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  1. ahahaha I'm inspired by uri FBI shippers who have very high level investigating skills and great memory related to uri JoonU~~ I do believe in fate and destiny and this ship really guide me to more believe that nothing is a coincidence hahaha. And i'm not a mathematician (math is one of subject i dislike lol) just feel curious about numbers and those correlation relating to them because i used to play and addicted with numbers too with my ex bf in 2009 (like converted anything about us to numbers then we got all the result was number 8. at that time we believed number 8 was symbol of infinity haha) and btw when i saw uri captain @akinahana89's post about the stargazer lilies, i remembered that it was one of flower i got on my graduation day last december (many good things happened in december aaaww XD) the one that was biggest and have nice smell among other flowers. dunno what it was called and didn't search it also. Thankyou you shared it with us~ @uttarichen you definitely belong in the upper ranks of the FBI branch. It is a true talent to maneuver through numbers so patiently and creatively or should I say accurately, cause you hit the nail on the head with these two cuties. Yes, destiny is believable with this couple. It works because LJG believes in it too. The song lyrics are so them. Absolutely beautiful! Thank you for sharing.
  2. @uttarichen, Whoooa! I'm so embarrassed I deleted my post cause I thought I was asking a question that you had already gone over. When I did the back read to find you had originally posted the dates(numbers) and calculations, I didn't want to bother you or other shippers with anything repetitive. You are fast!!! Not only did you see my original post but you already calculated this. Are you a mathematician? You are excellent with numbers and after seeing what you calculated I can't help but think JoonU are being given guidance on their dates (a numerologist?) delulu mind going again kekekeke. Thank you so much for giving me a "Whew" to my worry of the posts I deleted and about their upcoming dates and any correlation relating them. I thought I was waaaaay out there in thinking about the numbers. I'm so happy to see your reply.
  3. @oyashirazu OMG! My deepest bow to you! The list is absolute poetry. Do not worry about it being long, it will just show LJG how much effort, thought and attention to detail all his fans notice about him. He will feel our loyalty and unwavering affection through this wonderful list. Regarding your question (see bold)...absolutely! You did an amazing job merging everything together. Thank you for wording it so beautifully. LJG will love it and we love you for putting this all together. He loves his fans, and now he has something tangible to hold of how we love him thanks to you.
  4. Sorry cut your post but wanted to offer help on the hand shadow. I just had to come out from lurking for this one. @akinahana89this is an amazing analogy. Yikes...for Ji Eun to be this clever to drop so many hints...more amazing you found them. That's why you are captain. To help on the shadow...I think when Hae Soo first emerged from the cave after transferring to Goryeo she hid her eyes from the sunshine as Chae-Ryung was leading her from the princes' bath. Hmmm, a time of realization for Go HaJin that she wasn't in Kansas anymore (As Dorothy of OZ would say).
  5. Sorry to cut your post. Just wanted to say, THANK YOU @Oyashirazu for all this time and effort on the list that is well put together. Yes, thank you @joybran for the awesome spell check, great idea! Everyone's contributions has made this a list that I know will make LJG very happy. A gift that helps him to see what his fans admire about him will be precious and I'm sure very appreciated. The list looks so impressive!!!! Just my pov (see yellow highlight for your question @Oyashirazu ) LJG's charity may suit under "Charm and Personality" with the subtitle of an 'Artist who is caring with a warm heart'. What do you think?
  6. There is this too...Sorry I don't know who first posted about it on this thread but this is one of the articles that wrote about 'Letter from Angel's'. I don't think we need to worry about listing names...saying it is from Soompi will have a nice impact since MLSHR received an award.
  7. I know there are some others here that may be new and have not had a chance to back read this thread. It is a bit long so I put it under spoiler. For those that are interested in the background of LJG's charitable work or to better understand how much this wonderful man has given back please read the well written post by tesanne page 1195.
  8. @oyashirazu WOW! you are so fast...I wonder if one thing can be added UGH! you decide if it can fit...LJG has also donated his time and money over the years of his career. It would be nice if it can be acknowledged. I'm sorry after all that hard work I'm throwing this at you. I know he did the TvN Love World Jakarta with Kim Ha Nuel 2009 and he did one that posted him with a baby with clef lip? I'm so awful I don't remember the name..."Angel something?" Perhaps someone here can point out. I'm still lacking in so much of his bio but charitable contributions is so worthy of being mentioned. What do you think? He's an actor who gives back.
  9. This is a great photo! It's like the Korean Rat Pack's Dads kekekek.
  10. Wow! @Oyashirazu thank you so much for the amazing work merging everyone's contributions. If it helps, he's mentioned his moving to Seoul a couple times. I do remember he talked about it in Healing Camp. Here is one I've always been impressed with...He's an "Actor's Actor". Notice how many senior actors repeat performing with him movie or dramas? He said he was once told off by a senior actor when early in his career he would play and dance around between scenes. But after the actor saw him get down to business, the senior actor told him he will go far. I believe this was also told by JG during Healing Camp. An "Actor's Actor" is one who is acknowledged by their peers and more veteran actors. Just my POV I think the more detailed the list (as you have it) it will be more meaningful to the reader (LJG). When being given compliments, the more information or details, the more appreciation he will have in understanding how each point is defined by those who care so much about him (his fans).
  11. SO SO excited to see not crumbs but a nice slice of cake. @WH after seeing your post my mouth dropped...Yay! this was worth the wait!!!
  12. @Oyashirazu thank you so much for organizing and putting together a great list to a great actor who I know will appreciate reading what his fans think of him. Not sure if these were mentioned? If so, I apologize for the extra work in looking these over. 94. He has a great sense or code of ethics. He can be super sexy without having to do scenes that eliminate the imagination of lovemaking. He is romantic and demonstrated great sex appeal in the movies like Never Said Goodbye and even Virgin Snow and didn't even need to take off his shirt. What a man! I admire an actor who can give you all those feels without having to exploit himself. 95. He is charming without putting on aires nor worries about where he is or how he should behave if it can convey his appreciation whether at an airport tired from a flight or coming out of a restaurant or even a car (coming or going). He was the only actor after the Lotte PC who stopped to meet the fans. The others just kept walking and tried to look away from the fans. He will also act a part with enthusiasm whether in Running Man or Running Man (Chinese vers) and give the audience a fun side of himself even if it makes the other actors blush. 96. He can wait tables and serve with charisma. Saw him demonstrate this on the Running Man Chinese version when he guested. He was a waiter before he made his breakthrough. 97. He takes full responsibility...whether the drama he stars in has ratings not as expected or his hard earn savings were embezzled by people he trusted. He ultimately takes the responsibility. He doesn't want to place blame on anyone. Again, sorry if these were already mentioned in some form of description that differ from above.
  13. Thank you for the sweet and kind support @nurlayla, @marimari00 and @nsyavita. I will definitely be here. I'm just an ahjumma and may not always have a post cause I enjoy supporting from behind the curtain sort of speak I assure you I'm with all of you in the shipping spirit of this wonderful LJG/LJE couple. I know there are a lot more like me chanting the curse and reading this thread. I hope they will get the courage to write too cause all of you are the warmest, kindest group ever.