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  1. Seo Hyun Jin 서현진 | Baeksang Awards 2017 Best Actress-TV

    Hi @justright It reminds me an activity in her Taiwan meeting. She acquired Taiwan foods name in Chinese really quickly. They sounds like for me, so I was impressed. She is good at everything! Is there anything she is not good at?? I can't think of it... @Pointree Seo cute and seo fresh. I understand why their label named that album "With Freshness". It perfectly matches her/them.
  2. Seo Hyun Jin 서현진 | Baeksang Awards 2017 Best Actress-TV

    HI! Wow, so many questions...! I scored 30 I struggled for Q45/46, character name the most. I can recall images, but not for name! haha Actually I haven't fully watched her previous works before Soo Baek Hyang I only watched clips from Youtube. So, I should watch them while waiting for her appearance. @angel2013 I know you only live for SHJ...JK I guess you scored either outstanding or truly committed fan?? Of couse I will share news. That's my mission in this thread!
  3. Seo Hyun Jin 서현진 | Baeksang Awards 2017 Best Actress-TV

    Monday without TOL @angel2013 Thank you for your hard works! Translations and gathering many news. Glad to hear many comments from other casts. Compliments through third party really makes people happy and confident. I hope SHJ will give herself a pat on the back for now @Pointree Oh, she left to somewhere... I wonder who is in this thread is closest to her now!
  4. Seo Hyun Jin 서현진 | Baeksang Awards 2017 Best Actress-TV

    Hi! Talking about TOL, I liked the way writer links last part of the story and 5 years ago through that ornament. My heart flutterd when I found out JS sent it to her from Paris I also love what she said in SBS clip "Lee Hyun Soo and On Jung Son is living well somewhere" Yes, I really feel that way. YSJ and SHJ's acting was so natural that I feel they are living in real world. haha TOL was my first Korean drama watching live. It was great to share our emotion here with you.(both happiness and mixed feeling) I hope Hyunjin get good rest and enjoy what she wants to do...and update her twitter more often
  5. Seo Hyun Jin 서현진 | Baeksang Awards 2017 Best Actress-TV

    I was like "omo omo" in first 5-10 min. In his bed, HS's eyes were filled with tears! I didn't notice it until I watch clips on Youtube. SBS does a great job. fast update & clear image I hope they will do another great job; BTS of those sweet scenes please agree. I suddenly go back to reality and so worried for HS's character writing I'm glad it was a dream... So, tomorrow will be 2 episodes! 10pm to little past 12pm(KST). That's kind of late but I hope viewers stay up late to watch OnSoo to the end.
  6. Seo Hyun Jin 서현진 | Baeksang Awards 2017 Best Actress-TV

    I do follow that thread sometimes.(Sorry for , I can't manage to write multiple thread.) Right, script focus on JS's side more and that's the reasons for viewers to think that way. Oh well, I just hope it ends nicely, and more importantly, filming successfully finish by Monday!
  7. Seo Hyun Jin 서현진 | Baeksang Awards 2017 Best Actress-TV

    I got OST CD. I like it Booklet has some pictures from scenes and BTS.(first episode~refrigerator kiss) Most of the pictures(or probably all?) are already out, but it's good to see their happy moments all together. Ohh,,, last week is coming soon. I have mixed feeling now and I just stopped to listening their music from today because sad music sounds more sad to me I have many questions and frustration for storyline, but as a fan, I enjoy seeing her in drama. @angel2013 They are standing together! good. Yes, of course it will be happy ending. Otherwise, I cannot survive rest of the week... For changing agency, I don't want her to rush, but at the same time I want her to decide it by her BD. If not, we cannot send our gift, right?
  8. Seo Hyun Jin 서현진 | Baeksang Awards 2017 Best Actress-TV

    angel, I'm sure you did it... and of course I did it too. Such a heartbreaking night... I can't judge drama without subs, but...well....sigh Putting that aside, I love his choice for ring. One small flower, just like what they saw on the wall in 5years ago Waiting for Tuesday!
  9. Seo Hyun Jin 서현진 | Baeksang Awards 2017 Best Actress-TV

    I haven't watched last episode yet, I consider it as my weekend pleasure, but sounds like not @angel2013I didn't know about her handprint! It looks tiny @Pointree I ordered OST and get it in this weekend. I hope it brighten my day in the morning!
  10. Seo Hyun Jin 서현진 | Baeksang Awards 2017 Best Actress-TV

    Our project is not decided yet, but I already thinking of what to introduce in my country. So excited @justright yay hi5! Yes, we can include both places and food.They are both important elements for trip. Oh you are from/live in New Zealand! I want to see beautiful night sky there someday! @jakey09 World fan event sounds awsome We should encourage her agency to do promotion in abroad! @supergal99 looks yummy I want one...
  11. Seo Hyun Jin 서현진 | Baeksang Awards 2017 Best Actress-TV

    HiHere is my idea. The advantage of our team is we gathered from many countries. So, I want to emphasize it in our gift. How about sending recommendation of our country with BD message? She loves travel, so I'm sure it's helpful for her to decide her next destination. At the same time it reminds her she has fans in around the world. What we gather from participants; 1.BD message for her 2.recommendation of our country/city in words 3.one picture either showing your country or yourselves or anything. (@pointree you can show her your favorite place or shops in Seoul.) We put in DVD or handmade book like last year. Edit: @justrightI just saw your post! We had similar idea "Travel Around The World With Hyunjinie" I love this title!
  12. Seo Hyun Jin 서현진 | Baeksang Awards 2017 Best Actress-TV

    Hi It's tough to watch their emotional scenes in last 2episodes...but relationship and life is not always happy happy time. So, I just believe these struggles works as a good spice(like salt?)and highlights their happy moments in the very end! @supergal99 I like the way she is fed by JS. That's SUPER cute.(in Kyung's voice) I really feel his affection from this action. @angel2013 I didn't realize her dress until I read your post. So it seems their filming schedule is still tight @justright You're right. We only have 3weeks left?! Oh..I feel like it last forever...because now it's so natural for me to get new pictures and news everyday here. I guess it's too early to think that way. I'll wait for Monday!
  13. Seo Hyun Jin 서현진 | Baeksang Awards 2017 Best Actress-TV

    @Pointree Whattt I'm prepared for JW's counterattack for next few episodes, it's necessary for make this story interesting. However, I don't know what their original plan was, but I really don't want them to change drama's ending based on rating and viewer's complaint. Writers are pro and they have their own plan for it, but how come viewers change it based on their wants? Umm it's mysterious part of Kdrama for me.
  14. Seo Hyun Jin 서현진 | Baeksang Awards 2017 Best Actress-TV

    Umm...even though HS doesn't choose him, fans should not be angry at her because it's based on script! After AOHY, SHJ became known for her good acting. Also, I'm sure YSJ attracts noonas here.(like me) However, Kdrama market is still limited for certain people, so as @justrightsaid, I think Taiwan get better reaction. I agree. She experienced hard time in her 20s, but now she get fame and it brings her more chance for what she wants to act. So, I hope she will appear in drama/movie regularly
  15. Seo Hyun Jin 서현진 | Baeksang Awards 2017 Best Actress-TV

    So many pretty pictures here Which is your favorite hair style(arrangement)? I vote for ponytailIt's simple but really suite her. ...haa your posts make me hungryI'm gonna search nearest subway for lunch choice. @angel2013@justright I hope you two will get good rest in weekend!