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  1. KYAAAAAAAAAAA! Made my day so much better. My friend linked me to it haha guess I'm more transparent than I thought! ALL ABOARD THE PARTY BOAT! We aren't at our destination yet but this is a very good start! Happy to have all of you here as company on this cruise. (does this mean our mental asylum is actually a fancy yacht?)
  2. @JaneyBae DAEBAK. I'm so curious to know what's the photo ahhhhh. but since you made a promise, are we at least closer to a yacht?
  3. @madmonika ahhhh thank you! So glad she's back on IG! (and posting at 1:30am Seoul time? wow.) Really missed her posts. Still angry at stupid knetz who made her delete her Guam posts. Haters gon hate~
  4. I know KGE's discovery coat she wore during her glamping trip was discussed some pages back and the accepted reason was DE giving them free coats as a PPL But I was watching the post-show special (again!) and *puts on delulu cap* I GOT A THEORY. complete with very badly taken and cropped screencaps! Our girl likes slightly over-sized coats, but if you look at the Nike one and the other one she was wearing in the Canada bts, they are still quite fitting for her height/size. Now compare the sleeves of those above to that of the glamping coat below And hmmmm, a large DE coat with a pocket on the left sleeve... looks familiar? (giving your bae your coat on a cold cold glamping trip is totally something a namchin would do, especially if said namchin was unable to be there right kekeke) *twists delulu cap to the back* I rest my case. # needmypills # wheresthedoctorinthisplace
  5. Thanks all for the warm welcome! Omoooo the more GY talks the more it sounds like there's Something going on. I got my friend to translate the words under KGE's signature hoping it was important but she is just thanking the restaurant to the effect of how every time she goes there she gets to eat good food haha! KGE and her food
  6. Hi! *waves* long-time lurker, first time poster. Any more room in this asylum? The 2 photos of them at the commentary filming made me so happy today, even though they both look so sleepy (hmmm! /delulu). Really miss them (and the show) aigoooo.