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  1. I didn't manage to watch it live. But caught parts of it here. He is so adorable.. especially in the clip below. Everyone was dozing off except him..He made cute munching noises...eating and later read his script before dozing off again...Hahahaha!
  2. Yeah!!! We will get to watch him on variety and drama.. just like last year when we got to watch him on Dragon Club and Money Flower. We are really the luckiest fans. Btw, for those who want to catch the travel show live this coming Tuesday at Korean time 2130, you can download "Hola VPN " app and key in this website http://monair.jtbc.joins.com to watch. Otherwise you can watch the replay on the same JTBC website.
  3. @Prettysup I must really salute you! I have a hard time trying to decipher what the Google translation was trying to say but after reading your translation, it makes so much more sense! You are really good!