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  1. They have 1-5 I really like ML female so much. She was my fav friend in whirl wind girl too (^^) What's wrong with the boss though??
  2. Er Xi, find love without baby sitting a cat for a jerk lol. Love O2O bff I wonder how weird having He dubbed will be. I've watched a few of his Thai shows.
  3. The releases seem to be 4-5 days apart, before that it was like once a month. I don't know if they will keep it up. That site seems to randomly sub titles. (?_?) I know they are looking for translators, but I don't know how it works. (T_T) Sorry BAOZ!! (~_~;) Do you have another project you are interested in translating?
  4. They posted ep 7 :| It's crazy \(@∆@) /
  5. I thought 4u was subbing because it's logo is in the video :/
  6. So now months later they sub episodes hahaha sorry Baoz
  7. You mean you made a subtitle file ?
  8. Starting at 6 probably makes it easier for you ??
  9. Yay 4u put up subs for ep5 !!
  10. 4 u drama has 4 or 5
  11. Everytime I check the sub sites T_T. I think watching the subs that we're there was a bad idea haha.
  12. Yay I joined soompi :| 

  13. Are you trying to add an SRT file to an mp4 video?