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  1. Yay!! if only the book was finished translating ;_;
  2. Omg it starts airing on my BDay lololol too fortunate. I really hope it gets subbed or licensed.
  3. I am beyond excited for this drama!!! Honey Stewed Squid is such an amazing adorable novel! Also, I was reading rumors that MBFB (author) was going to incorporate another of her books at the end and then have it's drama after this. God's Left Hand.
  4. If anyone is interested. A group I'm in is doing a rabbit live watch of Bad Guys season 1. They're in ep 7. Pass the waiting time lololol. https://discordapp.com/invite/MZcbJCf
  5. I loved this novel and actually every novel by Ding Mo. The adaptations have also been my favorites. I am super excited!!