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  1. Thank you @chi13lou for loyally posting our JoonU's daily chant...Helps keep this ship alive and moving like raising the flags for sails every morning . Seeing your chant updated daily lets Stargazers and hopefully our OTP know our unwavering faith is still here. Keep believing everyone...we know it is a waiting game...we knew that from the start...CM is in filming and JE is busy too. We see glimpses of their work, so we know they are in a good place with their careers. It's a bit quiet here...A great time for back reading and reminiscing all the amazing insights, encounters and evidence that set our sails from SoSoo to JoonU . Thank you @Lampel, @deori, @krysyuy and @arya maaneet for all the IG photos shared. I miss our OTP, these pictures sure keeps our JoonU spirit alive Fighting Stargazers!!!!!!
  2. @Lampel yay, crumbs at last!!!! Nice to see signs surfacing with these two... I'm not getting the pictures of the ig photos you posted with Korean it just me? Our king looks like he's keeping an eye on his queen's schedule... Keep positive and hope for more...
  3. LOL @cedarwood (see highlight) I was envisioning and walking through your description while my heart was putong, putong in anticipation of what I thought you were going to end it with...expecting for you to say...and you run into Lee Joon Gi. you got me good!
  4. I'm very late in finding this OTP...I've been on other shipping threads...but wanted to write in to say how much I've enjoyed 1% of Something. I've liked it so much that I've watched it around 4 times now. Yes, I have a life but OMG, these two are so cute together. The episodes (length of each ep) are shorter than other dramas and these two are so fun to watch that it flies. I enjoyed reading all the posts from page 1. I was happy that I was not the only one seeing something magical between these two. I'm sorry to see there hasn't been any new posts here for a while. Perhaps things are very under the radar with these two or maybe there has been signs to the contrary? Anyway, wanted to leave my post to say how much fun and how refreshing it is to see this OTP act so openly lovey dovey and hope to hear some news about them sometime in the future.
  5. Ohhhhh, I love your gif too @cedarwood, I will treasure it. kekeke I agree @violina can't take my eyes off his cute smile and lip biting kekeke. The throwback gif...he's like a young boy yet doesn't seem like that was over a decade ago... Thank you for this CM bts photo @Lynn11 There is just something about JG in a uniform...How can a man look so beautiful and masculine at the same time???? He's timeless... Thanks all for the wonderful photos and gifs...can't get enough.
  6. This is so cute, sweet and beautiful...Ah, yes the memories of our journey on this ship. Thank you @deori for sharing...I don't have IG so I'm very grateful for these shared posts...hellostargazers57 did a beautiful job!!! Just goes to show we are still on this ship and it's still afloat .How I miss our lovely couple!
  7. Edited and removed the picnic live... oops sorry @nsyavita you already posted...sorry... Enlightening listening to her describe her songs don't you think??? Lots of crumbs...
  8. It's Mother's Day in the US Wishing our Moms a Happy Mother's Day!! Enjoy...You deserve it!
  9. Happy Mother's Day to our moms out there!!!! Enjoy your day...You deserve it!
  10. Hooray! Thanks @deori JoonU online...finally It's all about the timing with these two kekekeke. Thank you for sharing @Lampel Great Post...Well said...We're Believers! @krysyuy Thank you for the pix of JE...she is dressed so someone we know who has a similar style right? Do you know what is written on the wood wall next to her?
  11. Thank you @antoniaclamensI don't have this puff cheek photo. Yesssss, he's so adorable here! His young look is so never needed on this young man
  12. Wow! Thank you for sharing this @Uaena_TT This is as clear as one can get. She truly is our main crumb dropper. It is so beautiful to hear how her love is realized and the way she expresses it...sheer poetry.
  13. deleted....moved
  14. moved...deleted
  15. THAT'S IT!!!!!Thank you! I think he looks so natural(no makeup, no special lighting, no posing etc.) he's off guard and totally gorgeous. I can stare at this all day kkkkk... Thank you @LyraYoofor instructions on how to post photos too. You luckily posted my all time fave! I'm so giddy OMG! This banner idea is awesome cause I get to reap the rewards of all these great MV and fotos...Thank you for this @cedarwood...definitely JG is rawwwwr!!! OK...I better stop, I'm getting way too crazy. oh @oyashirazuyummy to choose???? I'm drooling here LOL need a bib... Thank you @willenette I tried to copy from my download...I have to copy image from where I originally found it? I will give this a try! Thank you so much for taking the time to write the instructions for me!!! I still have soooo much to learn.