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  1. I have translated the Chinese variety show Encounter Mr Right or Meet the male gods in my IG posts. Please click below for the rest of the posts. I love the posters!!! Looks beautiful!!!
  2. Yes. I love it when he tied his long hair in a ponytail.. looks so cool. The costume reminds me a lot of Wang So costume in SOGC.
  3. I wanted to post the selfie he took of himself in swordsman costume. But Hyuk has already deleted that post ! Maybe we should delete this too.. hehe.since he is not supposed to expose his costume?
  4. @yoeda hehe.. I have never watched Autumn lovers. I watched SSH 's good buddy, So Ji Sub's I'm Sorry I love you.. prefer him to SSH then. But Jang Hyuk's charm is too powerful!! Totally fallen hard for him after watching BM despite his hairstyle.. ahem. So can imagine if how much more charm he oozes in a better hairstyle. Haha!! Hyukkie 's fans mind's think alike. Is it really him? I can't see the face clearly but his arm and the posture are totally Hyuk's! He looks so fit! Doesnt the hairstyle look quite modern for that era? hehe
  5. Me three!! still better than him taking on a Chinese drama.. my personal opinion.hehe .. Now I m looking forward to it. I think this is better than Voice 2. In voice, the victims of each case were the focus every ep. It was also pretty tough for Hyuk who had to do fighting scenes and run around in the cold. I think he needs a break from all the action stunts in voice and swordman. I want to see him in suits
  6. Wow.. Hyukie really works very hard.. after filming voice, he went on to shoot his new movie and before his movie has completed filming, news of him reviewing potential new dramas appear.. I am so glad that he always gets offers! So, it seems like he will not be appearing in Voice 2 then? I am fine with Money flower if it is not a 50 ep long drama .
  7. You are struck at first sight when u first watched his drama..hehe. please continue to be stuck.. I am stuck too.. He cured my korean drama addiction. I used to watch many different genre. now i can only finish watching his.. haha.. the rest I have to fast forward quick a fair bit.. This will be his firsr 50 ep drama.. hopefully it is not 5 or 10 episodes of the leads in their childhood ..... esp with JH as the lead. I hope the script is less predictable and can sustain viewers interest for 50 ep...
  8. Wondering if he was singing creep to himself when he was at the Pilates class... the lyrics so apt." ...what the hell I am doing here? I don't belong here!".. haha. just kidding.
  9. @Prettysup Yeah!! Thanks for the great news!! But the drama sounds a little serious.. like Midas. hopefully not.. I was hoping for something light hearted and heart warming, funny too.. hehe.. I love to see Hyuk smile more in future drama n be less serious... @fiesty8001 If it is going to air in November.. does it mean he will not take on Voice 2 then? mm.. just my opinion, I prefer him to take voice 2 and another drama than this long serious sounding drama.. anyway, will support whatever choice he makes. posted more random stuff while waiting for more Hyuk news. Hyukie in athletic mode