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  1. The rice wreath that Soompi hyunjinies sent for supporting her had been installed, best position at the site. She stood by our wreath and took some photo-shot after the drama's presscon. So we got the shot with our rice wreath
  2. Yes the drama's first episode will be air on mid-September. Confirmed by officials. https://entertain.naver.com/read?oid=382&aid=0000665772
  3. JTBC's new drama 'Beauty Inside' - that is highly possible to be her next drama - is expected to begin shooting in July, and expected to start airing in late September or October.
  4. They are giving only one ticket per one week and changing things need to prepare(in Social network) each time. So there will be too small winner for the event but they are asking too much for it. Just seeing the name of brand makes me sick.
  5. I decided to stop caring about Kwangdong's event. The number is too small(no more than 15, as for now) but they dragging it on for so much. I really don't understand what they are thnking. I've really had it with their silly events.
  6. My fancam video of yesterday's BAEKSANG awards event in COEX, Seoul last night.
  7. MY video of this scene(You have to wait until YouTube fully processes 4k60P VIDEO)
  8. @saku08 Our SHJ birthday project: I've phoned and sent intoducing mail about our forum, but I’m still waiting for they to give me OK sign
  9. I just got home. It was quite a tough day.. * I've changed my nickname in both soompi and twitter.
  10. BaileysMILK

    [Drama 2018] Radio Romance 라디오 로맨스

    Some captured images of today's episode from KBS's UHD(4K) Channel