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  1. That nit wit is schizophrenic ... rude , stupid, and and ...hallooooo writer what is with this character.... for someone so stupid one minute , demanding , arrogant and screechy the next , its not giving me reason to support her . At least with Tae Rim , even if he is only after the money, his intelligence and research/ presentations, arguments are magnificent. What does she think the 100% of population over the world is getting up at 5 am for? if not money, and when he was going to refuse the knock husbands for money woman, she almost jumped all over him and shouted but we need money. I really tried ...but we are up to ep 12 and she has not changed ... one minute she shows progress and then whammmm stupid hits .
  2. He definitely has my heart excited with his weapons LOL ...(I don't see him as a priest , but as a gorgeous non priestly man , so i am cool with my hot flashes LOL ) I can see that our hip hop girl knows how to appreciate him too...such a hard scene to play...lol....she had a smile from ear to ear .
  3. Still My #1 drama ... My main reason for being away from tv and technology received a serious blow. Because, i joined Soompi, and found out that 2017 Ten Miles of Peach Blossom was amazing. No way i say , it can’t be. So of course i had to click on to see and my god, Ye Hua came on my screen and became a Crown Prince of my heart and stayed now for 2 years .
  4. With current news / scandal in Korea i find that the dramas "seem to" reflect the society pretty close these days . So fighting with KNG and hip hop girl all the way
  5. Wow hip hop girl is almost as good as KNG in fighting.... what a relief that somebody is doing something to bring the justice
  6. Wow that professor song (landlady) is real piece of s**t ...what a scum bag ...poor Tae Rim ....in our real news we have head of a party encouraging loopholes for the rich for the sake of economy....so this drama , even though glitter of supernatural is sprinkled on to remind us that this is just a fantasy drama; however, every case feels so real and true that after this drama i think i will take another hiatus to preserve my sanity.
  7. Yes did you see that ... wow a bit of an unexpected connection /relationship between the landlady (professor Song) and the tattoo artist / attacker . How come TR's young man of all trades did not report that his tattoo artist also has scorpio claws on his neck - i mean it was clearly visible to us and him when he was sitting there with him? So Jae In does not remember her mother and no pictures ? of the mother either ...only 1 of her father who went where ? I wonder if TR was not able to save that child because of lack of money and his current obsession with always winning ..loosing to him probably means loss of someone's life .
  8. Poor citizens ...to have the leaders like that no wonder the men lost their b...s and the poor women are trying to fight any which way they can to survive . A bit depressing episodes this week .
  9. Waiting for subs but ..poor Tae Rim...no wonder he is traumatized when it comes to violence . The way the Elder cleanses TR's energy field , definitely should patent that .
  10. In ep 7 I am in for Tae Rim's intelligence and strategy ..so this is one of those dramas where i leave the manly attraction lol behind and appreciate the fine art of intelligence . Nit wit , how did she pass her bar ...something about her character or the actress just does not jive with me Mr Walts /Mr Cool does not like to loose ...still looking good , but its almost like he is on the cusp, playing with bits of dark side more and more .
  11. Kyung Sun how can you resist giving loving care to injured guy ...come on woman you can do it
  12. I really think they should call us for help with the wrist massage LOL ...i guess the next episode will have him with the cast .
  13. Serious case of Kim Nam Gil-itis here ...what a guy....plus my happy happy come when he was praying ep 4 @ 40.37 ...that he will do his duty as a priest forever ...and then he tilts his head slightly and amends that for the rest of his life he will not get angry LOL . This was my squeal since God would not deny all of his daughters our sincere appreciation /hots for this gorgeous man
  14. True, and i like....she has improved 100% and that is great . Their bickering keeps me entertained. I also like that the judge has such respect for him that she will reveal her own trespasses instead of blaming him ..kudos to her for being a better woman and a great judge. Thank you writer nims .
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