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  1. @kohnlee Haha!! So coincidental! Our angelic face police officer. @Prettysup Very handsome ...if only there is a wax figure of him..hehe. Looks like he is losing his tan and getting his natural fair complexion back.
  2. I think it will definitely be more challenging that those since it is in Seoul and not in the countryside. I would love to see the residents reactions when they see that it is Jang Hyuk who is helping to solve their problems..
  3. I think sea police is only a spin-off of rural police which has 4 seasons. Looks like Real Men to me . Translated from another article: " The number of crimes per day in Seoul is 1 minute 52 seconds of violence, 1 minute 53 seconds of theft, rape, 25 minutes and 12 seconds of forced eviction, and 9 hours and 20 minutes of murder. Now, entertainers jump directly into the crime scene in Seoul, not in the countryside. They are going to be reborn as real police officers by living together with the lives of police officers in the life of 'City Police.' Just hope it is not too tough for him filming it.. it is winter and there is going to be plenty of running around catching real criminals..
  4. It was country police followed by sea police or coastal guard. Looking at the cast of the previous season, they are all his friends. Haha! Korea Coast Guard (2018) MBC Information Title: Korea Coast Guard/Sea police/badagyeongchal/바다경찰 Genre: Variety TV Program Director: Lee SunWook, Hong JongHan, Kim YoonJung, Kim EunAh, Choi NakKyu, Lee SolI, Cheon SangHyun, No SeungIl Writer: Kim MinNa, Kim EunJae, Choi YooRi, Jung HaeJi, Lee JiYoung Network: MBC every1 Runtime: From August 13th Air Time: Monday 8:30 pm (four episodes) Language: Korean Summary In Busan, entertainers try several jobs that are related to the sea such as maritime security, maritime rescue, marine environment preservation, etc. The show will follow and film them. film them. Cast Kwak SiYang MBC Girl’s Day‘s YuRa MBC Kim SuRo MBC Jo JaeYoon MBC Interesting Facts Here is the official poster. Source:https://www.kpopmap.com/sea-police-2018-tv-show-cast-summary/
  5. @kohnlee Yes, I think most probably because of Detective Moo. I wonder if this will mean that he might consider Voice 3? Hehe. Just a random thought. @Prettysup Me too! I want to see him in the Police officer uniform looking so cool and in the tux looking super charming. I hope one is in the early afternoon while the other is at night. Are we able to watch this awards ceremony live on any channel? KBS?
  6. @kohnlee I think it is like what Lee Hana received in November. Actress Lee Hana received Honorary Police certification and appreciation plaque in conjunction with 61 years of the foundation of 112 Call Centre for being the heroine in drama VOICE.  (2018/11/1) The production team of drama VOICE Season 02 received an appreciation plaque of thanks from Min Kyung-ryong, the chief of police at the ‘61st Anniversary Day of 112 Call Center’ held at the 1st-floor cultural hall ofSeodaemun-gu Police Station in Seoul. The event was attended by Lee Seung-young (director), Ma Jin-won (screenwriter), Lee Ha-na (lead actress), Lee Jin-wook (lead actor), and the others. Special for Lee Ha-na, she also received an Honorary Police certification for being the central heroine, Kang Kwon-joo, as the director of 112 call center in the drama. @Prettysup This is website where Jane got the information from. I think we can't access it from our location.