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  1. @kentangbakar thank you ! Soop boss looks so young I wonder how. The song that GY sang during the Fan Meet in Taiwan is 내마음에 비친 내 모습 by Yoo Jae Ha Yoo Jae Ha is a singer who had an album and passed away soon after due to a car accident. His songs have been recently replayed and thus he regained his popularity. I think GY did a very good job singing this song. What is the song that his fan played with the guitar ? Anyone knows ?
  2. @gongi hyun bin, kang dong won, so ji sub. here is another one. In this clip, GY has just started to choose 5 lucky Mrs Gong's questions / requests and he will try to answer them all. But he is worried so he ask the hosts if there will be any funny surprises. The host said, that they will give him like a "CHANCE". So GY is like just one CHANCE ? Host said, "No you pick 5 so you have 6 chances. Of course 1 !" GY : well i hear you are Taiwan's Yoo Jae Suk -praises for each other in between- Host : I am Taiwan's Brad Pitt GY: I am Korea's Brad Pitt -shake hands- Host : Nice to meet you. @Noor90 were you the one who said will be going to HK for his FM ? if you are then it's going to be such fun !
  3. @nuryl it makes me prefer his acting self because he can release all of his emotions in acting as compared to his real life where he has to be more reserved. he unleashed his acting skills again here. he thought he should help to tidy up the box but the host told him that he should not do that because he is a guest. so he continue to pretend to clean up the whole thing :
  4. Let me just summarize this webpage : This FM is actually a charity project that GY has participated in. After the FM, 100,000 TWD is donated to <Make A Wish Taiwan> to treat childhood diseases. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ 「請幫我向記者說聲抱歉」,這是我整個專訪下來印象最深刻的一句話。訪問拍照前,他因頭髮有噴髮膠做造型,不方便擺出撥劉海的動作,為此特地請翻譯老師代替致歉,「請幫我向記者說抱歉」簡短的一句話,卻能展現出他對人的真誠,當看見翻譯老師完整表達他的意思,此時,他臉上才露出放心的笑容。 : There is a part in this webpage that says that he said sorry to the reporters because he is having hair styling products so he could not sweep his hair for pictures on that day. =.= my gosh why ask him to sweep his hair ? YIN sweeps hair would be better hehe...
  5. See the video here : Origins of the name “Gong Yoo” Having stage name of “Gong Yoo” was originally not his intention. He took the stage name after friends encouraged him. The 37 year old South Korean star, real name Gong Ji Chul has used his stage name Gong Yoo to venture into the entertainment industry for 16 years. It was thought that Gong Yoo were the last names of his parents but when he was interviewed by <Apple> he revealed that he actually wanted to use his birth name for his debut. However, as his management said that he should use a stage name; his friend suggested using Gong Yoo 共有 in Korean / Chinese, which means happy together. Although he had always rejected the idea but he was convinced by the idea that it also sounds like his parents’ last names. He also said that, “I like the concept and it also became a motivation in my acting career.” Recently he was being voted on one of the TV shows in Korea to be “The Actor That Viewers Want Them to Remain Bachelors”, along with Hyun Bin, Kang Dong Won, So ji Sub and was also dubbed as “National Property of Korea”. All these seems to coincide with his stage name Gong Yoo. Standing at 1.84m tall, he was also given the title of “Korea’s 4 Great Veteran Long Legs Oppa” together with the other 3 actors as fans thinks he has a pair of attractive long legs.
  6. GY is really a humble person. He is wearing the same sweat shirt he had in Goblin. saying bye in sunglasses.
  7. Title of Youtube clip: Let's get close to GY in his most real self; lonely and shining actor -clips from Goblin, Train to Busan and Silenced- I: What are the areas that you think you resemble “Dokkaebi” the most ? GY: KS has a sword in his chest and his feelings when he had to live with it might be the area where I resemble him the most. So when everyone has finished watching the drama they can understand my feelings through watching KS. Caption: Does this mean you think you have a sword in your chest too? (Reporter seems to assume it means he is feeling “burdened” ?) GY: This is just a comparison. Caption: Wow this comparison is so profound. I: Do you feel happy now (as in blissful, fortunate) ? GY: Starts to smile.(from 0.41) (My thoughts only: my thinking is that he smiled probably he thinks it’s a trick question. ) Caption: Wow he really does look very happy with that smile. GY: Is this question related to the previous one? Translator: Nope I have already listed out (I don’t get this part). GY: This is a good question. This is the world’s toughest question. “Are you happy now?” Sometimes I do feel it sometimes I don’t. I guess I should say 50/50. These 2 feelings are fighting with each other within me. People will think that you are rich and famous now and a lot of people pay attention to you so you should be very happy. But I would like to tell everyone that such life is also quite a burden. I would like to say I am happy but when I feel conflicted inside, I hope the nicer side wins. @gongi you wanted this ? I: When do you feel the most lonely? Caption: Don’t ask I will cry. GY: Hahaha. Erm...(closes eyes) Caption: He looks so good too even when he closes he eyes. GY: When I stand infront of the camera; when one stands infront of the camera, you will have to withstand all the pressure. You just had to do something but nobody can help you on it. I guess I feel lonely at this time. But till now I have handled this well and I will continue to do so in future. I: What is the craziest thing that you have done? GY: I was in Busan for 2 months when I was filming Train to Busan. I was staying near the sea. Originally I had grew up next to the sea so I was used to life by the sea side. I had drinks with colleagues then I rushed into the sea. Everyone was worried and told me not to go but I went anyway. The next day, there was sand all over the room. Haha I brought sand everywhere. Caption: But this isn’t crazy yo. XD GY: I really don’t have crazy stuff. Tsk.
  8. @gongi i think it's just an expression that fan meets are important GY going to 2nd floor. the last concert i went in singapore of another star, they had a lot of bodyguards until it was impossible to see the singer among the audience zzzzzzzzzzz btw i forgot to say welcome to @Noor90 's friend
  9. Instagramer chiu_ellen filmed GY reading out his letter to his fans 1st instagram post: What should I share with everyone today? I thought long and hard yesterday about this. In the blink of an eye, I have been an actor for 17 years. Last year was the most successful year of my career. Regarding acting, it looks graceful on the surface but in fact, it is a lonely and tough job. 2nd Instagram post Even though I had encountered some difficulties, it is through all your trust and support (such as): “I saw your acting and it gave me courage.” “My mum who is not feeling well saw your drama and smiled.” “When I grow up, I wish to become an actor like you.” Everytime when I hear these words, I felt that my existence is for a purpose. It is thanks to those words, I survived till now. To me, I don’t know what words I can use to describe my fans. Their existence to be is the most precious. (he sniffed) 3rd Instagram post Lastly, I gave the most important time in my life to come down here personally to interact with my fans from all directions and also to let them listen to what I have to say. I really thank you all for being by my side. I really really jinsim thank you. This is GY. (korean greeting) (claps and cheers) ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Yorobun @gongi did not translate this because she went crying. Omo I exposed u. sniff sniff from me too @kentangbakar are you able to translate what Han Ji Min said ? ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ I will be off to bed in a few minutes
  10. @kentangbakar At the ending part : Mickey Huang just suggested him to do some kissing so the wake up call will be more romantic.
  11. @Noor90 let me translate for you in a while ***Updated from @Noor90's post*** Here is why he cried 5500粉絲逼哭他! 孔劉哽咽自白:我變得比想像中軟弱 5500 fans made him cry! GY admitted : I am weaker than I thought 南韓演員孔劉29日在新莊體育館舉辦首場台灣見面會,吸引5500名「孔太太」到場支持,他親切的與眾多粉絲互動,讓人從內心感覺到他的真誠。見面會尾聲,粉絲送上影片應援,謝謝他16年的演員生涯,最後舉起「我的初戀」以及「和孔劉在一起的日子都很燦爛」,讓他當場淚崩,哽咽:「我告訴自己不要哭,但你們讓我流淚了。」 GY's fanmeet in Taiwan attracted 5500 "Mrs Gong" to the event to support him. His cordial participation with his fans made people felt strongly about his sincerity. Towards the end of the show, fans presented to him a video, thanking him for 16 years of his work and they raised up "My First Love" and "Days with GY Shined" signs, causing GY to tear up. He said, "I told myself not to cry but you guys made me cry". 孔劉解釋,自己很久沒有舉辦見面會,昨天還告訴自己「我不要哭,可是你們讓我哭了,這是自我反省的眼淚,大家也知道我不斷一直在工作,也許我變得比想像中軟弱。」邊說邊哽咽,「以後我可能會後悔現在跟你們說出我的內心話,也許是對你們感到抱歉才哭的。」 GY explained that he has not held fan meeting for a long time so he told himself yesterday that, "I do not want to cry but you guys made me cry. These tears are my self reflection. Everyone knows I have been continuously working. Maybe I am just weaker than I thought." He cried as he said, "In future I might regret the words that I said from my heart. Maybe I felt sorry for you guys so I cried." 不斷致謝粉絲的應援,孔劉最後收起眼淚,笑說:「好,我不哭了!」約定會再拾起勇氣與粉絲見面,接著幽默笑喊:「應該沒有驚喜了吧?不是還會唱唱歌之類的嗎?」瞬間逗笑粉絲。為回饋粉絲的支持,他也在活動尾聲驚喜現身2樓,近距離互動觀眾,誠意十足結束見面會。 GY continue to thank fans for their support. At the end, GY stopped his tears, smiled and said, "Ok, I am not crying." He promised his fans that he will pick up his courage and meet up with his fans again. Then he shouted, "There aren't anymore surprises right? I guess there won't be singing too right?" making his fans laugh. To thank fans for their support, he gave his fans a surprise by appearing at the 2nd floor to be close up with his fans, ending his FM with total sincerity. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Imagine if I were a shy person and I bought the 2nd level ticket and then GY appeared...
  12. 1st instagram picture translates to: GY revealed that he enjoys playing basketball and injured his pinky. His little finger is thus crooked. Another sport he likes is baseball. 2nd instagram picture translates to: At the opening, the GY who had never sang in a while, sang a song of <My Heart Reflects Who I Am>. He also revealed pictures of himself at 3 years old and that he doesn't like studying. For more updates, I recommend to visit the respective instagram pages. The title translates to : GY's therapeutic laughter all for you. The laughing video is finally out now
  13. @CatchMine_ID no wonder he was smiling in Indonesia sorry to interrupt the news. Baeksang news : popularity vote has ended.