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  1. Nie Yuan is perfect for our YL , and their speech /vocals/voice is so pleasing to me ....i just clicked on the Japanese ...and nahhh , i prefer their voice and reading subs .... for me, the charm of this drama is their distinct enunciations , the Chinese language that i feel like i learned so many words from this drama . If i ever read history books and do not see picture of these two LOLLLLLLL as real i would be surprised . I know, i know, Yan Xi's Place left a very good impression on me and moved on my list of my favourite and truly loved Chinese dramas to #2. My favourite Fuheng line is from the ep 47 @ 23 min ..."since you obtained her , you should cherish her.. or else, you will make me regret even more ..why i didn't persist to fight for her until the very end".... that is so cool and so honest .
  2. To me our Yingluo is beautiful, and cute and pretty and irresistible lolll I love her looks, how she acts and her thinking and strategy planning is priceless. From the first scene , first episode she captured my imagination and admiration and as i mentioned before, i watched all 70 episodes in Chinese and prayed daily for eng subs since i am not Chinese origin. I thank the whole team of this drama for doing such a stellar job , and i thank the director for finding this actress who not once disappointed me ... even when uneducated child from the country , she never carried that dumb look other dramas sometimes make " innocents" look . So i pick our Yinglou as my 2018 Woman of the Year p.s. i had to go back to ep 26 - at 36 min and i wonder how significant is it to ask for Yingluo to dress him...which surprised her and she clearly stated that its the eunuchs job...i know now that QL was looking to have a show down with her regarding Fuheng , and as mentioned above , that scene is one i too have tried to understand.. is it this one , is it that one lol...... But i still laugh when she called him a nuisance when she was hiding under the curtain...so between these two i never know...his love for her is so different that he has to always push her , tap her , pinch her face so much ...and he did not see himself being different with her ..but the others did .
  3. From their first meeting at the tree, YL's distinct voice , her very clear speech pattern / pronunciations , her reasoning /explanations totally threw him off - he did say later thats why he let her go - she confused him lol and thus got his attention immediately; so thorough was that imprint, that he would recognize her after all that time when he first saw /heard her again as the maid to Empress . In all the episodes QL is shown as truly listening when his subjects are speaking , but its with YL that I see him having a full and honest conversations . For all these reasons, i too fell in love with YL and another facet of China's history . QL did not stand a chance LOL
  4. In case anybody missed me lol i've been in subbed heaven ...all of the episodes got subbed and of course i had to watch watch watch. So many good lines that its impossible to list them all...But Favourite is from Ep 68 ...what change for consort Shu , she is in love with Ying Lou little son....how cute and how the times change . And that line from her to WYL ' In the past when somebody offended you , you would poke a hole in the sky " Priceless .
  5. Thank you @Cedric Ong I just tried one ep of zhen huan ...and compared to YanXi Palace it feels too stifling and i did not like their voice over ...our YL sounds decisive ,precise and i love her speech and patterns ..and like QL remembered it too from the first ep ...and the Emperor in ZH looks like old slab of meat , while our QL is pretty cute ...petty , oblivious, smart, and and and .....but pretty healthy looking and virile to satisfy so many b......y women around him .
  6. Oh so this is why in the earlier episodes when YL got QL to visit Empress instead of Consort S? we see her bundled up naked inside the duvet ...so she was just dropped of like a parcel at QL's place , or was she at her place but dressed like that ? She must have been at QL's place because the 2nd main eunuch told her that its time to go . I am at ep 35 and through subs i am impressed that Empress guessed his attachment to YL. When you think about it , YL is the only woman beside the Empress and his consorts that had the privilege of touching his body , and he even ordered her to dress his jewels when ErQ spilled the tea. And when she was treating him , she was on his bed left and right , with her butt right by his face ...she was performing her nursing duties without realizing that she was probably the only woman to crouch on that bed like that.
  7. I keep praising our YL and she deserves it ...her performance is spot on , QL's as well of course..... but i always forget to mention that QL's main man is keeping up with them ...he gives us story behind the story with his expressions LOL ..and our MY has changed so much and she deserves a kudos too .
  8. Thank you @lyserose yes , the subs were so fast that i did not catch who or what...i did see Emperor, but since both his grandfather and father were Emperors , for some reason i thought it was the grandfather. So the young maid was almost like wet sister ...i still say poor QL ...and yet our YL lost her actual sister what would be almost the same age , so hopefully he will see the anguish and her determination for truth and justice .
  9. I finished ep 34 on youtube., heartbreaking end of romance for YL and Fuheng . I loved the way she tells him how she listened to everything that he said...she did not dare hope or agree or disagree with his promises, but in her heart she believed them . I love the way she spills her truths to one and all , no matter what the consequence . Even in todays society, if i can count maybe 10 people with that type of bs meter and go for the truth jugular, i would be impressed. If Consort Ling had even 10% of our YL i can see why poor QL does not stand a chance . I am also developing a protective crush on QL...what a shock for a young man , just budding in youth and love, and to have his grandfather kill his first love , almost made me go and give him a hug. Poor guy. So for him to start feeling any type of attachment would be like tearing the years off the wound from his youth. The irony of sending his (we find out most beloved ) to do the dirtiest hard labour imaginable and for her to still exist , i have no idea what kind of angels or divine guardians she has. When she described the wet conditions of the wood shack where she sleeps, so bad that it would even rot a wooden toy , and yet she persists . How ? What kind of will power is that ? Did he hear what kind of place she sleeps in, does he see how thin and malnourished she has become ? Is that the reason for his anger and curses at her for not defending herself against his punishment or his desire to have her beg for mercy . Another excellent episode that has me going hmmm and my total support for our YL .
  10. Nice article on the front of soompi today ...finally our Xanxi palace is getting its coffee truck
  11. LOL ep 33 ...."Did that nuisance leave ? did she really ask MY if the emperor left...and calling him a nuisance ? and another line in translation that has me rolling "It is not because the Emperor's poems are really outstanding " LOLLLLLL this girl , where does she get this type of guts? Aslos Q??? to anybody still following this tread...when i originally watched , i had to fast forwards and somewhere is saw a baby thrown into the river and some young woman saving the baby....was that out YL being thrown and her sister saved her ??? or am i totally off the base and what ep was it in?
  12. This was posted under the youtube ep 34 comments and i could not have said it better myself "Wonderful acting.Beautiful story. Can't speak a word of Chinese,watching it anyway.Wish there was English sub titles.only subtitles up to chapter 24. Thank you China for a wonderful series." This is exactly what i did too ...watched it anyway
  13. I watch mine on you tube and its subbed up to ep 29 so far ... i am glad you started watching ...the more the merrier
  14. Thank you @Cedric Ong ahhhhh now this makes sense why her mind started computing and she went into action as soon as she heard the storm is coming . Our YL must be related to Nikola Tesla LOL
  15. I am on ep 29 with ytube subs . How did YL manage to get that monster killed by lightning ?