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  1. No episode today ? Sad, I watch it raw while getting ready in the morning xD
  2. I beg to differ, her biological daughter isn't anything to her. She hasn't looked for her a second in her life. She never loved her child. Maybe she feels some guilt because she isn't a sociopath like CRazy but she is morally corrupt. What she fears is people knowing she had a child before marriage.
  3. She sure did. That's really bad writting. The story makes non sense and the ending is going to be rushed. And the terrible characters had all the stage to be evil. Great.
  4. @Dewi Pratiwi oh thanks ! Its seems like the cast is doing damage control after the writer horrid writing ! Still unbelievable and unbearable to watch !
  5. So in the 5 last episodes everything about the heart transplant will be revealed right ? Non sense. The writer wrote this drama like middle schoolers do their homework he/she wrote it 10 minutes before turning it in. A mess. Does it make sense that they kept all the important stuff for the last 9 episodes ???? Lord.
  6. I don't expect anything from this daily. YS and CR won't go to jail or not for a very longtime, stupid BW will forgive and accept her awful egg donor of a mother and she and CR will become BFF while she babysits CR and WH kids. SC will still keep his mouth shout when being a witness to criminal behavior. Thats Drop by Drop for you, I don't see any love in this show.
  7. I had fun reading all of your comments. It was a great daily really. But I still think the sentencing of Sperm donor was too light and egg donor redemption annoying and forced after seeing how sperm donir treated her and her lack of care for HY she gets all lovy dovey and has motherly love... right. But the Im sisters didn't forgive and thats great.
  8. I noticed GW interactions with their maid. If he has to end up with someone it's probably going to be the nice maid not JK greedy mom.
  9. Damn I had no idea he would be sentenced today. I wanted to drink wine while watching his fall from grace but I'm out of wine (a shame for a french woman). But 9 years isn't near enough but I know from watching kdramas how shameful it is so its a double penalty! Yes !
  10. The writer probably still think she /he has 50 episodes to resolve everything. What a joke. Even with less than 15 ep left nothing is near resolve. And did BW ever get her taste buds back ? Or was it just swept under the rug like everything else ?
  11. Thank you @stroppyse Nobody wants them to get any kind of forgiveness! And I'm also tired of hiring the SJ isn't like that talk. He is a POS. He is a terrible person overall and doesn't deserve the benefit of the doubt. He will wake up, evil doesn't die. Then he should be sent staight to jail. No mercy.
  12. @stroppyse thank you ! Yes they better not end the story with some pathetic redemption. He went too far to get absolution from them he can take that with god or whatever his belief system is based on. He is a terrible character. He and his evil mother don't deserve anything. They harassed the Im sister like crazy and they want to leave them out of the hook ? If they do I'll never waste my precious time again on a daily drama. I bet the writer wants to fool us. Sperm donor will probably try to murder Gun Woo, he said he would kill him. And everytime this fool made some kind of statement like that he followed up. So my guess is that he will try to mirder Gun Woo and be caught and sent to jail forever. Please throw the key too !
  13. Its a dumb drama but shout out to the writer of this mess. He managed to pull the plug on dailys on Sbs and put the people expecting to work on the next drama out of work with this nonsense.