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  1. Oh and my drama list for keeping up with watched stuff lol https://mydramalist.com/dramalist/Neropia
  2. I have a disquis for some site I can't remember. But I don't like forum chatting ;_; it's too slow. And I forget to come back. Unless soompi has an app idk about.
  3. Yay!! if only the book was finished translating ;_;
  4. Omg it starts airing on my BDay lololol too fortunate. I really hope it gets subbed or licensed.
  5. I am beyond excited for this drama!!! Honey Stewed Squid is such an amazing adorable novel! Also, I was reading rumors that MBFB (author) was going to incorporate another of her books at the end and then have it's drama after this. God's Left Hand.