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  1. This is what I see where soompi site is. https://whois.icann.org/en/lookup?name=soompi.com - soompi servers in Singapore. So, they might just have had that there and operated from Seoul. With mergers and such, it could have changed. But as you said, irrespective of what Mr. Simmons would say, it is rude of a company using a person's proper name to be used for derogatory language.
  2. The first time I saw it, I was like what? What does the dance guru have to do with the sentence here. And when I wrote something which should not be, and it got changed to richard simmons, I understood it. But I am surprised that the group has not sued Soompi as you say and he is pretty popular here in the US. Anyway, if any of the moderators are reading, it might be better for soompi to change it <bleep ><bleep> instead of using a person's name and be forewarned that it is used so by a foreign company. Also, Soompi is located in Singapore and not aware of the laws there, but know they are strict and hope Soompi changes it without causing harm to Richard Simmons.
  3. Where do you guys watch live? Any sites available to see it?
  4. Hi @packmule3 - Long time no see for sure. Missed all your posts and deductions. Are you watching the third charm. Looking to be a decent drama so far and love the OTP. Looking forward to your posts too.
  5. I am with you on this. It is more of HG who is in love with HN and willing to do anything to be with her. HN has cold feet. Irrespective of the mothers and her protective nature and the issue of foundling which she found out, she has kept HG at arm's length. She did not confide about her foundling even then and it should have been an eye opener but he is also blind with love (just like DG - but in a different way). When she did, he was so supportive and was floundered by his response. She should have put him first before anyone else when it came to the issue with the mothers. She should have stood up to his mother like how she was before. She became mellow after she fell in love. HG was a replacement for DG and rebound from her childhood crush and she should have taken the time to deal with that first before entangling HG and her family in it.
  6. Many of us have been wondering why HN and HG 's love life is paved with a thorns every step of the way and how the title of the drama is "Tomorrow is sunny" is inappropriate for causing them so much of stress. I think that the writer wants to say that irrespective of what happens today, one looks or should look for tomorrow being sunny or bright - basically saying hope is what gets you through in life. IS that it? or is there a different exxplanation?
  7. What I loved in today's episode, the look on JH face while talking to the private detective she hired and the photos that she saw and wondering what her sister has been up to. I guess the writer is taking this route of SH even involved in abducting YR since HN needs to get hurt - so she can get her memory back and both JH and HN trying to recollect all the times they were hurt or talked down or humiliated by SH and JE and realize that they did not want the mother and daughter to meet. HN may start thinking just out loud and asking SR questions like that of the marbles and ask JH questions about SJ and finally realize that she is SJ or ask to see her photo. I truly dislike the writer making both JH and HN stupid in this drama in order to weave a web of a drama.
  8. I doubt that she would. She is a bit dull headed and she is not someone who cares about others but herself. I want Mr. Lee to go back and make his wife come and apologize to HN mom and make her accept HN as HG 's GF and give her permission for their marriage. I hope he gets the guts to do that. Looks like the instagram is quicker than the KBS drama site. Wonder who the account belongs to .
  9. I think it was nice of him to come and request HN mom to accept his son. I don't know what was all talked, but I love her expressions. Love for @stroppyse or @jayakris translations.
  10. Like that Fake SJ is drilling it into SH. I think she said that it is a lie that SJ is dead and she somehow associated HN. Did not understand the full conversation. Grandma is getting a load of HN . she bought her chocolates and SH had a heart attack seeing HN in their house. Grandma iterated that HN is so much like SJ. Even in the preview, Grandma spilled a drink and gave her a dress that JH used to wear. Grandma is going by her feels and she is so attracted to HN. As many of you have discussed, grandma might be the one to disclose about SJ. At this rate, she might even get a dna test done without telling anybody .
  11. Episode 102 videos are up on you tube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KGArQu8totA OCt 10th preview. http://program.kbs.co.kr/1tv/drama/sunnydays/pc/board.html?smenu=9725de&amp;bbs_loc=T2018-0177-01-850810,read,,61,782203
  12. I think in one of the previous episodes, the father had talked about them having a child soon and they both had said that they did not want one. So, the questioning by the father did not seem odd to me, because, it felt that it was a continued conversation from the prior one only in this case, Hana is actually pregnant and the dad might want to know what they planned to do. That said, some of the women are truly not mothers and they become more abusive if they have to give birth to the child and have to rear the same. If Hana displays such kind of behavior it is better that she abort the child - as I feel that her mother is the same. HG grew up with all his pain bottled up and only opened up to a decent person after meeting HN and IMO he probably carries his father's genetical characteristic. As a human being, the conversation was very distasteful, probably changing of times and influence from the west and the internet about open conversation among family. Since South Korea is pretty advanced in just about everything like many other countries in the world, I wish the writer could have included a "Congratulations" first, before the conversation about keeping the child.
  13. @gladys57 - Go to bed. Tell yourself it is a drama only!! Stop worrying so much about a drama. It is not the end of the world. Will not affect how it moves forward because it is NOT reality. Have a good night .