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  1. Ah.. I miss seeing Hyuk on screen so much... I am watching some of the newer dramas that are currently showing.. but still got to rewatch Hyukkie's older dramas in between ..watching his acting is addictive... Haha. Here's more Hyukkie showing his dimples.. I love him in fated to love you.. after getting pass the funny hairdo and weird laugh, he is so good looking ..and acted superbly well..
  2. @Prettysup @fiesty8001 Mm.. I think so too!! Buying new car? Now both he and Joe Taslim are not posting anything to do with the movie... I wonder if they have a break while they shoot other scenes... yes!!! I love him in the pics.. it's from Fated to love you..only Hyuk Ahjussi can get away with that expression and still look so cute ....hahaha..
  3. I know I have mentioned it many times, but I really love Hyukkie's eyes.. not sure if it is just me .. I find his eyes getting more charming...
  4. haha.. maybe it is not him.. hair is too short.. forgot his favourite hat too.. only similarities are slim legs and black t shirt.. lol..
  5. Wow.. @AgnesOliterally rubbed shoulders with Hyuk? Hehe.. touch or not, already memorable to meet him in person.. He flashed such a beautiful smile at your group.. melted into a puddle... Saw this old video of young hyukkie with stubble.. seemed like Hyukkie didn't change much besides more wrinkles when he smiles. Now he oozes more charm...
  6. This lady went SidusHQ and saw Hyukkie yesterday at the bakery.. only back view though.. hehe. can you tell it is him? source:
  7. Hehe.. so cute indeed!! sorry to flood the thread with more cute hyukkie pics with dimples showing... and last but not least..
  8. @nyk Love it too when JH smiles like that, showing his dimples! !!! @fiesty8001 You are right, he rarely shows it... when he is thinner, it will not be obvious. .. more obvious when he acted asLee Young O and Bong Sam
  9. Haha.. Ya. .. he spent the longest time with your group. .I think.. was so close you can put your hands on his broad shoulders for the pic..hehe..easier said than done... maybe too starstruck to react calmly... Must be like the fancam video of the his Osaka fans , they had their hands on him when they took the group pic with him... hahaha.... I would be too shy.
  10. Wow.. I have not seen this video from this angle at all.. Thanks so much for sharing it!!! It makes me feel like I was there!!! Too bad I wasn't!... JH is so so good looking.. look at his side profile and back view! !! This must have brought back wonderful memories for @Prettysup and @AgnesO.... you were standing so close to him!!!