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  1. As a soul of the embryo he thought she was a male...so he loved a male...that was gay...I was so surprised it passed the Chinese censor... (i didnt get zhejian and fourth brother gay just that they had a special relationship...in the drama..) i thought the censor would change it so that as the lotus yuehua already knew she was a girl even as Siyin.. in the book I don't understand moyuan was asleep 70,000 years so shouldn't yuehua be 70,000 years...instead he was only 50,000 years old...it took 20,000 years for him to be embedded in the stomach of his mother? In the drama it was very quick not long after moyuan "died" ..the drama didn't really say how old yuehua was when he met susu Yes join the club..no good series been rewatching also.. Is this the highest rated drama of all times for china?
  2. If u look on the baidu drama page their voices are dubbed..the dubbers for mark,yang mi did a very good job... so did Dilbara n Feng..it's not their original voice.
  3. In the prologue of the third person narrative version of the novel, Susu actually tells Yuehua before she jumps that she regrets saving him and wouldn't do it again if she was to return back to that time....it was different in the other novel version...she didn't tell him that...just told him that she was leaving and that they let go of each other... Handsome photos of Mark..he may not be a "yang yang" but Mark has a handsome manly face...some male have youthful kids face Mark had the manly face so that he can portray both MY and Yuehua...I can see yang yangyang as Yuehua for his handsome prince look (as in the book he is supposed to be beautiful) but a little hardtime pictureing him as MY as yang yang is so young looking...so I look forward to the movie version...and treat it as separate independent production.. I think the only thing I would expect in the movie version is that Yuehua also jumps into Zhixian tower as well...in the movie version that isn't evident as of yet from the trailers...
  4. actually I don't understand..Mark said originally he wasn't gonna take the role...so it was the director who actually asked him for the role? I wonder how these roles are playd out I thought its the actor/actresses that "bid" for roles...of course for the famous ones its the directors whocome finding the actor.. Well smart move for the person who picked Mark as the role...I have to admit I wouldn't have thought of him as Yuehua...so its was a big surprise in his acting... There were some scenes though they put way too much makeup on him made him look older...like in chapter 30 when he "met" hear again at East Sea...gees he was so white that he looked different...the guy who dubbed Mark was pretty good also.. I didn't like BZY in journey of flower dubbing...well that series ending was so messed up... Also..there seems to be different versions of the novel? Which one is most updated? There was one version where the prelogue (part she jumped) was written in third person narrative...which I thought was much better...it gave the feelings of her much better than the version written in the "I" format..in fact the Thor fperson marrative version there was a line where she told him before she jumped that she regretted saving him and if she was to do it again she would not save him"...it just shows how much trust she lost in him....this line was not in the "I" version book... I typically do not like books written in the "I" format cause it doesn't give much perspetice to the feelings of other characters, like in "ballaard of the desert".. so another reason why this drama blue off the roof because I thought it was much better than the book..
  5. Re Omiki -- thank you for sharing thoughts...I didn't get the same thoughts on BQ because she was so drunk and mumbling..hah I think I just like the SuS Yuehua scenes the most because it was the first time he fell in love with her...although I have feel Yangmi's acting was a bit lacking there...particularly after her eyes were taken away...I know she had a cloth around her eyes but still I didn't feel much of her "fear, disappointment, sadness"...thru her physically acting..I remember once watching a series long time ago actress also blind with a clothe around but you felt her emotions still..yangmi acting was not too good there...she did a better job as BQ I thought.. OR maybe because Mark was so good..hah
  6. Hah..after watching the drama 3 times I actually have a different perspective on susu and bq...I actually thought susu was in a submissive state but she was actually courageous vs bq was stronger but silly... Susu was not afraid to ask yuehau to marry her...she accepted him for not telling her things..on their wedding night she already made it clear that she would leave him forever if he was disloyal to her...when he took her to East Sea/ten miles peach blossom she was equal to him being able to talk to him and ask him questions...they were most in loved then.....it wasn't her fault he didn't tell her a thing about his situation...she didn't know he as going to give up his prince title for her..in her perspective her husband kept hiding secrets.. she was then involuntarily taken with no power imprisoned..again yuehamdid not tell her much..he was not supportive to her and told her to be quiet and punished her..again he didn't tell her the sacrifices or pain he was going thru for her...then she hears Su Jin makeup some crap about yuehua..and then yuehua comes and tells her that he has to leave her for 6 months...during that time she at first doubted his love for her but then she took the courage to ask him if their marriage is true in the moral realm...he replies yes but then 6 months later he comes back and then takes her eyes from her .....in her pserepctive the one person that said would protect her hurt her... by that time she has lost all hope and was actually afraid of him...she had no power.. people said for sake of her child she should have stayed...but for what? To see yuehua marry other wives? To have her son taken away from her...remember they took away yuehau from his mother and his mother was a god..she bring a moral had no power....it was actually a lot of courage for her to leave...to live blindly the rest of her life alone...she was true to her words that if yuehua ever disloyal hurt her she would leave him forever....they already mariried in the moral realm so what the purpose remarrying again since she lost her eyes her hope and trust in him.. and then hen come bq...she was silly...understandably she should be mad about the past when she remembered but then she doubts yuehua love for her that yuehua loved Su Jin...that's silly...didn't nainai told her that yuehua stabbed sujin...told her how much yuehua loved susu that's he wanted to commit suicide falling into zhuxian tower. So for bq to misunderstand yuehua for loving sujin was just silly....and also as bq she saw the sacrifice that yuehua made for her...he almost lost his,life...lost his powers..arm etc...as susu she didn't see yuehua sacrifices for susu but as bq she should know better... so I actually liked susu more than bq...although I didn't like susu powerless situations .. As for yuehua...so touching the sacrifices he made for her as susu .......susu did tell him that he made her feel that he wasn't his wife with not telling her things yet he still didn't open his mouth ....so he messed up so badly with his silence...and to think that they could go back to how they were before she lost her eyes was silly on his part...he knew he had to marry other woman..didn't he see that she didn't even want him to touch her hands or anything at all...i a, glad he learned later to tell her that he loved her when she was bq.. i couldn't tell which I felt more bad for ..susu or yuehua in the relationship... In regards to other series with yangmi I I think it was sad ending so didn't like it..tried ode to the joy..retried general and I..still couldn't stand it...no good dramas out latey..have to wait for new nirvana in fire to come out and movie version of three worlds three lives
  7. Thanks for sharing movie link.. i think some some people and media ridiculous..now that the movie version trailer out they start to compare dumb things..now like saying mark crying scenes overacting that yang yangs crying is more like how a god should be.. the movie version even haven't really come out yet.. people Le should stop doing comparing and just enjoy them as individual productions ..
  8. Thank you for sharing the link to movie version....lately popular dramas also seem to have movie versions such as love h20 or sunshine... I would like them different..if it's the same it would be boring...I think mark/yang mi had a great drama version..looking forward to the movie version with no need to compare saying "oh mark did a better job or was a better yuehua etc " ...the drama version was good in that it followed the book including the dialogue very closely to book...a full story was covered....the movie expectation is that they will change things to condense it but keep the overall structure of the story..inc,using the main lines "yuehua let go of me I let go of u we don't owe anything." yang yang and Lydia are both beautiful young people (well Lyf not so young but looks youthful)...so it probably will have a youthful romantic intensity to it...like "fire"...and the drama had a more mature nature around it..but both could be equally excellent...all 4 actors (mark yangyang lyf yangmi) could equally play the roles excellent...the tv media put So much ridiculous comparisons .... i just don't understand wasn't the movie version produced a whole year ago though? It just takes this long to broadcast?
  9. thank you for comparison...I watched only a few episodes of general and I because the dubbing was terrible esp for Wallace. And Angela baby was terrible.. it it was so forced in the beginning of CBC and pbt relationship....was pbt death caused by CBj misgivings? Like yuehua was very weak with susu..no doubt he loved susu and tried his best to pretend death to be with her but he didn't rebel against his grandfather ...unlike the 2nd uncle who would have committed suicide both him and the snake wife...I disliked yuehua for that...he messed up significantly not explaining things to susu and not taking it seriously that susu said if he was to wrong her or be unfaithful she would leave him forever...letalone taking her eyes away... in watching general and I Wallace character seemed very strong...not afraid of anything to protect the woman he loved...was that the case? My sister told me the storyline was actually good but because of Angela baby she ruined it for the drama...
  10. Oh yes I know they made love on wedding night...but afterwards there was no more skniship scenses as susu..then he left her for more,than half a year and then almost 2 years..so in we're apart many years before she was taken to heaven... yes i I am surprised why mark had so much trouble saying that line..lol...after they made love the third time when Bq confessed she loved him..there was one line yangmi as bq said to yuhua "u have not fallen asleep yet..I was "tortured" so much by u already..I am so tired.."..heehee I think this line from bq just as mushy... starting to get over the withdrawal...but I still loved the susu scenes before she was pulled to,heaven...I just realize the reason yuehua fell in love with her was because he was lonely and she was lonely...so they came together...she was his warmth when he was a snake dragon... they only spent like 12 days together before they got married.. talk about quick marriage quick fall in love (more so he loved her first). ..but then loved her for hundred and hundreds of years...
  11. Thank u for sharing! Too bad this scene was not included..I wonder how Jolie ole was able to get this script...I thought mark looked most handsome in this white outfit and the wedding... i was was wondering how she got pregnant..hah the only kiss scene between susu and mark was wedding night..the rest was he sad departures
  12. Who is shao wan that everyone talking about? I don't remember that person in the drama? Okay missed the part that yh and Ba name on three lives rock..was that when fj was trying to find dh on the rock?
  13. Wait Chris wu? The Taiwanese actor of Yibaqing? If so he a great actor but he has never played period drama at all.. they r making a pillow book story?
  14. Thank you for song translation....I loved that part when she told him she loved him...he must have been so ecstatic...after all the pain he went thru thinking she loved someone else....although I have to give him credit for being so thick skinned and persistent always trying to get her in bed..even when he thought she loved someone else...and when he was a little snake dragon sleeping Su Su .without her knowing it...she must have slept well..lol.. does anyone think mark looked most handsome when they were in their red wedding outfits? Or,when he pulled her into their first kiss when some Guy tried to touch her ? The last flower outfit with his long hair down did not suit me nor the black crow winter jacket..why couldn't they give him a better outfit and hairstyle then..what's with the long hair?
  15. Thank you so much for sharing..I was reading the Chinese...I tend to like writing in "third" perspective so it shows feelings for all characters...so I was glad he Chinese book had at least an epilogue on yuehua perspective..just wish it was longer or the whole book..