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  1. Evil Park is Evil and desperate she wants an innocent man to do time for her ? WHAT a joke !
  2. OMG, she's definetly going down. They thought she was just a theif but she is a thief and a killer, did she thought she could get away with murder twice ? What a richard simmons. ps: I can't wait for the next episode, I hope they finally start going after her ! Enough talking already !
  3. @stroppyse Thank you as always, you are the real MVP here ! I can"t believe her she is out of her mind talking about suing people. She only doing it for show, for her son AKA sperm donor in chief, since she wants thim to believe she work hard when she stole everything. She knows better then to sue but she has to play the victim. She is always try to rationalize her behavior to her kids, not knowing that if they are messed up it because she is too. Sperm donor is sitting there like "sue them? They are not lying" and feeling slightly guilty and uneasy, I love it. I can't wait until Evil Park is broken, she wanted EH and EA to be broken when she had EA adopted its only fair that she loses everything even her freedom.
  4. I hope it wasn't a dream and he strangles the daylight out of her hahaha.
  5. Misook is as ba as them, she is greedy. I cannot forget how she barge in EH house and acted all self righteous when she has a terrible character.
  6. Thank you for translating as always, you are awesome ! I don't think sperm donor will ever reedem himself, he just wants to cut all ties around him so that he can be free to be mean and awful without care. He's going to be real bad I can just picture it. He'll drive himself to his own death, he mentioned killing himself several times so when all goes into the open and him and his mom are outed as vile human they are he will do something real crazy and kill himself.
  7. YS should have know better, they are pinning the whole thing on him. Of course, being the resident bad guy and side kick to the vilain doesn't pay.
  8. They look cute and everything but I'm hungry for some revenge and paid back to Evil Park.
  9. At this point I don't think Evil Park cares at all about HY, she might remember him down the line and kidnap him just to spite EH but I don't see him being bargained. She will probably try to bargain with EH to keep her money in exchange for her dad, but she is not stupid EA wants revenge, she is cold blooded she will never stop. In tomorrow episode when it will be found out that is he alive and that she kidnap a mentally ill patient she will feel cornered like never before in her life. She will not be able to think straight, she is already making mistakes like how she showed herself to take him with so many people around and after seeing them look at the computer I guess there is video evidences also. She will go down in the next 10 episode for sure.
  10. Thank you alway take time to translate for us and we appreciate it very much ! I hope next episode ends with the police at Evil Park home ! But I bet you that sperm donor will "help" and move him somewhere else and someone will probably see that. And then we'll have a play of cat and mouse with Evil park son AKA sperm donor, a trial for kidnapping and perhaps theft, her name being drag through the mud. I look forward to all that.
  11. The chairman greed is unbelievable, I know scum (cough cough) human like do exist. But come on, you already are filfthy rich, why do you need the slush fund ? Are you going to cure cancer with that money ? No, obviously not. You are not going to spend a dime of it, you just want money to have money that you are not even going to use up because you have so much money. We all die eventually (even if the evil ones tend to out live the goods ones), are you going to take that hard cash with you when you die ? So way bother to steal and stress about how to steal and not get found out. I can't wait for him to go down. YS is funning AS HELL but I don't see him playing everyone and being actually a mole or whatever, YS also is greedy for power, he wants power and to be on the winning team. I still cannot get over what he did to the union workers having them locked up on false charges, no good guy even disguise as a bad guy would do that.
  12. I cannot not with Evil Park and stupid sperm donor. I hope they get their "the night is dark and full of terrors" moment soon. How dare she say that she was EH savior after all she put her throught ? Now she playing the "remember the time" card? B***h please, have several seats. Its like those murders that go on trial and swear on their mother life they did not do it even when there are evidences stacked against them sometime even video... Why are you denying the obvious ??? You are a snake, we know, own up to it. And she wants to sue them ? Please do, go to trial and be humiliated. I want them stressed out, holding out to what they have until all is gone. I want Evil Park to lose her mind after her son death and end up in jail and I want sperm donor dead. He will try to "help" and hurt the girls physically, we have seen how dangerous and abusive he is.
  13. I knew it Evil Park is the true Devil. I hope she loses sleep, money, health everything. She made him that way, put him in a mental institution and spent all of his money on herself and her kids while is kids were suffering. And she slept well for 20 years ! How ? Because she is evil.
  14. After watching the ep 78 I notice something Evil Park said to her assistant "this is the last check-up" and gave him EH dad picture. Does she has him locked up somewhere in a comatose state ? We know she is evil but I think we are about to find just how evil she is. She is definitely going to end up broke and in jail. I think SJf/EA will be blinded by revenge, she is going to go hard at it but Evil Park is a worthy opponant like they said she probably cleaned everything up. I think SJf will start with her daughter, she stole her cake even if it was years ago SJf won't let go of that. Then SJm, and then finally Evil Park will probably try to strike a deal only to have it backfire on her. Lets see if Evil Park dares to say one more time how "worthless" EH is.
  15. I just watched the ep 77 with substitles. How dare this sperm donor says that he'll prevent EH and GW happiness ?! I'd like to see you try. He hasn't even bothered to ask how HY was doing ! Evil Park is as shameless as usual she even dared to say that EH is useless. I haven't seen all the episodes because I kind of hate Evil Park face despite seeing her in several dramas (I need the show to end and rewatch another Ms Oh) but I had no idea she sent her kids to private school while EH was suffering in an orphanage ! How shameless is she ! I have to give it up to JK mom she is petty and revengeful and strangely helpful. No the tables have turned and what was left of gratitude turned into pure hatred in the preview. Finally, the revenge part starts ! Go SJ, take everything away ! I can almost see sperm donor kidnapping HY with his crazy mom at some point.