. full of love. and yes, as everybody said here, it's like jonghyun's declaration to the world, SHE IS MINE!
  7. i couldn't agree more with all brownies here. we are surely blessed and spoiled with seungyeon & jonghyun. as i mentioned earlier, i'm not going to be greedy to see them dating in public. i hope before jonghyun's army enlist, he gather his strength, be manly and say something about seungyeon. they are getting married,perhaps? i've been keeping faith in them since WGM,and now here is MOLS. a continuation of their love story, their fairy tale. so fun to see brownies in ig posted picture how they upgrade the scene from wgm to mols. brownies are so creative! you know what, jonghyun's eldest sister mentioned in her post that in 2 years, either hyejie (jh'second sister) give birth or jonghyun's getting married than they will take family picture again. and yes, looking at jonghuyn's mom following lists, seungyeon is included. and everybody basically is her family. hmm,seungyeon too? heheheheh 2 YEARS GAP : 2015 WE GOT MARRIED 2017 MY ONLY LOVE SONG 2019 WE ARE REALLY GETTING MARRIED! 2021 THE RETURN OF SUPERMAN *BABY BEE* so seungyeon, please don't die. please don't disappear. jonghyun will chase you until the end, he definitely will.*insert kissing scene* chuppp chuppppp. pardon my delulu. hahahhahahaha. NERDY NEW RELEASE BEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! well,yellow and green are who's favourite colour?? heehehe .ahhh i want those bears
  8. deleted oh thank you my dear. slightly got the idea of what's going on. saw one of mols crew update this cake too. i thought uri bee couple were together last night. you know, all of them together when reading the article that seungyeon will be lead actress with kangjoon in another jh will react? hehehehe . but i was wrong since sy wasn't there. i wonder how their chat room be like? must be fun!
  9. i'm really curious about jaejin's post. does anyone here can read Hangul and translate it? seungyeon also commented on his post. it seems like MOLS casts having party or something last night. anyone??? pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  10. ANNNYEEOOONGGGGG!!!!!!!!! has everybody been well???? everybody still have enough oxygen to breath????? i've been in my in laws house for past 2 days but manage to watch all episodes of MY ONLY LOVE SONG! but only today got the chance to check in our bee hive. omonaaaaaaa. where should i start??? 1) THE KISS! yess the KISSES! omaigod. how passionate they are! i bet like everybody said here, they were not their first time! there's no shock-with open eyes-close lips kind of kiss.and he grabbed, touched or mentioned any part of sy's body as he pleased to. hahahahha. jonghyun literally eat seungyeon's lips! and tongue too.and did everyone listen to the kiss's sound during their second kiss on the hill? chupp slurppp! hahahaha omoo. i'm dying .go check it out! RIP my replay button. 2) THE CHEMISTRY! oh, how i love every casts in MOLS. jonghyun's acting is improving, i think because of seungyeon. we all knew how comfortable they are. the chemistry is beyond excellent especially uri bees. there's no doubt that they have a special relationship until today. same goes to bohyun, jaejin, joohyung,yeonseo and all crews i bet! they keep commenting each other ig posts till today! as expected, uri bees are lovable by many people! except for those rotten melons. btw haven't seen them around these days. melons where you at????? hahahaha 3) THE PLOT! well, for us brownies who keep repeating their WGM episode over and over again might straight away identify those related scenes! hahahhaha so funny! i feel like MOLS is their revenge for leaving wgm so soon. feels like it's jonghyun's idea to create mols and FNC Add Culture's ceo is so close with him.thank you! even though the plot a bit messy here and there, but they are still incorporate and relate. passed! even though many people complained about the ending, but for me, the ending was perfect! we can expect that from a web drama. a fantasy's their fairy tale. yet, it's kinda signal to us, there will be MOLS 2.0? jebal! would like to see them rock in modern setting.with more bold intimate scene. bed scene perhaps! teeeheeeee 4) I LOVE YOU. how many times we can witness that saying? so many! they uttered i love you without hesitation. eyes to eyes. they mean it. seriously. what else? hmmmmm yes. 5) THE PROMOTION. thank God at the end there's still a promotion on MOLS from the production house. i'm actually begging the ceo for this. we understand, the press conference is impossible because well,, i know, u know. so let it be. however, a single clip video from sy n jh are a bit sad.what a shame, they are supposed to sit together tho. sigh.. but yes,it doesn't matter anymore right? hehehhehe. after watching MOLS, all those negative thoughts were gone..but still, sy's statement that mols is special to her and she still remember their shooting days. ohhh seungyeon ah. all in all, MOLS is surely a big present to us,brownies for having faith in them after all. i, myself still believe that they are really meant to be with each other. MOLS WAS SO PERFECT.
  11. well, i felt relieved after reading all the posts. we are truly matured brownies and love jh sy endlessly regardless they are couple or not. @kimsook494,whatever your attention here,good or bad, i think you should think twice before posting anything. proofread your post. so those statements won't be ambiguous because this is worldwide forum and people can easily access it. one bad thing can cause millions other bad things and with MOLS coming up, we've seen this kind of pattern. however, if u are truly concern n pure towards sy, then i apologies for being sarcastic. rumors remain rumors. and i still have faith and hope in SY & JH especially when i saw TWICE JEONGYEON wearing NERDY cap. it shows that they are still in good relationship and meet once a while. and SY moved in Gangnam now. so.. yeah. let's enjoy MOLS and cherish everybody hard works! MOLS is a dream for brownies, and tomorrow our dream will come true!!! we hit the jackpot,we can watch all episodes in one day! MOLS marathon yeah bebeh, sorry hubby and son, mommy's ME TIME tomorrow!
  12. hahahhaha. so funny. why don't you give us the details of that guy. who is that lucky guy??? we are really curious to know that. PLEASE ATTACH THE PICTURE TOO YA!! urghh so pathetic! with MOLS coming up, what is your intention here??
  13. THE YOO SISTERS! hehehehehehhehehe circle is really daebak! it's so freaking tricky and makesme addicted to watch the next episodes till everything is solved! and as expected, GONG SEUNG YEON IS NOT AN AVERAGE GIRL. she is really a treasure, also looking forward to HELLO COUNSELOR today. YOO JEUNGYEON with CHOI TAE JOON! hehehehhehehehehehhe . i love this circle.friends and family circle.
  14. hi cngus. so happy to see we actively share opinions and our thoughts on uri bee couple. can't wait to join the fun when MOLS is aired. so we can talk about it. we hit the jackpot! can see all the episodes in one day. heheheheheheheheh and the kisses! one of my wishes came true to see seungyeon in variety show, because she hasn't appear on k-variety since 2016 with uncle baek jong won eat sleep eat. she has and easy going and lovely attitude that i think suits the variety show well. i really hope she can be a guest in 2 days 1 night or knowing brothers show. good job seungyeon, surrounded by mostly males actors and entertainers but still can maintain a good-girl attitude. jonghyun's wife is daebak on circle. i've never watch RAW korean drama before this. but now i did for circle! thank you to korean show, i can understand korean a little bit, and more to read their body language. but when the eng sub is released, i watch it again. who cares? hahahha the drama is so good. the plot is connected well and all the characters played well. looking for for monday n tuesday to watch circle! i really hope there will be some promotions on MOLS. like seriously, the drama is unknown to others except gonglee shippers. deep down in my heart i feel sad. all the crews and actors worked really hard for this, so FNCadC please, seriously please do some promotions for MOLS. so people can seriously anticipating and watching it, locally and internationally. congratulations jonghyun and cnblue for another great concerts!!!. it's been a while since they held a concert in korea. many friends came to support them, publically and privately? and that forehead? ohhh that was gold! heheheh. and this song, MY LOVE, the gayageum version was beautifully played in front of lee's families and touched their hearts. regardless what happen, uri jonghyun and seungyeon really feed us well. uri king and queen bees work hard to protect their hives and all other happy to see how they grow since i first knew them back in 2015. especially jonghyun. he changed. he changed a lot. i wish both of u nothing but all the happiness in this world!
  15. i can;t believe my eyes seeing MOLS trailer and still scene caps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! agAin, they look sooo goood together!! can't wait to see ahn bohyun & lee jaejin too! i really love this fan art account! so lovely! another fairy tale begins. TO MOLS FAIRYLAND WE GOOO!! CHUL BALLLLLL!!!!