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  1. So funny!! Can you spot Hyukie's mic dangling from his pyjamas as he is busy buttoning his pj?so cute. Cr. IG owner I have no idea too.. something about Busan I guess.. hehe.
  2. My guess is CTH's wife...it looks like she might want to embarrass them for asking her husband to leaving her 6 days. Haha! Dun think it is Mrs Jang too... she is super mysterious. Yeah!!! I need to see Hyuk in romance again.. haha
  3. From the posters, it really feels like an intense drama and it seems like there may be no love line between Hyuk and the Se young...from the 1st poster, she was holding the 2nd male leads hand.. not Hyuk. I am so excited to see him in this challenging role!! counting down the days!!
  4. Yes. It is new. I think this girl is the child of one of the crew members of the "Flower money" drama. The way Hyukkie looked at her is so full of fatherly love. @nyk I envy the girl too!! @Prettysup @kohnlee Haha!! His own daughter doesn't want to kiss him.. no wonder he looked so happy that this little girl gave him a kiss on his cheek.kekeke.
  5. Found the Chinese subs to parts of the press conference. Enjoy! In another article (https://www.koreastardaily.com/tc/video/98894) in Chinese , CTH mentioned that Jang Hyuk always had his back facing the camera even though it was not his first time participating in a variety show..kekeke. so there might be many shots of him with his back facing the viewers..
  6. yes!!! I was wondering if he knew where the camera was positioned.. haha!! When the caption "not a boiled chicken" appeared, I almost died of laughter..so sorry Hyukkie.. I am dying to find out who left a footprint on his diving suit.