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  1. Hey, this is what I am talking about http://www.facebook.com/channelu/videos/10156798811717589/ facebook posts don't seem to show anymore.
  2. hey all, Goblin is about to air in my region. estimated in November. what about all yours ? when does goblin air in your region ?
  3. @kentangbakar is this news true ? http://www.star2.com/entertainment/2017/10/19/score-your-free-tickets-korean-film-festival-kl/
  4. happy weekend !! it's a nice peaceful weekend isn't it ? lucky lady who got to take pictures with so many celebrities
  5. not to put YEH down but this means GY is that good isn't he ? like i said he is such a chemi king that his co-stars will often have chances of being nominated along with him.
  6. it seems like there's not much update about GY lately. let's see some old posts. what do you think of tall guys with slippers ? i dont think anyone wore it as elegantly as GY does.
  7. Gong Yoo photo shoot places like many, i wish to travel to many places credits : http://travel.ulifestyle.com.hk/DetailNews.php?id=ADgRYhEtA3EMLw&p=6 金沢ゲストハウス白(Guest House Shiro) Guest House Shiro at average of JPY 3500 each night. cota.sora_shiba@IG miiiichan28@IG
  8. http://www.womensweekly.com.sg/inspire/sexiest-male-korean-celebs-speak-perfect-english/?slide=1 THE SEXIEST MALE KOREAN CELEBS WHO SPEAK PERFECT ENGLISH Published October 2, 2017 When you hear a Korean celebrity speaking fluent English, it’s presumably normal to assume that he or she is a Korean-American. However, more and more celebrities are picking up the language and striving to be fluent not only due to broaden their career opportunities, but also to communicate with their foreign fans, thanks to the Hallyu wave. And we must say, some of them are so fluent that it’s a pretty big feat, considering they didn’t start young – a ban by the government only allows South Koreans to start learning English when they’re in Primary Three. The reason? They believe that exposing the children to a foreign language when they’re young would erode their Korean roots. Here are 10 male K-celebs who can definitely hold a conversation with you in full English.
  9. i didn't mind we are in a small community here. i know GY has bigger fan base in other platforms. it's easier for us to keep up with discussions as a small community. the other bigger fan bases that i know, fans get to posts whatever they want. even repeated pictures so either way we find balance in lots of things. maybe same for our ahjussi so that's why he always has this sweet smile.
  10. If there's something that you don't get, you might want to read up. and you might get the answers.