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  1. Oowww Newbie this looks like a repeat of around Pages 50 or so If you want more Saliva and 50 Shades of Gray type of K18 discussion I recommend you to go back to about pages 50, somehow I think that discussion is just what you'd very much enjoy (and yes, my eyes also spot saliva in that gif you mentioned )
  2. @haymochi Cold SEEMING, not BEING Apples and oranges, not the same thing. There was a reason for that wordchoice of mine. Just think: TvN BTS team must've put in one HELL of an effort to search for the "coldest moments" to trick the viewers into believing these two are just two professionals acting. ....and yet, their coldest moments include staring at the other, handholding for no reason and being nervous around each other. Yeah these two are just SO COLD towards each other!!! Even their biggest "coldness" to each other is warm like SOG's vulcano TvN BTS Team be like: ....but FAIL!
  3. Reminiscing about the kiss that started it all: I'm talking about what really woke up our suspicions (which were correct all along because you all know why ).... Here it is, the TOO REAL to be just acting kiss: Remember how after this kiss aired, TvN felt the need to put out a very misleadingly cold seeming BTS? Just saw this on IG and got all nostalgic
  4. @iffahmm From my previous calculations it seems MITH is generally shot 1 month in advance to its airing dates. But someone less lazy than me right now could probably go and do a more detailed dates outline.
  5. Ooh just saw this: The video version of our OTP's mutual friend mentioning them: Gotta say I really approve of this friendship, JJY is both sweet and deep, just like our lovely couple. Their mutual friend must be so happy to see his friends together and so happily glowing.
  6. Really now. Obsessing over shiny shiny on HANDS won't erase the shiny shiny on LEFT RING FINGERS and the fact that a Monkey can't stop obsessing over marriage. Someone seems to have stolen the GGG concept from our dear 503 here. Hmm....Truly must be secretly a Hwayugi fanboy since GGGs are so precious to them now. I'm starting to believe that some people really ship our couple here but got a screw lose and accidentally ended up on the wrong thread thinking that, that pairing is 503. Only that could explain the completely senseless theories over a long and FOREVERMORE dead ship. Should we steal our very own GGG concept back? Can I get some help here with that, fellow 503 shippers?
  7. @haymochi Thanks so much for those strawberry GIFs. It was STRAWBERRY that was that important thing right? Or was it the COTTON CANDY in the Strawberry Cotton candy? Ooooo....actually, was it THIS: CONFIRMED. Thanks so much Daily Mail Online! Ring finger....left hand.... Meaningful! ....HEY! Didn't a certain Monkey talk WAAAY too much about MARRIAGE lately on MITH?! Ya! Now it's just TOO EASY to know what news awaits us in the future!
  8. And just like that.... ....another great Master is called forward! https://mobile.twitter.com/LSG_MX/status/1017198888699252736 I'm beginning to suspect that the MITH crews are among the biggest shippers of our couple here. Not only did they bring on Cha In Pyo himself, a Priest right after him (whose episode they made a LSG as SOG and that priest as Samjang preview of too! )....now theyve decided to bring on THE OTHER HALF of THE COUPLE THAT RESEMBLES OUR COUPLE ! These crews are some very greedy shippers, I'll tell ya! I feel like making a comparison post any day now, and not just any one were there's links between poses, clothes, fridges and dust, but an ACTUAL comparison....without any need for dust or shiny shiny, I'll show you the obvious links between our 503 here and the couple that the MITH crews view as the future 503.
  9. The editor of this BTS is one of us and ships them with passion; s/he made a prediction that will come true based on her/his wish and good intuition.
  10. .....on a roll again! Lurkers: "Why is a "sunken ship" on Hot Topics ???? " ---> Time to use your brains , Dear Lurkers!
  11. OYS, what 9999999999999999999999999....% powered miracle magic GGG have you put on this guy!!!? It feels like you made a wish for a miracle that's been listened to with way too much exaggeration....
  12. He's 86% like SOG. Those missing 14% that's unlike SOG comes from him being EVEN WORSE, At least SOG made confessions privately (well minus trying kiss her twice in front off others), this guy made sure that he'd say that she's beautiful, I love you (Not enough to say I love you in private, must make the Hong sisters write it in many times in script *MyDelulu) and then Weekly love confessions on National TV ..... In front of a few SOG vs infront of a whole freaking country LSG....who is worse tsk tsk !!
  13. @missirina Thanks for those GIFs. And Wow look at the Heaven Guy's reaction to them laughing together in the 2nd GIF you shared: He's like: eyeroll & "These two lovebirds! hahaha"
  14. @bulkkoch Thanks for those observations & GIFs. Nice to see a new angle to observations and not just about kissing scenes that give things away. Here's how to share GIFs or any pic for that matter: 1. Upload pic/GIF on image host site. for example imgbb.com is a quick and easy one. 2. Rightclick the uploaded pic/gif and click "View image". Now copy the adress of the image (should end with . jpg/.png/ .gif etc.) 3. Start a new post or edit your old post. 4. Click inside the post to the place where you want to place the pic/GIF. 5. click "Insert other media", "Insert image from url" & paste the image url there. Click "Insert into post" 5. "Submit reply" to sumbit the new/edited post with the pic(s)/GIF(s)