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  1. @YourHighness . Not believing cause not being let in on the truth and most astonishing non-disputable proofs? Fine. But to then actually go around painting actual delulus as truths is another thing alltogether. It takes another level of both stupidity and craziness. ....they have no life. But then hard to have one with no brain. @cutestrobery the cyberbullies making The Complete Idiot's Guide to Their Delulu Galaxy and trying to explain what is non-crazy behaviour whilst engaging in the biggest crazy behaviour possible sure is entertaining. I speak of the "protectors" and their clan who go around bragging on social medias about how their completely crazy delulu is well researched, never delusional and not spreading false infos and with "sources" being oh-so-reliable streams of crazy consciouness from their own heads. But people who think "whatever I think up in my head is the truth, no proof and sources or even just a small hint of logic needed" are totally oh-such-non-crazy speakers of truths I can just feel their insecurity from across the screens, their agony sure is both apparent and funny So many people who'll realize their stupidity in the future...
  2. ● Oh Jin Shim (29 years old, dropped out of S-University Law School)• A part of Venus Entertainment• The return work 'Regal Mind'• Secretary of the lawyer officeHallyu Goddes Oh Yoon Seo (Yoo In Na) is a top actress in Korea with a pure and intelligent image. Provisional retirement due to scandals. However, while she was worried about her acting skills, she got a fake job as a secretary to a large law firm lawyer for field practice. She changed his name to Oh Jin Shim and got a fake job. Though she lives on an intellectual basis due to the publicity that she graduated from S-University Law School..● Kwon Jung Rok (35 years old, S-University Law School)• Attorney general of Allweeds Law FirmKwon Jung Rok (Lee Dong Wook) is a lawyer for the large law firm Allweeds, but he is smart and humble. He looks like his father in a local government office, and he's frustratingly sincere and blunt. He is a typical model student who never missed the first prize by studying. With such sincerity in the workplace, the law firm has the highest rate of victory and client trust. His flaw is that there is no knack for relationships. He don't have many friends and not good at politics..©https://m.blog.naver.com/prawood_maru/221399720450 That character description....So Wookie is essentially playing....HIMSELF lol (well minus the last akward parts of the character description) And looks like the characters will understand each other/connect by their mutual sincerity. Lovely
  3. I guess that explains it. They must've used up even the last drop of it already. @YourHighness . You're right, this will be them in the future : ....A gang of utter fools will need protection themselves against the realization of their complete stupidity in the future, how will they ever be able to handle it? Those poor ones, I feel so embarrased for them already There's this saying "It's better to keep your mouth shut and let people think you might be stupid, rather than open it and prove them right" More importantly: Let's just pity the stupid
  4. Oh Ahjumma, considering your age I forgive you for not knowing this, but why come here when one can simply go on Social Medias and spread around one's stupidity so EVEN MORE PEOPLE can see it? No, stupidity is too great a thing to keep in a little forum, much better to show how stupid one is for ALL TO SEE ....OYS thanks you all for the entertainment I'm sure! ....Meanwhile us here #WeWillBeFine and so is our ship who will thoroughly and utterly break hearts in the future The future of the pathetic mouth diarrhea weilders of crazy when our couple goes public: The truth is too much of a straight shot to their poor fragile delulu hearts ...Oops SPOILERS! Keep your tissues ready
  5. @cutestrobery Wow someone finding someone else irresistable LSG you ever heard of this thing called personal space? No? Keep in mind no girl allows so much clinginess unless she actually secretly likes it 503 seeking privacy behind the corner? lol
  6. Since LSG is now confirmed to be regular member on Busted season 2 (YESS!! ), it reminded me that YJS probably knows about our couple: YJS watches MITH Wow! that means .... Yoo Jae Suk has seen this ... this ...this ... this ...this etc.etc. ....there are really way too many Laav Laav moments on MITH for me to have the energy to GIF them all (and this without OYS even appearing on MITH lol! The way he keeps talking about laav laav you'd think OYS was a regular member! ) And especially this ! ! ! : which is eerily familiar... When he's recreating a Hwayugi scene as the breakup scene (interesting choice LSG! ) for the MITH acting task & even put Hwayugi OST playing (MITH ep9 I really should analyze further in a later post. So many dead giveaway moments for uri 503 ha ha ) YJS was so happy to see LSG who he knew from from X Man appear in Running Man (ep. 120 ): RM ep120 18.10 min (YT link) RM ep120 22.05 min (YT link) He also gets on really well with OYS: Happy Together: Happy Together, OYS enters at 2.52 min, YT Link RunningMan ep.218: RM ep218 4.18 min (YT link) He's like a cute uncle figure to them both YJS is "Nation's MC", hosting with fun and warmth. High social and EMPATHETIC skill. People like this do not easily miss moments when a guy acts like a lovesick puppy. He will easily pick up on feelings. He especially cant have missed ep9 giveaways. Conclusion: He likely knows our couple is together. When YJS watched Lovesick LSG on MITH, he must've been like: OMFG! LSG what you doing?!?! And you know how excited you get when two people you like are together.....Joined the 503 ship did you Nation's MC ?
  7. That 27 is eerily familiar..... And then on that march 27th marked on his shirt, Ohvely posted this: Uri couple hinting d̶i̶s̶c̶r̶e̶e̶t̶l̶y̶ in the same obvious way like always Even that openbookcouple who keeps hinting she knows stuff, posted about it months before:
  8. According to Yoo In Na (In Marie Clarie Korea Interview) , filming starts in november: So there should also be a scriptreading soon then right?
  9. @cikbie572 OYS as Master? I give LSG 5 seconds ( starting from him seeing OYS) until the whole nation knows who his girl is then. ...yeah better wait until theyve made their announcement of marriage before she is the Sabu.
  10. It's the type of nonsense that after Vagabond airing leads to heart breaks for some (like my friend who is already crying because I divulged a major clue to her today while we were hanging out like usual) and relief of secret keeping for others (well of the things that can be divulged after marriage announcement, not full relief from that which should never be spoken of...) You know we still haven't divulged things from the submarine, yet insecure harassers keep on crying blood and harassing with PMs etc.... ...Can you imagine the amount of despair felt if the hurt people were to access our submarine with all its even more glorious details of hurtfull concreteness!?! I'm tearing up for the insecure ones just thinking about it Imagine when we can divulge even just a small part of that which can be divulged later on....Oh those poor ones
  11. Yeesh LSG, I totally believe you when you claim you have no GF! LSG: Marriage Marriage Marriage... OYS: Bling Bling Bling.... The broken records keep on playing
  12. More detailed character descriptions: "Lee Dong-wook will play a high-flying workaholic attorney named Kwon Jung-rok. He’s the perfect man, and is above all things professional. He regards his work as being sacred and this attitude makes him very popular with both his clients and his law firm. In order to silence her acting critics and make a splashy comeback, our Hallyu star decides to take a break in the “real world,” which is how she ends up a secretary. Oh Jin-shim is described as not quite grounded in reality and lacking common sense. She tends to treat everything like a scene out of a drama. She’s a little wacky, but charming and lovely nonetheless." source: http://www.dramabeans.com/2018/10/yoo-inna-and-lee-dong-wook-to-reunite-for-reach-of-sincerity/
  13. FINALLY found a link to where to read the original Web Novel!: (Had been looking some weeks before for it but with no success), Here it is!: https://page.kakao.com/home?seriesId=49293547&page=1 ....Unfortunately it's all in korean, so us Ifans may need to use Google trans app with its hilariously "skillful" capabilities or well at least we can just look at the pics to get at least some clues about the plot from it Unless any kindnatured person who understands korean is willing to translate for us? Hilariously and interestingly that web novel was released at the end of 2016, aka. during the airing of Goblin @0ly40 maybe you as the thread starter can edit in this link to the webtoon on the 1st post? I'm sure people would appreciate it. Thanks.