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  1. Oh you mean the multiple men looking at OJS? It may also just mean because they admire her as a star and not romantic, but who knows. Really hopefully no love triangle or at least that angle kept to a minimum. Im also more concerned about KJR and his lawyer bff both having had crushes on the lawyer lady when younger, hopefully that part not focused on heavily. No more wasting the main pair in any drama please.
  2. I just have to say the last two teasers were really funny even while not understanding what the hell they said. Oozing a funny bickering chemistry similar to the Cop and Actress at the end of Goblin...and this just from short teasers with no direct interaction! Agreed @triplem, totally raising expectations ....Feb 6th come here soon! EDIT: OMOO Thanks Soompi for Translations of the 2 hilarious teasers mentioned above!: https://www.soompi.com/article/1291277wpp/watch-lee-dong-wook-yoo-na-go-head-head-epic-legal-battle-touch-heart-teasers
  3. Is this a trailer for Goblin or Touch Your Heart? XD Hard to tell with such heavy referencing Since theyre going ALL OUT on the Dokkebi references lol, I really really REALLY hope they also keep in mind the immortal words of Sunny "I hope our meetings will be much longer" Ya hear me, DramaGods (TvN),!?!
  4. Today MR. BRAVE....I APPLAUD YOU Merry Christmas to everyone who feels brave, cowardly or inbetween. May you always have the courage to unapologetically stand up for yourserselves and your loved ones in matters of what is right and what is wrong. Edit:
  5. Awww and now we have a 1st Teaser Poster: Wookie's character looking so soft here. I thought he was supposed to be cold lawyer? Or maybe he's very soft to his Oh Jim Sin shi only? This poster made me think they maybe play on the "Reach of Sincerity" name. With sincere and innocent looking leads reaching for each other. Maybe also a reference to their previous drama roles with the hands (shaking hands) and peach color?
  6. ....well this is awkward Did Sports Korea seriously use their REAL names YEH & CJM for a wedding related news article and not their character names? An innocent bystander who just browses news without watching this drama might misunderstand and think the actors are announcing marriage for real ...I know I would if I just saw this on the news
  7. Since there's a wedding that means there will also be a kiss right? My wishlist for the last two episodes: Witchy gets the punishment she deserves, and PDnim finally realizes these two are in their 30s and not preteens/teenagers who kiss for the 1st time. Oh and plenty of those loving stares please *scarf scene ahem ahem*
  8. She is looking beautiful as is LDW too Same same, honestly if it weren't for them I would've dropped the drama lol sorry unpopular opinion don't throw tomatoes at me people but I didnt care for Goblin I still can't believe we're actually getting them as main leads this time, am I dreaming? Looking forward to the 1st previews, I'm so curious how they'll play now together with different character Edit: I hope there's a video version of that scriptreading soon.
  9. Aigoo now it's monday and the last week of this drama...Im getting so sad already just thinking about it I dont want it to end. Must it end? Btw Im happy report an update on that Top3 best scenes: That scarfscene. Let's just put it at #1. Even better than many main lead' kiss scenes. I feel like an intruder watching these two look at each other with so much sincerity and vulnerability. Can they just stare at each other like this for 90% of the last 2 epsodes to comfort me over the drama ending? ....Pretty please writer nim and pd nim?
  10. Oh right I forgot to answer this before lol TOP 3 MOMENTS? From up to eps 13 that Ive watched so far: Well I'm personally hoping that the last 3 episodes will only get better and better than the ones before, so that ALL 3 BEST EVER SCENES CAN BE FOUND IN THE LAST 3 EPISODES 14-16 . This my humble ambition But from all eps watched so far, I pick: 3rd place: -ep 13 the looooong hospital stare of (at the start of the episode when YYJ notices her soon-to-be-bf-again ) When I watched it I thought I might have a heartattack from how long those two did absolutely nothing but gave each other such intimate loving stare that lasted like forever lol. ....I forgot how many times I replayed this part before I watched the rest of the episode 2nd place: -ep 13 all dating in public scenes. NO COWARDLY. NO HIDING. ALL BRAVE reckless dating in front of everyone without a care lol .....so satisfying also because of that inaction, cowardice and avoidance the episodes before. It's feels like a nice wishfullfilment scene. And fun to watch kcelebs caught dating in a drama from their personal point of view and not just like outsider fans like it is in real life. It's like a BTS on kceleb dating which is fun to watch. Reminds me of that Inside Actor's Studio show or even Strong Heart where you see inside stories from celebrities points of view. Just plain FUN FUN! Plus extra fun when you think how this will really richard simmons anger the clingy wannabe wife witch lol They were also so very cute about how impatient they were and complaining how long it takes to get caught lol 1st place : -The alley hug of passionate longing: The best parts for me in love stories have to be the longing (the type where they longing parties still have scenes together as they long to be together and not the lukewarm longing type of eps 10-12 ) and the skinships. So having that combined in a skinshippy longing with natural feeling chemistry to boot was a very satisfying watch. I really enjoyed watching them just wanting each other so bad I'll look up & discuss suitable songs for the OTP later
  11. Go go team! Can I join your scheme? Let's BURN the witch so that OTP can be happy from ep13 onwards! I really #CantWait to see her face go all as she finally LOSES!
  12. Here's a link: Nope didnt hear any firing of any writer but the preview makes it look like the writer stopped doing drugs and gained his/her sanity back. ....unless they really do try to fool us all with an all too positive and reassuring preview ...Actually as the time for the next episode draws nearer I'm starting to get increasingly paranoid about that ...DON'T SHOWRUNNERS DON'T'!!!! Bad bad tricksters don't ya daaaaree get our hopes uuuppp!! @Ameera AliThat GIF But it's so accurate though for these two characters! They FALL when they fall in love because of richard simmons chaebols and families... ....Hopefully soon they won't fall but flyyyyyyyy together in laaaaaaav #Cheeeeesyyy I'm being so Cheesy I know!
  13. Aigoo welcome here, it's very nice to see you in this thread too @dvrels Yes yes and now Sunny & Grimreaper finally maybe can have some post reincarnation happiness too? Or at least a little more lovey dovey scenes than in Goblin just like LDW and YIA complained lol. Yep these type of plots with actor/s in scandals/dating/contract relationship/secret dating/fake dating etc. tend to be fun to watch. There's quite a few recent dramas with this similar plot lately too but I don't mind it at all. It's just a very fun plot to watch no matter even if overdone. I'm curious what type of dynamic they'll show here, in Goblin Sunny wore the pants in that relationship lol but seems more likely that LDW will be the more bossy one this time around ? So their chemistry should be different right yet still sparkling?
  14. If you ship the couple then you would probably also like romcom...since romcom has....many lovey dovey scenes usually ...especially with this SecretaryKim PD who looooves to insert MANY of those btw thread starter @0ly40 you might wanna change the title to FEBRUARY. This drama airing has been delayed slightly (probably because of new years) and will air in February according to both the PD and LDW himself. (This info can be found in IG if you browse a bit).