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  1. Even handling the pregnant mother and child was outrageous IMO. I am empathetic to the pregnant mom, but when he walked out of her life and she shows up on his doorstep 9 months pregnant, she kind of barged into his life. I guess she wanted him to take both her and her son and live a happy life. I can understand him being responsible for the child and paying alimony and stuff, but wanting a life with him was not right. They have a beautiful baby who gurgles and so handsome and looks like the writer want the lawyer to reconsider his decision of just being a parent on paper. Ignoring the fact that he is greedy, nasty, selfish and has a child, it is wrong of the writers to go this route. Abuse can be both physical and emotional. What the step mom is doing to other is emotional abuse. Exercising her chaebol influence to push the down trodden. Both CW and her brother are being abused by this woman in the name of her daughter YY. Butt out step mom since CW and her brother are brought up with love by someone else and are someone else child too. CW MIL is also an abuser. Screaming, throwing them out, constantly bickering and belittling is also bad for the growth of a child in any household. So, I want the lawyer's ex GF to get out of there and raise her child with pride and honor and courage instead of in a toxic household.
  2. We all could have misunderstood the title "Love to the end" - It could be a sister's love for her brother till the end and about GY finding the perpetrators and punishing them to the end. It could be about JH getting revenge for his father who died because of a heart attack. It could be HK getting revenge on his father for straying and creating the monster called SN. It might have been nothing about JH and GY, or JB and HG or SN and DB ; They could have been just passing in order to achieve what JH, GY and HG wanted to accomplish. Just getting fed up with this sadistic and convoluted mind of the writer.
  3. He is a really nice guy. Just because he had difficulty getting a job is not a reason to dump him like his mother or threaten his job because her daughter is smitten by this man. He should pursue his Takewando and open his own practice. At least YY is bold to say she likes him. Looking forward to these two love birds moving forward facing mother demon.
  4. Some women are that way. They want the best only for their child / offspring. Everyone else is below theirs and they would want to hoard all they can and more only for their children. This is a cinderella story. Wasn't Cinderella 's step mom evil enough to make her work hard and give a cushy life to her children. But in this case, the riches that the step mom want is not her husband's, but that of his mother in law. So, everything belongs to CW. These women are inherently evil, but display a facade to the public since they know that nobody would like their inner self. They themselves hate it and so they build a different facade a likeable one at that. So, to achieve their purpose, they lie, cheat, deceive, act sick, cry, throw a tantrum, slander - They are exactly like Lex Luther. I have a neighbor - a teacher at that who is exactly similar to the evil step mom. Could a loving mother do that - yep. There are people like her and until she is caught or has to go through the same pain that the grandmother went through or going through even now, she will not be repentant and will only look for ways to circumvent the issue or elicit empathy from other and do all kinds of heinous things behind the scenes. She does not want to get caught. Do you remember the time when she was talking to CW about working for the winter edition and how she kicked out her daughter to kick CW to the curb and how she reacted when JY came and asked his mother to leave. That is who they are. They are scared like h - ell underneath it all. You can see that behavior of the step mom will not change at all until she is in the same hell. From Mydramalist - the synopsis says this Choi Jin Yoo is a divorcee and he has a daughter. He works hard and tries to live positively for his daughter. He encounters a nightmare like a scenario. My take on it is that JY 's daughter is going to go missing and the hell that he is going to pay might cause the stepmom to realize what she did and why it was wrong. Just saying maybe..... only.
  5. What is this you are talking about? Is it about smoking marijuana? and it being legal here in CA? Is there t- shirts for that? In today's episode, the BIL did steal those stock certificates. In the preview we see this BIL taking the stock certificates to SH. Looks like she will own these shares.
  6. I did take the picture myself. I am always drawn to water. Don't know why? But am. As I said, I took that picture in Los Cabos. Beautiful sunrise still in my memory. But the camera and the novice cameraman can only capture this. If I was a child of such a mother, would I want to forgive her bad deeds. you can see that both the stepmom's kids are decent - YY got it from her father. But where did JW get his decency. He is biologically not related either to the father (SIL) or the grandmother. The question that arises is if only your children are precious and others are trash. That is how the mean step mother thinks and acts. Just behind everyone's back. I want her to face her karma since some mean person watching this might think it is all fine and dandy and continue doing their bad deeds. But if the writer focuses more on the punishment fit for the crime, people who watch it will also be happy instead of screaming at the TV screen. The moral would be to do good things in life. IF the writer focuses on punishing for the last two episodes, all will be forgotten since the punishment was very trivial considering the crime that was committed. What the step mom did was worse than a thief or murderer. It was pre meditated to cause pain and suffering for both the child and the maternal grandmother just because of her greed.
  7. You are right! CW sister needs a good lesson in life. She borrowed money impersonating her mother and that is a felony in many countries. It might be because she might have grown being pampered being the youngest in the family and also lazy due to the same reason. It might have been CW who was always there for the family thick or thin. Just hate the character and it was unwise to pair her with a nice hardworking guy. Hopefully the writer will evolve her and make her into someone her mother can count on when CW will have to move in with her grandmother. @sava2sava - I am with you, that the stepmom need to be punished severely for abandoning CW. @Loretta - It is 100 episodes. But that would be 1/2 hour episodes. So, there are totally 50 1 hour episodes. Stay in for the long haul - I am waiting for the disclosure and the pain and suffering of the step mom.
  8. Aren't the two detectives different. One of them is Min (one dealing with CW) and the other one is Kim (dealing with the grandmother). There are two separate cases, but according to Det. Kim, someone recently filed a missing report which matches the same case as theirs . So, there must be some resemblance. This writer could also bring in a new cameo to delay the discovery of the two. Just like the rest of the gang here, I am frustrated that they are taking so long to delay the inevitable. Both of her children stand to lose everything if CW is found. And once they find out it was the step mom who intentionally lost or abandoned CW, would the husband and children stand on her side. I doubt the husband would not, maybe the children would understand why their mother did what she did .
  9. Really? Do you think so? Wow, that would be something. She might, since is greedy.
  10. It is on the KBS site - as KBS drama special. Will have to wait for it to be subbed and on other sites to watch it. Loved the two's interaction in MGL. Keep us updated if you find out.
  11. You are right about the real story is about CW who was abandoned by the evil so called mother. Grandma does not know that she was intentionally abandoned and I am looking forward to how they are going to unfold that part of the story. I hope the writer is not trolling with the DNA results and finding Chi Woo - Is the step mom going to bring in someone else to say that that is chi woo instead of the real one? Some of these dramas are really crazy. They make us viewers as dumbos and the storylines are pure fiction and woven in such a way that it is not realistic. I have had enough of the step wife mistreating CW. I want CW to grow a backbone and stop apologizing thinking it is always their fault when making horrible demands from CW or her family. IF she did not want her daughter to see CW brother, she should have had a talk with her and not the brother. How dare she threaten the job for an young adult. Has she forgotten that she and her children are the leeches eating out of CW 's inheritance. For a change, I want to see her being punished for the rest of the drama one step at a time. I wish the grandmother gets to know what CW told the policeman and how she destroyed the evidence, and all the lies and all the sickness to distance the grandmother and the grandchild - once she came to know about it. The side stories are meaningless , especially CW's sister, but do like that of CW brother. I think the BFF at the coffee shop will probably out the atrocities of her so called son in law's wife and how she treated her grand daughter. *********** Grandma throwing salt at GP 's bio mother ********** Even though I did not like the act of two adults behaving as such, the writer is trying to show to the step mom what pain would the child and the grandmother and father who lost the child have gone through. She vindictively lost CW because of her greed and I think the writer will make the mother kidnap her child and be lost to the world and both GP grandmother and father are going to go bonkers about it. I want to see the pain that she would face for losing her. I think the writer is going to give her a tit for tat pain and suffering. (If she is not, I hope she does - ). The CW Step mom thinks that only her children are precious and others are trash and I want her to suffer the consequences of her actions.
  12. Isn't there a word for such people == WIMP? Until JH unearthed all the secrets and strategies, he still cannot do one thing right . IMO. Well said. Imagine all that JH lost just by trying to help a fellow human being. No wonder people stand on the sidelines when one needs help since trash like Sena degrade and disgrace humanity.
  13. I don't think it matters. The eldest child's first male child or female is the one to be the next in line. Isn't it?
  14. In the Joseon era period, didn't the step siblings get married. I know they did in Scarlet Heart Ryeo. The king married his step sister who became the queen and she had 3 kids. So, even though it may be looked down, they might still become a couple. The current idiot is literally useless. So, I hope they pair CW with someone caring and responsible. @uripuppies love your sun gravatar. Where was it taken? Mine is from Los Cabos.
  15. I think it was the day she had to go pick up CW's DNA test with her husband. She did the test and wanted to make sure that it was not CW, but it turned out to be her. I think the writer might be pairing the second whiny sister with the male hairdresser.