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  1. She stole her father, her baby, her happiness and now she wants to steal her design. I think the writer wants to redo the whole drama. So he made it so that no one has anything on YR so she can start her revenge without any fear.
  2. whatever happened to her mom ? They have her drugged up somewhere ?
  3. This is not revenge. Revenge is about life and death. You give your whole to it, that why they say you have to dig two graves. Its about paying back the people who have hurt you. So why would someone scared about being catch by the police go on the revenge path ? This story makes no sense. They should have made it so that another character played YR like she had surgery or something and MY being suspicious but unable to pin point why. That would be far-fetched but less far far-fetched than this. I love revenge stories but I'm really disapointed in this. I will comeback in august or september maybe.
  4. After this one I'll quite daily dramas, they are way too annoying : - Never airs when supposed to (1st year watching Kdramas, and daily got delayed for all sorts of reason) - You don't know if you'll get the subbed today, or the day after that or the week after that (annoying, but I understand that subbing takes time but still) - Crazy plots (Like hello do those character have brains ? do the writers actually care about writing a good script ?) - Crazy long : 120 of agony for 2 episode of awkward happiness ? Yeah...
  5. YS will come up on top and scumbag MY is going to look like a fool, AGAIN. The eternal fool is going to be my nickname for him. I hope she destroys this family into oblivion.
  6. I'm super disappointed, its my week off from studying and working. I was looking forward to the watching the ep subbed because for whatever reason while I was working the subbed came out really quickly. But I guess the universe just hates me because now that I'm resting I don't get to watch the whole things subbed because it did not come out yet. #annoying1stworldproblem
  7. what a waste of time this daily was. Its worrying how this "writer" view the world. I wish I never started this. From now on , after I'm sorry Nam Goo, I'm going to stick to weekly dramas. I hope this "writer" never experience what he/she wrote about because if he/she does the shock about how real life works is going to give her/him a heart attack. The writer should write children book not tv dramas. Thank you all for keeping me updated on this mess. At least we all suffered through this BS together ! Ps : one big messed up happy family should be the name of this mess of a daily.
  8. I personally don't believe in forgive and forget, at least for myself. I think its okay to be mad about somethings in life until you die. I have went through tough times where I decided not to forgive and forget. And until this days I don't talk to several family members. Because blood isn't everything its all about how tou treat people around you. If someone is related to you but disrespect or abuses you you have the right to cut ties and not forgives. You move on eventually and they look foolish trying to connect to you while you give them a blank face. YS is now trying to atone for what she did but she had no problem doing it while she thought DUMB BW was someone else child. And the problem is here. She is only sorry because she found out she is BW egg donor. She did nothing to her but cause her pain physically and psychologically and she thinks helping some orphans can make up for that. Lol. This is laughable. This story is unbelievable and ridiculous.
  9. This is was a mess. And now they don't even want to air it. Thats how bad it was. I feel bad for everyone involved in it. The writer did a terrible job and dragged everyone a long with him.
  10. No episode today ? Sad, I watch it raw while getting ready in the morning xD
  11. I beg to differ, her biological daughter isn't anything to her. She hasn't looked for her a second in her life. She never loved her child. Maybe she feels some guilt because she isn't a sociopath like CRazy but she is morally corrupt. What she fears is people knowing she had a child before marriage.
  12. She sure did. That's really bad writting. The story makes non sense and the ending is going to be rushed. And the terrible characters had all the stage to be evil. Great.
  13. @Dewi Pratiwi oh thanks ! Its seems like the cast is doing damage control after the writer horrid writing ! Still unbelievable and unbearable to watch !
  14. So in the 5 last episodes everything about the heart transplant will be revealed right ? Non sense. The writer wrote this drama like middle schoolers do their homework he/she wrote it 10 minutes before turning it in. A mess. Does it make sense that they kept all the important stuff for the last 9 episodes ???? Lord.
  15. I don't expect anything from this daily. YS and CR won't go to jail or not for a very longtime, stupid BW will forgive and accept her awful egg donor of a mother and she and CR will become BFF while she babysits CR and WH kids. SC will still keep his mouth shout when being a witness to criminal behavior. Thats Drop by Drop for you, I don't see any love in this show.