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  1. Thank you so much! Jingyan was Wangkai's character right? Well that's terrible three generations of treason...Wangkai's generation, his son, then the grandson and PingZhang's father was a follower to Prince Laiyang so both of them commit treason? There were so many things confused in the show... They really should have reduced all those screen times about the evil villain that was advisor to the queen...and there were times it was an important moment and then they insert unnecessary screen time..then goes back to the important moment...there was actually very little screen time of linxu The producer wasn't the same right?
  2. I also missed "fei hu" the cute kid in nirvana in fire 1...they didn't have his character right in this series...
  3. Also Yuanxi's father is who? I didn't understand ...they said his father was a prince who also betrayed the country? His father wasn't one of the prince in the 1st nirvana in fire was it? I remember the one prince had a child at the end of nirvana in fire and was wondering..but then the generations don't seem to match up..
  4. Oh wow then the Lin Chen character lived that long...whereas everyone around him passed away...mei changsu and the king then (wang kai's character died so early on and so his son ) Oh so in episode 30 Pingjing finally realized he liked Linxu...because he was so clueless to her feelings and thought of her as a good friend.. I did like how they linked old meichang su home to the underground of pingzhing's home...that is where mei changsu used to meet the prince...
  5. I just finished this series..I skipped a bunch of chapters because some parts were a bit long and "boring" to me...more so the beginning had too many screen time with the villain who made the pellet for poisoining ping zheng.. But I had a few questions...who is that older all white haired lang ya bong leader in relation to the first nirvana in fire? When did Pingzhang destroy the necklace...was it not till last few episodes he finally realized he like linxu? or was it before his brother died? I thought he didn't realize he like her until after his father died and he went up to langya mountain for those 2-3 years and he finally let go his guilt and missed her.
  6. I believe the last of the 4 is Kim Soo Hyun from My love from the star...of the 4 I have to admit l like Lee Zhong Suk the best...I never really liked Lee min ho...but I think Suukkie's acting is most varied...but I think Kim Soo hun is very good too. I am just so amazed how Sukkie can go from being more meaty to too skinny...I finished rewatching "W" and went back to " Sleeping" and thought he was way too skinny in the first episodes of "While sleeping"..plus didn't like his hairstyle in the first few episodes..made him look too old... then he went back to his regular hair and looked better...he was so adorably cute in the youtube version of dancing "newface??"..he was in all smiles...someone said he originally was not a good dancer but he try hard...he just has the most sweetest smiles I feel that really does brighten your day...wishing he was our own boyfriend..haha...some people say he has plastic surgery on nose...but many Koreans have plastic surgery in general. (female Korean stars at same age look so much younger than other Asian female actresses at same age point like Song Hye Kye or Jun Ji Yun ?) ..unlike the Americans stars who have plastic surgeries Koreans just do it so well it looks natural and yet I don't think plastic surgery can make a great smile...I feel his smile is so naturally sweet regardless of whether he did or not..it doesn't matter...plastic surgery doesn't help in acting....Sukkie knows how to act...that's what I admire the most....some stars out there may be handsome but can't act. I am just a new fan of Sukkie so when you type of news of him that last airport situation came up...and yes there are plenty nasty people in the world...the way they bash stars is just so ridiculous do to their own short sightness and jealousies...so I don't think bringing up the nasty rumors is not supporting him...its just as new fans we find it on google and want to clarify what the issue was and doesn't mean we believe the knetizens.
  7. Yes I really liked his acting in "I hear your voice" and "pinnochio".and "sleeping" I..didn't watch the full doctor stranger..only 1st two episodes...nor school 2013.. yes he did look like a "man" in "W" vs young highschool graduate in "Pinocchio".....its all the hairstyle and clothing change...amazing..and the way he was posing himself in "w"... that's why I liked his acting.. some actors act the same in every single series regardless of their character..no change.. lee zhong suk acts different in his series particularly they are all different characters.. Maybe I have to leave some drama to when he goes to military -- 2 years of not seeing him act... I find some actors give long long speeches almost to the point sounds so redundant and superficial...I don't mind short speeches.. I do find it funny he says he has stage fright but how he be a model...guess didn't need to speak hah ... no girfriends right?
  8. Oh wow..thank you! In the youtube jade lover he did look "bigger"... Wow its amazing how these actors/actresses lose so much weight "so easily" in a matter of months..if "jade" was filmed before..wow he was rather skinny in "w"...I rewatched "w" he was just so handsome in that series...but his acting was cool.. So many netizens so nasty to artists...saying he was rude at his fans at airport or that he doesn't say much at award assembly and its disrespectful...people just cant just concentrate on his acting..gees? Thanks again...
  9. When was Jade Lover filmed? IT hasn't been onscreen yet right? I heard lately that China was banning Korean actor drama? Wasn't Jade lover done after "w"...w was filmed 2 years ago in 2016? I thought Jade lover was in 2017 in China?
  10. Thank you for the replies to my post. I became a Lee Zhong Suk fan after seeing him in "W"...I really thought he acted well..so handsome there..I thought he was perfect..not too skinny and not chubby. And then started watching While you sleeping, pinnochio, and I hear your voice. I think I liked him equally in pinnochio and voice.. Why in "w" though and even in "sleeping" he seems to have a cut in his lips? Sometimes they over put lipstick on his lips though almost made me feel trying to hide his cut from lips. I didn't notice as much in "I hear your voice". Some people make fun of his plump lips but I thought they looked nice ..He has such a sweet cute smile indeed that melts your heart. They just shouldn't overdo the makeup... So "w" was his natural haircolor? I liked it...I think he look best when his hair covers his forehead..did not like the beginning haircut of "While u sleeping" but then he changed his hairstyle in the series and looked better...
  11. Is it me or don’t u think Lee Zhong suk gained a lot of weight? At the 2017 sbc award assembly he had chubby cheeks but while he was in w and even while u sleeping he still seemed very skinny...esp in w...very skinny..I thought he looked most handsome in “w”... when was while u were sleeping acted..was it a premise series? It’s surprising ... is it for a new series he gained weight? For the past few years he has been so skinny...
  12. So this drama was produced a while ago but not yet released either in China or Korea to watch? i couldn’t find it 8n Viki or Dramafever..
  13. Agree! Like said previously the movie was similar to the novel in that it started with baiquin jump off the terrace...in the novel u didn't even get to see yuehua sacrifice for her until the author wrote one small epilogue...and so it began with yuehua trying to win baiquin a heart again ..as in the movie...cause she didn't remember anything so yes he had to chase her again....and because the drama was mirrored like the actual novel which was all flashbacks... i didnt feel yuehuas touching love and sacrifice for her nor felt the three lives when I read the novel...it was really not a good novel and thus since the movie mirrored it..so obviously the movie version was lacking in coherency ..since the novel lacked coherency as well... And not really to comparison but the reason why the drama was successful besides the acting was because the director script writer took the novel and made it coherent ...we saw yuehuas step by step love and sacrifice for her..so that is why it was touching.. talk about things don't make sense ...if u watch the recent princess agent ..supposedly a good book and great acting by the leads..but it was such an incoherent drama which made no sense...gees what a waste of a supposedly good drama... I am waiting to see the good version of this movie before I can say anything about the leads acting..I never saw liuyifei acting not even as dragon girl when she first debuted... hahaha but I wonder if she had plastic surgery at the eye area cause I swear her eyes look different now cause the past...
  14. They were saying both artist acting was trash..yang yang future is ruined due to this series (mind you some people didn't even watch series ). .. that his expressions were retarded...etc etc...bunch of harsh uneducated mainland Chinese ... The first day they started the movie they already criticized like no tomorrow....
  15. The dunbers of this series was definitely excellent .. for mark the same guy dubbed ywy voice in princess agent...somehow though I thought the dunner voice fit marks face more though..than princess agent