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  1. I personally did not like how this season ended. Yes it was super cute. Yes i'm fangirling and crying. But many questions that i need answer.
  2. Anybody know this song? 03:17 Starting whit guitar: I will love you forever if you know that song! It's from this series ^^
  3. I'm lowkey confused. When and why did Frame got that tattoo?
  4. Am i the only one that thinks Book and Frame scene was too much? (Book taking overdose of Pills) Ofc i can't judge 100% because i haven't seen next episode..
  5. Where can i watch full episode 6-8? (No need to be eng sub)
  6. Where is episode 5 whit English subs?
  7. OMGGGG it worked! Whit Imgur. Thanks so much
  8. I must be the most stupid person in the world because i can't post a picture... I go ''Insert other media'' And ''Insert image from URL'' then i post the link: Its just all red and it wont except the link and nothing happens ??
  9. OMGGGG I can't stop Fangirling help me it happened finally! They kissed. My heart.... Can somebody fangirl whit me?
  10. Thanks! Can't wait This I hope might start English sub it. Not sure tho haha.
  11. Stupid questions asked by me because idk...: When will the first episode come out? Anybody know a person who will Eng Sub the episodes?
  12. Can't wait for episode 3 whit English subtitles (T_T) I need to know if Porsche and Emma will broke up