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  1. ira2a

    [Drama 2018] Cross, 크로스

    I am having a feeling that Dr.Lee is taking on the role that was supposed to be played by GJH. To not spoil the whole drama the writer had to keep its movements logical. With GLH gone they needed another character to take on that role, even if partially. So Dr.Lee got it, especially that he has been on the second row and hasn't shown any bad traits yet. For a second lead character he took very much screen time in the last episode. Anyone has the same thoughts?
  2. ira2a

    [Drama 2018] Cross, 크로스

    Poor Kim Ji Han, again the doctor with the injured right hand. It's like a deja vu all over again.
  3. ira2a

    [Drama 2018] Cross, 크로스

    I am watching......, very good subs.
  4. ira2a

    [Drama 2018] Cross, 크로스

    Have read somewhere that Cross will be aired to the ntv subscribers only, not to its general public. Because ntv subscriber base is rather low the Cross ratings might be not very high either. Don't want to rain on everybody's parade, but thought I should mention that, sorry.