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  1. I skipped Ep 12 and went straight to Eps13 and 14. So I skipped the stalker, sat through the breakup and squealed my toes off at the reunion. Hehe...the last scene was fabulous! I was embarrassed watching them when his hands shifted to pull her in - phew, the emotions, the longing, the heat were handsomely expressed. But I wouldn’t mind watching more if not for the limited roll of film. What happened to the panning round in a circle thing and the zooming all over the place? I get that they were trying to do it old school but what a waste of skill if not given time of day. The stories in between were also interesting - showcased Murphy’s Laws so well. Made me pity-admire JR loads, envy the loyalty and friendship among them, and enjoy the fairly quick win at court - the show knew what it was doing with character development. Next week, more please.
  2. Hi! I ‘ve started this one too and came to check the forum - an oddly quiet one. I’m up to ep3 and like it so far. The premise and leads are doing a good job at the moment. Leads are fresh faced and unfamiliar, probably why this place is rather deserted. Heh. One thing about these shows with fantasy elements - they never really explain why the characters get a certain power. Not sure how being involved in a fire can make one read the past/thoughts of another. I am am having fun so far and am glad to see familiar nicks here ps: i had to ask - in Ep1, during the fire, I thought I saw a young KSM ignore the pleas of LA’s family for help. Even when JI’s dad asked him to. Several scenes after, he jumped out of the bldg with little LA in tow. What happened in between? Did I miss something?
  3. Thank you all for the recaps! And the cuts and rxn gifs! Those always make me laugh. You know, however noble an idiot the leads get and put a dampener on the show, I’d rather it be in the middle than at the end cos I am all for HEAs. This one looks like the end will be good. Ya? I’ll pray. I have been burnt too many times. I am looking forward to the trial to find out how the stories intertwine and unfurl. Should be interesting. I am assuming they are going to have one since everyone seems to be going to court on account of Mr Stalker-unhinged. Should JR decide to become a monk, there is still Dan and the mama’s boy.
  4. I like the hedgehog stuffed toy in ep11 so much! Such a cutie. Pretty sure fans will start asking around for it. conversely, the demented stalker needs to be shackled and thrown into a mental ward. That crazy bugger....is actually a good actor. Hiaks!! But what JR uttered right at the end totally erased the disgust I felt not 2 seconds before. Oy, this drama is toying with me.
  5. I haven’t seen the last two eps yet and my heart has already sunken to the bottom of my feet. It started out so good and was quite spectacular in the middle. But it’s always the end in almost every C-dramas i’ve had the pleasure of watching that always seem to pull the blanket from under me. I hear endings are usually affected by the need to please many layers, having many loose ends to tie, limited resources and so is rather easy to get blindsided. These seem true for all dramas...but C-dramas more often than not. i don’t get the vibe that C-dramas are lacking in resources because, just assessing visually, their costumes and sets are ostentatious to say the least. This drama’s writing also seemed to have weaved in the various plots well. Then, panic somehow set in, threw me what I didn’t like and made me unappreciative. Heh. ok, the biluotian is a real piece of BS. But other than the stupidity of a sudden resurrection or magical internal strength being the explanation for the possibility of a reunion/not a reunion, I rather enjoyed this show. Three quarters of it anyway. The lead couple is really awfully cute.
  6. This is where I watch the show behind my cushions. That President looks sinister! there was a scene in an old fashioned tea house with large windows where the two leads were having tea after meeting Dad. So pretty! Anyone knows where in Seoul that is?
  7. What a wonderful end to the well-told drama! Solid story, great characters to root for and it stirred up so many emotions. Everything was wrapped up nicely in a bow and presented with such grace too. I particularly liked the scene between eunuch cho and the clown king in the study when the latter was about to leave after abdication. I was so stung by how poignant it was because that not only reflected the sadness in the separation of trusted friends, it was also about the painful loss of a person who truly understood what it meant to be king. He bore the weight of the crown, bravely overcame the odds stacked against him and achieved greatness. The wisdom, courage, humility and uprightness are qualities hard to come by, what more in one person. And he’s not of royal blood - sort of gave royalty a kick in the behind there. I think the end is akin to enjoying a fantastic home-cooked meal and then sitting down with a fluffy blanket by a fire, warm, snug and satisfied. My Omm moment. So good.
  8. Oh my, where have you been show? I clicked, I watched, I am hooked. I totally love this show! If I had the time, I would marathon this all the way today. Darn I have a class to teach tomorrow. It is full of cliches and has the fake marriage troupe but is oh so entertaining. Such a good looking OTP too...and the scenes they have together simply sizzle. I read a comment about being reminded of Mills & Boons ... I couldn’t agree more. I eyes grew so wide at some of the scenes that were pretty suggestive. Even the subber put in comments that she was embarrassed and can’t type in front of her mom. Lolz. What a find edit: just saw a scene where YZ walked out of the bathroom with a towel around his waist and proceeded to jump into bed, promptly removing his towel. Ooofff. I don’t know about XL but I think the show is trying to kill me....
  9. They were drinking? Dear me..my eyesight. Hehe. Thanks for letting me know. you linked it too! So thoughtful!
  10. @themarchioness thanks for your recaps! They are very well done and I felt like I was reading a story book they got me thru some eps I skipped cos I just couldn’t take the angst...hehe maybe cos I have yet to catch up on the recent eps but where did the fruit eating scene in your post above appear? They certainly are looking fabulously chummy. Thanks!
  11. Yay!!! Been saving to watch both subbed eps at a go tmrw but I knew it happened the moment I saw the rapid rise in pages. Couldn’t resist coming in to celebrate with you all! Heh. https://giphy.com/gifs/celebs-muppets-elmo-oubM1tKqnLW5G
  12. Frivolous questions on my mind... 1. Why does CY have a tendency to whisper? 2. Why does CY/BQ look so good in any get-up? 3. Will our OTP have a family of little masked boys and fairy girls? 4. Shouldn’t the title of the show be “We will never never let you go”? heh.
  13. @40somethingahjumma lolz at Zorro inspired duke! I feel the same. I hesitate even though I am tempted to start on some c-dramas precisely bcos their storylines leave too much to be desired. I usually end up dropping them despite my liking for the OTP or cringing through the episodes because of my liking for the OTP. This one...I made it through 42 eps. Dear me. I surprised myself. The OTP is way too adorable and the storyline, while not the most believable, is rather well developed and put together. I like that they managed to juggle all the characters well while entangling them in a web that I actually want to understand. Though there are far too many characters freely taking turns to capture, rescue, lie, cheat, steal, so much that I can correctly guess their next moves, the drama isn’t stumbling upon itself in the name of entertainment. This reignited some hope in me for c-dramas. Unlike in some alternate Universe that drove me to the edge where I willing jumped off bidding farewell to a certain sheep.
  14. They are taking the love notes to another level in yesterday’s ep - So cute. Hearts were literally shooting out of their eyes in the morning. By afternoon, the notes were gone in a jealous fit. Hehe. Her conversations are so cryptic - we understand and she knows but he is thoroughly confused by her behavior. Love that about the show. I also loved that that he called her out at the coy dinner cos he truly didn’t have the slightest idea why she was so upset. He is so logical and earnest in his cluelessness that it’s comical. My god, this precious guy belongs to the stone ages. I enjoyed watching her bounce around him like an excited elementary school kid happily reading in between the lines positively and his awkward straight-shooting style. All the misinterpretations and crazy excuses were so much fun to watch - Practically died laughing when she stuck her hands in HiS pockets instead of her own to hide from the cold! Gosh these two. more tomorrow hopefully!
  15. HS is pretty smart for a commoner. His heart is in the right place, has strong support and good people around him. Is his sister supposed to be a smart one too? After Monday’s ep, I am beginning to doubt that they are related by blood...
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