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  1. I'm not one to react so quickly to news...I usually want to think about it. This one got me boiling...can't help to write before I think@sosooyah19 I totally understand about your sensitivity, take a deep breath. Let's think about this...does this really make sense? Do you have a time frame of when Suzy did this show after it was announced about she and LMH? I'm not up to date abt them. I much is still raw with fans and with JG. Just judging how JG has not posted on ig yet and knowing this so called dating was not their announcement but a whistle blower seems odd.
  2. Thank you everyone for filling in someone like me who doesn't watch too many, if any at all, crime related shows. Reading everyone's updates is really building my excitement for this drama. The anticipation is getting to me and we still have to wait until July? So close? Yet so far... Have not seen any US CM episodes. Have no idea what to expect. I'm not sure if that's a good idea or not? I thought maybe it would be best for me not to have any preconceived ideas of the story lines. Sounds like I'm missing out tho' after reading all the interesting comparisons of the original vs. remake. UGH, but the woman in the cage...I hope I can handle these crimes I'm not usually good with crimes that actually can or have happened in our real world. BUT, for LJG I will do my best...cause I just can't wait to see him on screen again.
  3. haha just yesterday i kinda realized the sequence thing (and i could only assume) and would like to comment but just so busy (and somehow there's also some ??? kind of thing) but then i read yours now hahaha, since chat shire was promoted in oct 2015 til end of the year maybe,, and jan to june was mlshr... so all of these might be written during those times, since there was no song about angst anymore but more on maturity and hoping for the best... and im already addicted to the album huhuhuhu... and dear name huhuhu (she said the hardest song was this and the easiest was through the night, interesting).... because of IU, i somehow wished to be a lyricist, but i suck at it hahahah I read somewhere that IU says to pay attention to the order in which she has her songs listed in her album. It is intentional. Add with her comments on how her lyrics are real and not fiction. She can only be singing about a particular love...'Dear Name' is by far my favorite song. It is beautiful, sorrowful and the message for me is so loud and clear. That is why I feel she just dropped us the largest crumb. The shipping is coming from her. We shipped this OTP when so many said she was with Voldy...we were seeing so many of their signs, but I always thought it was weighted a little more coming from JG. Now, I feel JE is fighting for who she believes. I didn't know about what she had said (see highlight). Thank you for sharing this insight. It really makes a lot of sense if her album song list is in order that is so important to her. That's why I felt 'Dear Name' is her current state of mind and body and her personal message to a special someone.
  4. Hi Everyone...I haven't written in a while...thank you to those who keep this thread moving. I'm new to being a fan of IU's (JE) music and am enjoying it for the first time. I've taken many of the Stargazer's advice on this thread and looked up her past songs and WOW, yes, she is amazing! Her voice and songs are so addicting. @WH Posted Friday at 03:34 AM ·Q. As a music producer, you took part in writing all the tracks of your new album.IU: Yeah, all the tracks contain my own stories. There is no fiction, and the lyrics are from my diary Sorry to cut your post. Thank you @WH for translated interview. IU's lyrics gives listeners her true self and this makes it all the more fascinating. Instead of listening to a fluff song, she is expressing her own emotions and experiences which, YIKES! it is more telling than an interview. In IU's album, I enjoy listening to her lyrics/songs (the one's translated) relating to her current self (Age), past relationship (KH?) and present experience (JG? kkkk) aka: Her Story. There are many other posters who have pointed much of this out...I'm sorry, too many to list. I'd like to ask how all the Uaenas feel? Knowing how IU writes from her heart, are there similar speculations about who and why these songs were created? IU's lyrics for each song and the sequence in which she placed them in her album blew me away. Thinking about when she had to of written these songs (I would assume aft MLSHR film completed) makes her story so intriguing.
  5. Saw some nice photos of JG FM and venue
  6. Thank you for this insightful and boosting message Capt'n @akinahana89. I'm not going anywhere...I have more of my delusional thoughts in spoiler and I don't want to upset any fans further so read if you'd like as it is just my POV.
  7. @caramelovers75 how could this appear like their real life conversation? Knowing the next scene (not the last episode) but the intimate scene kkkkk that follows makes me giddy for their real life. GREAT JOB and thanks for the lift in spirits!
  8. I know we've seen this, but I don't remember hearing the PD saying something like is recorded on the 2nd clip. Can anyone translate what he said after the "tashi tashi" kiss scene? I want the BTS DVD He's so affectionate it is painful to watch. Doesn't it seem he forgets that he's being filmed when he pats her head the 2nd time? So he pulls back? Wow! I must be desperately looking...WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!
  9. Check it out...our 101 list is beautifully displayed on this blog: Wonderful info on JG...Well done and thank you cause I like to read updates through here.
  10. Do you know if this is the only ig message??? I mean JG sends a lot of ig photo/msgs especially since and before Sept. 27th and they've been dating supposedly for a year...and both traveling all the time so obviously they are not spending day to day together...and this is it? Hmmmm, makes one think? Stargazer FBI detectives what are your thoughts???
  11. Stargazers are many wonderful insights from investigative work, to defining life experience, industry knowledge, mature opinions to published resources and personal takes and outlooks associated to this OTP . I love how kind, supportive and the patient everyone is on this thread. Thank you for letting me share in it. Takes away any seasickness caused by the rolling this ship must plow through from high swells. Very eyeopening... I admire your post @Bambiina and respect your views. I'm assuming if you've read a past one of my posts here, you may have guessed who my first OTP is? I've been a fan of many of your posts there. Thank you @chi13lou when I saw your post I had a huge sigh of relief! Seems all is right in the world when I saw your chant. So energizing and encouraging made me very happy! The Plot thickens with yet another angle...didn't think of this. My drama skills must not be honed in well. Fans are pretty awesome...digging this up...again @q4q4 good detective work!!!
  12. Hmmm with what you wrote under spoiler. See my thoughts under spoiler...
  13. Thank you @Siracusa and @latinoona for your help...who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks? LOL I appreciate it.
  14. Don't laugh...I'm new to this and an do you PM?