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  1. whoa, this thread moved so fast in past few days! As long as she appears in public, I'm happy with this result. @anggun11haha. you're right! she always end with second man I've never think of it.
  2. @Pointree Oh you found one! There are some backnumers in several online stores. Does Rakuten ship to Korea? If not, there are some service for oversea customer
  3. Hi I have this one. It was an interview for Soo Baek Hyang. Thanks to @angel2013 , here is English translation. In this interview(2015 June), she said she is so nervous for kiss scene and even have phobia about crying scene. I 'm sure these scenes are still difficult, but I really feel her progress in this past years
  4. Thanks for translations I haven't watched this writer's past works, but story seems interesting. It starts with a conversation on internet forum(chat)...oh, we're all familiar with it. haha
  5. There aren't any updates lately, so I watched AOHY again. Last time, there were only English sub available, but this time I watch in my language. I was touched by her performance more I miss her news but I kind of like her style. She used so much power in past year. Standing on the spotlight is honorable but a bit tiring. I hope she will recharge her energy up to 100% soon. Let's see what drama I shoud watch next. I wanna watch Soo Baek hyang again, but...108 episodes...umm that's tough.
  6. Wow, what a surprise! Why they released it in the last minute? Now, she is so popular that they didn't want to exceed the capacity of the event? @Pointree Thank you for telling her about it. I love her song so much. Listening to her old song "grip!" is one of the best way to cheer me up
  7. oh, it was not only me.. I feel the same thing from sign event few days ago.
  8. Congratulations!! You did it
  9. @Pointree I can see your livestreem(now, I see news? with beautiful BGM) Thank you so much for your help.
  10. Wow,so many news here today! @supergal99I kind of understand what you're saying as "teacher" haha Now, she will be a teacher and have a special class? That's so exciting. I'm glad to share this happy feeling here with everyone
  11. @anggun11 @angel2013 @jenn96 thanks for sharing pictures! She is soo pretty. I was out today but came here at 3pm to check it.. I'm glad there are many fans and mass media. >anggun11 haha! Is that mouse ear? cat? or...Max?
  12. @angel2013Thanks for editing! I'm done with translation, so I just wait for fansign. Those tickets..she looks so beautiful in hanbok. I wish she wears it in this weekend.(maybe not)
  13. @angel2013 Our Queen is selected as Pink Ranger! haha that`s so interesting. Usually Pink Ranger is described as feminine charactor while Yellow (other female) is for cheerful. I feel she can act as yellow Ranger as well. lol
  14. @anggun11 I'm not sure when it was interviewed, probably publisher did it right after shooting end and kept it until now? yeah, it was first time to hear the secret of that memorable scene; I love you in various language:) @angel2013wow, welcome! Hope you enjoy your trip(^^)
  15. Interview from "haru*hana vol.041"published in April 2017 translated by saku08 (special thanks to google translate) ** Interview** Q.What did you prepare for your role? YYS: I learned the lives of surgeons working at hospitals and I looked back at the notebook I wrote down eight-nine years ago when I appeared in a medical drama. Also I practiced surgery scene(sewing wound) at home. SHJ: I repeatedly practiced medical terms so that it comes up naturally. Q.Drama had surgical scenes, but are you okay to see blood? SHJ: I knew that blood was fake, so I was fine. As it goes to end, the organs in surgery scene became more and more real, so I was so surprised.(laugh) YYS: I was fine because I was interested in surgical scenes of health channel on TV since I was little. Even when my friend got injured, I was disinfecting the wound and sticking a bandage for them. Q. What is the synchro rate with the role? (How much does he/she alike to the role?) SHJ: The synchro rate of Yeon Seok ssi and Dong Joo is 95 percent. They are both childlike, pure and passionate. Yeon Seok ssi is a type of person who persuade himself until he is satisfied. In the end, he acted most of the surgery scenes by himself. Also, he is so charming.(laugh) YYS: At first, I thought Hyun Jin ssi and Seo Jung are 90% similar. However, as I knew about Hyun Jin ssi, I began to think that "she must have made a lot of efforts to create a role". But the way she accomplishes her work thoroughly is exactly like Seo Jung. Also, I thought she is used to act in love comedies, but it was unexpected that she was shy in an embarrassing romantic scene.(laugh) Q. What was the scene you felt "chemistry" of you two the most? YYS: It is a scene that we quarrel with each other while Dong Joo saying "I love you<3". SHJ: Love scenes have many ad libs. Actually, the scene where Dong Joo said "I love you" in many different languages was also ad lib. **YES or NO questions** Q. In the drama, both Seo Jung and Dong Joo had nickname like Untouchable intern and Crazy Whale. In your school days, you had interesting nickname like that. YYS & SHJ: NO. SHJ: However, there was a nickname while we were filming. YYS: Everyone called me "shoulder gangster ;people with broad shoulders" (laugh) Hyun Jin ssi was called "Arupago", (Note: I don't understand this word, probably it's Korean.) SHJ: It is because others said I don't make much NG in the filming. Q. I have a uniform I'd like to wear other than white coats for doctors. YYS & SHJ: YES SHJ: I want to be a firefighter. Because there seems to be less technical terms compared to a doctor (laugh) YYS: I want to be a prosecutor. SHJ: Yeon Seok ssi! People said that legal terms are so hard and make you headache (laugh) Q. Two of us have similarities. SHJ: I guess it's YES. I feel our nature is similar. YYS: Until now, I've been doing a variety of works steadily. Hyun Jin ssi also performs works one by one as an actress, so I think this is our similarity.