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  1. Ha Suk Jin 하석진 is ❤️️

    Thank you @Irish_law for keeping up the current works for HSJ and posting them here. He mentioned in his interview that he went to Paris around May/June correct? It was partly for work so this was his photo shoot from spring. He looks so good I wonder if he has his next project? I've heard he doesn't like filming in the winter. Can't wait to see him on screen again.
  2. I'd like to express my gratitude and appreciation for everyone's wonderful analysis, input, reviews, explanations and most of all patience and enthusiasm. I'm not familiar at all with CMUS as I explained, so I'm one of those viewers watching a drama that is absolutely new. It is also a genre that I don't normally watch. I am a fan of LJG. I also enjoy MCW's work. I've seen all of JG's past roles and it's why I am watching CMKR. For someone like me who gets weak at the sight of blood and can't stomach gore I'm ashamed to say I have to FF through some scenes. I do this with any show that gets a bit graphic. Thanks to everyone here and there are so many I apologize for not listing you all, I give you my THANKS!!!!! Your breakdowns, explanations, analysis and critiques has helped a novice to this genre truly enjoy the experience of CMKR. We have so many here who deserve to be scriptwriters themselves with all the understanding of scenes, character emotions, actors depictions of their roles, editing of flow and managing of directions, etc. the list can go on. I could only hope that CM staff writers looking for honest input and reviews would look on this thread to get an objective and sincere feel of what they are doing well and if any changes could be made they consider looking here as a valuable resource for their yet filmed episodes. My computer is misbehaving so I'm going to stop, but please continue all your wonderful posts as there are many lurking here like me who are thoroughly enjoying all that you have to share. Yes, even the constructive criticisms and comparisons to the (US version) helps to have a better understanding and appreciation for this drama. I'll be here reading everyone's take on future episodes. Thank you for everyone's amazing videos, recaps, gifs and help with newly uploaded episodes.
  3. Ha Suk Jin 하석진 is ❤️️

    Thank you @Irish_law. I saw this EW clip but it didn't have English subtitles at the time. I'm glad you posted it here. I've been hungry to find current updates on Ha Seok Jin LOL. I love his acting... he caught my eye years ago...I liked him in Unstoppable Marriage and my fave drama with him was Legendary Witches until 1% of Anything. It was cute that he got caught when the MC asked when his last relationship was, and he said 2 years, but there was a script and it said 6 years. Hmmmmm, HSJ what is the real truth Oh what a tangle web we weave when first we practice to deceive. LOL! I know not too many frequent here nowadays which is sad...would like to ask if anyone else noticed the drift off look SJ gave when the MC was describing what he looks for in a girl. We all pretty much have read about the cell phone bit...but when she began describing the physical aspects...he had a look in his eyes like he has someone already. Very suspicious kkkkk. We all know he will never admit or tell if he was seeing someone which is OK. I guess my delulu is still with his 1% of Anything costar JSM kekekeke. I saw her on Running Man. I guess she bought her first place (apartment) recently. The RM cast teased about her being on her own away from parents. I know in a translated interview question (I'm sorry I don't know who posted it), SJ shared that his mom said to give marriage a try this year (2017). Why would a mom say that unless he is involved with someone? No parent would expect their child to marry when they don't even have a girlfriend yet. Seems awfully suspicious. I'm probably just here with a couple of you. I would like to express my thanks for your updates too @Go Seung Ji I was excited to see SJ was working on some CFs. I wish the best for him as he is such a sweetie and I would love for him to have all his dreams come true.
  4. Thank you @jeonghyang for your thoughtful notice and all your hard work helping us to get a good glimpse of Episode 1. Wow, we're on our way...It has been too long a wait and now we can finally see all the wonderful results from the bts and videos, screenshots, gifs and interviews shown on screen. Everyone has been wonderful filling us in on this thread. Thank you for all the continued excitement that everyone has shared here for the first episode... @LyraYoo @Jillia @Chellsee @zi4r @mulberry9 @antoniaclamens @pixelsticks Sorry, I know I'm must be missing some of you as there are so many contributors on this thread and the pages flew in just a day. I hope you all know how much we appreciate your efforts with updates, photos/videos and translations. It has been exciting waiting with all of you for this moment. I look forward to how CM will be studied by all with everyone's input and analysis. Thank you again EVERYONE! A very Happy Birthday to @LyraYoo and @Jillia
  5. New York gave me the hopes, The Prescon sealed it...look how far it all has come...waiting for all the originators to post...their awesome detective work from the beginning, uncovering all the evidence and their eagle eyes and their informant connections moved this ship across the world. Come back and celebrate. You promised you would when the marriage announcement was made. The sleepless nights looking for clues from all of SJK's clever FMS, the various award ceremonies w/SJK and SSC...the translations and dissecting movements, HK IG clues, Mag interviews and hidden meanings, their traveling and all the airport sightings...this has been one heck of a thread! Thanks to them it was addicting from page 1. Thank you all for making it so exciting and memorable.
  6. I finally get to post...I've always told myself I will hold off until the marriage news. It is finally happening...but no surprise...been lurking since page 1 and I'm thrilled!!!!! Everyone here has been supportive and positive. This ship hit some rocky waves, but seeing how far this thread has come proves the number of believers were never wrong. Exciting News!!!! Made my 4th of July!!!! Congrats to SSC and to us all!
  7. Thank you @chi13lou for loyally posting our JoonU's daily chant...Helps keep this ship alive and moving like raising the flags for sails every morning . Seeing your chant updated daily lets Stargazers and hopefully our OTP know our unwavering faith is still here. Keep believing everyone...we know it is a waiting game...we knew that from the start...CM is in filming and JE is busy too. We see glimpses of their work, so we know they are in a good place with their careers. It's a bit quiet here...A great time for back reading and reminiscing all the amazing insights, encounters and evidence that set our sails from SoSoo to JoonU . Thank you @Lampel, @deori, @krysyuy and @arya maaneet for all the IG photos shared. I miss our OTP, these pictures sure keeps our JoonU spirit alive Fighting Stargazers!!!!!!
  8. @Lampel yay, crumbs at last!!!! Nice to see signs surfacing with these two... I'm not getting the pictures of the ig photos you posted with Korean writing...is it just me? Our king looks like he's keeping an eye on his queen's schedule... Keep positive and hope for more...
  9. Lee Joon Gi 이준기

    LOL @cedarwood (see highlight) I was envisioning and walking through your description while my heart was putong, putong in anticipation of what I thought you were going to end it with...expecting for you to say...and you run into Lee Joon Gi. you got me good!
  10. I'm very late in finding this OTP...I've been on other shipping threads...but wanted to write in to say how much I've enjoyed 1% of Something. I've liked it so much that I've watched it around 4 times now. Yes, I have a life but OMG, these two are so cute together. The episodes (length of each ep) are shorter than other dramas and these two are so fun to watch that it flies. I enjoyed reading all the posts from page 1. I was happy that I was not the only one seeing something magical between these two. I'm sorry to see there hasn't been any new posts here for a while. Perhaps things are very under the radar with these two or maybe there has been signs to the contrary? Anyway, wanted to leave my post to say how much fun and how refreshing it is to see this OTP act so openly lovey dovey and hope to hear some news about them sometime in the future.
  11. Lee Joon Gi 이준기

    Ohhhhh, I love your gif too @cedarwood, I will treasure it. kekeke I agree @violina can't take my eyes off his cute smile and lip biting kekeke. The throwback gif...he's like a young boy yet doesn't seem like that was over a decade ago... Thank you for this CM bts photo @Lynn11 There is just something about JG in a uniform...How can a man look so beautiful and masculine at the same time???? He's timeless... Thanks all for the wonderful photos and gifs...can't get enough.
  12. This is so cute, sweet and beautiful...Ah, yes the memories of our journey on this ship. Thank you @deori for sharing...I don't have IG so I'm very grateful for these shared posts...hellostargazers57 did a beautiful job!!! Just goes to show we are still on this ship and it's still afloat .How I miss our lovely couple!
  13. Edited and removed the picnic live... oops sorry @nsyavita you already posted...sorry... Enlightening listening to her describe her songs don't you think??? Lots of crumbs...
  14. Lee Joon Gi 이준기

    It's Mother's Day in the US Wishing our Moms a Happy Mother's Day!! Enjoy...You deserve it!
  15. Happy Mother's Day to our moms out there!!!! Enjoy your day...You deserve it!