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  1. Hi I'm new on this thread ! I cannot believe SR date drugged HJ, I hate this "she is just a girl in love" type of mentally that allows women to get away with the craziest things in dramas and sometimes in real life too. Had a man done that he would be a rapist but SR is probably going to get a back handed punishment not the hammer of the law. She is despicable in what world do you drugged the one you love ?? I'm sick of her. Thats stuff isn't okay at all she should be jailed. Stop making crazy women feel like doing criminal mischiefs is okay because they are in love. I'm sick of HoeJo too but she is going to ended up in jail or in the crazies' house we know it but SR may get away with everything.
  2. Hello I'm new on this thread. I have said it before and I'll say it again daily dramas make koreans look bad. They ditch their kids, cant recognize their children, they have no loyalty and are money hungry, blood thirsty and so on and so forth.Thank god I started with regular dramas because if I had looked at one daily drama before watching weekly drama I would have close my tab and moved on from this craziness. I wonder what going to happen at the end (I'll come back this summer or something) when the grandfather found out that the child that gave him so much headaches wasn't his own ? Crazy fake heiress is probably going to try to kill real heiress and evil selfish housekeeper will save her fake daughter and die or something. What the Housekeeper fake mom did was despicable. Why are people so damn selfish in daily dramas ??? Its all about them and their kids and everybody else can choke. I'm mad, I was supposed to stop watching daily dramas after Sweet Enemy and I failed !
  3. Of course this mediocre writer needs a 4 more episodes to finish the story. That a shame because she/he was given 120 ep to wrap up everything but still she/he needs more after all that dragging. GREAT. I'm out personally the Evil Team punishment isn't going to be enough after all I've endured.
  4. To anyone with half a brain do not watch ep 110. It's basically SN winning yet again and her crazy brother saying he won't get a divorce. I'm not even happy with the romance, after 110 without barely any romance the writer remembered that this os supposed to be romantic. I don't care for ANY romance as long as the Hongs are running free, smirking and everything. And in the preview SN is still winning and DN team is yet AGAIN pleading with the devil offspring (not SN or SK) BS to give them the video. As if. I've had enough of this drama, I should stop here because this is too much stupidity. I don't know if this drama is supposed to end on a positive note or if SN will be queen of The handles and the firstman by the end of it nor do I care at this point.
  5. I'm glad the write had enough brains not to pull a nameless woman. I cannot wait for this drama to end, SN denying the truth is really getting me mad. I hope that next week one of the evil time will go to prison and DN will be vindicated but SN won't get caught easily, I can see her running away while DN and SH start getting together planning a mariage and her getting crazier than crazy and start plotting to kill DN.
  6. DN mom is an idiot, she knows that BS kidnap and force fed her drugs to keep her in vegetative state away from her daughter yet she invites him to see her, cook him food, treat him like he is not total garbage even though her daughter told her everything. I just want to slap some sense into her. Now she is going to get kidnap by the evil team, if they don't find her in the same episode I'm done because this reminds me of the trash drama that was nameless woman where the lead dad got kidnap every two seconds and the worse is no one actually went to jail for keeping him lock in a mental institution for years, I'd rather save myself the headache than to see this play out again.
  7. They made the fall of Ruby so harsh so maybe she is going to have a miscarriage or come close to one. SK that lice did nothing he cared more about not being exposed than his wife and baby. And SN show her real face to Ruby so how is she going to down play that ? I think DN is going to play dumb with the memory card while SN will be walking on eggs thinking the hammer is going to come so thats why she is will try to get rid of DN gain to discredit her. But the money won't be on the accounts and she will lose all credibility.
  8. I was hoping we'll get to see the end of this drama but it seems like that not happening. The clips were from ep 104 and 105. I'm dropping this drama, not only its not subbed but it keeps getting delayed. Its nobody fault but it sure is annoying.
  9. This drama was so poorly written SH was the front and center of this drama, and the whole "you don't have to apologize" great, I don't not what kind of parent would forgive the person who kidnap their child and leading them to their death. The only okkk part is that YM sister did not get with UG but they did forgive her stupid mother ! Great just like that I'm forever done with dailies. That takes too much time for very little rewarding moment.
  10. This drama showcast YM and SH reign and now the writer is like "oh yeah I have to wrap this up" but adds more difficulties for the so called leads. They never take any initiative against YM and just let him be and run a rampage against them when they could have him arrested on kidnapping charges along with his disgusting mother and wife. That doesn't make any sense. They have plenty of things to sue them or get them to be prosecuted for but no they just sit and actually plan a weeding when nothing is resolved, what ???! How are the good one suppose to win when they always play defense and never attack. I were a writer I would try to have ending before I start writing because when you don't have a plan this what happen we need more episode to make up for your lack of vision . This writer clearly got lost in the sauce.
  11. YW is really good, thank god she is on DJ side otherwise DJs team would be in trouble.
  12. Its a shame that the only daily with a strong female lead, the kind who hits back, is not subbed and the mess that is Nameless woman get subbed everyday. Nonsense.
  13. At least with week this mess in officially over. How this show gets great viewership baffles me. I'm going to put that on the cultural difference between the western world and the south asia.
  14. I'm done watching this mess its like "you get amnesia, and you and you ! Everybody gets amnesia", too damn ridiculous for me. Sure, this is tv I get it. Like they could hit their elbow and get amnesia is these dramas. Too ridiculous.
  15. This drama is the mother of all dragging. A mother who cannot recognize her kids, two kids with amnesia, a witness with amnesia. A now another character who's probably going to get amnesia again. Cool. After sweet enemy I'm done with dailies, they are a waste of time, thank god I don't watch every episode maybe once or twice a week and still no progress.