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  1. I'm currently comparing Pichi with other actor's BTS (not LDW &YIN with other costars but completely random sets of actors lol. Although I also later probably also watch LDW &YIN w. the few costars I havent yet watched.) So far from what I've watched (compared to the random sets of actors), their BTS and level of being connected outside lf filming is far from normal I'll get back to that on later post(s), I'm still watching many BTS footages, presscons etc. (also JungRyeWon, SongJiHyo, HanhyoJoo, JessicaSnSd, Wildromance femaleLead(forgot her name), LaDolceVita actresses, GY&KGE Goblin costars (as in the 1st leads together they're not as natural and close on and off cam as Pichi. Obvisouly LDW is also very close friends w. GY.like BFFs. While KGE is like a little sister) can't compare to our couple. The closest to LDW is probably (beside LDH who he probably dated, who LDW is both same and but diffefent with compared w. YIN) SongJiHyo who he is also very comfortable with but they have no suspicious moments like Pichi, making it very clear that he is only friends with JiHyo. With JRW it's even worse, theyre not only clearly just friends theyre like siblings LOL. With his Roomate members Park Bom he's flirty with (it's unclear if this is real or scripted loveline part of the variety show), while Nana is like JRW like a sister to him. To summarize LDW tends to always be friendly and comfortable with his costars, but with others it's clearly just friends and no suspiscious moments like with YIN. He also has no weird moments of trying to hide how he is close with the others, while W. YIN it's really like theyre hiding their closeness, which is a weird thing to do if just friends.... As for YIN, I need to watch more too but she wasnt this comfortable with TheGreatestLove costars, TheSecretMessage Costars, SecretGarden Costars....the more BTS i watch of her I realize she's very introverted and keeps her work relationships very professional usually, while still being friendly to all just not very close. Even when theyre in the same company YG she's just distant friends at best and not very close like with LDW. Only with her ex. and LDW is she truly close. Only with with her ex. and LDW does she have better kissing than just a tame one...It's clear LDW is indeed very special to her just comparing w. other costars, even if just very close friends, she has after her ex., from her costars only ever let LDW get truly close to her.) I'll get back later on this, still watching many BTS footages with those random sets of actors.....
  2. I think she means THIS one : Posted on Valentines Day feb 14th. I got so shocked when i saw this post back then. And seems many others did too. ...so of course so many commenters teasing him about something romantic going on with YIN (Caption says: Real present by Real (Jinshim). It's a chocolate box w. YIN pic sponsored by IU which YIN probably gave to staffs too...but why is HE POSTING AND BRAGGING ABOUT IT ON HIS IG??? Notice the usual tags his agency uses not in sight so this is a personal post by LDW himself
  3. PLEEEEASE for the love of logic go read my post about the Suzy "dating" from the early pages. Here's a direct link to it: https://forums.soompi.com/en/topic/432094-official-%E2%99%A5lee-dong-wook%E2%99%A5-yoo-in-na-%E2%99%A5-pichi-coupleointment-couple/?do=findComment&comment=21422008 +read also what others say on that same page. Especially funny the nonexistent "journalist" part .....so if Suzy is the 1 thing which is holding your hopes back. Don't worry at all. MOST IMPORTANT is that generally if stars dont CONFIRM IT FROM their OWN MOUTHS (&ONLY their AGENCIES confirm....the news isnt true). Then the fact that not only NO PHOTOS as proof of the so called "dating", but they even used FALSE PICS here like they were desperate for fake proofs LMAO ....Im just going to keep giving this link to all newbies who come here complaining about Suzy sigh
  4. OK that kissing scene.... agjdjdjsksksksksksksksjkskskskks CAN WE TALK ABOUT HOW YIN RECEIVES THE KISS!! : LDW giving YIN legatimately a real HEARTATTACK!: Look at her face, mouth and body....she is BREATHING HEAVILY OMOOO ! (I can evel FEEL her breathing heavily when watching this scene):
  5. That preview for ep 15 Her outfit choice. And LDW in real life is into women neck.... Waiting not only on how KJR will handle ep15 but also how LDW will handle it...
  6. @aveerie I know so cute and FUNNY how even HE HIMSELF doenst even know why he is crying LOL. He's had very very melancholy scenes in Goblin yet he wanst like this there and even during LaDolceVita (very recommended drama!) where his character is a cynical and suicidal disturbed character and way sadder yet he didnt get carried away by it. Now he cries when the situation isnt even 20% as sad as in Goblin and not even 2% as sad as LaDolceVita LMAO WTF Wookie why you like this ahahhahah Somehow that namecalling OYS instead of OJS really got to him lol even when it doenst make any sense Also aveerie, dont get too down about him maybe not crying about YIN there's still many cute things Pichi have.
  7. @triplem just saw this ahhahahhaha what you did Unfortunately I dont count yet as an ahjumma I dont think, so I cant join. Indeed this drama innocent...TOO INNOCENT. PALI PALI PDnim GIVE US PERVY SHIRTLESS Wookie KISSING SCENE in eps 14-16, there's still time, if only you drop the innocence pleeeease (Actually I had a dream last night of my own version of a preview for ep 14. In the preview LDW & YIN was making out in a car, at 1st they kept their faces close for a long time of extremely high tension then gave in, started kissing, and things getting hotter until the preview ended just before it become more than the deep kissing they were doing.... ....then I woke up and was like DAMN ONLY A DREAM wae wae Although the preview was only a dream lets pray that its hot content comes true though #PremonitionLikeDreamPleeaseEvenThoughIDontEvenReallyBelieveInPremonitions
  8. Whoa cried in other projects' BTS too. I dont remember him crying in the Bubblegum BTS though (which ive watched alot of). Should I go rewatch. Ive watched 6 of Wookie's projects but I happened to have watched only BG of the ones where it's mentioned that he cried. Oh well LOL We still have all the other clues. Him crying over just a name OYS is too funny lol what a thing to get triggered about . YIN Comforting him and teasing him about it is too cute too.
  9. @Alice Mendoza Oh youve now done the Demand survey congratz. I just saw your name over there. So no need to worry anymore. Once your name & demand is diplayed (aka. the [ Blu-ray/Name/Email/Number/Quantity ] thing)on the list on that same DEMAND SURVEY PAGE it means youve done the survey. (See the LAST 2 SLIDES on the LeeDongWookAddicts_Global IG post i posted above).
  10. + Also people PLEASE POST IN THE TYH DAUM CAFE FORUM too ! It might also influence their decision to make DVD if many comments there/popular. Go to TYH daum cafe: www: cafe.daum.net/touchyourheartdvd Login. Click on the "BULLETIN BOARD FOR OVERSEAS" and then lets SPAM with MANY POSTS !!! GO GO GO!! (more clearer layout on PC than mobile phones. So I recommend posting on the BulletinBoard on PC rather than phone. Its fine to post on phone too of course.)
  11. What IG accs instructions did you follow? Folopw tye ibstructuons of Leedongwookaddicts_global. The IG POST i jist shared above. Tgat WORKED for me!! Just SWIPE tye pictures all from tye 1st one ALL TYE WAY to tye LAST one following dvery single steo and slide and that worked! Also amke sure to also do tye LAST SLIDE, because tye slide sbefore tgat are just about MAKIBG THE DAUM CAFE ACCOUNT, meanwhioe tye last slides are about Doing the Survey! Once youve done the survey your survey and name pops up as a post on the cafe. zthats when you knwo youve succeeded. Also 1 way to be sure if it worked is to check if you can sign in and post on the TYH DAUM CAFE Forum/billetin board. If you can it mean you are a member. I was going to post about posting on the bulletin board/forum now anyways so wait just a bit for that post too.
  12. @jeonghyang WOW you sure tagged alot of people (I count 88 wow) wow that mustve been exhausting to do LOL well done ahahha. Now let me borrow that list for a good cause: ABOUT DVD BLURAY ONLY 10 DAYS LEFT !! But not too many signatures left now to reach the target 1500.... so realistically speaking we can STILL MAKE IT!! PLEAS EVERYONE KEEP DOING ThE DEMAND SURVEY!!! Theres NO money requirement so just do IT and HAVE EVERYONE YOU KNOW& EVERYONE THEY KNOW ETC. DO IT TOO OK!!! @Mydzblue0421 @lu09 @wolfie26 @mathildafc @tearsofthestar @triplem @cenching @sushilicious @stroppyse @ktcjdrama @Heart_Kdrama @alleram95 @Shraddha Kamble @Ameera Ali @Alice Mendoza @sal2 @Zazu2017 @Shalika Kunwar @KimSunny @Cindy Tjioe @Yeojachingudeul @Yongzura @fitzsimmons @mimima @lhynne @lingkoo @Purnima Dixit @HeartKnows @Lawyerh @greezlybee @thehappiesthapa @USAFarmgirl @angelangie @paolaadl @riiko1988 @Pichiie @attriste @snowjewelz @unhelpful @nubianlegalmind @shineem5 @Anh Nguyen Roff @avondale16 @lianee @Anna Tan @evie7 @o10orio @bebebisous33 @camichi @turtle0217 @rocat @Sejabin @bairama @Jack James @fatalflaw @Iam Fanning @dramaninja @0ly40 @braunau @africandramalover @joccu @icyphoenix @lolly84 @Yana Mujay @zagigirl @eyo2eyo @Winksteyk @mikhaella75 @angiecrosby @foxvanilla @Ellirain @lynnys13 @Cestbon @Far^away @anfluffy @plappi @mslilith @ck1Oz @LyraYoo @aisling @katakwasabi @willenette @midjohn33 @Fiona0754 @Feriz @guin89 @Meccao @nonski & L U R K E R S ! ! ! LETS DO THE TYH DEMAND SURVEY (Doesnt cost money to do it) & SPREAD THIS INFO ON ALL SOCIAL MEDIAS ! kk?? HOW TO DO DEMAND SURVEY : See the LeeDongWookAddictd_Global IG post I posted above. SWIPE left all slides from the 1st ALL THE WAY TO THE LAST ONE then it works. + Also people PLEASE POST IN THE TYH DAUM CAFE FORUM too ! It might also influence their decision to make DVD if many comments there/popular. Go to TYH daum cafe: www: cafe.daum.net/touchyourheartdvd Login. Click on the "BULLETIN BOARD FOR OVERSEAS" and then lets SPAM with MANY POSTS !!! GO GO GO!! (more clearer layout on PC than mobile phones. So I recommend posting on the BulletinBoard on PC rather than phone. Its fine to post on phone too of course.)
  13. ABOUT DVD BLURAY ONLY 10 DAYS LEFT!! But not too many signature sleft now...so realistically speaking we can STILL MAKE IT!! PLEAS EEVERYONE KEEP DOING ThE DEMAND SURVEY!!! Theres NO money requirement so just do IT and Havve EVERYONE YOU KNOW DO IT TOO OK!!!
  14. Oh quickly watch Goblin...to the very end. If you finish it only after TYH finishes I'm afraid there's nothing left to help you recover from the massive heartbreak that is the Goblin story Just advice you (&others who are thinking of watching Goblin because of these two) might want to take or hate yourself afterward
  15. Beside receiving foodtrucks TOGETHER like a couple TWICE (by KGE and by PD of QIHM & BG), sending foodtruck TOGETHER like a couple LOL......A few other suspiciously couply things: In Live Chat when LDW was asked to make an aegyo YIN suggested he'd make one like he did in a photoshoot (So you keep track of his photoshoots huh, Inna . I thought only fangirls and wives did this lol) , then they used YIN real photoshoot pics in that scene where Jungrok&Jinshim went through her photos. It looked like LDW&YIN going through YIN photos like a couple then lol. Also in Viki interview they know all of each other's CFs and when asked how many of them YIN wants to shoot with LDW she says them all and laughs so happily. We get it we get, you just really reaeeally loooooooove working with Wookie huh Then the dramas has interestingly been referencing LDW&YIN REAL relationship (whether as just friends or more): - Warming each other in the cold with hotpacks and with other ways - Calling someone "Oppa" is special and meaningful enough to be worthy for a BF to get jealous over LOL - "I want to be the one who makes her laugh/smile"....we know WHO that is in real life lol. Even the caption for a BTS said that irl it's LDW is the one who makes her laugh. It's like the editor knows something and ships it and like the writer gets inspiration from them and writes it into the drama lol.
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