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  1. @casey1409 no need to feel sorry we are wonderful Yoo fans because at least we did not step into the thread of others. i hope i am commending everyone on behalf of GY heez~ this shall be the last of it. i think what @gongi is trying to say is anything about GY is up for discussion, rumours or not. because everything about him we love dont we? <3 @nuryl read the 1st. it's nice. hello fellow Yoo fans~ *waves* i cant quote u cuz its oh so difficult to navigate on mobile
  2. darling, you mis-read me again. I just happen to be talking about GDragon and his hotel + cafe. not about relationships. :S hahahahahahha you're funny
  3. @casey1409 i should go check that song out. i havent actually heard him say any english before. but he is cute to me no matter what i say. if he has an accent, omo that's even cuter. i should not have said flirt. i should have said he always form a close bond with all his co-actresses. i can understand why 1 of his co-star once said girls will be frustrated with him. a cute guy with all the teasing and etc but in the end i might be friend zoned. just my assumption yes soong jong ki is flirty imo. yes they should not assume they are going to date. it can just be our GY really acts well. it takes more than on set chemistry to fall in love. for example, a kiss scene can take many shots from different positions. and the position might be uncomfortable in real life. i agree with @princess nour90 shippers be shippers. u can rant but be sure to get past this moment
  4. @gongi hahahaha chemi king u mentioned about KGE's breakup? she broke up with her current bf. rumour has it that she broke up with him for GY. and hopefully she does not receive any negative comments because of GY. it has been quite ironic that GY has mentioned he likes girls who are a bit boyish...natural etc. all these matches to KGE.
  5. @gongi i think it might take almost forever for GY to settle down because it seems like he is always flirting with his co-actresses. correct me if i am wrong @2handsintertwined i never felt your posts were offending. although to be honest i will feel more comfortable if you can avoid groping him if u can meet him face to face i mean afterall, he supposedly "belongs" to us all yea? i feel that everyone is very nice and accommodating here. i think it's because we all have 1 common goal. we love him. i think we can be proud to say GY's fans are the most well behaved. *evil laughs*
  6. is he resting now? no updates from him so far? it was mentioned that he will take a break in March. or is he still active and i am outdated haha chingu~ u n i same place right? the tiny little dot. @casey1409 pardon me if i might say but i think his english no matter how good, he will still sound like a true korean hehe true Busan ahjussi hehehe
  7. @gongi actually 1 topic i wanted to ask is...what happens if GY is attached? but i think this topic might stir up another wave of discussion since i already typed it out, i would say for the moment i am fine as long as he is happy. cuz his smile is so cute isn't it ?
  8. @kentangbakar i think i will get rocks thrown at me too. i am fine if he does not do fm. especially after he was mobbed in Aus. he loves his fan enough to smile all the time but it is awkward to be hugged all of a sudden. but i am also ok if he holds a fm in our area. #ironic #thisyoogirlconfusing