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  1. @fiesty8001 @Prettysup I want the movie to focus on the father and child relationship too. But deep in my heart, I am also wishing for some romance... There was no romance in Ordinary people and Voice.. I kind of miss him in romantic scenes.... Maybe a lady who likes him? one sided relationship?hehehe..
  2. Haha. So that was the mark of the mask he wore during boxing? I was wondering why he had a depression line on his cheek.. so cute. Like the pillow marks people get when they just woke up.. lol. And you are right, JH has good complexion for a man of his age.. makes me jealous..
  3. Found an old video of "Chuno" BTS and wrap party with English subs. KBS world-推奴幕后花絮和终播会...
  4. The chinese subs for Jang Hyuk's TAXI episode is finally out! Hopefully the English subs will be out soon too. Link:
  5. Oh.. I see. I didn't know that. Just rewatched the movie recently and I was thinking to myself how tough to it must have been for poor Hyukkie to run around the entire movie carrying the little girl. Haha.. the dummy little gIrl looked so real. I remembered during one of the movie interviews, when the cast was asked what virus they would like to spread to their friends, one of them mentioned he would like to spread the safety virus to Hyukkie because he was always doing the stunts personally and got hurt a few times.. It is already tough doing an action movie and more so, if the actor does the scenes himself... I really admire his determination and perseverance.. During an old interview I read quite some time ago, a reporter who met Hyukkie in person for the first time, couldn't help it and stared the calluses on his knuckles.. it made Hyukkie feel a little self conscious and he quickly hid his hands under the table. lol. The reporter was wondering how much hard work Hyukie must have put in to his boxing or martial arts practices to hone his skills. No wonder Hyukkie's good friend Kim Suro said he admires his persistence. Suro will get interested in something and learn it for a while before he moves onto something new. But if he introduces it to Hyukkie, he will learn and not stop till he becomes an expert or master in that art.
  6. [COVERAGE] Krystal and Jang Hyuk in Singapore as presenters for Star Awards 2017 Star Awards 2017 brought us an array of celebrities from overseas to be presenters for the awards. Star Awards is an annual award show where local artists will be awarded for their outstanding acting skills. Awards remain as a substantial value to many artists as it shows an unlocked achievement, therefore, many fans will take the opportunity to show their utmost support by voting by all means. Among the presenters, two of them were Krystal and Jang Hyuk. It has been 4 years since she came to our sunny country and fans were really anticipating her arrival. Jang Hyuk recent acted in a drama, Voice. The drama gained popularity because of the mystery cases and solving skills. As the name suggests, the main actress in the drama has a special ability to hear exceptionally well as a voice profile. Those who haven't watch the drama should definitely give it a try. Many fans went down early just to grab a good spot and to catch a glimpse of their idol walking down the red carpet. Taking the opportunity to try to a picture with them should never be obliterated as a few lucky fans were able to take a picture with Jang Hyuk. The wait is definitely worth! Cr.
  7. Haha.. Hyukkie teaching ppl how to shave .. so good looking here... Schick Groomer 张赫
  8. Our passionate and hardworking oppa posted on his swordfighting practices today. Hope he takes good care of himself too.. I remembered during one of the episodes of Real Men when the recruits went for medical examination, he told the doctor that he had had many past incidences of fractured bones..
  9. Sharing some old BTS of "Thank you".. so hilarious.. 1)孔孝真张赫主演07mbc谢谢最强NG (the part when Hyukkie had to piggyback Gong Hyojin twice was funny!! ) 2)张赫孔孝真主演《谢谢》爆笑凉亭NG (The pavilion portion was super funny!!)
  10. Happened to chance upon this fan taken video of Hyukkie at the awards.. Was that the look and wave that Prettysup and AgnesO talked about whenever he looked up and saw his fans waving? So sweet...
  11. Have you watched this variety show, "Have you eaten?"? He showed off his cooking skills at the 2nd ep. 《吃得好過得好的方法,吃飯了嗎?》是以健康、生活、旅遊等方面為主題的節目。 主持: 金秀路、林志浩 來賓: 張赫 E121 E122 翻譯: 女漢子字幕組