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  1. hi...i have always loved Jun Ji Hyun's movies and dramas. I would like to drop a line to say congratulations to JJH on being 2nd time mummy.
  2. @tok-soompi i also have Lee Byung Hun in mind. sorry i prefer Jang Dong Gun in Andy Garcia's place (or Jo In Sung...can't really make up my mind). Jeon Do-yeon in Julia Roberts' place. Jun Ji Hyun in Catherine Zeta-Jones place. Sorry because HJM has such a cute face.
  3. @mfolly15 welcome @gongi hwaiting ! great initiative u have. me and my friends are doing almost the same thing. we are collecting 30 birthday wishes for GY. it's hard to think of 30. of anyone if you has something, do PM me btw i guess the poor guy feels hot to be in long sleeves in summer. @CatchMine_ID and @Noor90 and @marie1986 happy Eid holidays ! who else have i missed out ? @CatchMine_ID your youtube page is really popular ! u deserve a special invitation from GY.
  4. my least favourite style of his is his long hair in one fine day. the looks that i love most are in the ways he carries himself these days
  5. may i know who is the plump lady in glasses that needs to follow him on his trips? is she the stylist ? ahjussi might go deaf with all the camera man shouting lol. i am so glad sloppy look is the trend now. i am a fan of that style.
  6. sorry i am still discussing MLSHR here lol. if it makes u feel any better, the chinese version of HS blames 4th prince a lot for his actions. in korean version, HS protected WS by saying he killed Eun because he requested for it, for example. so thats y i preferred Korean version of Scarlet Heart.
  7. that was a nice movie. good choice !
  8. now i know how Yoo girls feel dreaming about him. wish everyone will have at least one too.
  9. i wonder which scene Hae Soo fell in love with Wang So. was it the part when HS was thrown into jail or was it when Taejo sent WS to be ambassador and WS left with HS hair pin with HS wondering why she didnt really want to let him go.
  10. Hey Yoo gals...i have like the best dream ever. my company is sort of like an OEM. i dreamt that ahjussi is our client and he was waiting for my team right in our manager's car. while we were approaching the car, my supervisor suddenly had to squat down because it's ahjussi and she cant breathe. and when we were inside the car, he is sitting next to me and talking in smiles. i can't have this in real life cuz i will request to meet him more.
  11. i wonder if this is a wish...always wish he and other top 9 male leads could star in some lame movie. like how the hong kong industry does it. if we could witness some funny chemistry. for those who doesn't get what i am saying...it's like ocean 11, 12, 13 hehe...
  12. perhaps he is still trying to lose his pretty boy face by slimming down his face. i read in wikipedia that he was hoping to move away from pretty boy image. but still i find that however he looks, he is jang !!
  13. sorry don't understand what you mean by you want to get a proper info. whatever adaptation you mentioned was the same as what i had wasn't it? but just so you know and just between you and me, 我是华人 not from mainland though. don't mind me saying, your inputs are a little conflicted (so u love LJG right? hee...maybe i am wrong too) but anyway, anyone is entitled to their preferences in dramas. i loved 步步惊心 when i watched it. i love MLSHR even more LJG is able to make my heart ache for Wang So. So I was glad whenever Hae Soo was able to understand him because LJG really made me feel like I want to be by his side and comfort him.
  14. erm...have we touched on this before ? since GY's birthday is coming, what wishes do you have for him ?