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  1. Its a shame that the only daily with a strong female lead, the kind who hits back, is not subbed and the mess that is Nameless woman get subbed everyday. Nonsense.
  2. At least with week this mess in officially over. How this show gets great viewership baffles me. I'm going to put that on the cultural difference between the western world and the south asia.
  3. I'm done watching this mess its like "you get amnesia, and you and you ! Everybody gets amnesia", too damn ridiculous for me. Sure, this is tv I get it. Like they could hit their elbow and get amnesia is these dramas. Too ridiculous.
  4. This drama is the mother of all dragging. A mother who cannot recognize her kids, two kids with amnesia, a witness with amnesia. A now another character who's probably going to get amnesia again. Cool. After sweet enemy I'm done with dailies, they are a waste of time, thank god I don't watch every episode maybe once or twice a week and still no progress.
  5. Its devastating that Song Seon Mi lost her husband that way. I can't imagine that she'll stay in the drama, its a perfectly logical thing to do, take time to focus on her self and family.
  6. YR is beyond dumb, she gave SN the munitions she needs. SN is probably tapping all the conversation between them. And when she finds out that SN framed DN she is going to get blackmail into inexistence. SN will take everything from her, dangling the fact that they can both "die" like they like to say in Kdrama. I won't feel sad when that happens. Eventually she will end up in jail crying and I will open a bottle of wine for those tears #CANNOTWAIT
  7. I too think she is not pregnant maybe one of them can't have kids, that would be great if its SK. Since koreans are blood family oriented they would kick him out as soon as they found out ! The joy ! I don't think anyone deserves to be slightly happy in this drama until SN is in jail.
  8. Thanks they really drop the ball this week and it was so interessing and everything !
  9. I hate waiting like that for subs, then I try to put things into perspective, but still. They fooled us the early monday subs, I thought that it would least but no. #FRUSTRATIONOVERLOAD
  10. SN is going to throw the other bitter restaurant worker to the wolves, I hope she gets charged. Sn isn't going anywhere just yet, but she doesn't have any money since, her family is paying so many people off. I guess she either going to get her hands bloody again or she is going to start stealing from the company.
  11. I'm sorry to say that, but I felt nothing when Gaya died. The people who raised him were way too evil for him to turned up a tiny bit okay. I guess HJ is going to jail. She is as toxic as her mother she is sick in the head. I hope she gets 20 years to life.
  12. YM is a cockroach that should be stomped on. He is beyond disgusting, HS is a sociopath. But for him to throw his family away like that for the sake of a revenge he isn't going to get is disgusting. The chairwoman is starting to get on my nerves, let her find out who her kids are already so SN can ignore her to death after she finds out she is holding her spiritual mother has bargain. No wonder HS turned out the way she did, she was raised by a ice queen and a sociopath your chances of being a regular person are limited when you grow up like that.
  13. You are right he is the weak link here, he's going to break but not until ep 90ish lol I did not watch every nor do I want to (don't want to get mad at my computer screen) , so its really helpful !
  14. Hi everyone, I have a question does the snake (referring to SK) knows that his mother and sister have DN mother locked somewhere ? They are a terrible bunch, they are so greedy. One everything comes out, they are going to rob the company accounts and split and I won't feel sorry for any of those fools aka Ruby's and SH family, they are so dumb and blind.
  15. I'm not from the US but from the Europe, and here the well-being of the child, is so empathize, like custody arrangement are basically 50/50 unless you are a drug addict or if you travel a lot for your job. But how can a judicial system not allow a kid to see their parents if there is nothing wrong with them yeah yeah having a record is bad, but once you do your time you paid your debt to society and you don't owe anyone anything. This is what I don't understand maybe its a cultural thing that I will never understand and also because in the law in my country this could never happen, like not a single chance.