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  1. @cutestrobery ahjumma, how about also: x Meet the parents on both sides CHECK (korean traditions says this happens BEFORE getting engaged) x Travel together/Honeymoon Trip Practise CHECK (Japan the place of laaaaav ) x Nicknames CHECK (that honey post? ) x NEW Ideal Type descriptions that match each other CHECK x Bro/Friendzoning everyone EXCEPT each other CHECK (OYS: PHJ&other CITT costars are my bros. Refusing to put this boundary with LSG. LSG: "My style of dating is I like her right away" aka. doesnt fall for friends so friendzoned/cleared the odd speculations about IU/Suzy/HHJ/MCW etc. a few days after people made the ridiculous speculations with his friends. and LSG: "My ideal type is this yet I like a different girl" and later "I liked for looks/image in the past now I have a new type and like for being secure and able to talk" LSG stops speculations with friends and others...Yet doesn't stop people from speculating about him and OYS ) x Gush about how A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. Kissing each other feels like CHECK (BOTH: Picks a kissing scene as favorite scene from Hwayugi. LSG even picks it 3 separate interviews/times. LSG: Cant stop deciding in advance to show off his favorite scenes and then Blushes heavily/hides and is embarrased watching himself kiss the girl he likes ) x Compliment each other in interviews more than they do any other costar CHECK x Establish that she is the BEST/Coolest costar OF THEM ALL CHECK x Borrowing pants/belts/scarves from each other/and or buying matching ones CHECK x Be more shy shy than they ever are with any other costar CHECK x Put on distant bodylanguage/negative bodylanguage in parts of interview and presscon to hide their connection from the public, yet their eyes contradict the fake body language adjustement. Eyes are the window to the soul. CHECK x Feel extremely vary and anxious and suddenly trying to act colder when cameras are on them CHECK x Wear Pink and use Instagram as a platform to show hints of your laaaav /Express your love to the world in all ways possible because you can't go public yet CHECK
  2. ....and I don't understand what you don't understand Please explain, what is there to understand/not understand about a picture? What is your real question? Please be more specific so people can help you understand what you don't understand.
  3. Okay so someone 1- Has a great sense of humor and 2- Is trying to hint something lol : DID YOU SEE THAT?? TvN: Our actress from Hwayugi OYS is in a SECRET ROMANCE with LSG...So why not make a drama about a character named OYS/Oh Yeon Soo who is an actress who is in a SECRET ROMANCE . WHY NOT? I've seen the OYS character name listed as in other places as Oh something else (but still with the same OYS initials!). So maybe it's MDL who made an error on purpose and is the one hinting lol. MDL: TvN who hid the 503C BTS because they know they're in a Secret Romance, is now making a drama about an actress with the initials OYS who is in a Secret Romance?? ...what a great oppoturnity to MAKE A HINT to the still clueless outside world by writing the OYS initials as Oh Yeon Soo lol ....Either way, SOMEONE is hinting about our couple
  4. Oo supprting the costar already even before drama is even close to begin airing, how nice of PSH. All that overseas filming in different locations/travelling must make it easier to become friends. Btw cant help but notice that HB looks really stressed out during the Negotation VIP premier. Hopefully filming not too stressfull. Wow really a PD changed scenes becaus of fans spoiling things? Fans can get out of control sometimes. Hopefully fans of this drama can be more chill. @LyraYoo yeah probably for the better to put spoilertag.
  5. Well this tells me that 1- 503 has definitely met each other's families and quite quickly too seeing as he din't wait long to propose 2- Yes I remember reading somewhere that "Shotgun weddings" is even the NORM in Korea. Most couples don't wait wait long at all after proposal to get married. ... We already knew that our couple here arent the usual koreans. (Or the usually careful K celebs. ) Our couple is unusal then in the time engaged thingy too. They look to be doing the unusual long engagement (or at least long in Korean terms. We still dont know how long/short they plan to be engaged/until wedding. ). Also can't come out until right moment, propbably not until after Vagabond. They must be really happy Vagabond will now already air in march and not june. -3 So they can invite everyone they just KNOW ABOUT and don't even actually know? That guest list will be very long then. And this mean CIP & SAR -503's future selves- can get an invite too. They even (somewhat) know them now. Will they invite all masters from MITH? They all qualify now even beyond just the "knowing about" status.
  6. Yess the hot ahjussi is baaack! Not much longer to wait! Hi everyone! Looking forward to this drama. SJS + Spy romcom sounds amazing @supergal99 2nd Lead Syndrome with THE SJS as the lead?....IMPOSSIBLE! Ive even harschly dropped otherwise good dramas before just because they give that 2ndLead position to SJS who doesnt get the girl. I'm much more likely to suffer a myoppasyndrome over SJS's character if they make the female lead character lame. Hopefully she's written well and the rest of the drama too. But looks good so far And with the female lead programmer background she can propably help SJS character in his spywork by being a cool little resourceful hacker/techie helper and not just a useless weak female lead who's only there to need rescuing.
  7. Oh yes that little s̶o̶ ̶n̶o̶t̶ ̶s̶u̶s̶p̶i̶c̶i̶o̶u̶s̶ ̶A̶T̶ ̶A̶L̶L̶ Eyebrow raising incident... Ahjumma cutestrobery has exceptionally been paying attention and not engaged in 404 Logic Not Found ....and this FLOWER DELIVERY on a WHITE DAY too. The day our two obvious cuties BOTH also posted the blue sky pic. ....I wonder who that cotton candy flower bouquet was from.... and now Ohvely even put that flower bouquet emoji on her latest IG post. And before that her flower bouquet pic post taken in Japan.... ....Maybe Ahjumma @cutestrobery also noticeD a news outlet calling someone Flower Couple.... Subtlety is not in the 503Cp's dictionary... ...And it seems not in the florist's dictionary either. Changing the smiley MONKEY emoji to a normal smiley emoji DID NOT make it less obvious but even MORE obvious, Mr/Mrs/Ms Florist dearie !
  8. Isn't one of our submarine divers currently travelling in SK? Maybe they can go check for us. But we already know the answer anyway, don't we?
  9. Ahjumma, this is our couple: ... ABOUT TO E.R.U.P.T. ! Son Oh Gong's Volcano has nothing on uri 503 ! Cr: GIF not mine. Credit to blogger on Google: Yes, it's GONNA BLOW
  10. Our couple must be spying on us ...even finding quotes from our submarine mode now too! And then they decided to give the 404 an even better meaning.
  11. Me me me! A little birdy told me that TONIGHT Master Shin Ae Ra will make her 1st appearance. The likeness of LSG to CIP is apparent and amazing. ...can't wait to see pararells between OYS and SAR . ...and. especially for Charming Friend to start comparing SAR with his very own OYS. Since everyone says LSG = CIP, he should be curious in what ways might OYS = SAR be like Maybe he'll be Mr Clingy to SAR too because he's reminded of his dear OYS
  12. Another recap : Only an approx. 2 hour flight huh? So our lovebirds should be reuniting around about now.
  13. Here Crowy let me feed you: and nice observation about it being her 530th post!: Indeed it be True : 530 is very close to 503....makes it even more daring, uri Ohvely! Ring + 503 Lady Ohvely just announced that 503 is engaged EDIT: Uri @haymochi isn't the only Crowy now. Ohvely's IG post(s!) have now many commenting about the shiny shiny bling bling emoji !