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  1. Yes!! MW creeps me out... that actor is good in this role and his jealous girlfriend too..they are a perfect match. SJ cannot even remember her past with him...it goes to show how much or little he means to her. Please leave JC and SJ alone. Let them resolve their own problems with the help of their daughter. It is much sweeter this way.
  2. Oh really?? Haha, I only remembered that in Ep 9, she told MW that the title of her novel is " You who came spilling blood". So I thought it's JC..haha.. So maybe it is about her , a highshool girl then, who met JC, already a boxer and their life story.
  3. Oh yes , this is also possible.. So he had the brain tumour before the trial! So if a healthier person like JC took the pills, he will gain superhuman strength? I did but I realized I like seeing JH (specially with Shin Eun Soo) in this drama so I've picked this again. I'm fast forwarding the boring bits though like MW-SJ, baby monster CEO and detectives(not actors' Me too!! I love all the scenes between father and daughter! I like how Jc behaves differently in front of YS...so sweet and dorky.. His tone of voice changes. I wonder how he would react if he finds out that Yong Dae is going after his daughter...hahaha! More punches?
  4. I finally finished watching ep 9 to 12 with subs. Frankly speaking, I didn't think much about the blue pills till I read all your comments here...got me thinking more.. I am more inclined to believe that the above happened. The guy who was deemed fit for the trial was given 2 bottles to consume before they called him back to do a check up. He gave one of the bottles to JC , seeing how disappointed he was for not being chosen. Since he still had one bottle with him, he probably think it was alright to pass one to JC. I don't think the bottle was meant for his kid. I may be wrong..just a guess. But I also agree with you that the ones he was given and eventually killed him are the stronger version.. I am just wondering, did he have the brain tumour before the trial or it developed as a side effect to the drug? Does JC's body react differently to the drug and he is "special"? As for the relationship between SJ and MW, after watching the scene at the restaurant when MW mentioned about him the first kiss and seeing SJ's awkward reaction to that , I don't think she likes him at all. Otherwise she will be smiling shyly upon hearing that. She is just thrilled to be a writer, to fulfil her dream. I get this feeling that the main character of the other novel she was writing about is her husband.
  5. New HD stills on MBC website. More at http://www.imbc.com/broad/tv/drama/badpapa/photo/
  6. I hope to see more of JC wooing his wife using the funny ideas from his daughter.. it will be soooooo sweet.. SJ is feeling touched by his sweet action of buying her the dream house...Go on , Ji cheol! Make her fall for you again!
  7. I am glad his daughter knows so much about him .. And his love for her..