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  1. It's Monday! but I can't watch live streaming this week @angel2013 OMG I'm on the train now, but I couldn't stop grinning to myself. So sweet.. Isn't it rare for Jump to update latest picture? Good job!
  2. @justright seal with kisshaha That could be happened, but they chose to progress step by step...OK, I'll wait for it. Hwaiting! I totally agree with you. It's interesting to read critics, but I'd rather enjoy drama for what it is. haha! Yes, it's SHJ thread, everyone here is heartwarming just like her @uchihaargayou have excellent foresight Now, I blush for watching YSJ and SHJ in RDTK BTS.
  3. Hi @justright I liked her love confession yesterday. Especially, I like how she said second line, "I'm in love with you". I could see all of her emotions in past 5 years there. @anggun11 I agree, I don't want to see his dark side. but I already had an eerie feeling(is it appropriate phrase?) when I saw him looking down from the bridge. Let's see how he reacts in next Monday... It must be so much fun to talk about AOHY in persongood for you! @shjfan23 wow you've been for long, but happy to see you here! **Welcome**
  4. Hi! I came from SHJ thread. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts, it really helps me to have better understanding of the story yess good night everyone
  5. 2 more hours! I'm leaving my office on time today It's good to have enjoyments in beginning of the week. @supergal99 Actually, I'm at the drama thread,too Thanks for all the pictures here and there! @angel2013two cuties It melts my heart.
  6. Monday is comingggg @angel2013 So many BTS pictures! I wonder why they choose this crowded weekend for shooting there. I just hope they are not way behind schedule. @Pointreethanks for sharing from your valuable collection. She is so sweet. I'll be happy to talk to her first
  7. Hi! I was away this week and haven't watch episode aired this week yet (except the best scene in HS'house. huhuhu ) @angel2013 There aren't any news around me yet, because Kdrama usually airs few month after it ends. So it will be around February? KJW seems to have many fans here, so hopefully K magazine focus on SHJ as well.
  8. @anggun11welcome back! Thank you for sweet video. I especially like ending part @supergal99whoa, your food track image is amazing! *clap clap clap* There are many yummies hereI want to add "Korokke" on the list.(potato croquettes coated in panko and deep fried) It looks similar to what CEO's mother made for him.
  9. I need to watch subbed ver, but so far I like the way they start every episodes. I mean, in the end of the episode 4, HS is about to meet JS's mum. So I was prepared to watch harsh scene, but the story turned back a little and showed how they react after the kiss @angel2013I agree, every dress and hairdo fits her well. @Pointree oh, there was a hidden meaning in phone number!
  10. @samaf Hi! Good to hear from you. I missed to see your pretty YSJ icon. @supergal99 Monday, Monday, it's almost there! No more blue monday for Hyunjinies @angel2013thanks for sharing blog. I finally understand what they said in Hanbam TV. They are soo adorable "fall in love by end of the year" Wow,what a chance for guys around her! I hope her wish come true.
  11. I couldn't stop smiling in the trip scene @angel2013 I agree, camera movement could be better, but let's see.It's just a beginning. PD-nim is trying to see how we react....? oh, and her dance in the morning was seo cute. She dances in every drama in past few years, haha
  12. Yesterday, streaming worked perfect on my PC. Thank you so much @Pointree @angel2013 oh, subs are out already! I'm so glad I can understand Englishhaha Let's see,which I should watch tonight, subbed 1,2episode or 3,4episode live...hopefully both?
  13. I came back from vlive. It was nice to see them in comfortable atmosphere. (YSJ looks nervous though) Here are some screencaps. https://imgur.com/gallery/4pMU4 There was some close ups(GJ camera) she has beautiful skin as always
  14. @justright @supergal99 Thanks for advice. It worked out well. @Pointreewow, you found it! she will get embarrassed if she finds out @angel2013 you'll get subbed version in next day! So, translators work throughout the night? wow, that's super fast.
  15. This thread is getting crowded again.Next 3 month is going to be busy checking soompi. hehe *waves* back to @angel2013 I use mobile phone but as everybody says it was super slow loading comments. but today, it's getting better. @supergal99 haha I laughed so much for your PD-nim gif.."blow" By the way, I always have trouble with tagging people.I can do it for first, but it doesn't come well for second person. Does anyone have a hint?