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  1. [Exports News] The season for the awards ceremony has come. After completing the general strike, MBC decided to continue its awards ceremony. Among them, MBC candidates for 2017 will be held on the 30th.Who will go to the ceremoney while many actors are performing in the drama of various genres this year? View original ♦ Kim Sang-jung, 'Reversal' box office success The MBC drama did not show much publicity and audience ratings. Nevertheless, if there is a drama that is noticeable, it will be 'Rebel' in May. Kim Sang-jung's character died at the 14th ep, but he felt his presence from start to finish. . View original ♦ Eum Jung-hwa, 'You are too much' Uhm Jung-hwa has performed in the 50-episode "You Are Too Much", which concluded in August. She played the role of a top singer, who seemed to represent herself in a comeback for a long time. ... View original ♦ Choi Minsoo, 'Can not Be a Boy to Die' Choi Min Soo played a unique character, someone in the Middle East.Though he showed charisma in drama for the past, he proved the charm of disassembly and reversion to the Korean version Mansour in "Man who lives to die".He made a perfect transformation from acting style to appearance. He played in the first half of the play and added comic.Without Choi Minsoo, he acted in a tailored suit so that imagination would not go on. .. View original ♦ 'Janghyuk', 'money Flower' 'Money flower' started broadcasting on November 11, the current drama is the weekend. Due to the riveting story and the acting of the actors ,it is well received .Lee Soon-jae and Lee Mi-sook, and other veteran middle-aged actors Jang Hyuk and Jang Seung-jo. Among them, Jang Hyuk is playing the role of the main character Kang, Pil Joo. He is an indispensable character in the group, but inside he is full of deep scars. He is secretly planning revenge on JMR who killed his mother and his younger brother, and is showcasing a strong sense of complex feelings of a person who loves NMH but she is bound to marry Jang Bucheon. Jang Hyuk won the 2010 KBS Acting Grand Prize in 'Chuno'. It is of great interest whether he will receive the award again when he played KPJ that made viewers forget the way of ' Chuno ' seven years ago. khj3330@xportsnews.com / Photos = Exports News DB, MBC screen Source:http://m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=311&aid=0000803685 Sorry for the awkward translation.. had difficulty understanding the Google translation ..anyway, more importantly, hope JH will be nominated. I have only seen the Rebel and Kim Sang Jung was really very good in it. After his character died, I stopped watching . Haha. But I think JH stands a good chance judging from all the positive response after broadcasting.
  2. Yeah!! I was wondering why the movie scene was not shown ...thought kbs is going to show 2 eps today. Lol. Thank goodness that is ep 7 or even 8. I need to discover more about him. He can still do his tap dancing !! Very cute to do it in his apron though. .haha... and we get to see him putting on an facial mask after they made fun of his tanned face..hehe.. Did u notice how good his complexion was the next day?? I wonder if the mask was from CTH. Cute pose You can watch the raw version of ep 6 here while waiting for the subs to be out. http://www.marutv.com/video/용띠클럽-철부지-브로망스-6회-12122017/?tape=3
  3. @fiesty8001 lol!! You're right! He is thinking why and how he is feeling when he is eating the noodles.. hahaha! At least they didn't put the caption "absent minded" when he is doing that. @kohnlee..sob.. I think it is the last.. So sad.. no more glimpse of Hyukie's dorkiness and cuteness in real life....
  4. [Sports Today] Cheng xiao prepared cooked food for the uncles of 'dragon club'. She was invited as a special guest on the 5th episode of KBS2 entertainment program 'Yongi Club - Yongbuji Bromance" (Yongdu Club) which was broadcast last week. They had fun fishing, and cycling. Finally, still pictures of 12th of December episode of the broadcast are made public. Six of them are sitting on the rooftop and are having Huo guo. In the previous episode, Cheng Xiao showed a desire to prepare Chinese-style Shabushabu Huo Guo directly from the ingredients she brought in the container. It tastes exactly what it is like in a real restaurant, and it satisfies the 5 dragon brothers. The following picture shows the members who are sweating and eating without any hesitation. All the members of the dragon who ate for the first time said that it was delicious and they were amazed. Cr. http://mstoo.asiae.co.kr/view.htm?no=2017121211123594295 Haha! Why does JH have that serious look when he is slurping his noodles? so funny and cute..maybe he is thinking about his money flower script..
  5. Sharing Some cute gifs from DC gallery... His lips are so distracting..haha. Love the way he walks..
  6. <Money Flowers> Jang Hyuk, Lee Soon-jae - My baby's beauty in front of Lee Mi Sook!' The shooting scene of <Money Flower> was revealed. MBC weekend special project <Money Flower> shooting scene of Jang Hyuk's anti-charm was captured, revealing the cuteness of the youngest. View original View original View original Especially on this day, Jang Hyuk was concentrating on practising to memorize long and difficult lines mixed up with jargon. Jang Hyuk, then took out a pen from his pocket in the beginning, wrote the lines secretly. Lee Soon - jae and Mi - suk laughed at Jang Hyuk 's desperate efforts, and Jang Hyuk also showed a 180 - degree change in his image with a clear smile and attracted attention. In the drama, Janghyuk's charm can be seen in his overwhelming performances with cool charisma. "Viewers gave very good comments about <Money Flower>", "Jang Hyuk is the youngest, and he is so cute", " "It was a positive reaction. "On the other hand, MBC <Money Flower> is a drama depicting the desire and love of the human race that is dominated by money, and is broadcast twice a week from 8:45 on every Saturday night. Source:http://m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=408&aid=0000040011
  7. I almost had to tie myself to a chair to stop my urge to read the comments here before watching both eps. At ep 9, I thought all was lost when NMH was pregnant with JBC''s child and I was a little upset with the writer since it would mean that it would be hard for KPJ to be together with NMH... Well Well... writer nim...you are so brilliant! Ep 10 was so good!!! Miscarriage , NMH finding out the truth, Chance meeting between KPJ and NMH....the plot just unfolds so quickly that 1 hour seemed so short!!! Urgghhh... no preview again. . Another agonising wait... Btw, can someone please enlighten me.. I cannot understand why JMR would lie to KPJ that she wants to find Eun cheon because she wants him to help Bu Cheon. Can't she just tell him that she wants Eun cheon dead as he is a threat? Just like how he told him to get rid of the recep and her son??why must she lie to KPJ ???