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  1. Lot of issues got resolved today (ep 69 -72) paving the way to JY and CY. 1. JY confessed to CY in the hospital room and CY finally woke up. She heard about it but did not remember. 2. SJ finally confessed to the cops and was taken to the police station. 3. Grandma and Dad came to know about CY in the hospital and came to get her. 4. Lawyer Oh - came and said something - did not get that. 5. YY wanted Dad to forgive mom after finding out that she was in the police station. 6. Something happens in the company that GD tells CY. She tries to call Dad. 7. In the mean time JY receives the court order about getting custody for GP and JY comes home to talk to Grandma and Dad and while JY was there, he goes to his room and crashes down - looks like a heart attack and JY is there to save him. 8. CY is in the hospital with her dad trying to wake him up and remembers JY's confession. 9. WS tries to woo CY with a pearl pendant and comes back home without giving it to her and realizes how immature and an incompetent husband he has been and finally the divorce is done, CY has left her inlaws house and goes to her roof top house. JY sees her and takes her luggage there. 10. Something happens with the project at work and news of SJ arrest and JY is at work trying to put the fires out. 11. JY goes out on a field trip and CY joins in and they get stranded because the car gets stuck when he avoids a deer and they are waiting for help.
  2. Everyone has gone way too quiet this week. Anything happening in "My healing love" . Would CY wake up - looks like she is in a coma. Would grandma approve of JY ex to get custody? She wants JY by all means and getting custody of GP would be at the forefront. Here are some pictures for you . https://entertain.naver.com/read?oid=112&aid=0003131287 -- For folks who don't have time to go read - here is a snippet. In the meantime, "My Love Healer" side revealed a picture of Yeon Jeong-hoon, who looks at the owner of the house well. In the open photo, the owner is lying on his face with a pale face. And beside it, Yeon Jeong Hoon of the painful expression keeps silently with the owner. Especially, Yeon Jeonghun is worried about staring at the owner of the house with his gaze. He feels hesitant to say something to the sleepy owner, and gives a sad atmosphere. The filmmaker of 'My Love Healer' said, "In this scene, the emotions that have hidden the secrets of Cheuu are exploding, and the relationship between the two people will also change," he said. "Please expect what will happen between the two people who are gradually changing. "He said. OK. I give up. Cannot figure out how to post the entire tweet from twitter. Soompi must have made some changes. Anyway, you guys can all see it if you go to the twitter account.
  3. It does not matter; Grandma is an elder who has lost her own daughter and trying to cope up having her son in law marry another woman with a child before marriage. It was her house and the other woman waltzed in expecting to be welcomed with open arms. She had under handed in dealing with it. Even though I did not appreciate grandma treating JY like that, SJ could have dealt with it in other ways. As many of you have said, she keeps saying sorry because she got caught. Do you remember her reaction in the Cafe' when she found out that YY was hiring her as a guest artist. She did not want her back. That is pure evil. Please writer - don't traumatize us by not dishing out her punishment. IF she was not greedy, she would not have done it. She would have talked with her husband and worked something out. But she wanted the wealth that grandma had and you can see it so evident when on one evening they were talking about the mall and we can hear her voice over that it is almost over and her son can inherit Hansoo group and how she would not allow anyone to take away what she thought he deserved. Me too. Even here, after seeing how much CW had suffered with his wife and his immature son, he should have just let it go. CW specifically said that she does not want to spend even a single day with him. Once broken, better to let it go since it cannot be fixed. Agree with you 100% about everything you said about WS. He is just immature and selfish as his mother. Give me one more chance. How many times and items has he lied about. CW friend was right on mark. CW should not become weak and take him in. Would being abandoned cause a person to become emotionally soft or weak like CW? I hope the writer brings back a gutsy CW like her grandmother and makes her become bold .
  4. angelwingssf

    Soompi love feast

    I come from an Asian country where we always washed our rice. But after coming to the US, 30 years ago, I had seen on rice bags not to wash the rice. That is why I stopped doing that. But after this entire discussion, I should start washing the rice again. Thank you @packmule3.
  5. The money that she gave HY must be because she felt sorry for him since she knew his mother was not alive anymore and it was her way of making up for the crime she committed (I think!). I don't think either JY or YY would want something from their mother at this time. They seem to be working by themselves. JY did not even want to accept a position from GY company from his ex. I think he will create something for himself and so will CW after her divorce and both will either be good friends or lovers or get married. I hope they don't drag CW to have some disease - god forbid - it would be good to not get anything from a toxic person like SJ. Even though she can give crap about doing it for the family and JY - there were other ways she could have handled the same and she did not want to because of greed. That is still the underlying reason for taking the route of abandoning CY.
  6. Irrespective of the reason behind what she did, it is a horrible crime. Until JY explicitly explained to her with GP as the reference, she was waltzing around saying she is sorry and asking for forgiveness. So, I hope the writer does not redeem her or kill her. I want her to pay for her crimes. I think this is the path the writer is going (from previous dramas written by this writer.)
  7. @maribella, @jasmine19 - It is true that CW need to stop becoming the 'noble ' sacrifice. I wish the writer had not done that. Instead had directed stepmom to go to the authorities. Even though she said that it would hurt JY and CY, it is better that way than going and dying somewhere in the wilderness. And in addition to that, she had programmed to send the message in time on that day. She did that since wanted to be found. She does not want to pay the price for her crime, but wants to live a comfortable life like a madam. The text message date was exactly from the date she was going to die instead of say 5 days later after she died. This kind of personality has a name. But can't remember now. In any drama, they usually have these kind of accidents and either they die - if they are slated to or heal in super fast speed. I think the writer is letter her stay unconscious so that they give prime time to JY to confess to her that he loves her and does not want to lose her and so on. I don't think he would tell her directly even though by now both of them feel it by the way they look at each other. Hopefully she will come out remembering everything - including their childhood and her father and grandmother and even SJ. This will make her get out of that "noble " sacrifice complex. The step mother still has not learnt to be honest - just saying sorry to everyone will not make her crime go away. What I liked the most in this episode was that CY became independent and rented a place to live. That was great since she can avoid all the drama that is going on. Now that she is going to be divorced, would grandma allow her to move out? It would be good if she can move out so that she and her beau ( whoever it is ?) can be together and fall in love.
  8. It is possible that the granddaughter gets to know what her grandmother did - throwing away Takkenendo Ajjuma and she might distance herself from her saying that she does not want to be abandoned and not lose her father. Until and unless SJ realizes that she did wrong and walk by herself to the police station, she gets no sympathy from me. It is ridiculous that she is still selfish. Look at how dejected YY has become from her cheery self. Is it CY that JY is sitting with at the hospital? Or CY dad? After seeing the subbed version: I was saddened seeing CW in so much pain the entire 4 episodes. First it was about WS and how wasted her life was, Second it was GP getting lost and bringing back memories, third was to tell her FIL about the divorce and all the garbage coming out, and fourth was to discuss these with her grandmother and father and last but not least falling down the rock and getting injured. Writer-nim - please give our leading lady less pain than what you have dished for her. Let there be some happiness for her - In the preview, she is lying in bed and has not woken up. Now that SJ caused another accident for CW, when is she going to learn that she needs to stay away in Jail. Go away, Go away and go far far away. Just a soompier's wish. GP looks happy in the preview - probably came home and wants to sleep with great grandma and doesn't want to be taken away anywhere. I wish the divorce is going to be final next week since CY dad and grandma also want her to separate herself. When is she going to live in the rooftop house? When is she going to wake up and when is she going to tell them. The last part of the conversation between CW and JY was very nice and how they both could joke and smile in these circumstances. Looking forward for next week. Writer- nim & producer-nim : Please keep less of the WS and divorce and less of SJ and more of our leading lady and man - We want to see how they fare together. Please throw away JY's ex. Tired of seeing her (To me she is like Daya in "My only one" who causes trouble). She wants to file for custody for GP and thinks that she will have an advantage since he no longer works at Hansoo group. What will she do if she finds out he is no longer a Choi and his mother is a person of interest (probably chargeable crime - which CY's dad wanted her to come back and pay for it) in the legal system.
  9. Today's episode was OK not great. 1.CW divorce - Every one relevant knows about the divorce now. I think FIL wanted them to stay in the marriage, but grandma wants them divorced. WS goes and begs for forgiveness everywhere, but come on, where were you when your mother was throwing all the crap at CW. 2. JY filed to come off the registry (I think!) and father was upset about it. Grandma knows too. 3. GP gets lost trying to find grams and get found by CY. 4. Some conversation between JY and his ex (Boring!!) 5. GD gets information that JY is working in a packaging facility and CW comes and sees him. They get information about SJ and go looking for her. CW trying to protect SJ from jumping off a cliff, falls down and gets hurt. (selfish to the end). In the preview, we see CW in the hospital, Father in the bedroom collapsed, and GP sleeping with grandma. Instead of paying for her crimes SJ, has to nerve to take her life. I don't know what she is thinking. As @Ldy Gmerm said, she needs to lose something so dear to her, or something absolutely horrendous has tohappen and only then may be she will realize that what she did is wrong. Just saying sorry without paying for the crimes is just BS.
  10. angelwingssf

    Soompi love feast

    haha! really? I don't think you should wash the rice at least here in the USA. Because rice is enhanced with Vitamin D !!
  11. Some of the new pictures on twitter. Looks like her remorse is giving more trouble to these two who are trying to find her in remote areas. Drama Queen to the max. JY - in his next drama.
  12. angelwingssf

    Soompi love feast

    Just wanted to say the same except #2 #2 : Love eating chaat - Aloo Chat, Masala Chat, Pani puri and just about everything fried,spicy and delicious. Bad for health but who cares - As long as I have bad food and kDrama -don't need anything else.
  13. I doubt she feels any shame at all. It has to do with the survival instincts for her and she has been thatway for a very long time. She is selfish and wants her husband to hurt when he sees her children hurting. Even though JY is not blood related CW dad loved him like his own son. That is why when JY files papers to come out of the registry, it will be like a dagger in his heart. Just like he lost CW 33 years ago, he will feel losing JY. She should have met the dad somewhere and talked to him heart to heart. She enjoyed all the riches due to him and grams for 33 years. That greedy worm was million money, status looking eyes. Her cries at her mother's tomb about only wanting afather for her son was just crocodile tears . In the preview, I wonder what that conversation between JY and CW signify? Is he going away somewhere? Is she going away somewhere? I think the lawyer wanted to marry Hansoo group so that he can control the riches of the family. He and his mother are two greedy ones. Deep down, the lawyer likes her and he did not want to show that to her. Since she had the kid which he did not seem to want, he wanted her gone so he can further his agenda of getting rich.
  14. I know lot of you were thrown off by the sentence about CW's dad having a heart attack. GD was there to see that, but he did not make any attempt to call an ambulance. Seeing the picture, I gave everyone a scare .. I did not do it to scare anyone, but I think him going the hospital will bring some sense to SJ for having caused this. Looking at her picture, and what the cops told him, he must have been flabbergasted to know that SJ was causing all these problems and hewas not even aware of it. I am surprised that neither halmoni or dad have'nt contacted either the foster mom or cw friend. Wonder why? If I was halmoni or dad, I would want to hear all about my child. It would be nice to see some light hearted moments .
  15. I still don't like it. A person who has destroyed another person's life should not be forgiven without due payment. I don't want her being married or be in GP life anymore. OR CW or grandmother .